Names Related to Gusta

Names that are related to GUSTA:
AGOSTINA   f   Italian
AGOSTINHO   m   Portuguese
AGOSTINO   m   Italian
ÁGOSTON   m   Hungarian
AGUSTÍ   m   Catalan
AGUSTÍN   m   Spanish
AGUSTINA   f   Spanish
AKU   m   Finnish
AUGUST   m   German, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Catalan, English
AUGUSTA   f   German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, English, Ancient Roman
AUGUSTAS   m   Lithuanian
AUGUSTE (1)   m   French
AUGUSTE (2)   f   German
AUGUSTIJN   m   Dutch
AUGUSTÍN   m   Slovak, Czech
AUGUSTIN   m   French, Czech, Romanian, Croatian
AUGUSTINA   f   Ancient Roman
AUGUSTINAS   m   Lithuanian
AUGUSTINE (1)   m   English
AUGUSTINE (2)   f   French, German
AUGUSTINUS   m   Ancient Roman
AUGUSTO   m   Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
AUGUSTS   m   Latvian
AUGUSTUS   m   Ancient Roman, Dutch
AUGUSTYN   m   Polish
AUGUSTYNA   f   Polish
AUKUSTI   m   Finnish
AUSTEN   m   English (Modern)
AUSTIN   m   English
AUSTYN   m   English (Modern)
AVGUST   m   Slovene, Russian, Ukrainian
AVGUSTA   f   Slovene
AVGUŠTIN   m   Slovene
AWSTIN   m   Welsh
GUS (1)   m   English, Scottish
GUSSIE   f   English
GUSTA   f   Dutch
GUUS   m   Dutch
KUSTI   m   Finnish
STIJN   m   Dutch
TIJN   m   Dutch
TIN   m   Croatian