Given Name TERRY (2)

GENDER: Masculine & Feminine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: TER-ee  [details]

Meaning & History

Diminutive of TERENCE or THERESA. A famous bearer was Terry Fox (1958-1981), a young man with an artificial leg who attempted to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. He died of the disease before crossing the country.
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Terentius (Ancient Roman), Terese (Basque), Tereza (Bulgarian), Terezija, Tena (Croatian), Tereza, Terezie (Czech), Teresa, Theresa, Therese, Terese (Danish), Theresia, Tess, Thera, Trees (Dutch), Teresa (Finnish), Thérèse (French), Terenti (Georgian), Teresa, Theresa, Therese, Theresia (German), Terézia, Teca, Teréz (Hungarian), Toiréasa, Treasa (Irish), Terenzio, Teresa (Italian), Therasia (Late Roman), Trees (Limburgish), Teresa, Theresa, Therese, Terese (Norwegian), Teresa (Polish), Teresa, Teresinha (Portuguese), Tereza, Terezinha (Portuguese (Brazilian)), Tereza (Romanian), Terenti, Terentiy (Russian), Terézia (Slovak), Terezija (Slovene), Teresa, Tere, Teresita (Spanish), Teresa, Teresia, Theresa, Therese, Theresia, Terese, Tessan (Swedish)


American Horror Story characters, authors, diminutives, directors, Dragon Quest characters, heroes, House of Cards US characters, Outlaw Star characters, Stephen King characters, Stranger Things characters, The Sopranos characters, Totally Spies characters, True Blood characters
Entry updated October 20, 2016