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Namesakes for Franz
Austrian Chancellors and Presidents: 1 chancellor, 1 president
      (president) Franz Jonas   1965-1974  
      (chancellor) Franz Vranitzky   1986-1997  
Austrian Dukes and Emperors: 2 emperors
      Emperor Franz I   1792-1835  
      Emperor Franz Joseph I   1848-1916  
Bohemian Kings: 2 kings
      King František (a.k.a. Franz)   1792-1835  
      King František Josef I (a.k.a. Franz)   1848-1916  
Fictional Characters from Plays and Musicals: 1 character
      Franz Joseph I   1992   Elisabeth  
German Chancellors and Presidents: 1 chancellor
      (chancellor) Franz von Papen   1932  
German Kings and Holy Roman Emperors: 2 king/emperors
      King/Emperor Franz I   1745-1765  
      King/Emperor Franz II   1792-1806  
Hungarian Kings and Queens: 2 kings
      King Ferenc (a.k.a. Franz)   1792-1835  
      King Ferenc József I (a.k.a. Franz)   1848-1916  
Nobel Prize Winners: 1 physics
      (physics) Victor Francis Hess (a.k.a. Franz)   1936  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actor
      Hardy Krüger (a.k.a. Franz)   1928-  
Notable Athletes: 1 soccer
      (soccer) Franz Beckenbauer   1945-  
Notable Businesspeople: 1 businessperson
      Franz Josef Popp   1886-1954  
Notable Musicians: 2 composers
      Franz Schubert   1797-1828    
      Franz Liszt   1811-1886   classical  
Notable Scientists and Inventors: 1 anthropologist
      Franz Boas   1858-1942  
Notable Writers: 1 author
      Franz Kafka   1883-1924  
Olympic Medalists: 2 bronze
      (bronze) Erland Herkenrath (a.k.a. Franz)   1936   handball  
      (bronze) Franz-Peter Hofmeister   1976   4x400 m relay  
Saints: 1 blessed
      Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos (a.k.a. Franz)   1819-1867