I hate my name Amanda so much. I wish my parents had named me something else like Amy or Andrea. I hate the way it is pronounced A Man Da. I just hate my name so much. My mother had no reason to name me that.
I like how the name Amanda looks and sounds. The meaning is pretty sweet, as well.
Also Croatian:
Also used in Albanian:
Pretty. Not a Christian name, and this is a dealbreaker, unless we can consider it a feminine version of Amand. It's better to be called Amanda than one of those ridiculous or unfeminine names.
Amanda is a very youthful name. I love to use it as a middle name.
Typical 40-50 year old!
Also French:
Also Flemish and French (Belgian):
Definitely a chosen name of mine. Very pretty, classic.
Pretty and timeless.
Has the word man in it, very sexist.
Amanda Young is a character in the Saw movie series. She is a young woman who is an acolyte of the main villain, John Kramer/Jigsaw.
In my opinion, Amanda is a very beautiful name. It's charmed with strength, beauty and undeniable femininity. The way it gracefully begins and ends with an “a” allows it to elegantly roll off the tongue softer than honey. Its meaning “worthy of love” is absolutely gorgeous as well. Although it has been around for a few decades, I wouldn't call it “dated”. In-fact, I would replace “dated” with “lovely classic” and “definitely worthy of a strong revival”.
I love the many potential nicknames for Amanda, such as the French-inspired Amy, the sweet Manda, the lovably tomboyish Andy and Manny, the list continues.
I believe that the name Amanda ages wonderfully, as it's easy for me to picture this name on a tiny infant, playful toddler, sweet little girl, adventurous teenager, brilliant adult and caring senior. I also think Amanda holds a steady balance between feminine yet not too “frilly”. In other words, I can easily envision an Amanda as a laidback tomboy with her pretty hair tucked behind her backwards ball cap, a decorative sleeve of creative tattoos, nice sports jersey, ripped boyfriend jeans and classic sneakers, who has a contagious hearty laugh, loves playing baseball, shooting hoops and hanging out with her buddies; however, I can just as easily see an Amanda as a sweet bubbly girly-girl with long luscious hair, big bright eyes, cherry red lipstick, a cute sundress and sparkly heels, who loves singing, dancing, cheer and creating art.
In-fact, I think the name Amanda “suits”, if you will, many different personalities, including a girly-girl, tomboy, introvert, extrovert, athlete, artist, etcetera.Overall, I think Amanda is a very wonderful name.
Very dated. 70s- 80s baby for sure!
Amanda is a really pretty name!
I grew up knowing my fair share of Amandas, so I didn't much like the name when I was a kid. It was ubiquitous. Now, I don't hear it nearly as often, and I have grown to love it. I think it could work for a girl born in the 1980's, or the 1880's. Weird how it could fit into one of those two periods, but not anything in between. I also don't hear "a man, duh" when I say this name out loud. You can break a lot of names down like that, so that never bothers me.
I like the name Amady. I think it's a cute name without the word 'man' in it. Ryan Gosling's daughter is named Amady. Don't like Amanda as a name but I am sure other people will like the name.
The best name in the world without a doubt. Whoever has this name is very pretty and also cool, even if people might call them "A-man-duh" It's reserved for special people, and all the Amandas I know are amazing.
It’s a very nice name. Lovely meaning. I haven’t met too many Amanda’s.
I think it's too old school.
A man, duh. Still, it's a beautiful name!
The tv show friends ruined it for me.. A man, duh.
Amanda Lopez is a secondary character in the cartoon "Milo Murphy's law". She organizes accurately each minute of her life. When something goes different from her plans, she panics. Luckily, her friends Milo and Melissa help her to relax and accept situations for how they go. She is in love with Milo Murphy. And Milo is in love with her too!
I don't know, I used to like it. It was the name of my best friend's mother. It's a decent name, very pretty pronunciation.
Pretty, unlike Amelia, I like Amy as a nickname for this name.
Really good name. Looks good. Fits great for strong women. Amanda has beauty!
Very pretty!
Boring and too common.
So ugly. I’ve never been a fan. All of the Amanda’s we know are in their 20s-30s with several kids and on welfare. Seems to be a theme.
Amanda Young is a character in the "Saw" franchise.
*Sighs of satisfaction*
I dunno what the heck it is about this name, but... MAN do I love it!
Amanda is the main character in the 2009 book, 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass.
A good name, a good nickname for it would be Amy.
I think it was the TV show Friends that ruined this for me with the “A man duh”!
Gender: FeminineUsages: HungarianPronunciation: ah-MAHN-dahMeaning: Latin origins, meaning "worthy of love".(Information from name #346767 originally submitted by user epresvanilia)
Also Slovene:
Sounds dated to me.
My name is Amanda also. I hated it growing up. (But, it was better than my sister's name! Lol!)
I think that the name means the action of loving others. I have seen so many Amanda's needing love. When life would have been so fulfilling for them, if they would have unabashedly loved others instead. We Amandas tend to be needy in the realms of love for some reason.
I do find Amandas are more gentle and generous than most people.

I never had a problem with the "MAN" in the name.
I read a lot of these comments, I just didn't have the problem others had.
The statement "it's not what others can do for me, but, what I can do for others." Would help Amanda's out there. It helped me turn from being EXTREMELY "needy" to VERY SUCCESSFUL in life!
I have thought about, watched, and lived this all of my life. We give our whole heart for love. And yet, the beauty of our life blooms when we take action to give love.
Also Estonian:
It's such a happy, positive, name.
This is in my top 5, and it's my favorite girl's name at the moment. I think I will never stop loving the name Amanda. I love the sound, the meaning, the length, it's perfect. I love this name. It fits well on any girl, and it's so pretty. Amanda has many nicknames: Amy (my personal favorite), Mandy, Manda. I personally wouldn't shorten it, maybe I would to Amy. You can't go wrong with Amanda, I totally suggest this name.
I really love this name, I can't decide if I like Amanda or Andrea more.
The meaning is nice but it has a strong '80s vibe that I can't ignore.
Reading these comments made me love my name even more!
I love the meaning.
Amanda Cerny (1991-) is an American YouTuber and former model.
