Tolkien's Characters

This is a list of characters from the stories of J. R. R. Tolkien, which include The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion.
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Adalbertm1 character1
Adaldridaf1 character1
Adalgarm1 character1
Adalgrimm1 character1
Adamantaf1 character1
Adanelf1 character1
Adelardm1 character1
Adrahilm2 characters2
Adûnakhôrm1 character1
Aegnorm1 character1
Aerandir?1 character1
Aerinf1 character1
Aghanm1 character1
Ailinelf1 character1
Alatarm1 character1
Alcarinm1 character1
Aldarionm1 character1
Aldorm1 character1
Alfridaf1 character1
Algundm1 character1
Almarianf1 character1
Almielf1 character1
Amandilm2 characters2
Amaranthf1 character1
Amariëf1 character1
Amdírm1 character1
Amethystf1 character1
Amlachm1 character1
Amrasm1 character1
Amrodm1 character1
Amrothm1 character1
Anairëf1 character1
Anárionm2 characters2
Anbornm1 character1
Ancalagonm1 character1
Ancalimëf1 character1
Ancalimonm1 character1
Andrethf1 character1
Andrógm1 character1
Andwisem1 character1
Angborm1 character1
Angelicaf1 character1
Angelimirm1 character1
Angrimm1 character1
Angrodm1 character1
Annaelm1 character1
Ansonm1 character1
Aragornm1 character1
Aranwëm1 character1
Aratanm1 character1
Arathornm2 characters2
Ardaminm1 character1
Ardamirm1 character1
Aredhelf1 character1
Argelebm1 character1
Argonm2 characters2
Arienf1 character1
Arminasm1 character1
Arodm1 character1
Arroch?1 character1
Arthadm1 character1
Arveduim1 character1
Arwenf1 character1
Asfaloth?1 character1
Asgonm1 character1
Asphodelf1 character1
Atanalcarm1 character1
Atanamirm1 character1
Aulëm1 character1
Aulendilm1 character1
Axanturm1 character1
Azaghâlm1 character1
Azogm1 character1
Bainm1 character1
Balbom1 character1
Baldorm1 character1
Balinm1 character1
Bandobrasm1 character1
Barachm1 character1
Baragundm1 character1
Barahirm1 character1
Baranm1 character1
Baranorm1 character1
Bardm1 character1
Barlimanm1 character1
Bassom1 character1
Beechbonem1 character1
Belbaf1 character1
Belegm1 character1
Belegundm1 character1
Bellf1 character1
Belladonnaf1 character1
Bëorm1 character1
Beornm1 character1
Beregm1 character1
Beregarm1 character1
Beregondm1 character1
Berenm1 character1
Berethf1 character1
Bergilm1 character1
Berilf1 character1
Berilacm1 character1
Bertm1 character1
Berúthielf1 character1
Beryllaf1 character1
Bifurm1 character1
Bilbom2 characters2
Billm3 characters3
Bingom1 character1
Blancom2 characters2
Bobm1 character1
Bodom1 character1
Bofurm1 character1
Bolgm1 character1
Bomburm1 character1
Bórm1 character1
Borinm1 character1
Borlachm1 character1
Borladm1 character1
Boromirm1 character1
Boronm1 character1
Borondirm1 character1
Borthandm1 character1
Boscom1 character1
Bowmanm1 character1
Brandm1 character1
Brandirm1 character1
Bregaladm1 character1
Bregom1 character1
Bregolasm1 character1
Briffom1 character1
Broddam1 character1
Brunom1 character1
Buccam1 character1
Buffom1 character1
Bungom1 character1
Caliondom1 character1
Calmacilm1 character1
Camelliaf1 character1
Caranthirm1 character1
Carcharothm1 character1
Carlm1 character1
