GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNCED: O-lahf (German, Dutch)   [key]
Meaning & History
From the Old Norse name Áleifr meaning "ancestor's descendent", derived from the elements anu "ancestor" and leifr "descendent". This was the name of five kings of Norway, including Saint Olaf (Olaf II).
Related Names
VARIANTS: Olav (Norwegian), Olav, Oluf (Danish)
DIMINUTIVES: Ola, Ole (Norwegian), Ole (Danish)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Áleifr (Ancient Scandinavian), Olev (Estonian), Olavi, Uolevi, Olli (Finnish), Ólafur (Icelandic), Amhlaoibh (Irish), Olavo (Portuguese), Amhlaidh, Aulay (Scottish), Olof, Olov, Ola, Olle (Swedish)
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