Several thoughts: had it just been a name picked out of a hat, I’d probably be less than impressed, but since my Daddy named me for one of his fave Hank Williams songs and he passed when I was 2, I roll with it for sentimental reasons. Second, I do enjoy the meaning, although I often forget to live it.Third, and most importantly, had I been a boy, the alternative was “John Wayne Payne”, after his hero and favorite actor. So, I think I’ll take Amanda Christine, thanks all the same.
I never had anyone A-man-duh thing happen to me.
My name is Amanda and I like it. If you don't... well you have a hater for life. If you do hate the name don't comment because don't think other people named Amanda will skip right over your comment. Keep your bad thoughts about the name Amanda quiet.
One of my best friends is named Amanda. I really like this name and find it very cute and feminine but I also think it ages well. I wish I had been born with a name as likable as Amanda, since my friend Amanda is super comfortable with her name and loves it. It has a nice sound and meaning. I'm really not understanding all the hate. I think it's popular because it's likable.
My mother gave me my name, Amanda. Growing up with 10 other Amanda's in your class was super annoying. As they took other abbreviated names like Mandi, Manda, Mandy, Manni I stayed original with Amanda. I hate my name. Such a stupid boring name. Amanda Panda Bear as they called me or A-MAN-DA! God what a terrible way to live in the 1990s. It was an awful way to live in fear from the bullies. I am now in my 30s with 3 of my own kids and I go by Ams so I have selected something new and different. If I could afford to change the name, I would in a heartbeat.
Also Slovak: -- name day: October 26
Also Czech:
For a couple years, I thought this name was okay. I even knew someone named Amanda who was great and we were close friends before I moved away. Then, I met this really, really annoying Amanda who ruined the name for me.
The name "Amanda" in my native or local dialect means "WILL NEVER FAIL" and when it's been written in full, we have "CHIMAMANDA" meaning "MY GOD WILL NEVER FAIL". That is to say that AMANDA is the short pronunciation for CHIMAMANDA and is usually used by those who don't want to call the person bearing CHIMAMANDA her full name.
Being born in 1957 I think AMANDA was fairly uncommon coming at the most downward loop after it's popularity in the previous century or two. I often wonder how much my name shaped who I am. This is why I ask it:
I adore its meaning as it describes me to a T as I've always been seeking to feel loved. I was the youngest in the family by twelve years so I think I was an unwanted strain on a family well set in their ways. My father would decry it but he was brought up by his boarding school so his idea of showing love went against his regime when SHOWING LOVE would SPOIL a child.To have this name WORTHY OF LOVE (and associated with God) means whenever I hear my name it's like God gave me a mantra reminding me I am lovable despite how I believe.
Nicknames other than Mandy have not been a problem to me. However when I was a very innocent eleven I recall telling my mother that all the boys at school called me RANDY MANDY. Well for a usually non demonstrative woman, her over reaction almost threw her into an apoplectic fit! On telling me that RANDY meant a woman wanting too much sex, which meant nothing to me I made the situation worse by saying that coincidentally my friend (a boy) was nicknamed SEXY STEVIE. I still was none the wiser, not knowing about sex and I certainly couldn't understand the terms of either randy or sex. My mother erupted angrily and I swear she never treated me the same again, becoming even colder toward me! Which possibly says more about her association with those words than mine.Mandies were also the street name for a drug called Mandrax in the '70s. Funnily enough, I was told that a well known side effect was a temporary increased sex drive with the attached saying: "Mandies make you randy". So I was the butt of some teenage jokers for a few years.
I'm in my sixties now. Seeking and showing love is still very much who I am and I see my need for it to be both fault and gift. However, I'm fortunate and enjoy being very loved and adored by my very kind, hard working husband. Nothing is too much trouble where I'm concerned and I'm well and truly spoiled! His love and my God's love has proven that indeed I AM WORTHY TO BE LOVED and the name Amanda had a hand in shaping me - faults and all.
Good enough.
Born in 1979, I always figured my parents were boring. After all, my dad had two daughters from previous marriages named Ba’Nai & Rhonda. I always wanted to be Samantha for some reason. It didn’t help that my mom has never called me anything other than Mandy, and my dad only called me Amanda when I was in trouble. Growing up we also had two 2 dogs, Candy & Brandy.When I was around 12, I asked my dad why he would name me this as I know my mom named my brother and my dad named me.He sat me down and told me about how when he was growing up his Grandmother was his rock and how she was the most important woman in his life. He then told me when he first laid eyes on me, he knew I would be the most important woman in his life. So he named me after her; Amanda Jane. I have loved my name ever since, and started using it instead of Mandy. Now only my family and very close friends call me Mandy, but everywhere else I am Amanda and proud of it!I did deal with a lot of a-man-duh, and it was one of the most commonly used ‘drag queen’, ‘transvestite’, and ‘transgender’ names.I have been asked if I was a man or had been at anytime. I do love after dating a guy for a while, telling him with a straight face that I used to be a man. They seriously don’t know what to think. It is a shame that only my dad and my pets find the meaning of my name to be true - but their loss, I’m awesome and hilarious (I crack myself up all the time). Much Love - Amanda.
In 2018, 23 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Amanda who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 50th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Gift from god makes sense.. Amanda is also a dialect of language.. Batu afi Amanda... Language is a gift from god.
Name -Amanda ■ Origin - Sanskrit, Indian, Hindi ■ Meaning - active, not slow
Native script - अमन्दा.
Amanda Forsythe is the protagonist of the book series STAR Academy. She specializes in astronomy.
My name is Amanda and I absolutely hate it. I usually go by Andy which I like a lot more than Amanda.
I quite like this name. I think Lindsey is a good middle name to pair with it.
For some reason I really like this name. Not sure why, but I'm pretty sure it's because it's taken from the Spanish word "amando", which means "loving". It's likely that I probably will use this name.
I just can't seem to get over that it has the word "MAN" in it. Ugly and too masculine sounding to be a female name.
Amanda is a sweet, charming, pleasant, and fits-all-surnames kind of name to me. I don’t mind the fact that there’s a “man” in the name. People still use Allison despite that there’s a “son” in it. It’s also the name of a strong category 4 hurricane that stayed offshore in 2014.
Pleasant but a little spiteful.
Overused. Unremarkable. Common. So boring and bland, yet fitting for most of the Amandas I've met.
