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Gender Feminine
Scripts Анастасия(Russian, Bulgarian) Анастасія(Ukrainian, Belarusian)
Pronounced Pron. u-nu-stu-SYEE-yə(Russian)
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Meaning & History

Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian form of ANASTASIA. This name was borne by the wife of the Russian czar Ivan the Terrible.

Related Names

DiminutivesAsya, Nastasia, Nastasya, Nastya, Stasya(Russian) Nastassia(Belarusian) Asya(Bulgarian)
Masculine FormsAnastas, Anastasiy(Russian) Anastas, Anastasiy(Bulgarian)
Other Languages & CulturesAnastasia(Ancient Greek) Anastazija, Staša, Stošija(Croatian) Anastázie, Anastazie(Czech) Anastasia, Stace, Stacee, Stacey, Staci, Stacia, Stacie, Stacy(English) Anastasie(French) Anastasia(Georgian) Anastasia, Natasa, Tasia, Tasoula(Greek) Anasztázia(Hungarian) Anastasia(Italian) Anastasija(Latvian) Anastasija(Lithuanian) Anastasija(Macedonian) Anastazja(Polish) Anastácia(Portuguese) Anastasija, Staša(Serbian) Anastázia(Slovak) Anastazija, Nastja, Staša(Slovene) Anastasia(Spanish) Anastacia(Spanish (Latin American))


People think this name is

classic   formal   upper class   natural   wholesome   strong   refined   strange   complex   serious   nerdy  
Bulgaria: August 29
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