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Gender Feminine
Scripts Тереза(Bulgarian)
Pronounced Pron. teh-REHZ-a(Romanian)

Meaning & History

Czech, Portuguese, Bulgarian and Romanian form of THERESA.
VariantsTerezie(Czech) Teresa(Portuguese)
DiminutivesTeresinha(Portuguese) Terezinha(Portuguese (Brazilian))
Other Languages & CulturesTerese(Basque) Terezija, Tena(Croatian) Teresa, Theresa, Therese, Terese(Danish) Theresia, Tess, Thera, Trees(Dutch) Teresa, Theresa, Therese, Teri, Terri, Terrie, Terry, Tess, Tessa, Tessie, Tracee, Tracey, Traci, Tracie, Tracy(English) Teresa(Finnish) Thérèse(French) Teresa, Theresa, Therese, Theresia(German) Terézia, Teca, Teréz(Hungarian) Toiréasa, Treasa(Irish) Teresa(Italian) Therasia(Late Roman) Trees(Limburgish) Teresa, Theresa, Therese, Terese(Norwegian) Teresa(Polish) Terézia(Slovak) Terezija(Slovene) Teresa, Tere, Teresita(Spanish) Teresa, Teresia, Theresa, Therese, Theresia, Terese, Tessan(Swedish)
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