I kind of like this name. I wouldn't name my child it, but I must admit that Amanda is a very feminine, quite chrming, dynamic, romantic name. There's something passionate about it. Also, I sometimes tend to confuse it with Samantha. They have very similar feel and are pretty matchy to me.
Amanda Wikström is one of the members of "Erato" - a Swedish ensemble.
Amanda is also used in Poland. Not widely, but as far as I know parents in the 90's liked it quite a lot. Although it was never very popular and often considered pretty pretentious.
Nice name, I actually don't know anyone with this name but it kind of ruins the way I think of the spelling in my head as "A man duhh" Like I imagine a little girl pointing at someone else screaming "It's a man duh!" That's just my thought, also it feels a bit simplistic.
Amanda Laura Bynes is an American actress and fashion designer. After appearing in commercials and in plays, Bynes rose to prominence as a child star in the late 1990s and early 2000s on the Nickelodeon series All That and The Amanda Show. From 2002 to 2006, she starred in the sitcom What I Like About You on The WB. She has also starred in several films, including What a Girl Wants, She's the Man, Hairspray, Sydney White, and Easy A. In 2012, Bynes announced that she was retiring from acting. Five years later, in June 2017, Bynes announced her intention to return to acting, specifically in television.
Unfortunately, Amanda is not in the Bible and literally means "should or must be loved".
On October 10, 2012, Amanda Michelle Todd, a 15-year-old Canadian girl, committed suicide at her home in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Prior to her death, Todd had posted a video on YouTube in which she used a series of flash cards to tell her experience of being blackmailed into exposing her breasts via webcam, and of being bullied and physically assaulted. The video went viral after her death, resulting in international media attention. The video has had more than 12 million views as of February 2017. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and British Columbia Coroners Service launched investigations into the suicide.
Amanda Lepore is an American model, celebutante, singer, and performance artist. The former Club Kid has appeared in advertising for numerous companies. Lepore is also noted as a regular subject in photographer David LaChapelle's work, serving as his muse, as well as many other photographers, such as Terry Richardson and Ruben van Schalm. She participated in LaChapelle's Artists and Prostitutes 1985–2005 exhibit in New York City, where she "lived" in a voyeuristic life-sized set. Lepore has also released several singles, many written by and/or recorded with Cazwell. In 2011, she released her debut studio album, I... Amanda Lepore, on Peace Bisquit.
This name is okay. I don't really have much of a problem with it. But every time I hear this name, all I can think of is Amanda Buckman from "The ADDAMS Family". That girl was just the worst.
Amanda Ray Beard, also known by her married name Amanda Brown, is an American swimmer and a seven-time Olympic medalist. She is a former world record holder in the 200-meter breaststroke.
Amanda Donohoe is an English actress. She had a four-year relationship with popstar Adam Ant and appeared in the music videos for the Adam and the Ants singles "Antmusic" and "Stand and Deliver". For her role as C.J. Lamb on the NBC drama series L.A. Law, she won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in 1992. Other television roles include playing Natasha Wylde on the British soap opera Emmerdale. On stage, she starred as Yelena in Uncle Vanya, Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate and in the title role of Hedda Gabler. Her film appearances include Castaway, The Lair of the White Worm, The Madness of King George and Liar, Liar.
Amanda Françozo is a Brazilian television presenter and model. Since 2007, she has presented the chat show Papo De Amigos on the Rede Gazeta television network based in São Paulo. She is also an exponent of Carnaval Samba dancing, and in 2008 and 2009 was appointed Madrinha da Bateria (Godmother of the Percussion) for the Vai-Vai samba school.
I'm an Amanda and I don't hate my name, but I don't feel a huge connection to it either. I could have been named something else just as easily. Most people I know have formed their own nicknames, with my favorite being "Manda", given to me by my big brothers. Panda is a common affectionate one, also. It does get old when people say "Oh my such and such's name is Amanda". Yes, I know it's a popular name of the 80s and 90s. I've heard it's among the top stripper names, though I don't see how someone could prove that (haha).
To me the meaning of the name Amanda, in every sense, is "strong in the way of love/heart".
Also a Hungarian name. Pronounced: AW-mawn-daw.
This is my cousin's name and I do like this name. There's a song 'Amanda" by Aisha Duo and I do love that song, so that's what makes me like this name more!
My name is Amanda Lynn and I love my name! My mother never even thought about any other possibilities for naming me. And just like a few other posters, I was named after the song "Amanda" by the group Boston. I have never gone by the common nicknames associated to the name Amanda, though my favorite was given to me by my cousin. When he was learning to talk anything starting with A ended up with a k sound so he called me kamanda which led to my nickname... Commander Leon. I know it's cheesy but it holds a special place in my heart.
My name is Amanda and in the bible another word for love is god, so worthy of love means worthy of god, and if something is worthy of god it can be translated as a gift from god.
The name is also used in Iceland.
There is a small town in Ohio called Amanda. Also my real name.
I'm an Amanda born in the early '80s which means I share my name with a ton of women in my age group. For years I hated it and went by my surname (which doubled a masculine first name, so sometimes people assumed my friends were referring to a guy), or by the nickname "Pan," short for Panda (we are all, eventually, Amanda Pandas). But I love my name now, especially as a Classicist/Latinist. And, yes, I heard all the, "A man, DUH," crap as a kid. It never scarred me. Don't let it scare you out of naming your kid with such a lovely gerundive. ("Miranda" is another beautiful Latin gerundive, if you're interested.)
So very 80's.
I dislike this name because of the "A man, duh" jokes.
My name is Amanda. It means the world to me to be named Amanda. My grandmother chose my name before she died of cancer. I was never able to meet her and it breaks my heart every day. My name means to be loved. And the way I take it is that she loved me. When I feel upset and alone I always know that she loves me. I have met four Amanda's in my life. None of us the same, Amanda to me is a name that cannot be labeled or defined. Everyone is different.
I absolutely love being named Amanda. Everyone comments on what a lovely name it is and my nearest and dearest call me Manda which is much easier to say and I don't even mind that my boyfriend has named me Manda Moo, lol, but don't ever call me Mandy... as my mum used to say when I was a kid "If I'd have wanted to call her Mandy... I'd have christened her it!" Bless her, ha ha, anyways beats being called Tracey, Sharon or Karen uggggggh.
"Amanda " is Latin, a gerundive in the passive, meaning literally,"she that is requiring to be loved".
