Alex the African grey parrot, anyone?
Meh, kinda messed up, but it's nice.
This name seems to be getting popular as a name for non-binary characters in fiction.
Alex, a character in the book series The Complicated Life of Léa Olivier. He is Léa's ex-boyfriend and good friend.
My name is Alex and everyone loves the name! I think if a girl is named Alex there's nothing wrong but manly it's more common for boys.
Alex quackity! My beloved!
Alex is awesome as a stand-alone! Although, it is very common. It’s still a nice name!
Alex is a cute and strong name. Terrible for girls.
This name is unoriginal. It's just a bad name.
I prefer Alex for a boy because it's strong, simple and handsome but for a girl it's okay :)
I have changed my mind from my opinion above. It's okay for both genders. Alex for a boy is cool, simple, and handsome as a full name but Alex for a girl- it's cute and pretty as a nickname for Alexandra.
Alex Pietrangelo is a Canadian hockey player, formally the captain the St. Louis Blues (my home team) but now plays for the Las Vegas Golden Knights.
I like the name Alexander and love the name Alexandra, but I prefer Alex as a masculine diminutive and Sasha as a feminine diminutive. Alex sounds stronger and Sasha sounds softer.
Alex Fierro is a character from Rick Riordan's Magnus Chase series.
I'm a fan of unisex names but find Alex is strictly masculine and just so much better on a male. Alix and Alyx are female options, and all perfectly fine as a full name or short form.
This is one of the best unisex names out there. I think I do prefer it on guys because it sounds handsome, but it sounds pretty at the same time. It makes sense, I guess: Alexander and Alexandra both have Alex in them - and Alexandra came from the former, explaining why Alex the diminutive is predominantly masculine. Some girls hate being nicknamed Sandy, Lexi and the like, so this is one of those other options for them to go by. It's good for different types of people due to its commonness - it's worn by so many different types of people! The normalcy of its usage gives the name an appearance of "ambiguous age". It's used throughout all generations, so there are grandparents with this name, too (believe it or not). I don't think it's too short to be a legal name. There are professionals with this name who have never had problems with being taken seriously for not having a "full" moniker. There were unrelated reasons involved (perhaps gender or cultural background). They might've been asked, "Is that short for something?" But I wouldn't mind being asked that, if I were an Alex. I'd love my name - even though I wouldn't be the only Alex at school! (There were 2, one had it as a short form.) I know it's illogical, but I would've liked being the only girl one. I would've felt tough and awesome.I also think that the non-English pronunciation 'A-LEHKS' is nice too. I might prefer it, I love the emphasis on the LEHKS part. Aaa-dorable. (Common though? Yes. Look at the statistics! I'm just saying that I understand the appeal. I wouldn't use it, however.)
Deff for both genders. Handsome for boys, sweet for girls. Favorite character in the Land of Stories book series!
Handsome for a boy, beautiful for a girl. Also perfect for people with other genders and genderless people as well. Other than Jordan, one of the most neutral names there is. I like that.
A plain yet nice name it is great on both genders but I prefer it on a boy since it's a bit "masculine" for a girl- don't take it the wrong way, I am not a sexist or anything. The name is a bit too overused so it's kind of unattractive, overall it is a great choice of name for your baby boy or baby girl.
Very handsome name, also it's a great name for both genders in my opinion.
It's alright as a masculine name, but not my style. Hate it on a girl.
I feel like it is a great example of a gender-neutral name. Is it my favorite? Not really, I feel like it is overused. Despite that, it is a good name.
I hate it, I despise it. It reminds me of bad things. The usage of the name Alex in the modern day is a bigger travesty than the holocaust.
It's a nice name. I prefer it on a boy, but it's fine on a girl too as long as it's short for Alexandra or something.
In my opinion, Alex is a cool name for boys. I don’t know, Alex is a little bit too boyish for a girl? But male Alex's have a really good personality (some of them) I really like that name.
Alex Dunphy from Modern Family.
Plain, yet strong!
I don’t like it for girls, but it’s fine for boys.
Probably, one of the most boring names! There is nothing interesting about this name. Boring, and just boring! It's alright as nickname for something like Alexander, but as full name, really? Immature, boring!
