I like it. Handsome, masculine, and the meaning is pretty cool for a boy. The nickname Drew is great. I can’t believe there are people out there who actually named their daughters Andrew. The name is clearly masculine. Even the MEANING is masculine.
My favorite boy's name! So handsome, noble, and classic! Ahh I can’t describe how much I love this! Andy is a cute nickname, but I hate the nickname Drew.
Andrew is a nice strong name with many lovable nickname potentials, such as Andy and Drew. I like it.
I feel like this is a name that fits boys and men of all different ages. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of the nickname "Drew," but to each their own. :)
My name is Drew and I think it's the best. Andy, Andrew, Drew etc. I think it's all good.
My name is Andrew, it is a Greek name that means: strong & brave.
I love the name Andrew. Andy is such a cute nickname. And unlike all of those weird, trendy names, Andrew is a very classy name I just find adorable, not weird and cute only for babies. And the main reason why I love this name is because I have ancestors named Andrew so it has a personal connection to me.
My name is Andrew and it means Little Mouse in Thai or Laos.
Ok, I have to admit this is a little bit old fashioned. But good name!
LOVE THIS NAME! It's so handsome! I don't care if you people think it is common.
I really love this name. People named Andrew I know are friendly and nice. I dislike the nicknames Andy and Drew, though.
Boring and overused.
My name is Andrew and I have come not to like my name because it’s relatively common, so I feel less unique. Additionally, since it is relatively common, there are a few bad bearers of the name including Andrew Jackson, a very bad president, Andrew Johnson, also a very bad president, and Andrew Carnegie, one of the most infamous robber barons of the 19th century.
Common, yet it is still an awesome and timeless name for a boy!
Blah! Boring, boring, boring! Andy is even worse. It's like there was no creativity involved in the making of that name.
Alright. Not too good, but still just fine. Probably still overused, but there are many worse names that are popular, so Andrew's doing just fine.
I love the meaning, especially a for a Male. I hope people in future don’t name their girls this, especially with the masculine meaning.
I used to like this name a lot because it sounded classy, but then that creepy Prince Andrew ruined it for me.
I tend to like names based on what they sound like to me and what they remind me of more than their actual meaning. When I first heard the nickname Drew, it made me think of morning dew (like on the grass), so I kind of think of it as a nature name.
I like it. Drew would be a nice nickname.
Sounds very dull and is out dated where I am from. Wouldn't use it (much prefer Christopher, Thomas and Anthony which are similar names)
I named my son Andrew for several reasons: #1, It's Biblical, #2, It isn't trendy #3, Seeing it, someone knows he's male but can't assume age or ethnicity. #4 The name Andrew fits well with all interests and jobs, and grows well with a person. I've worked with thousands of business owners and job seekers. Many comment they feel a little "restricted" or "boxed in" by their names (their words). For instance; my uncle's name is Jan, the Norwegian version of John. He's a lawyer. People ask for "Ms. Larson" on the phone. Someone seeking a male attorney may skip over Jan. This is often unintentional. Andrew looks great on a business card, resume, class list, retail badge, etc., and is popular enough that it's easily pronounced by people who speak English as a second language.
I've embarrassed myself stumbling over/mispronouncing names, and felt disrespectful having to call people by their first name instead of Mr. or Ms. If I wasn't sure. I prefer Andrew, but the nicknames Andy and Drew seem to fit different personalities well, again giving a person flexibility.
Very nice name.
One of my favorite boy names.
Andrews, Andy, Andrew they are same and nice name.
Andrews simple meaning brave, Bold, strong etc. He is the first disciple of our lord Jesus Christ because he is the first person to join or have fellowship with Christ. Amen.
I don't like this name. It sounds annoying and too many people are named Andrew. I mean people use other names like Thomas and or James. That sounds better. I mean people, if you have a baby don't call it Andrew. There are too many Andrews and we need to call our babies other names and not the same name.
Andrew Huang is a musician and YouTuber best known for his song "Pink Fluffy Unicorns", but he constantly is releasing songs on his channel.
Andrew John Hozier-Byrne, commonly known as Hozier, is an Irish musician who rose to fame with his 2013 song "Take Me To Church". His music spans alt, blues-gospel, and Irish folk, with pop and rock elements.
The most recent comment is not accurate on this forename being 'overused'. In fact, its decline in popularity is factually indicative of why this name might actually be a wise choice for anyone who might desire a strong yet timeless name for their son. Also, just for further information concerning the suggested Andreas, it would not work very well in my neck of the woods as it is considered a widely used feminine name.
Way overused. Go for its original Greek form Andreas instead.