I have no problem with that.
I have never come across the idea of a "man" in my name - but would like to think that since it is enclosed within a feminine, it denotes a strong inner core, and all the best of male attributes I could have, whilst still being quite positively female.
What's so wrong with that? How 21stC can you get? Mind you, I have been accused of having a male sense of humour...
I was named after my grandmother who was named Love. It was an old family name originally from a 17thC surname which in turn came from an old word "Luff". Luff ( I am using the phonetic) was an old word for wolf. So there you go, I am actually named after a wolverine, now you must excuse me, it is a full moon tonight and for some reason my skin is prickling and my, how my nails have grown, and those eyebrows...
I love my name, in my country Venezuela it is not uncommon. I do not just love the sound, but how it is written, the meaning and the nicknames. I've been called Amandis, Mandy, Amandy, Amy, Ama, Panda. It is a very fresh and original name. I am proud to have it. :)
I really like this name! It's my other older sister's name, and I actually almost never call her that, though. I call her Mandy. I don't think it is a very "dull" name. Also, she loves pandas so we also call her Amanda Panda!
I have the name Amanda and despite the whole "a man, DUH" thing I heard when I was younger, I still don't mind the name. I am almost indifferent to it, maybe because I've been listening to it for my whole life. The strange thing is, rarely anyone calls me by my actual full name. When my mom is mad, she calls me Amanda Marie. She also calls me Amanda Panda or Manda Panda, which would be totally embarrassing if it were anyone but my mom, but because it's her it's endearing. My best friend calls me Mandy (ew, but I don't mind) and Manda. Most people shorten it to Manda. I don't mind. Overall, it isn't horrible, people tell me all the time that it's a lovely name with a nice ring to it, and the only downside is the nickname "Mandy". It also means "she who must be loved" which l think is pretty nice.
"A man, DUH!" Amanda Huggenkiss. ;p I just don't find the sound very appealing or attractive... to me it's one of those dull, common names.
In Hungary Amanda is 88 on the list of the most popular girl names.
This one ranks right up there with "Ashley" for most unoriginal, overused name. Sounds like A Man, Duh. Not cute.
Ananda is better.
A man duh.
Amanda Waller is a character in several DC Comics and is a famous bearer. She is sometimes depicted as an antagonist, sometimes she helps the heroes. She works for the government and commands the Suicide Squad. She is not depicted as being very attractive physically in the comic books, at least not in most people's opinion. Some of the actresses that portray her in film are attractive, however. I wish that Amanda Waller was drawn more attractive, because I am an Amanda as well. I guess we can't all be gorgeous :p.
Yes, Amanda Knox may have been convicted (in absentia) for murder in Italy, after first being acquitted. However, in the US and many other countries this would never have been legal (it's double jeopardy).
This name always reminds me of armada.
A man duhNot a fan of any female names containing 'man' sorry. Just not my style.
When I was in elementary school, the other kids called "Amanda, Amanda, big fat panda!" I was skinny! Also, I hate being called Mandy! I just despise the name! It's harsh and sounds way too masculine. Also, on the bus ride home from school each day, there were 5 of us on the same bus! Give it a rest! If I were not named after my late grandmother, I'd change it to something I can tolerate! I hate my name!
I love this name, it's very feminine and girlish but without being too frivolous sounding. I don't like the nickname 'Mandy' though. Remember the schwa sound at the end of 'Amanda' is the most feminine terminal sound for a name.
It's used in Poland, too. Pronunciation - same as Spanish, Italian, German.
Don't like how it says 'a man', otherwise it still has a nice charm about it.
Amanda Knox was only acquitted for a short time. She underwent a retrial in 2013 and was sentenced permanently to 28 years in prison last month. Still, lovely name despite having less than pleasant bearers!
Amanda Knox was a college student from the USA in Italy who was accused of killing her roommate. She was acquitted. She and I share this as a first name!
Amanda Evert is a character from the Tomb Raider games. She is the main antagonist of Tomb Raider Legend.
This name was actually used for guys around the mid-80's. In 1985, for instance, there were approximately 144 boys given the name. (#735 popularity rank) Fortunately, it has remained mostly feminine.
Amanda Seyfried plays Cosette in Les Miserables. She is an actress in other movies as well.
I think the problem here is that people are confusing the gerund (a noun) with the present participle (a verbal adjective), as the two forms (originally indicated by -ing and -end suffixes respectively) have coalesced in English. Amanda is not an adjectival "being loved", "loving" or "must be loved", but the act of loving or being loved.
Amanda Seyfried (born 1985 in Allentown, Pennsylvania) is an American actress and singer.
Amanda Peet (born 1972 in New York City) is an American actress.
Amanda Schull (born 1978 in Honolulu, Hawaii) is an American actress and professional ballet dancer.
Amanda Bynes (born 1986 in Thousand Oaks, California) is an American actress.
Amanda Righetti (born 1983 in St. George, Utah) is an American actress.
I used to HATE my name when I was a kid due to the whole "a-man-DUHHHH" but I've actually grown to love it and the very many nicknames I get. Manda Panda, Panda, Manders, Mands, Mand, Mandarth, Mandarth Vader, Mandar, Mandy (only my aunties call me this). No one ever actually calls me a-manda. Well anyways as I have said, I've grown to love my name. Ps as far as all the Amanda's I've met, half have been sweet and the other half obnoxious. I'm well aware that a name doesn't depict certain traits but still.
It's my name. It's ok, but I don't like that so many other females in my age group also have the name Amanda.
It's an elegant feminine name. You can make fun of any name - give a kid a name and they'll find 50 ways to tease about it. So, don't worry about teasing possibilities when picking a name. My favorite though is "Demanda". It's a serious kid's name, so use it wisely.There were three popular songs about Amanda-based names all about 20 to 30 years old. As a result, you see a lot of girls coming of age now with that name. Barry Manilow wrote Mandy about 30 years ago, and Boston wrote 'Amanda'. Waylon Jennings has a classic song by that name as well. Since people often name based on the songs they fell in love to, you'll see a huge spike in popularity in this name for girls born in the late 70s and 80s. The spike is gone down, so you may see it less overused in the next generation.
