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PronouncedPron.ma-ksee-MEE-lyan German
mak-s!-MIL-yən English

Meaning & History

From the Roman name Maximilianus, which was derived from MAXIMUS. It was borne by a 3rd-century saint and martyr. In the 15th century the Holy Roman emperor Frederick III gave this name to his son and eventual heir. In this case it was a blend of the names of the Roman generals Fabius Maximus and Cornelius Scipio Aemilianus (see EMILIANO), who Frederick admired. It was subsequently borne by a second Holy Roman emperor, two kings of Bavaria, and a short-lived Habsburg emperor of Mexico.
VariantMaximillian English
DiminutivesMax German Max English Max Swedish Max Norwegian Max Danish
Feminine FormsMaximiliane German Maxene, Maxine English
Other Languages & CulturesMaximilianus Ancient Roman Maxmilián Czech Maximiliaan, Max Dutch Maximilien French Miksa Hungarian Massimiliano Italian Maksymilian Polish Maximiliano Portuguese Maksimilian Russian Maximilián Slovak Maximiliano Spanish
Same SpellingMaximilián


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