Celandinef1 character1
Celebornm1 character1
Celebríanf1 character1
Celebrimborm1 character1
Celegormm1 character1
Cemendurm1 character1
Ceorlm1 character1
Chicaf1 character1
Círdanm1 character1
Cirionm1 character1
Ciryatanm1 character1
Ciryaturm1 character1
Ciryonm1 character1
Coraf1 character1
Cotmanm1 character1
Cottarm1 character1
Curufinm1 character1
Daeronm1 character1
Dagnirm1 character1
Dáinm2 characters2
Dairuinm1 character1
Daisyf2 characters2
Damrodm1 character1
Déagolm1 character1
Denethorm2 characters2
Déorm1 character1
Déorwinem1 character1
Derufinm1 character1
Dervorinm1 character1
Diamondf1 character1
Dinaf1 character1
Dinodasm1 character1
Diorm1 character1
Dírhavelm1 character1
Dísf1 character1
Dodericm1 character1
Dodinasm1 character1
Donnamiraf1 character1
Doraf1 character1
Dorim1 character1
Dorlasm1 character1
Drogom1 character1
Drudaf1 character1
Dudom1 character1
Duilinm1 character1
Duinhirm1 character1
Dúnherem1 character1
Durinm7 characters7
Dwalinm1 character1
Eärendilm1 character1
Eärendurm1 character1
Eärnurm1 character1
Eärwenf1 character1
Ecthelionm1 character1
Edrahilm1 character1
Eglantinef1 character1
Eilinelf1 character1
Elanorf1 character1
Elatanm1 character1
Elemmakilm1 character1
Elemmírë?1 character1
Elendilm1 character1
Elendurm1 character1
Elenwëf1 character1
Elfhelmm1 character1
Elfstanm1 character1
Elladanm1 character1
Elmom1 character1
Elrohirm1 character1
Elrondm1 character1
Elrosm1 character1
Elurédm1 character1
Elurínm1 character1
Elwingf1 character1
Emeldirf1 character1
Enerdhilm1 character1
Eoform1 character1
Eölm1 character1
Éomerm1 character1
Éomundm1 character1
Eönwëm1 character1
Eorlm1 character1
Éothainm1 character1
Éowynf1 character1
Erellontm1 character1
Erendisf1 character1
Erestorm1 character1
Erkenbrandm1 character1
Erlingm1 character1
Esmeraldaf1 character1
Estëf1 character1
Estellaf1 character1
Estelmom1 character1
Everardm1 character1
Falcom1 character1
Faramirm2 characters2
Farinm1 character1
Fastolphm1 character1
Fastredm1 character1
Fattym1 character1
Fëanorm1 character1
Felarófm1 character1
Fengelm1 character1
Ferdinandm1 character1
Ferumbrasm3 characters3
Filim1 character1
Filibertm1 character1
Fimbrethilf1 character1
Finarfinm1 character1
Findegilm1 character1
Findisf1 character1
Finduilasf2 characters2
Finglasm1 character1
Fingolfinm1 character1
Fingonm1 character1
Finrodm1 character1
Finwëm1 character1
Firefootm1 character1
Fírielf1 character1
Fladrifm1 character1
Flambardm1 character1
Flóim1 character1
Folcam1 character1
Folcom1 character1
Folcwinem1 character1
Forlongm1 character1
Forthwinim1 character1
Fortinbrasm2 characters2
Forwegm1 character1
Foscom1 character1
Frárm1 character1
Fréam1 character1
Fréaláfm1 character1
Fréawinem1 character1
Frecam1 character1
Fredegarm1 character1
Frerinm1 character1
Frodom2 characters2
Frórm1 character1
Frumgarm1 character1
Fuinurm1 character1
Fundinm1 character1
Galadhonm1 character1
Galadorm1 character1
Galadrielf1 character1
Galathilm1 character1
Galdorm2 characters2
Galionm1 character1
Gálmódm1 character1
Gamilm1 character1
Gamlingm1 character1
Gandalfm1 character1
