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Subject: 2 missing Hebrew names: Vered (rose) and Pennina or Pnina (Pearl)
Author: pashute   (guest)
Date: February 4, 2003 at 7:35:27 PM
Both are the Hebrew word in modern Israeli pronunciation.
An Israeli version of Perl is Perla.
Varda is NOT Hebrew for rose but is a pet name for Vered which is.
(Varod is the color of pink).
Also Shoshana (Susan) is a rose, as mentioned in the bible "as a rose (between) within the thorns, so is my (beloved) wife among the girls" but the actual biblical flower is the Shoshan - meaning "having 6 leaves" and is a very beautiful flower which has no thorns of it's own. The bible is full of this flower mainly drawn on the pillars and stone walls of the temple and Jerusalem (and seen in many places to this day). The actual wild flower is sold in flower shops in Israel (the white flower is the Shoshan). The "thorns" (Hohim) refer to a thorny plant which grows near the Shoshan and surrounds it so that it is not seen.
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