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PronouncedPron.MARS Classical Latin
MAHRZ English

Meaning & History

Possibly related to Latin mas "male" (genitive maris). In Roman mythology Mars was the god of war, often equated with the Greek god Ares. This is also the name of the fourth planet in the solar system.
Other Languages & CulturesMarkos Ancient Greek Marcus, Marius, Martinus Ancient Roman Marko, Mattin, Matxin Basque Mark Biblical Markos Biblical Greek Marcus Biblical Latin Marko, Martin Bulgarian Marc, Martí Catalan Margh Cornish Marijo, Mario, Marko, Martin, Tin Croatian Marek, Martin Czech Marcus, Marius, Mark, Markus, Martin, Morten Danish Maarten, Marco, Marius, Mark, Marten, Martijn, Martinus, Tijn Dutch Marcus, Mark, Martin, Martie, Marty English Markku, Marko, Markus, Martti, Martin Finnish Marc, Marius, Martin French Marco, Mario, Marius, Markus, Martin, Merten German Marios, Markos Greek Maleko Hawaiian Márk, Márton, Martin Hungarian Máirtín, Marcas Irish Marco, Mario, Martino, Tino Italian Markuss, Mārtiņš Latvian Marijus, Martynas Lithuanian Marko, Martin Macedonian Martîn Norman Marcus, Marius, Mark, Markus, Martin, Morten Norwegian Marcin, Marek, Mariusz Polish Marco, Marcos, Mário, Martim, Martinho, Marinho, Marquinhos Portuguese Marius, Martin Romanian Mark, Martin Russian Màriu Sardinian Marcas Scottish Marko Serbian Marek, Martin Slovak Marko, Martin, Tine, Tinek Slovene Marco, Marcos, Mario, Martín Spanish Marcus, Mark, Markus, Mårten, Martin Swedish Marko, Martyn Ukrainian Marc, Martyn Welsh


Statue of the god MarsStatue of the god Mars


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