In Star Trek, Amanda Grayson is Spock's mother. She was a human teacher who married Sarek, the Vulcan ambassador to Earth. She was played by Jane Wyatt in the original 60s TV show and by Winona Ryder in the 2009 movie reboot.
I am so over the name Amanda. When I was in school, there would always be half a dozen or more Amandas in my classes and the teachers would always call them by their first and last names. To a kid, it was distracting. I'm sure to the teachers it was an annoyance.
Amanda is a pretty name. I like how it means "lovable" (or along those lines), and I feel bad for the girls who are taunted with, "She's a man - duh!"
The Latin translation of Amanda is "being loved" or "requiring to be loved".
My name is Amanda, I do not understand what many people's problem is with the name containing "Man" in the middle. I only heard A-man-duh, once in my life. That was high school and someone only mentioned it because they had seen it in a movie. The main thing people used to tease me about was "the Amanda Show." I used to hear "Amanda Please!" or the theme song. As for nicknames, I have a few. Manda, Mander, Mandas, and Mandoos. I have been called Mandy, a couple times, but it's not that big of a deal to me.
The name Amanda is pretty, I think it suits all ages.
O please don't throw Amanda into the mix with Crystal and Brandy, just because it was popular in the 80's. There is way too much history and charm behind this name and if you do the research, you'll see Amanda was in fact used in the middle ages. And no offense to the Crystals and Brandys out there - you guys are still awesome. :)
I like this name because of my great-great-great-grandmother Amanda Studer, who raised twelve children on a farm in the mid-1800s. All of them survived to adulthood. Now I think of her when I hear this name, and I love it. Before I knew her story, I thought Amanda was just a trendy modern name and didn't like it very much.
Love this name! So cute and adorable.
LOL, I remember the "a-man-duh" days, that's so elementary. I came home crying to my mom in the second grade. I'm 25 now and I'd like to say that I wouldn't change my name for any other; it fits me. Amanda's are friendly, beautiful, respectful, intelligent women, and we're definitely worthy of love. We need more Amanda's in the world. :)
I can't help but hate this name. I just think it sounds so ugly and trashy like the name Crystal or Brandy. I also hate "Mandy".
Awesome meaning and sound. My impression for this name on a girl is a naughty yet smart little girl, HeHe!
"Amanda" is a subjective command in Latin from verb, "amar", "to love" that means "one that should be loved". While it is a command in Latin, it is in the subjective case meaning that "Amanda" is more of a suggestion that a mandate.
In Spanish, it is pronounced as "Ah-MAHN-dah".
I think Amanda is a really pretty name, but it might be kind of overused. I dunno. But I still like it.
This is my name and I have to tell you I can't stand it. I hate all the nicknames for it and the fact I get A-Man-Duh all the time.
This was the name of fictional late Potential Slayer Amanda in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was a recurring season seven and was killed in the battle of the Hellmouth. She was played by Sarah Hagan.
This is my name, and while I wouldn't have chosen it myself, I am still rather fond of it. I think it carries a sort of classical elegance similar to names like Samantha or Victoria. The only issues I have with it are its overuse and the grating nicknames (though, thankfully, many nicknames are usually dropped once one leaves childhood).
This name = ew.
This is my name, and I have always hated it. For one thing, it is way too trendy and overused, for what reason I can't even imagine. For another, there are too many jokes about it - Amanda Huggandkiss, A-man-duh, etc. Some of the other Amandas here at least have good middle names like Michelle and Laura. If one of those were my middle name I would go by that- NOT Amanda. Why my mother picked this abomination when there are so many beautiful names to choose from I have no idea. I tell everyone I know never to name their child Amanda- even if they want to name her after me to be sweet. This would be a cruel thing to do to a child!
Again people are dissing my name. Yes, my name is Amanda too. It's actually connected to 'Mary'. Why are people dissing this name and saying it sounds horrible and the nicknames along with it? My whole family and almost all of my friends call me by the name of "Mandy", and my step-dad, as silly as he is, calls me "Mandy-pandy". I could see why people would hate to be called this name because of the A-man-duh phrase and the Mandolin thing but other than that, why? I could think of a million nicknames that could suit me. But one thing's for sure though, I'm not going to name any daughter I have after me. Mary or Amanda.
I guess it's an all right name, but I heard Amanda once connected with the phrase "A man, duh!"
And due to that I can't consider naming my daughter this (if I ever have one).
Ironically, my name was almost Amanda Lynn. But my mom decided against it because she realized it sounded like "a mandolin."
Even though Behind the Name says the name was not used in the Middle Ages, I have seen it on a history site which is taken directly from contemporary birth records of the 1200s.So it must have been used at least ONCE in the Middle Ages.It was most likely taken as a female form of the saint's name Amandus, and may have had religious connotations in medieval times.For a name that is often considered pretty but commonplace, it has an interesting and apparently controversial history.
I have to say that I remain a bit skeptical about the idea that Amanda was in use in medieval England. The entire case for that seems to be one reference in a book by P.H. Reaney to "Amanda filius Johanis" (Amanda daughter of John in Latin) found in a 1221 document in Warwickshire. In doing my own research on names using American census data from, I have found a great many instances where the index of names on claims that a "modern" name existed in a 19th century census, but when I look at the photocopy of the actual census record (also available on, it clearly seems to me that the census taker's handwriting was misread. It is really easy for a modern person looking at bad handwriting from over a century ago to jump to the conclusion that a particular hard-to-decipher name is something they are familiar with. For example, the index claims there was a person named "Colleen Streng" who was the head of a family in Crown Point, New York, in 1820, but when I look at the photocopy of the actual record I think that person was more likely named "Colburn Strong." There also are cases where the original census taker wrote down a name that didn't exist because they misheard what they were told. For instance, I know of a case where the census taker wrote down "Mars" as a boy's first name when the actual name was "Morris" -- but in the family's accent that sounded close to "Mars." When these mistakes occur so often in reading American records from only a century ago, it seems likely to me such mistakes also occur when people are trying to read medieval English records. So with there only being the one instance of a supposed Amanda back in medieval times, I think there is at least a 50/50 chance that Reaney misread the handwriting, or that the original record was miswritten. I would at least like to see confirmation from other researchers who have looked at the original record (or a photocopy of it) that it indeed does look like "Amanda" before accepting that as good evidence for the actual existence of the name in 1221.
