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PronouncedPron.ro-BER-to ItalianSpanish

Meaning & History

Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of ROBERT. Saint Roberto Bellarmine was a 16th-century cardinal who is regarded as a Doctor of the Church. Another famous bearer was Roberto de Nobili, a Jesuit missionary to India in the 17th century.
DiminutivesBerto Italian Berto Spanish
Feminine FormsRoberta, Robertina Italian Roberta, Ruperta, Robertina Spanish
Other Languages & CulturesHrodebert, Robert, Hrodpreht Ancient Germanic Roparzh Breton Robert Croatian Robert Czech Robert Danish Robert, Robrecht, Bob, Brecht, Rob, Robbe, Robin, Rupert Dutch Robert, Bob, Bobbie, Bobby, Rob, Robbie, Robby, Robin, Rupert English Pertti, Roope, Roopertti Finnish Robert French Robert, Rupert, Ruprecht German Róbert, Robi Hungarian Róbert Icelandic Roibeárd Irish Roberts Latvian Robertas Lithuanian Hob, Hopkin Medieval English Robert Norwegian Robert Polish Robert Romanian Robert Russian Raibeart, Rab, Rabbie Scottish Róbert Slovak Robert Slovene Robert, Robin Swedish Hopcyn Welsh


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Entry updated July 1, 2008