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ScriptsТаня Russian
PronouncedPron.TAHN-yə English
TAN-yə English

Meaning & History

Russian diminutive of TATIANA. It began to be used in the English-speaking world during the 1930s.
VariantTania English
Other Languages & CulturesLatanya African American Tatiana Ancient Roman Tatiana, Tatyana Bulgarian Tanja, Tatjana Croatian Taťána Czech Tanja, Tatiana Danish Tatiana Dutch Tanja, Tatiana, Tatjana, Taina Finnish Tatienne French Tatiana Georgian Tanja, Tatiana, Tatjana German Tatiana Greek Tania, Tatiana Italian Tatjana Latvian Tatjana Lithuanian Tanja, Tatjana Macedonian Tanja, Tatiana Norwegian Tatiana Polish Tatiana, Tânia Portuguese Tatiana Romanian Tanja, Tatjana Serbian Tatiana Slovak Tanja, Tatjana, Tjaša Slovene Tatiana Spanish Tanja, Tatiana Swedish


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Entry updated December 8, 2017