Gárulfm1 character1
Gelmirm2 characters2
Gerdaf1 character1
Gerontiusm1 character1
Gethronm1 character1
Ghân-buri-Ghânm1 character1
Gildisf1 character1
Gildorm2 characters2
Gil-galadm1 character1
Gillyf1 character1
Gilmithf1 character1
Gilraenf1 character1
Gimilkhâdm1 character1
Gimilzagarm1 character1
Gimilzôrm1 character1
Gimlim1 character1
Girionm1 character1
Glaurungm1 character1
Gléowinem1 character1
Glirhuinm1 character1
Glóinm2 characters2
Glóredhelf1 character1
Glorfindelm1 character1
Golasgilm1 character1
Goldberryf1 character1
Goldilocksf1 character1
Goldwinem1 character1
Golfimbulm1 character1
Gollumm1 character1
Gorbadocm1 character1
Gorbagm1 character1
Gorbulasm1 character1
Gorhendadm1 character1
Gorlimm1 character1
Gormadocm1 character1
Gothmogm2 characters2
Gramm1 character1
Griffom1 character1
Grímam1 character1
Grimbeornm1 character1
Grimboldm1 character1
Grishnákhm1 character1
Grithnirm1 character1
Gróinm1 character1
Grórm1 character1
Gruffom1 character1
Guilinm1 character1
Gundabaldm1 character1
Gundahadm1 character1
Gundaharm1 character1
Gundolphom1 character1
Gundorm1 character1
Guthláfm1 character1
Gwaihirm1 character1
Gwindorm1 character1
Hadorm2 characters2
Halbaradm1 character1
Haldadm1 character1
Haldanm1 character1
Haldarm1 character1
Haldirm2 characters2
Halethf1 character1
Halfastm1 character1
Halfredm2 characters2
Hallacarm1 character1
Hallatanm1 character1
Hámam1 character1
Hamfastm3 characters3
Hamsonm1 character1
Hannaf1 character1
Hardingm2 characters2
Harrym1 character1
Hasufelm1 character1
Hatholdirm1 character1
Helmm1 character1
Hendingm1 character1
Herefaram1 character1
Heribaldm1 character1
Herubrandm1 character1
Herucalmom1 character1
Herugarm1 character1
Hildaf1 character1
Hildibrandm1 character1
Hildifonsm1 character1
Hildigardf1 character1
Hildigrimm1 character1
Hirgonm1 character1
Hirilf1 character1
Hirluinm1 character1
Hobm2 characters2
Hobsonm1 character1
Holfastm1 character1
Holmanm2 characters2
Hornm1 character1
Hugom2 characters2
Hundarf1 character1
Húrinm1 character1
Ibunm1 character1
Ilbericm1 character1
Ilmarëf1 character1
Inglorionm1 character1
Inziladûnm1 character1
Inzilbêthf1 character1
Iorethf1 character1
Írildëf1 character1
Irimëf1 character1
Isembardm1 character1
Isemboldm1 character1
Isengarm1 character1
Isengrimm3 characters3
Isilmëf1 character1
Isilmom1 character1
Isumbrasm4 characters4
Ivyf1 character1
Jagom1 character1
Jessaminef1 character1
Khîmm1 character1
Kilim1 character1
Lagdufm1 character1
Laliaf1 character1
Landrovalm1 character1
Largom1 character1
Lauraf1 character1
Lavenderf1 character1
Legolasm1 character1
Lilyf2 characters2
Lindaf1 character1
Lindissëf1 character1
Lindóriëf1 character1
Lobeliaf1 character1
Longom1 character1
Lónim1 character1
Lórienm1 character1
Lothírielf1 character1
Lothom1 character1
Lugdushm1 character1
Lumpkinm1 character1
Madocm1 character1
Mairenf1 character1
Malanturm1 character1
Malvaf1 character1
Mandosm1 character1
Manwëm1 character1
Manwendilm1 character1
Marchom1 character1
Marigoldf1 character1
Marmadasm1 character1
Marmadocm1 character1
Marrocm1 character1
