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Portuguese celebrity BAs
Portuguese actor Jose Afonso Dias Pimentel and girlfriend Liliana Leitão welcomed son Gabriel Noa Dias Leitão on October 19th. Portuguese actor Paulo Pires and wife Astrid Werdnig welcomed daughter Zoë Astrid Pires on December 11th. She joins older sister Chlöe Pires [8].Portuguese actor Rui Santos and Sara Rapaz welcomed son Romeu Santos on July 31st. Portuguese actress Paula Lobo Antunes and husband Jorge Corrula welcomed daughter Beatriz Corrula Lobo on October 23rd. Portuguese model Marta Cruz and boyfriend João "Madjer" Saraiva welcomed daughter Kyara Saraiva on September 7th. She joins older half-sister Yasmin Gondim [5].Portuguese radio presenter Jose Coimbra and girlfriend Andreia Cruz welcomed daughter Leonor Coimbra on October 1st. Portuguese singer Katia Guerreiro and husband Jorge Faustino welcomed daughter Mafalda Faustino on October 25th.
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I LOVE Liliana. I like Gabriel, Katia and Leonor. :)
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Interesting......that so many of the couples seem to be chosing the mother's surname as the "main" surname. I'm thrilled that people are reviving our Portuguese traditions! (In the case of Afonso Pimentel it's even stranger since he gave his son the "mundane" Dias rather than aristocratic Pimentel. And it's incredible that a member of the prestigious Lobo Antunes family doens't pass down both last names!)Most of the names are boring/ predictable, but I find Romeu is really handsome and original. Zoë is beautiful (though not with Chloe), but Kyara is terribly tacky, as is the Noa which seems to have become the "go to" celebrity baby name (at least they used a proper first name).

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I like:Liliana
Noa - with this spelling, I like it on either gender. If it were Noah I would only like it on a boy.
Chloe - Chloe and Zoe? Very unfortunate pairing and tacky. I do love Chloe though and Zoe isn't too bad either.
Beatriz - especially with the NN Bea. Though I do prefer Beatrix or Beatrice.
Kyara - but prefer the spelling Kiara.
Cruz - I think this would be a cool MN for a boy.
Leonor - I don't know if I particularly like this name or if I just tolerate it because it sounds so similar to Eleanor, which I do love.
WOW that's a lot of girls!
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I like:Gabriel Noa
LeonorI don't care for Chloe and Zoe in a sibset. It reminds me of those 60s sibsets that rhymed: Andy, Candy, Mandy, Sandy; Bonnie, Donny and Ronnie or Barry, Carrie, Jerry, Larry.

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