Given Name KURT

GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: German, English
PRONOUNCED: KUWRT (German), KURT (English)  [details]

Meaning & History

German contracted form of CONRAD. A famous bearer was the American musician Kurt Cobain (1967-1994).
VARIANTS: Conrad, Cord, Konrad, Kord (German), Curt (English)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Conrad (Ancient Germanic), Dino (Croatian), Konrád (Czech), Konrad (Danish), Coenraad, Koenraad, Coen, Koen, Koert (Dutch), Konrád (Hungarian), Corrado, Corradino, Dino (Italian), Konrad (Norwegian), Kondrat, Konrad (Polish), Konrád (Slovak), Konrad (Slovene), Conrado (Spanish), Konrad (Swedish)


currently out of the US top 1000, Heathers characters, Legend of the Galactic Heroes characters, Marvel characters, musicians, singers, Stephen King characters
Entry updated August 26, 2016