Gender Feminine
Scripts Виолетта(Russian)
Pronounced Pron. vyo-LEHT-ta(Italian) vyi-u-LYEHT-tə(Russian) VEE-o-leht-taw(Hungarian)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Italian, Russian and Hungarian form of Violet.

Related Names

VariantsIbolya, Viola(Hungarian)
Other Languages & CulturesVioleta, Vjollca(Albanian) Violeta(Bulgarian) Viola(Czech) Viola(Danish) Viola, Violet, Vi(English) Viola(Finnish) Violette(French) Viola(German) Violeta(Lithuanian) Violeta(Macedonian) Wiola, Wioleta, Wioletta(Polish) Violeta, Viorela, Viorica(Romanian) Violeta(Serbian) Viola(Slovak) Violeta(Spanish) Viola(Swedish)
User SubmissionVíóletta


People think this name is

classic   youthful   formal   upper class   natural   wholesome   delicate   refined   strange   complex   serious  


Entry updated November 20, 2020