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How do you pronounce Violette?
As the subject asks, how do you pronounce Violette? Vy-oh-let? Vee-oh-let? Some other way? And which do you prefer Violette, Violet or Violetta?Sarah -
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vy-o-LETI think it's okay, but I'd prefer Violet, which I would pronoucne VY-lit. Violetta I'd pronounce like vee-o-LET-ta.
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Violette. French spelling, so it needs the long ee sound: vee-oh-let.I probably prefer Violet, but actually I dislike them all.
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I say Vee-oh-LETTE. I have Violetta on my list, so it's my favourite. Imo it's a more interesting, even more beautiful alternative to Violet, with no violent or vile sounds in there. I also love Viola as Vee-OH-luh, so my preference is Viola > Violetta > Violette > Violet.
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Violette is my neighbor's last name. They pronounce it Vy-oh-let. I prefer Violette and Violet. Violetta is too much.
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My instinct is to pronounce it vee-o-LET. The same thing happens with Juliette: joo-lee-ET (as opposed to JOO-lee-et for Juliet).I prefer both Juliet and Violet to Juliette and Violette; and in fact prefer Viola (vie-O-lah) to Violet.
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Violette, the French way= vee-oh-let
Violetta, vee-oh-LET-ta
Violet, VY-AW-let1. Violet
2. Violetta
3. Violette
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VYAW-LET. I prefer Violet.

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I pronounce it vy-oh-LET. I like all of them equally. It's hard to decide.
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Vjoh-let - "the french" way. It's hard to rank them really.
Let it be...
1. Violet
2. Violette
3. Violetta
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Vee-aw-LET.I like Violet (VY-o-let) best.
Then Violetta (vee-o-LET-a)
Then Violette.

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vee-oh-LETOut of those I like Violet, but overall prefer Viola
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The best way I can describe how I pronounce it is the same way it is pronounced in Jawbreaker (1999) vi-oh-LET.

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VIE-let or VIE-oh-let, just like Violet. I prefer Violet-- if you're not living in France, the extra -te just feels unnecessary and fluffy.
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