It's unisex, but ugh, so plain on either sex.
Awesome name for a man. Strong.
Only for boys, please. Alex is ridiculous for girls just by itself unless it’s short for Alexandra as a nickname.
Alex Trebek (1940-2020) was a Canadian-American TV personality and game show host best known for hosting Jeopardy! From 1984 until his death. He currently holds the record for the most episodes of a game show hosted.
Alex Ferrio from Magnus chase, she/he is genderfluid ✨ r o y a l t y ✨.
Besides being used as a short form of Alexander and Alexandra, Alex is also frequently used in many languages as a short form of Alexis (and its forms). In Russian, Alex/Aleks is used as a short form of Aleksey. :D.
I honestly don’t know what the fuss is about. Alex is a great name for both genders in my opinion.
Alex is not a female name in one bit. It is masculine, and is stronger as a masculine name. It’s a bit like calling your little girl ‘Felix’.
Fictional character: Alex Fierro from the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard trilogy by Rick Riordan.
I want to have the name Alex. But instead I am a sad Katelyn :(
Okay, do NOT NAME YOUR KID ALEX- there is Alexia for a reason. ALEXANDER and Alex are names used by male Russian tsars.
I like Alex for a boy or a girl.
It sounds good even without the 'Ander' at the end, would definitely use it.
In my opinion - I don’t understand what makes Alex masculine only. I think it’s a nice name for both genders.
Alex is a great name for a man. Girls should stick to Frankie or Bobby.
After examining others' opinion that Alex should be a girl's name because Alex is short for Alexa, Alexis, or Alexandra, which both Alexa and Alexis are already short and can be used as nicknames, it stands to reason that Alexa should be a guy's name as well, since it's short for Alexander. I don't agree with this reasoning though, names can be shortened but those shortened ones are either masculine or feminine. Based on the stats, the majority seem to agree since most with the name Alex are boys and no stats for girls in recent times.Personally I would choose Alex for a boy and Alexa (no ambiguity here, though that might change in the future) for a girl.
I prefer Alex as a nickname for Alexandra. Alexandra is beautiful. I don't like Alexander at all, and I don't like Alex as a standalone for a boy or girl.
It’s alright.
It's nice on a boy as a nickname or a given name. For a girl, I like it as a nickname, but not so much as a given name.
Alex is a nice name, my boyfriends' name is Alex. Our relationship name is Calex- it is very weird.
It’s an okay (nick)name for both sexes. I like Alec better for a boy and Alexa for a girl.
AL-əks not AL-iks in English.
I am a 6’5 270 pound bruiser and I love my name Alex. Not Alexander, my legal name is Alex.
Alex is a Man's name. Name girls Frank or Bob, that sounds better for girls. Alex is a cool name for an international player.
I know someone named Alex, and honestly, to me, unless you know that you want your girl to be tomboyish then I suggest that you just stick to Alex for a boy name.
Prefer it on girls because it sounds like Alice which is totally feminine. So naming a boy Alex is like to naming a boy Alice for me... not cool at all.
My brother's name, though technically his name is Alexander. It could be an awesome girl's name too and I think its nice.
Alex is the female character of Minecraft, the counterpart of Steve.
I really don't see what makes Alex strictly masculine. It is a diminutive of Alexandria, Alexander, Alexia, Alexis, and so many other names. As a full name, it is used more for boys, but there are many girls and women who go by Alex as well. I think it is more interesting on girls.I think that "masculine" nicknames are cute on girls, like Philippa and Philomena to Phil, Jacqueline to Jackie, Maxine to Max, in some cases, rather than more "feminine" ones.
Alex/Alexis/Alexander in Greek means defender of man kind. I am a guy and my name is Alex and I like it. In my opinion it is masculine, simple and a good name.
Most people named Alexander go by Alex anyway, so it might as well be their given name.
I used to like it, now I’m getting kind of bored of it. There isn’t too much in it and too many people have the name. Like excessive amounts. I know more Alexs than I do of both boy and girls top 10 names. Each gender! It’s ridiculous!