Amanda Rose Keller (b. 1962) is an Australian journalist, radio presenter, and media personality.She is best-known for her acerbic quick wit and for her collection of kitsch.
Amanda Harrison is an Australian stage actress. She rose to prominence with roles in musicals like "Aspects of Love" "Leader of the Pack", "Mamma Mia!" and "We Will Rock You", but is best known for originating the role of Elphaba in the Sydney production of "Wicked".
I absolutely adore my name! I have an even greater appreciation for it now than ever. I have grown well with this name, I believe. It fit me as a child and it fits me beautifully as an adult. I would name my child Amanda if it weren't my own! :p
I HATE girl names with the word MAN straight in your face. I don't like aMANda or SaMANtha because that reason. And Amanda sounds like "A man, DUH!"
I like this name, but it's quite overused and played-out. Still, it doesn't sound as badly dated to me as Tiffany and Kimberly do.
The German pronunciation is ah-MAHN-dah as well. [noted -ed]
The name Amanda is a gerundive form of the Latin "amare" ("to love"). The name is translated as "must be loved".
My darling baby sister (16 years my junior) is named Amanda. There are quite a few of them stateside, however we seem to be the only ones who paired it with the middle name of 'Faith'. So her name is Amanda Faith; 'Amanda' meaning 'loveable' or 'love' and 'Faith' meaning 'to believe'. So roughly translated: '[To] believe in love'. I adore it; so fitting for her. =)
Who could forget the song by Boston "Amanda"?
It is such a pretty name, I would consider naming my little girl that. :)
My name is Amanda and I adore being called Mandy, my various nicknames are Mandy, Manda, Mandypandy, Mandypandypolarbear, MandyPandyBear.
If everyone complains about the word man in this name, then why is the word acceptable in the name Samantha?
My name is Amanda, and I do love the fact that my name is Amanda. I was always fine with Manda and Manda Panda. However, I hated that there were so many of us in my classes, so long being called Amanda B, you would have thought that was my whole first name. For awhile I went by AJ just to get out of it. And I frequently find myself saying to potential friends who are my age and younger, "My name is Amanda, call me any variation, just not Mandy. I hate that name." It really isn't that bad of a name, the jokes tend to end as the peers get older, and as long as people don't call me Mandy, I fine. I get a bit ruffled when they do- there is a certain glare that is reserved for that utterance!
My parents named me Amanda because they wanted an old-fashioned name, they didn't know anyone named Amanda, and my mom loved the old ballad "Amanda" (light of my life, fate should've made you a gentleman's wife…). Of course, the year I was born Amanda was the 3rd most popular name in the country. I really like the name, but it's waaay too common.
I have a sister named Amanda and I have always loved it. It's long, which I have always loved in a name. That is probably why I don't prefer my name, Anna. When I was a little girl, I was always jealous of her. "She is prettier and more girly than I, and she has the perfect name," I would complain. Ah, those were the days. So, yes, I do like the name Amanda very well.
This is my name and I've never had it mocked like some people have! I'm not a Mandy to anyone other than immediate family; anyone who tries to call me that is usually treated to a glare ;-) Friends do shorten it to Manda which is fine though. My sister insists on calling me Mandy Pandy, but I call her Jenny Penny. I love my name and I don't know anyone else with it. I love that it's not really a common name anymore in Britain!
I totally LOVE this name, but I HATE the pronunciation. In Norway we say a-man-DA ("da" as in dart), not a-MAN-duh (the last pronunciation would have been "a you you" in Norwegian -- "man" means you/they or even one and "du" means you).
Star Wars creator George Lucas has a daughter named Amanda Lucas.
German-Czech actress Amanda Michalka, born 10th April 1991, Torrance, California.
Horrible name! it gives me shivers every time I hear it. Ughh.
Amanda Berenguer (Born in 1921 in Montevideo) is a Uruguayan poet. A member of the Generation of '45, she has been married to writer José Pedro Díaz since 1944.
Amanda Laura Bynes (born April 3, 1986) is an American actress and former show host on Nickelodeon and singer. After appearing in several successful television series on Nickelodeon in the mid-to late 1990s and early 2000s, Bynes transitioned to a film career, starring in several films aimed at teenage audiences, including She's the Man (2006) and Hairspray (2007).
Amanda Foreman (born July 15, 1966 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actress who became a regular on the college drama series Felicity (1998). She is the younger sister of Julie Foreman, an actress.
Amanda Abizaid is a singer/songwriter originally from Beirut, Lebanon. She moved to the United States at the age of ten.Amanda co-formed the band Blue in Los Angeles and later became a solo artist. She has performed songs for several television series, including Odd Girl Out, One Tree Hill, Charmed, Summerland, Smallville, and The 4400 for which she sang the theme song, "A Place in Time".
Amanda Lear - French singer, TV presenter, painter, actress, lyricist and novelist, allegedly born in Hong Kong on November 18, 1946, allegedly as Amanda Tapp. She was a Disco Queen in Continental Europe, the Eastern Bloc and most other parts of the world in the mid 1970s to the early 1980s. She first came to the public's attention as the fetishistically clad model on the cover of Roxy Music's album For Your Pleasure in 1973.
Amanda Miguel is an Argentine-born Mexican singer. Famous in the Spanish speaking world and knïwn for her powerful voice. For the last quarter of a century, Amanda has had a successful career.
Amanda Tapping (born 28 August 1965) is an English-born Canadian actress. Born in Rochford, Essex in England, she moved with her family to Ontario, Canada when she was three years old. She attended North Toronto Collegiate Institute where she excelled in environmental science and drama. However, when she finished in 1984, she decided to focus her attention on drama when she attended the University of Windsor School of Dramatic Arts in Windsor, Ontario.
Amanda Rosa Da Silva - Model.
Who cares if it has "a man" in it! It's still very pretty.
Actress and singer AJ Michalka's real name is Amanda.
This is my name and I HATE IT! I use to get "it's a man, duh" or "she's a man, duh." Why would any parent to that to a child? Everyone I know calls me Amanda and no one will call me what I would prefer: Andie (Mandie without the M) or Ali or some variant of Al (my middle name is Lee so Amanda+Lee=AL). ERRR why do my parents hate me so much. NOTE to parents, if you actually love your daughter DO NOT curse them with this name, because that's what it is a CURSE.
