Austrian Dukes and Emperors

The land of Austria, within the Holy Roman Empire, was elevated from a march to a duchy in 1156. Thus, the margrave Henry II was elevated to a duke. In 1278 the Habsburg family became the hereditary dukes. They eventually came to style themselves as archdukes. Austria became the center of power in the empire, and the archduke was often also the emperor.

In 1804 Francis I, who was the Archduke of Austria and the Holy Roman Emperor, formed the Austrian Empire. Two years later he dissolved the Holy Roman Empire. In 1867 the crowns of Austria and Hungary, both possessed by the same person, were merged into the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Following defeat in the First World War, Austria became a republic.

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Albrecht5 dukes, 2 archdukes7
Leopold5 dukes, 2 archdukes7
Friedrich4 dukes, 1 archduke5
Rudolf4 dukes, 1 archduke5
Ferdinand3 archdukes, 1 emperor4
Joseph2 archdukes, 1 emperor3
Karl2 archdukes, 1 emperor3
Franz2 emperors2
Maximilian2 archdukes2
Heinrich1 duke1
Ladislaus1 duke1
Maria1 archduchess1
Matthias1 archduke1
Otto1 duke1
Ottokar1 duke1
Theresia1 archduchess1
16 results