Alex is the name for a bad ass mofo. Strong name for a man. Tons of celebrity examples Alex Rodriguez, Alex Smith, Alex Trebec etc.
Alex is a better (nick)name for a girl in my opinion.
Usage: English, Spanish, Greek, RussianMeaning: Short form of names with this element.
Alex is a strong, great name. Sounds masculine and sexy.
Love the name for a strong, masculine man.
Alex is a guy's name. Strong, bad ass mofo.
There is Alex (Alexandra) Bailey from The Land of Stories.
My favorite name of all time! (Also from one of my favorite books).
My name is Alex (I'm a girl) and I hated it until just recently when I realized I only hated it because others did. I personally think this is a really cute name for a girl and for all those people who are saying Alex's are rude and snobby, that's very stereotypical. I don't think I'm rude or snobby and I've never met someone who told me I was.
Alex is a guy's name plain and simple. Not even a debate.
I love this name because it's the name of a character from my favorite book called Ashfall by Mike Mullin.
This name is fine, and it's a safe choice... but it's boring. Plus, this name has been totally ruined for me by that alt-right lunatic Alex Jones.
Alex Jones from Infowars is a famous (or should I say INfamous?) bearer.
Alex is a nice name. It’s a cute nickname for Alexander and Alexandra. As a full name, it suits both males and females! Strong, noble, and handsome for a boy, and delicate, sweet, and elegant for a girl! Normally I know what gender a unisex name leans towards, but Alex is an exception. I don’t know whether I prefer it for a girl or a boy. It may sound too masculine for a girl, yet too feminine for a boy! It’s still a great name. But nobody really uses it as a full name, typically as a nickname.
Why does it bother some people that Alex is used for girls as well as boys? Alexandra and Alexa are feminine names which both start with Alex. It's about the most legitimate unisex name there is.
In Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, there is a genderfluid character who is named Alex.
Eh, not too big of a fan. I prefer it on a boy. I don't know what it is about this name, it's just... I don't like it. However, I do like the name Alexander, and I think it can be okay as a nickname.. I'm not one to judge on short first names (my full name is Allie) but, this needs more.
In 2018, 15 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Alex* who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 477th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. *as a first name, not a nickname.
In 2018, 17 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Alex* who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 248th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. *as a first name, not a nickname.
I love the name.
Alex is not for boys only. It sounds great on both genders. It's better as a nickname for Alexis, Alexandra, Alexander, etc. in my opinion.
I personally think the name Alex is for boys. A full name on it's own and can be called Al for short. The name Alexa also appears in names like Alexander or Alexandra, and should be used as a feminine short form for women. The name Alex shouldn't remind you of a pet because it is a human used name. I also think that if your full name isn't really Alex then you should ask people to call you by your own real name.
It's not always the shortened version of Alexandra or Alexander, some boy at my school's name is just Alex. I think it's a great unisex name!
My actual name is Alexandra but I go by Alex (or close family members or friends call me Al), I love the name Alex, because it reminds me of pets and I love animals, they are pure, forgiving and playful. I am hoping to get my name changed to just Alex when I turn 18.
Have you watched the secret world of Alex Mack? A Nickelodeon tv show. Everyone calls her Alex but because she’s a girl- her full name is Alexandra or Alexandria. So Alex would be a nice name for girls, especially if it’s used as in Alexandra/Alexandria or even Alexia/Alexis for those big names being the legal name and Alex being the shortage of their full names.If Alexandra got a sex change, her new name would be Alexander
Or if she had a twin brother or different brother his name would be Alexander.
I personally think Alex should be used for BOYS only!
Alex - (English) is a full name on it's own, a male given name, the feminine form being Alexa. Al can also be used as a short form for Alex.
Alex Wilder is a fictional superhero and later a supervillain in the Marvel Comics series Runaways. Alex Wilder is portrayed by Rhenzy Feliz in the Hulu television series Runaways which is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Alex is a man's name plain and simple. Can people stop this fad of giving male names to girls. I hear Frank is a beautiful name for a girl.
Alex is an awesome name for a man. Not a girl's name at all.
Stop naming girls "Alex". That 100% sounds like a boy name and nobody will think she's a girl when hearing her name.
