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Given Name VIVIAN
GENDER: Masculine & Feminine
PRONOUNCED: VIV-ee-ən (English)   [details]
Meaning & History
From the Latin name Vivianus which was derived from Latin vivus "alive". Saint Vivian was a French bishop who provided protection during the Visigoth invasion of the 5th century. It has been occasionally used as an English (masculine) name since the Middle Ages. In modern times it is also used as a feminine name, in which case it is either an Anglicized form of BÉBINN or a variant of VIVIEN (2).
athletes, BBC Class characters, celebrity babies, male to female, saints, The Seven Deadly Sins characters
Related Names
VARIANT: Vivyan (English)
DIMINUTIVES: Vivi (Swedish), Vivi (Norwegian), Vivi (Danish)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Viviane, Vivien (French), Bébhinn, Bébinn, Béibhinn, Bevin, Bébhionn (Irish), Bébinn (Irish Mythology), Vivianus (Late Roman), Vivien (Literature)
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