I used to love this name. But now I think it is overly popular and overused. I think there are as many Amandas as Sarahs. But Amanda is still pretty as far as names go.
On June 5, 1981, The birth of the world's first test tube twins is recorded in Melbourne, Australia. Stephen (5 lb 3 oz) and Amanda (5 lb, 6 oz) are delivered in a caesarian section by Mrs. Radmila Mays.
I think Amanda is a really friendly name.
Italian poet Guido Cavalcanti (1255-1300) speaks of a woman from Toulouse aptly named Amanda in his 30th composition, "Era in penser d'amor quand'i'trovai". His sonnet n° 29 is also centered on a "woman of Toulouse", but her name is not revealed.
Czech and Slovak pronunciation is "ah-MAHN-da".
The awesome liberal feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte bears this name. She's very witty and funny.
I don't like my middle name. A-man-duh. Bleugh. At least it's not my first name! I like the name Amada better.
Amanda Koster is a famous beaer. She is a photographer and is included in the new book In Their Shoes by the author Deborah Reber.
Way overused. Maybe as a middle name though.
A lovely name with a lovely meaning.
My name is Amanda, I have been called Awomanda, Mands, Manda, and my favourite - Amandla - meaning 'power' in Zulu and Xhosa, I get called that a lot. :) And only my immediate family call me Mandy, which is cool, but only for them to call me that.
This name might be bad, because my friend Edgar would call her like "A-Man. Duh."
This is my name, and I can't stand it. I hate the sound of it and I hate the cruel jokes (Who is Amanda? She's a man, DUH!). I also hate that it's so popular. There were a lot of Amandas at my elementary school so until I left that school everyone called me Amanda L whether there was another Amanda in the class or not, which got on my nerves. I also dislike that everyone always wants to call me Mandy. I'm rather found of the nickname Panda though and the majority of my friends call me that.
Amanda is a pretty name, but I wouldn't name my kid that! (no offence)
A-MAN-DUH - I hate the pronunciation. I simply don't like this name - even though I do have two friends by it.
I actually have this name, it's connected with my first name, Mary. I'm called Mary-Amanda, but no one calls me that. My whole family, and my friends, either call me, "Mandy (short for Amanda)" or "Mary". I think that the meaning of both names fit me because I tend to be bitter when someone is mean to me, especially when it's one of my loved ones. Lol.Amanda is a pretty name.
What is it with nicknames? If your parents picked a name they liked for you, why shorten it? If you like to call your daughter Mandy, then have her christened Mandy and not Amanda. I really don't get it.
And don't forget Amanda Lepore!
I love the way the name Amanda sounds. Yes, it is my name and I like to hear it spoken, especially by someone with an accent. In my opinion the name Amanda should have a good middle name too, not something like Amanda Lynn because the person can be the victim of teasing (sounds like the name of an instrument). My parents were going to name me Amanda Lynn until someone told them they had been teased. My middle name is Joy and I love it just as much as my first name.
My name is Amanda, which used to turn me off simply because of the number of Amandas in my age group. However, when I began searching and found out that I was named after the song "Amanda" by Boston, which was my parents favorite song at the time, I felt more of a connection with the name. I was also thankful my parents didn't jump on the name just because it was "hot" at the time, but because it meant something to them.As far as nicknames go, I've never been called Mandy - I extremely dislike that nickname, and thankfully have never had to correct anyone (save maybe one or two occasions). I get Manda, Manderz, Manda the Panda, Panda, and other variations, but no Mandy! :)
As far as I know, it means "worthy of love."
My name is Amanda and I love how there are so many different nicknames. I myself, have several: Mandy, Mandie, Mandii (all the same name, I realize, but with different spellings), Manda, Ami, and Amandee. It's such a flexible and very feminine name; I love it!
I know quite a few Amandas, and they are all amazing people, but personally I can't stand the name. I'm not sure why. It just doesn't sound good to me.
As a bearer of this name, I actually got sent to homeschooling for having this name because bullies would always pronounce it "A Man DUH" and make fun of me.I do like this name, I do enjoy the meaning of this name, but for me the name is far too popular in the U.S.A alone. I love the nicknames the name gave me and I stick with them because I just don't want to be picked on anymore.
Having been given the name Amanda Faye, I can honestly say that there are times when I would have rather had any other name than that. I hate the name Mandy, only my father's side of the family calls me that. There are plenty of nicknames out there. Andy is one of my favorite one since my best friend in high school gave it to me.
Amanda is a nice simple name. If I had a baby and couldn't think what to call her I'd call her Amanda.
I think this name is pretty but imagine if you are 80 years old and named Amanda. I think this name sounds like a young person's name, from kindergarten all the way to college. This name just doesn't sound right on old people!
Manny is a cute nickname for Amanda. My parents were *this close* to naming me 'Amanda Mae' instead of 'Mackenzie Marie'. I wish I was Amanda, 'Loveable' instead of 'Son of the Handsome one'. Plus I don't know too many Amandas.
I hate this name, because people tease me - Ah MAN da (I hate that). My full name is Anastasia Amanda Rose; Anastasia is baptism name (I was baptized two months ago in Russian Orthodox Church, and take the name Anastasia) and Amanda is the name that people call me. Other then that my family calls me Manda, others – Mandie (can be spelled Mandy, but I prefer the “ie” then the “y’) and even Al.
I think this is a great name, mainly because it's mine and I know that I'm stuck with it. A word of advice to any and all who may give this name to their daughter: DO NOT pair it with the middle name Lynne, or any of its variations. It sounds too much like 'a mandolin' and you wouldn't believe the comments some guys make about playing the mandolin.
Mandy Moore's full name is Amanda. I hate her! The name is way too strong and way too popular.
Regardless of its popularity - this is such a beautiful and refreshing name. I was also supposed to be named this, but then my parents chose Jasmine instead.
My name is Amanda, and I am rather proud to bear this name because it is really uncommon in my country (France) and the origin is always pleasant to explain. The only annoying thing in being called Amanda in France is that people keep calling you "Amandine" which is way more common (and dull) than "Amanda"; I've even being called "Samantha" a lot of times.
The only reason I wouldn't use this name is due to someone I know with this name and she is a total witch. Other than that this is a pretty name. One a girl can easily grow up with. The only thing I don't like with this name is the nickname Mandy.