I am 6’5 270 pound man. My name is Alexis which is a common name for boys in non English speaking countries. When I moved to the states I started going by Alex and prefer it.
My husband changed his name to Alex before we met. He's an extremely kind person who loves people and can bring the best out in everyone, so he lives up to his name perfectly. I had to write this to counter all the bad Alex's above commenters have met.
I personally can't really see this as a feminine name, it seems a bit tomboy-ish to me.
My friend's name is Alexandria but everybody calls her Alex for short.
This is the name of Glenn Close's character in the 1987 box-office hit "Fatal Attraction." In a nutshell, Alex becomes obsessed with a married man she has an affair with, and after he calls it off, she begins to stalk him and terrorize his family.
Alex J O'Connor (a.k.a. CosmicSkeptic) is a youtuber, writer, and science enthusiast.
Alex Skrindo is a Danish DJ.
Alex Hideo Shibutani is an American ice dancer. With his sister Maia Shibutani, he is a three-time World medalist, the 2016 Four Continents champion, a two-time NHK Trophy champion, the 2016 Skate America champion, the 2016 Cup of China champion, the 2009 World Junior silver medalist, and a two-time U.S. national champion. He was a member of the US Olympic team and competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics.
I just named my first born son Alex. I wanted Alexander because my name is Philip and Alexander the Great's father was King Philip of Macedonia but my wife thought it was too historical and not enough Catholic... I hate religion... and love actual history. I am a man that loves the titans of history. If I had my way my goldfish would have been called Zeus instead of Dave. But the boy's name is Alex, (protector of men & defender of mankind) basically Flash savior of the universe.
Alex has always been my favorite name. It is a name that works for both boys and girls, and as soon as I am old enough, I am going to change my name to Alex.
I don't like just Alex, but my father gave me that name. I began to start disliking it when I was about 8. I thought it was a girl name. But then I realized Alex is usually short for Alexander or Alejandro. I don't like my first name because it's more like a nickname. Some people think it's short for Alejandro or Alexander, and I don't mind if they think that, because I wish that was true. But whenever they call me Alexander my dad tells them it's just Alex. My dad tells me he named me after him, but then I tell him he named me after what they CALL him, because his real name is Alejandro. I used to think it was short for something but my parents kept it a secret, but one day my mom showed me my birth certificate and it said Alex Eduardo. Also my last name isn't really Redwood. Luckily my mom gave me a full middle name, which is Eduardo. I like my middle name better than my first name, so that's why I put "A. Ed" on my username and my gaming name is "Ed Red". On stories I make in a notebook I put "by Ed [last name]. In my stories I make a lot of characters who are called by their middle names so they could relate to me. When I turn 18 I will make my name Alejandro Eduardo so I can make what my dad said true, and also so I can finally have a full, complete name. I celebrate Middle Name Pride Day every single day, because I have more pride of my middle name than my first name. I am sorry my comment is extremely long, but I hope people will read this.
A perfect girl name. Horrible on a boy. It makes me shudder just to think about considering naming a boy Alex. But if I get a daughter then I will name her Alex, I just know it.
Alex Dujshebaev is a Spanish professional handball player who plays as a right back for RK Vardar and the Spanish national team.His mother is of Russian descent, and his father, Talant Duyshebaev who is a former handball player and current coach, is of Kyrgyz descent. His brother Daniel Dujshebaev is also a handball player.
Fantastic, would recommend.
Alex Andrew Darrow is an American entrepreneur best known for founding the fiscally sponsored non-profit organization PictureTheWorld. As of February 2010, he is one of the youngest executive directors of an established non-profit organization in the world.
It is also used as short form of Alexandros (in Greek) and a Russian variant transcription of Aleks. [noted -ed]
Alex Webster was the bassist of American death metal band Cannibal Corpse.
My name is Alex and I think it is one of the best names in Australia
(I live in Australia).
Alex is a great name. My sister's name is Alex. Either boy or girl, Alex is still amazing. Sorry but if you're calling Alex stupid or ugly, think again!
Also a Hungarian name. Pronounced: AW-leks. [noted -ed]
It's okay as a nickname, but too nicknamey as a full name.
