Namesakes for Anna

Namesakes for ANNA:
  American First Ladies: 2 first ladies
      Anna Harrison   1841  
      Eleanor Roosevelt (a.k.a. Anna)   1933-1945  

  Biblical Characters: 1 character
      Anna   Luke 2:36  

  Characters in Roman Mythology: 2 characters
      Anna Perenna   (f)  
      Anna Perenna   (f)  

  Fictional Characters from Books: 1 character
      Tacy Kelly (a.k.a. Anna)   1940   Betsy-Tacy  

  Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: 3 hurricanes, 2 storms
      Hurricane Anna   1956  
      Hurricane Anna   1961  
      Hurricane Anna   1965  
      Storm Anna   1969  
      Storm Anna   1976  

  Notable Actors and Actresses: 8 actresses
      Anna Magnani   1908-1973  
      Anna Nicole Smith   1967-2007  
      Anna Faris   1976-  
      Anna Torv   1979-  
      Anna Chlumsky   1980-  
      Anna Paquin   1982-  
      Anna Kendrick   1985-  
      Anna Popplewell   1988-  

  Notable Musicians: 1 musician
      Tina Turner (a.k.a. Anna)   1939-   rock  

  Notable Writers: 1 author
      Anna Sewell   1820-1878  

  Oscar Award Winners: 2 actresses
      (actress) Anna Magnani   1955   The Rose Tattoo  
      (actress) Anna Paquin   1993   The Piano  

  Polish High Dukes and Kings: 1 queen
      Queen Anna   1575-1586  

  Russian Grand Dukes and Tsars: 1 tsaritsa
      Tsaritsa Anna   1730-1740  

  Saints: 12 blessed, 6 saints
      Saint Anne (a.k.a. Anna)   ?-0xx  
      Saint Anne (a.k.a. Anna)   ?-820  
      Saint Anne (a.k.a. Anna)   840-918  
      Blessed Anna Giustiniani   ?-1180  
      Blessed Ana of Saint Bartholomew (a.k.a. Anna)   1549-1626  
      Blessed Ana de los Angeles Monteagudo (a.k.a. Anna)   1600-1686  
      Saint Anne Line (a.k.a. Anna)   ?-1601  
      Saint Teresa Margaret of the Sacred Heart (a.k.a. Anna)   1747-1770  
      Blessed Anna Maria Taigi   1769-1837  
      Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerick   1774-1824  
      Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey (a.k.a. Anna)   1779-1851  
      Saint Anne Pak A-gi (a.k.a. Anna)   1783-1839  
      Blessed Anne Petras (a.k.a. Anna)   ?-1794  
      Blessed Anne-Marie-Madeleine Thouret (a.k.a. Anna)   ?-1794  
      Blessed Anna Rosa Gattorno   1831-1900  
      Blessed Anna Michelotti   1843-1888  
      Blessed Maria Anna Caiani   1863-1921  
      Blessed Anna Schaffer   1882-1925