Given Name FRANZ

GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: German

Meaning & History

German form of Franciscus (see FRANCIS). This name was borne by the influential author Franz Kafka (1883-1924), writer of 'The Trial' and 'The Castle' among other works. Also, rulers of Austria and the Holy Roman Empire have had this name.
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Frantzisko, Patxi (Basque), Frañsez (Breton), Francesc, Cesc (Catalan), Francescu (Corsican), Frane, Franjo, Franko, Frano, Fran (Croatian), František (Czech), Frans (Danish), Franciscus, Frans (Dutch), Francis, Fran, Frank, Franny (English), Frans, Ransu (Finnish), Francis, François, Francisque (French), Ferenc, Feri, Ferkó (Hungarian), Proinsias (Irish), Francesco, Franco (Italian), Franciscus (Late Roman), Frens, Frenske (Limburgish), Pranciškus (Lithuanian), Frans (Norwegian), Franciszek (Polish), Francisco, Chico (Portuguese), Frantziscu (Sardinian), Frang (Scottish), Franjo (Serbian), Franc, Frančišek, Fran (Slovene), Francisco, Curro, Fran, Paco, Pancho, Paquito (Spanish), Frans (Swedish), Ffransis (Welsh)


athletes, Attack on Titan characters, authors, Code Geass characters, composers, currently out of the US top 1000, emperors, Fire Emblem characters, Franz Kafka characters, kings, Legend of the Galactic Heroes characters, Liechtenstein princely family, Louisa May Alcott characters, Nodame Cantabile characters, princes, scientists, Suikoden characters, theatre, world leaders, Xeno characters, Ys characters
Entry updated July 2, 2017