It makes a decent nickname but not a full name.
The name Alex was given to 185 girls born in the US in 2015.
Alex is the name of a man who runs a YouTube channel called I Hate Everything. He currently has almost 1 million subscribers.
Not a biblical name is it, and why should it have to be? Church congregations have shrunk a lot over the decades in Britain, and not without good reason.
It's recognizably Greek, or Macedonian if you like. At the same time it is given to boys and girls without any ancestral link to those countries. It isn't too weird, although, depending on the surname it can sound a little thin. There are far more trendy, cruel and unusual names these days.
You might think it a bit more snappy and cool than Alexander - but why would you not name your son Alex as Alexander? Is it a bit too long for a parent with a fragile ego? Remember Emperor Alexander was The Great.
Alex sounds like a name a dog would have!
Other than Alex Trebek, I can't picture a 40 or 50 year old man named Alex so I'm not sure how well this name will age.
Quite frankly I'm sick and tired of hearing this name wherever I go, whether it be at school, work, on TV or anywhere in real life. It seems to be too common of a name, but at least it's not more common than John or Tom.
Alexander is an awesome name.
But why name your kid just "Alex"? Legally naming your kid a nickname is a bad idea. Why not name your kid the full name and call them by the nickname?
At least an Alexander can choose between his full name, Alex, Lex, Xander, and a lot more.
I'm not really a fan of the name Alex, but I do prefer it on a boy. I also agree with Epicanna27 in that it is silly just to name your child a name that is a diminutive of another name. And I especially feel for all of the girls who have Alex as their legal names because now substitute teachers will probably assume that Alex is a boy!I like the name Alexander (m) and love Alexandra (f), but I prefer Al as a masculine diminutive and Allie or Sasha as a feminine diminutive.
Considering Alex is my very own name (fully Alexandra), I tend to think other Alex's are similar to myself. And for the most part, I've found this to be quite true. Even though there's practically 100 of them at my school, of the ones I do know, we tend to be unique, weird, strong, and very creative. Many people have told me they couldn't see me with any other name.
I'm personally not too fond of the names Alexa or Alexis; At least for myself. I know an "Alyx" too, but that's a different story. The band teacher at my school calls me Al and I really like that.
A boring, bland, dull name that is too plain by itself.
I don't like this name. It seems plain and dull to me and better suited as a nickname.
I like the name Alex because that is my name. I was one of those kids that ran around every day and did NERF gun wars. I did like violence within my own boundaries. I am very caring and I always try to help people because I believe that no matter what, someone is having a worse day than me. I think that your name does not affect your actions. I grew out of my stage of violence. I have always, throughout my life, been kind to people.
Personally I have a close friend named Alex. Just Alex, and not Alexander. Honestly it suits him really well but I think that it would be a cool name for both boys and girls.
Alex is a name for a tough and hyper child. Alexandria or Alexandra sounds too princessy. Alexander sounds too intelligent.
I think Alex is a cute name for a girl but it originally sounds like a boys name but it's cute for anyone :)!
I actually really love this name, but not for a boy. While others hear masculiness (I know it's not a word but) I hear quite a bit more feminine in it. I also like the names Alexa or Alexis, but I find those names are too overused and popular. I know Alex is pretty overused but not as much as a lot of other names these days.
The name is also rather common in Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. [noted -ed]
I've always had a good impression of the nickname Alex. Of those that I've met, I'd say there is a fairly even field of "kind Alex" bearers and "unkind Alex" bearers (although, perhaps slightly more of the initial). I think it is an incredibly nice nickname; very playful and young, but it suits up well for maturing. And at this moment, there is one particular Alex I know who gives a great reflection of it.In general, I prefer it on men. That said, I am one who loves a good masculine name on women. It could be wonderful on a girl, if you choose. I feel that there may be better options, though-- especially for someone like me, who, if trying to go less stereotypically feminine, may lean toward the likes of Benny, Ronnie, etc.
C'mon guys. A lot of people saying that Alexes are mean, bossy, rebellious etc. Well, I'm Alex. And a lot of people I know are Alex. But we are not like that!
