Meaning & History

From the Gothic name *Amalabairga, derived from the Gothic element amals meaning "unceasing, vigorous, brave", also referring to the royal dynasty of the Amali, combined with bairgo meaning "help, protection". This name was borne by a daughter of Theodemir, king of the Ostrogoths in the 5th century.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesAmalija(Croatian) Amálie(Czech) Amalie(Danish) Amalia(Dutch) Amelia, Amilia, Emelia, Millie, Milly(English) Amalia(Finnish) Amélia, Amélie(French) Amalia, Amalie, Amelie(German) Amalberga, Amalia(Germanic) Amalia(Greek) Amália(Hungarian) Amalia, Amelia(Italian) Amalija, Amelija(Lithuanian) Amelia(Medieval French) Amalie(Norwegian) Amelia(Polish) Amália, Amélia(Portuguese) Amalia(Romanian) Amaliya(Russian) Amália(Slovak) Amalija(Slovene) Amalia, Amelia(Spanish) Amalia(Swedish)


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