Matm1 character1
Mauhúrm1 character1
Mayf1 character1
Melianf1 character1
Melilotf1 character1
Melkorm1 character1
Menegildaf1 character1
Meneldorm1 character1
Meneldurm1 character1
Menthaf1 character1
Meriadocm1 character1
Merimacm1 character1
Merimasm1 character1
Merrym1 character1
Milom1 character1
Mîmm1 character1
Mimosaf1 character1
Minastirm1 character1
Mintom1 character1
Mirabellaf1 character1
Mírielf1 character1
Morom1 character1
Moscom1 character1
Mungom1 character1
Muzgashm1 character1
Myrtlef1 character1
Naharm1 character1
Náinm2 characters2
Nálim1 character1
Nárm1 character1
Narvim1 character1
Nessaf1 character1
Nessaniëf1 character1
Niennaf1 character1
Ninaf1 character1
Nobm1 character1
Nolondilm1 character1
Noraf1 character1
Norim1 character1
Númendilm1 character1
Núnethf1 character1
Odom1 character1
Odovacarm1 character1
Óinm1 character1
Olom1 character1
Orchaldorm1 character1
Orgulasm1 character1
Orim1 character1
Oromëm1 character1
Oromendilm1 character1
Ossëm1 character1
Othom1 character1
Ottom1 character1
Paladinm2 characters2
Pallandom1 character1
Pansyf1 character1
Pearlf1 character1
Peonyf1 character1
Peregrinm1 character1
Pervincaf1 character1
Pharazônm1 character1
Pimpernelf1 character1
Pippinm1 character1
Polom1 character1
Pontom2 characters2
Poppyf1 character1
Portom1 character1
Poscom1 character1
Primrosef2 characters2
Primulaf1 character1
Priscaf1 character1
Radagastm1 character1
Radbugm1 character1
Reginardm1 character1
Robinm2 characters2
Rollom1 character1
Rorimacm1 character1
Rosaf1 character1
Rosamundaf1 character1
Rosef2 characters2
Rosief1 character1
Rowanf1 character1
Rowliem1 character1
Rubyf2 characters2
Rudibertm1 character1
Rudigarm1 character1
Rudolphm1 character1
Rufusm1 character1
Sadocm1 character1
Sakalthôrm1 character1
Salmarm1 character1
Salviaf1 character1
Samwisem1 character1
Sanchom1 character1
Sapphiraf1 character1
Saradasm1 character1
Saradocm1 character1
Sarumanm1 character1
Sauronm1 character1
Seredicm1 character1
Sigismondm1 character1
Silmariënf1 character1
Smaugm1 character1
Snagam2 characters2
Sorontom1 character1
Striderm1 character1
Stybbam1 character1
Súrionm1 character1
Tantaf1 character1
Tedm1 character1
Telcharm1 character1
Telemmaitëm1 character1
Telperiënf1 character1
Theobaldm1 character1
Théodenm1 character1
Théodredm1 character1
Thorinm3 characters3
Thorondorm1 character1
Thráinm2 characters2
Thranduilm1 character1
Thrórm1 character1
Thuringwethilf1 character1
Tilionm1 character1
Tindómielf1 character1
Toboldm1 character1
Togom1 character1
Tolmanm2 characters2
Tomm2 characters2
Tostom1 character1
Treebeardm1 character1
Tulkasm1 character1
Uffom1 character1
Ufthakm1 character1
Uinenf1 character1
Ulmom1 character1
Vairëf1 character1
Valandilm1 character1
Vánaf1 character1
Vanimeldëf1 character1
Vardaf1 character1
Vardamirm1 character1
Vardilmëf1 character1
Vigom1 character1
Wilcomem1 character1
Wilibaldm1 character1
Wilimarm1 character1
Willm1 character1
Williem1 character1
Wisemanm1 character1
Yavannaf1 character1
Yávienf1 character1
Zimrahinf1 character1
Zimrathônm1 character1
Zirakm1 character1