The personality of an Alex always depends on his/her surroundings. If Alex grows up around other people and love, Alex will grow up as generous and kind. If Alex is exposed to the good and bad, and is told of the effects in the future, Alex will be aware of his choices in life.
In conclusion, it depends on how Alex is brought up. Alex's like to follow what they learned in the past.
Great gender-neutral name.
Alex Vause is a female character on the Netflix original series "Orange Is the New Black."
My name is Alex and I am a girl and I don't get why everyone is saying all the Alex's they have met are snooty and violent because I know for sure I'm not. I know quite a few Alex's (not girls) and they aren't violent at all and they are actually quite friendly. For all you people saying how snooty and violent we are you haven't met all the Alex's in the world, so who are you to judge? You're not perfect, no one is. I think the name Alex suits a girl more. I don't know why, but I think the name Alex on a boy... well I just don't like it that much. Also, girls called Alex are quite unique because I've never met one before. I know some girls can get picked on if they have a boy/girl name but I just ignore them and really, I don't think one person has asked me why I have this name.
Alex the lion, the main protagonist of the Madagascar films.
Alex James is the bassist for pop band Blur.
Alexandra "Alex" is a character in Totally Spies!.
Alex is the main character in the Ashes trilogy written by Ilsa J. Bick.
Another famous bearer is Alex Trimble, the red headed singer of the Irish indie pop band Two Door Cinema Club :)
I think the nickname "Lexi" is more attributed to girls and not for boys. For boys, it's more "Alex" or "Xander"... not "Lexi".
Two famous bearers I can think of are Alex Riley and Alex Zane (although the latter might be using a stage name). They are both British comedians/TV presenters.
Alex Riley is probably best known for his "Britain's Most Disgusting Food" series.
Alex Zane has presented, among others, T4 and Rude Tube.
I would deffinately pick Alex for a boy. Something softer like Lexie or Alexis for a girl would be prefered if I was choosing the name for my child or a character in a story. Since I don't have kids yet but am a budding authress, I think in terms of which character does this name fit. I imagine an Architect with the face of Jim Caveizel, but that's just me.
A good nickname for either Alexander or Alexandra/Alexandria, all of which are names that I personally love. I like this nickname over Lexi/Lexie for girls because it seems more likeable, too. There is also the character Alex Louis Armstrong from the manga/anime Fullmetal Alchemist.
Alex Day is a popular youtuber. He is also a musician and charted number 4 in the UK with his single Forever Yours.
It looks so strong and cute at the same time.
Alex Lifeson is the guitarist from Rush. His real name though is Aleksandar Živojinović. His surname meaning "son of life" therefore, turning his new last name into Lifeson and having his first name shortened to Alex. (^.^)
Alexander William Gaskarth (goes by Alex) is the lead singer of the pop-punk band All Time Low.
Alex Kralie, a character from the horror ARG called Marble Hornets.
One of my best friends is named Alex, and she is a girl. And no it's not short for Alexandra, it's just Alex, and the name suits her. When we were in high school and there was a substitute it was funny seeing them call out the roll because we were pretty sure the teacher assumed she would be a boy! I like the name for both females AND males.
Alex Gaskarth is the lead singer of the amazingness boy band, All Time Low.
I think this is a bad name for girls, it is the best for a boy. Girls named Alex are very snobby and weird.
Ugh. I don't like this on a boy or a girl. I don't like variants of this name, either (i.e. Alexander, Alexandra, Alexei).
My youngest of three sons' name is Alex, just Alex, it is not short for anything. He is a strong, smart, sweet boy and the name suits him.
Alex is the name of the main character in the 1992 British horror film 'Tale of a Vampire'. He is portrayed by Julian Sands.
I LOVE this name because I have a friend and her name is Alex and she's so funny. I think this name is gender neutral but a bit overused. But still, I love it.
This name is very masculine and cool for a boy to have. For a girl it is too tomboyish.
Alex (Alexander) Gaskarth is the lead singer of the band, All Time Low.
I love this name for a girl.
I like this name for a boy or for a girl (more like a boy's nickname and girl's full name). I'm surprised that it's in the Slovenian top 100 because the letter X doesn't even exist in their alphabet.
