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PronouncedPron.hen-ree-ET-ə English
HEN-ree-et-taw Hungarian
HEN-ree-et-tah Finnish

Meaning & History

Latinate form of HENRIETTE. It was introduced to England by Henriette Marie, the wife of the 17th-century English king Charles I. The name Henriette was also Anglicized as Harriet, a form which was initially more popular.
DiminutivesEtta, Ettie, Hallie, Hattie, Hatty, Hettie English Jet, Jetta, Jette Dutch
Masculine FormsHarry, Henry English Henrik Hungarian Harri, Henri, Henrikki Finnish Henrik Swedish Hendrik, Henricus Dutch
Other Languages & CulturesHenriette, Henrike Danish Henriette French Henriette, Henrike, Heinrike German Enrica Italian Henriette, Henrike Norwegian Henryka Polish
User SubmissionsHenríetta, Henriëtta


Charles Dickens characters, currently out of the US top 1000, ends in -etta, feminine forms, Jane Austen characters, queens, South Park characters
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