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Subject: Re: Evey's NTNB : Round One [No Signups]
Author: Serel Channah   (Authenticated as floppery)
Date: October 20, 2019 at 2:33:12 PM
Reply to: Evey's NTNB : Round One [No Signups] by Evey
Cavendish Family
DH [27] Alexander Ephraim Cavendish "Lex"
DW [28] Emilia Joanne [Kingsley] Cavendish

This couple met 5 years ago at a baseball game. They hit it off right away and started dating. 3 and half years after dating DW proposed to DH whilst on vacation in Hawaii. DH is an English teacher, and DW is a pilot. They got married 1 year ago and bought a beautiful house in Berkeley, California.
DH's FN is a long name with a short nickname, and his MN is biblical
DW's initials are EJ[K]

Miazga-Sandy Family

DW [28] Berlin Katarzyna Rose Miazga-Sandy
DW [25] Max Arabella Miazga-Sandy

This couple met through a friend 3 years ago. They didn't begin dating right away but 2 years after meeting they got married at a family members beautiful home in Portland, Oregon. DW [28] is an upcoming movie director, and DW [25] is an upcoming actress.
DW [28] FN is a place name, MN1 is after her mother Katarzyna Maria, MN2 is short and sweet
DW [25] FN is a cool sounding name, used mostly on boys, MN is very feminine

Gilmore Family

DH [31] Dustin Travis Gilmore
DW [29] Mallory Claire [Burton] Gilmore

This couple met at a bar in their hometown of Portsmouth, New Hampshire 7 years ago. They got married 4 years ago and have travelled to various different places around the world. They have now settled New Haven, Connecticut to start a family.
DH's FN and MN are between 40-55 in 1988
DW's FN and MN are between 150-165 in 1990, her maiden name is up to you

Sarkisian Family

DH [26] Anthony Ohannes Sarkisian
DW [22] Elisabetta Cecilia [Martinelli] Sarkisian

This couple met whilst DW was in college and the rest was history! They have been dating for 3 years and married for 2 months.
DH has his own marketing business, and DW is owns a salon. The couple live in Brooklyn, New York.
DH's FN is a classic, and his MN is Armenian
DW's FN and MN are Italian [maiden name is also Italian]

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