Alex Turner is the singer and lead guitarist of a British indie rock band called Arctic Monkeys. He is a very talented lyricist and an accomplished guitarist.
Alex Brown (born June 4, 1979 in Jasper, Florida) is a National Rugby League defensive end for the Chicago Bears. The 2008 season will be his eighth year in the National RugbyLeague.
My name is Alex, and I am female. My family speaks French, and they have always pronounced my name "A-lex". With the emphasis more towards the end of it. I find that spelling it "Alexe" causes people to say it like that. I think it sounds more feminine, but it is just a preference.
There's nothing I can find about this name that's bad. I wouldn't use it as a full name, but rather as a nickname for Alexander or Alexandra. It's short and simple and fits a child, because a four-syllable name is rather long for a child.
If you convert letters to numbers (a=1, b=2, c=3, etc.), Alex is equal to 42, which is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. :)
The main character of Silent Hill: Homecoming is called Alex Shepherd. Alex is believed to be his full name.
Alex is the name of my friend's older brother, but I also love the name as a girl's name. It sounds spunky, fresh, and cute. Whether it's Alex, Alexander, or Alexandra, I really like this name!
I think this name is more for a boy, than a girl. Alexa, maybe for a girl, but not Alex.
This does not have to be considered a shortened version of Alexander or the like; "Alex" or "alexo" means "defend," which seems like a fine name to me.
One of my best friends' name is Alex. He's a guy. I like it as a girl name for some people.
Wonderful, strong name for boys. When you hear the name you always assume it is a boy, Alexis, Alexa or other nicknames like Lexie or Ally are cuter for girls.
In Limburgish, this name is also used (on males, as a short form of Alexander).
Selena Gomez plays as Alex Russo in the Disney Channel Wizards Of Waverly Place.
Alex Evans uses Alex as a nickname.
Alex Cora, Boston Red Sox infielder.
Alex Summers, better known as "Havok", brother of Scott Summers ("Cyclops") and long-time member of the X-Men.
It's my name and I personally consider it cool. And that's not just because it's my name. =)
Alex Borstein, voice of Lois Griffin on the animated series Family Guy.
I think Alex sounds better on a boy than a girl. In my opinion. It is a very cute name for a little boy.
I like this name. It can work either way, if you've got a boy, or a girl. But I wouldn't name my son 'Alexander' and call him 'Alex'. I'd name him 'Alex' to start with. For a girl, Alex, is another name I wouldn't use as a nickname. It would be her real name.
That is my favourite name! Nickname for Alexandr(a) - a very imposing name. By the way, in Russia it has lots of variants: Sasha, Shoora, Sashulya, etc. The fact that it suits for both sexes makes Alex so popular. A magnificent name!
I love the name Alex. For guys and for girls, more for guys though.
This name is far too popular for me, and I must agree that many of the Alex-es I've met have been selfish, bossy, rude, unkind. I've also run across a few who spell their name "Alexs" or "Alexz", both of which I find terrible. I've also seen this name shortened to "Lex," which is not nearly as hideous as the previous two versions, but is still not anywhere near the top on my list.
Also a boys name in Slovenia, though not as popular as Aleks.
I think Alex is a very good name.
Trust me never call a girl Alex. It is cruel! From personal experience having the name Alex as a girl is extremly annoying. People have actually said to me 'that's a boys name why are you called Alex?'. Also teachers at school call you Alec AND in primary school I always got blue name stickers. This was very upsetting as I was 5 and I was being singled out because of my name.
Alex Garcia! What a common name, I know. But I have a crush one one Alex Garcia. Thus, I love the name.
That is my favourite nickname and I love it. It is not used that much here in the country that I live in so it works nice for me.
Famous bearer is Alex Wolff, son of Michael Wolff and Polly Draper, and brother to Nat Wolff. He's from The Naked Brothers Band on Nickelodeon.
This is my 17 year old brother's nickname. His name is actually Aleksandr, but only gets called that when he's in trouble. This nickname is okay, but I don't like it as much as his other nicknames (Lex, Lexi) because when we go to the mall or something other people will think I'm talking to them because their name is Alex.
