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[Facts] How names are pronounced
Hi !!!I always have problems when I'm looking for names.I know that there is a pronounce guide but it is not enough imo. How about putting also an audio pronounciation?
Users could read names with the most similar pronounciation depending on their country.For example I could read all Italian names while an Irish all Irish names and so on with Chinese, Russian, Arabic names.In this way people have a more simple guide to pronounce a name without that alphabet that can be read in whatever way.ETA: If this is too difficult we can seach that audio pronounciations on Internet instead reading them (we) but putting them near the name is very helpful imo.ByeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeAlvise Anastasia Angelica Antonietta Basilio Bianca Cassandra Celeste Dante Eulalia Fiammetta Goffredo Isidoro Leonardo Luna Mara Margherita Mina Morgana Niccolò Orlando Riccardo Rossella Selene Serafina Stella Valentino Vanessa Veronica

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