Andrew Wakefield,a British ex-physician and the lead author of a paper published in The Lancet claiming that the MMR vaccine caused autism. The study was later proven to be a fraud.
Strong and masculine, just like the meaning. I like the nickname Drew.
I would definitely use this name for a son in honor of a special Andrew in my life that passed away. The only problems I have is it's hard for me to pronounce correctly with my accent and I don't like the nicknames Andy or Drew. Might use Rune instead.
I believe Andrew is a great name. I know an Andrew, and he is pretty short. My Granpop is also called Andrew, so I don't like when people call it a bad name. So, yeah.
Andrew fits just about any man or boy. I know many Andrews and the name fits them. It's a good one to pick for a baby if you don't know what he'll be like (which of course you don't).
I would put the name Andrew into retirement and use its Greek and German form Andreas instead.
I am Andrew and I think it comes from Ireland.
In Italy were born 17 babies called Andrew in 2016 [ISTAT].
It always reminds me of a preppy student who wears total-white and plays golf with his classmates.
The name Andrew is really really handsome and magical. It is my favorite name of all. And it's a creative name.
I can't believe no one's mentioned Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.
In 2018, 23 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Andrew who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 25th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Overused and boring.
Awesome name. So handsome.
Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark was the father of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
Andrew is a very handsome name, and it has nice nicknames like Andy and Drew.
Andrew is the name of my uncle, who gives me free money often. And who doesn't like free money? Overall this name is good, but I'd personally just use this as a middle name.
What a cute name! However, I despise its nicknames. Andy is too common and immature while Drew is just ugly (sorry). I picture a cute, young, and lively boy with this name. It was also a devastating hurricane that hit Florida in 1992. But unlike other names, I knew this name before I got interested in hurricanes.
I think Andrew is a wonderful name, but I'm biased - I'm in love with an Andrew!
It is the best name ever. Anyone that doesn't like it sucks.
Andrew is such an Asian name from my experience, that I can't picture other races with this name.
Andrew Cunanan was one of the worst serial killers in modern American history who took the lives of at least five people, including that of famous fashion designer Gianni Versace.
St. Andrews cross or the saltire is an X shaped design you see on many different flags such as the State flag of Alabama, the State flag of Florida, the Scottish flag, the British flag, the Confederate battle flag, the Cross of St. Peters (Ireland) to name a few. It's a very commonly used design on flags.
This name has been in my family for at least 5 generations, including the middle name of my grandfather, father and me. I used it as my son's middle name (paired with my other grandfather's name and use the initials as his "nickname), and there is at least one other child in the family with the name. I would encourage and hope my son will continue this one day.
The description notes that it was the given name of the 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson. Also note that it was the given name of the 17th POTUS, Andrew JOHNSON (b.1808-d.1875). Was the VP and successor to Abraham Lincoln after the latter's assassination. Johnson served as POTUS April 15, 1865 – March 4, 1869.
Andrew Wilson is an Australian businessman who has been the CEO of Electronic Arts since September 2013. Wilson joined EA in 2000, and worked in the company's Asian and European markets for several years before moving to EA Sports and then becoming an Executive Producer on the FIFA franchise. In August 2011 he was appointed Executive Vice President of EA Sports, and he also took on duties as Executive Vice President of the company's Origin platform in April 2013.
This is one of the WORST boy names I've ever heard. It sounds like "and EW". I hate the fact that it has an 'ew' at the end. This reminds me of a disgusting, sloppy ugly boy that reeks of fish.
Andrew Joseph "Andy" Cohen is an American talk show and radio host, author and producer. Cohen hosts the Bravo nightly series Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. He is the first openly gay host of an American late-night talk show. After being head of development at Bravo for more than 10 years, Cohen resigned in November 2013. He continues to serve as an executive producer of The Real Housewives franchise.
Andrew Stuart Murray McCall, usually known as Stuart McCall, is a football manager and former player who is the current manager of Bradford City. He made a total of 763 league games and in 40 full international matches for Scotland during his playing career.
I actually really like this name. It sounds strong and refined, though I really dislike the nickname Andy.
The name Andrew or "Andrea" is a very powerful & significant name.
All who bare this name are fortunate indeed as with it comes great strength.
I find it to be dull and boring, plus I've admittedly met a lot of entitled d-bags with this name, making me dislike it even more. The nickname Andy is cute, though.
English form of the Greek name Ανδρεας (Andreas), which was derived from ανδρειος (andreios) "manly, masculine", a derivative of ανηρ (aner) "man". In the New Testament the apostle Andrew, the first disciple to join Jesus, is the brother of Simon Peter. According to tradition, he later preached in the Black Sea region, with some legends saying he was crucified on an X-shaped cross. Andrew, being a Greek name, was the only Greek translation of his real Hebrew name, which was Gavri'EL.