There is a female author Alex Kava.
My 12 month old daughter is named Alexandra and we call her Alex. I love it. I don't really feel it is overused as it seems like that was more of a trendy name in the yuppie 80s than it is now. I hate Ally and Lexie. My Alex will never be one of them!
'Alex Karev' is a sometimes arrogant but good hearted doctor in Grey's Anatomy. He is played by Justin Chambers.
I met a GIRL Alex, just yesterday. She was blonde with blue eyes. Alex definitely suited her. I personally like this name on both boys and girls, but mostly girls.
I love the name Alex - it's one of my favorite boys' names. My crush is named Alex, and he's not snooty or violent. Maybe you all were just looking in the wrong place.
If I was born a boy I would have been named Alex. Just Alex, not Alexander. But my parents changed their mind by the time my brother came around because they thought Alex was too popular. I have to agree, there were 40,041 male Alex's born in the 2000s alone, and also 919 Alex's born in the 2000s. That's just plain Alex, mind, not counting all the Alexis' (female, 89,512, male, 17,738), Alexander's (104,903), Alexandra's (40,837), Alexa's (25,551), Alexandria's (17,929), Alexia's (14,007), Alexus's (5,416), Alexzander's (1,509), Alexandro's (1,377), Alexandrea's (1,353), and Alexys's (1,021). All in all that's 362,113 kids born in the 2000s that could be called Alex. Wow.
I would never abbreviate a girl's name to Alex - it is so much more of a boy's name. I think it suits someone who is silly and goofy but with a good heart. The actor who played Alex Rider in the film Stormbreaker was also called Alex (Pettyfer) so it will always sound to me like a teenager's name.
Alex Kelley (f) was a character on the second season of The O.C.
I think Alex should be used for boys/men. It could be short for Alexander, or its own name. The feminine form of this name would be Alexa.
I really, really like this name, and it is one of the few masculine names that sounds cute on a girl, too. But much as I like it, it sounds very modern and fad-ish. Sure, there's Alex Trebek, but how many other Alex-s are there that are older than thirty?
Alex was also the name of the little boy in "The Mummy Returns."
In my opinion, I think it is a nicer nickname for Alexandra or Alexa. Most Alex's that are boys, I dare also agree are either snooty, violent or just bossy and also because I've met a few who are like that. A cute nickname could be "Ally."
I don't want to base this name on everyone bearing it, but of all the Alex's I've known and read about (contrary to the whole names Alexander or Alexandra which have grown fine to me) they are mostly either rebellious, violent, stern and bossy. They are usually in trouble and can get downright mean, although they usually (some of them!) end up doing a good cause but still.
Alex was also the name of a cadet in the comedy film: "Major Payne." He was a bit bossy, rebellious and rather snooty but after all, a good character deep down.
Alex is also used as an independent name. I don't like it that much for a nickname for Alexander in my opinion.
A little too trendy, and I have met very mean people with this name (both male and female). No offense to the Alex-s out there.
For a boy - ICK, for a girl - cool.
The name could also be thought of as A-lex or Latin-derived "without law".
I think Alex sounds cute and trendy, but it's a little overused nowadays.
It's a nice short name, but it sounds more masculine than feminine.
Alex is a cute little boy, brave, smart, kind and a defender of his friends and family, whose real name is Alexander, when he reaches the ages of about 15 or 17 he will be called fully by his name, but for now he is just Alex.
Alex Kapranos is the lead singer/guitarist of Franz Ferdinand.
In my opinion, it's too overused. Alex sounds only OK to a character who reminds me of the name. LOL.
There are two female Alex's on Laguna Beach.
Alex Rodriguez is a famous Yankee baseball player.
I much prefer Alex as a male name to a girl name. Though it is extremely popular, I still like it.
My son's name. I think it's more trendier than Alexander. A short and strong name.
Alex is the name of the violent narrator of the book & film "A Clockwork Orange".
On the 1980's sitcom "Family Ties" Michael J Fox played the character Alex P. Keaton.
Alex Trebebek, host of the game show Jeopardy.
This is the name of Alex Rider, the teenage spy hero of Anthony Horowitz's series of novels by the same name.

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