Given Name RAYNER

GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNCED: RAY-nər  [details]

Meaning & History

From the Germanic name Raganhar, composed of the elements ragin "advice" and hari "army". The Normans brought this name to England where it came into general use, though it was rare by the end of the Middle Ages.
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Raganhar, Rainer, Reiner (Ancient Germanic), Ragnarr (Ancient Scandinavian), Ragnar (Danish), Reinier (Dutch), Rain, Rein (Estonian), Rainier (French), Rainer, Reiner (German), Raniero, Nero (Italian), Reneer, Neer (Limburgish), Ragnar (Norwegian), Rainerio (Spanish), Ragnar (Swedish)


y vowels
Entry updated January 10, 2017