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Given Name THÉO
GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: French
PRONOUNCED: te-O   [key]
Meaning & History
Short form of THÉODORE
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES: Tewodros (Amharic), Theodoros, Theodorus (Ancient Greek), Toros (Armenian), Teodor, Todor (Bulgarian), Teodor, Teo (Croatian), Teodor, Theodor (Czech), Teodor, Theodor (Danish), Theodoor, Theodorus, Theo (Dutch), Theodore, Ted, Teddy, Theo (English), Teuvo (Finnish), Tedore (Georgian), Theodor (German), Theodoros (Greek), Teodor, Tivadar, Tódor (Hungarian), Teodoro, Teo (Italian), Teodors (Latvian), Thei (Limburgish), Teodor, Todor, Toše, Toshe (Macedonian), Teodor, Theodor (Norwegian), Teodor (Polish), Teodoro, Téo (Portuguese), Teodor, Tudor, Theodor (Romanian), Feodor, Fyodor, Fedor, Fedya (Russian), Teodor, Todor (Serbian), Teodor (Slovak), Teodor (Slovene), Teodoro, Teo (Spanish), Teodor, Theodor (Swedish), Fedir (Ukrainian)
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United States  ranked #509 
England and Wales  ranked #37 
Belgium  ranked #19 
France  ranked #14 
New Zealand  ranked #89 
Northern Ireland  ranked #62 
Norway  ranked #34 
Scotland  ranked #86 
Sweden  ranked #23 
Switzerland  ranked #58