My name is Amanda Michelle. When I was younger, my sister would always tease me and call me Amanda Panda or just Panda, or even Manny. My favorite teacher has a thick New York Bronx accent and calls me Amander and so my mom sometimes calls me that for a joke. The friends call me Manda, Amanda, or Mandi, although I don't have a preference. I've never really liked the name too much, I've found a lot prettier names in my opinion, but it's all right.
My name is Amanda Rose too! Anyway I love my name and it fits me and as far as nicknames go, I possess every one of them. My family calls me Manda because it's easier and my younger brother made it a habit before we were both out of diapers. My mom and dad call me "Mand" sometimes (looks weird, sounds cool) or just Rose, which has its own branch of nicknames. My best friend calls me Manda Panda, Mandy Pandy, and Panda. Her mom calls me Mandy, but other than that, I usually NEVER get called Mandy. I have also been called Manders and Manda-Manda. My current favorite nickname was given to me by a rather handsome guy I work with and it is Amander. Since nicknames are a sign of affection, that's good, right?
In 2001, my sister and I named our younger sister Amanda Rose. My mother was reading the name book and this was the first one that the three of us could agree on and, even though we were only half way through the A's, we were all pretty sure that wasn't going to happen again. Never, do we plan on calling Amanda Mandy or Mindy (which we all think or terribly ugly nicknames) but she is called Panda a lot now and that is sometimes shortened to just Pan.
As an eight year old, I was endlessly amused with her name sounding like "A Man Duh".
I like this name, very cute. But a-man-duh! Lol, it's still cute though. =) Also, even though it's ranked #8 for popularity when I was born there's no one in my grade named this. And I've never met anyone with it.
My best friend and one of my favorite singers has this name and I love the name. I like it because I just do.
You know, people don't normally think of a man when an a Amanda introduces herself, so you don't have to go worrying about this "man" stuff. Amanda is just way too common. I don't like Amanda anyway.
I would never name my kid a name that has MAN in it.
One of my best friends name's is Amanda, and I think it's absolutely beautiful. I have always loved that name. And it's really fun to type! When I say Amanda fast, it usually comes out as Manda, which I think is a cute nickname! I think this name is better for younger kids rather than women or teens.
I just cannot comprehend why anyone would name their daughter a name that begins with "A man". Personally, I think this name is overused without the right to be.
I had always heard that it meant "worthy of love."
To me the name Amanda is similar to strongness and happiness, just because I know one Amanda that is a strong and happy person.
Eh, rather mundane.
One day at school:
'hey what's wrong with you?'- child one
'she's a-MAN-duh!' child two (laughter)
'wahhh why did you ever name me this?'- Amanda.
Actress Amanda Peet is a famous bearer.
I actually like this name very much, and not just because I have it. It has a very nice sound to it, and I love the way my middle name sounds with it ('Joy'). It kinda made me sad to see that so many people hate my name though. :( But at least I like it, right? :)
I love the name Amanda, it is a very beautiful name but the one nickname for it I just don't like is Mandy.
There is a Christian juevenile book series about a girl named Mandie whose full name is Amanda Elizabeth Shaw.
My name is Amanda, but almost everyone (save for my grandmother) calls me Amy. My mom gave me that nickname when I was a baby so people wouldn't call me "Mandy" which she hated. I'm very glad because "Mandy" is such a bad nickname. It's so ugly.
I think it is a very nice name, I haven't met many people bearing this name in my generation. I think this name is pretty strong yet has a feminine touch.
I think that the name Amanda is very pretty. It means "loveable". I have known a few people named Amanda, some were nice and some not but a name does not make personality traits, the person does. One of the nicknames of an Amanda I know is "Dani" another "Maddy" which is different from the common "Mandy". Overall I think this name is very wholesome.
This name is far more commonplace than people imagine. I worked in a place with no less than five Amandas, went to school with Amandas, run into Amandas. At work we had to either use nicknames (if you end up using a corruption of the name why bother to use Amanda at all? Change your name to Mandy-ugh!), last names, or middle/first names to distinguish. Plus, I've met too many highly strung, stuck up women by this name. "She who must be loved" indeed.
I really dislike this name especially the idea of a female name containing 'Man'.
I have always liked this name but am not fond of the nicknames for it. I know of one girl with this name and she isn't a very nice person and the other girl is very nice.
Amanda Palmer is the lead vocalist and piano player for the group The Dresden Dolls. There is no way I can put this band into a category, everyone needs to hear this band for themselves.
I find the name Amanda over-used and harsh sounding. Not a name I'd want to saddle my daughter with.
I personally don't love the name, it's dull. Rather common in my age group.
Amanda is a good name for someone of any age - not too modern or old fashioned.
It's a beautiful name, one to not be taken lightly. To love one with this name means great responsibility. When my husband named my daughter, he felt the name to be moving. When I heard it, I found it to have a ring to it that would last forever. After doing some research on it, I found the name to mean "Who needs to be loved" this is why I say whomever marries one with this name has great responsibility.
It's not that I dislike the name Amanda, it's just that in my age group it is very common. I like to be unique, so sometimes I feel my name is too popular, plus everyone feels the need to shorten it to Mandy, which I can't stand.
Actress Amanda Seyfried is a famous bearer of this name. She played Lilly Kane on Veronica Mars and Karen Smith on Mean Girls.
Amanda does not mean lovable. It means "she must be loved" in Latin. From the verb amare, to love, and in the feminine gerundive form.
That's extremely nitpicky, don't you think? In Latin it means 'to be loved', hence 'loveable.' I think 'she must be loved' is almost the same as 'loveable,' don't you?
Actually, while in English it may seem extremely nitpicky, Latin does not 'waste' verb forms (unlike English). 'She must be loved' is gerundive/future passive participle, indicating that the noun needs or deserves love. The gerundive therefore is supposed to indicate that something must be done. 'Loveable', on the other hand, does nor carry the same connotation, since it is an adjective. It indicates that the noun is able to love, that it is possible to love, but it does not indicate that it is a dire action that must be done.
I have been told through biblical scholars that in Hebrew/Aramaic the name AMANDA means "Gift from God."
It is a beautiful, classic name that depicts a feminine strength full of elegance.
I like my name because there are lots of nicknames for it (even though no one ever calls me by my nickname).

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