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Given Name TODOR
GENDER: Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Тодор (Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian)
Meaning & History
Bulgarian, Serbian and Macedonian form of THEODORE
Related Names
VARIANTS: Teodor (Bulgarian), Teodor (Serbian), Teodor (Macedonian)
DIMINUTIVES: Toše, Toshe (Macedonian)
FEMININE FORMS: Teodora (Bulgarian), Teodora (Serbian), Teodora (Macedonian)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Tewodros (Amharic), Theodoros, Theodorus (Ancient Greek), Toros (Armenian), Teodor, Teo (Croatian), Teodor, Theodor (Czech), Teodor, Theodor (Danish), Theodoor, Theodorus, Theo (Dutch), Theodore, Ted, Teddy, Theo (English), Teuvo (Finnish), Théodore, Théo (French), Tedore (Georgian), Theodor (German), Theodoros (Greek), Teodor, Tivadar, Tódor (Hungarian), Teodoro, Teo (Italian), Teodors (Latvian), Thei (Limburgish), Teodor, Theodor (Norwegian), Teodor (Polish), Teodoro, Téo (Portuguese), Teodor, Tudor, Theodor (Romanian), Feodor, Fyodor, Fedor, Fedya (Russian), Teodor (Slovak), Teodor (Slovene), Teodoro, Teo (Spanish), Teodor, Theodor (Swedish), Fedir (Ukrainian)
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