The meaning of Gavri'EL or Gavriel ist "My strength from God" or "The strong through God" and the Greek translation of Andrew from the Greek adjective "Andreios" is similar and equally meaning - it means "The Strong" or "The Brave" or "The Strength".
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are:

Andrew Blake
Andrew Brody
Andrew Chase
Andrew Cody
Andrew Colin
Andrew Connor
Andrew Corey
Andrew Dallas
Andrew Damian
Andrew Donovan
Andrew Gavin
Andrew Jeremy
Andrew Kyle
Andrew Ross
Andrew Rylan
Andrew Sebastian
Andrew Dakota
Andrew Dominic
Andrew Darren
Logan Andrew
Morgan Andrew
Jeremiah Andrew
Dominic Andrew.
My name is Andrew and I think it's cool and not that overused and people that think this name is stupid are idiots.
What about Andrew Wyeth, the famous American painter? And Andy Griffith from the Andy Griffith Shown?
My name is Andrew and I like it. I wouldn't say it's too common though, I only know like, one other Andrew.
Andrew is my little brother-in-law's name and it fits him perfectly! Since the first time I met him, I knew he looked just like an Andrew. It is a name he can grow into and it is a good namesake (from the Bible) and we love it so much my husband and I might name our future daughter Drew.
Um guys what about ANDY BIERSACK?
Andrew was the brother of Simon Peter, Jesus' disciple.
Andrew was instinctive, helpful and observant.
He first found his own brother and told him, we have found the messiah. In John 1:40
He also found the boy with five fishes and 2 loaves of bread with which JESUS fed the five thousand in John 12:22.
A famous bearer would be the late Andrew Wood. 1966-1990.
I really like this name. Has a nice sound to me; I definitely think it's a name I'd consider for a son of mine.
The name is ok, but maybe a little 'stale' sounding. Sort of grates when you say it.
Not a bad name- "Drew" is a cool nickname. (:
Andrew is a great name. I would definitely use it. I like the nickname Andy better than Drew, though.
This is my name... While I like the name itself and would have considered it for a son, it has become just too common. I knew about 3-4 other Andrews when I was a kid, then met a half dozen or more in college, not to mention the parents/older people who have the name, the kid ringing up your groceries, the cable guy... it's everywhere! I'm in a highly populated area and work custumer service so I see a lot of names --trust me, it's overused. According to the charts it seems to have gone down some, so we may have a reprieve in the future!
Another American president, Andrew Johnson, it's also a bearer of the name, Andrew; not just Andrew Jackson.
Irish actor Andrew Scott is a bearer of this name. He's most famous for playing Jim Moriarty in the BBC production of Sherlock.
This is one of those names I never get sick of hearing no matter how popular it becomes. It's a beautiful name for all ages and personalities. It sounds strong and handsome while still having a kind and gentle ring to it. Also a classic name that will never go out of style.
If Andrew is a translation of his name, that means his Hebrew name is Adam.
Hurricane Andrew was a destructive hurricane that hit southern Florida on August 24, 1992. At the time, it was the costliest United States hurricane. By the time I posted this comment, it was the third costliest hurricane (behind Ike and Katrina).
British-American actor Andrew Garfield, who recently became the new "Spider-Man," is a bearer of this name.
I like Andrew. It has some cool meaning to it. Well, this name has some masculinity to it. I think of a young boy when I think of Andrew. Anyway, Andrew is a good name. I will possibly use it.
Love this name. Very handsome.
Andrew Oikonny is Andross' nephew in the Star Fox games. He first appeared as a member of Team Star Wolf in Star Fox 64. He later appeared as a former team member in Star Fox: Assault, although he reappeared in the 3DS remake of Star Fox 64.
Andrew VanWyngarden is the lead singer for psychedelic rock-pop band MGMT. He was born February 1, 1983.
Strong, masculine name. One of my top 10 names.
I love this name. I'm pretty sure that if I ever have a second son his name will be Andrew. It would be after my dad, who was called "Andy" as a nickname for Anthony, I like Andrew better. Despite it's position on the charts it is not terribly popular as far as I can tell ( at least in my area) as I have never even heard of any Andrews under 20.
I've always really liked this name, but it's become too popular for me to use it. Not that there's anything wrong with a popular name, I just have a relatively unusual name and like being the only Colleen in class. The occasion when there was another I was extremely bothered. I can name about 12 Andrews off the top of my head.
My favourite male name as of yet. I love how cute and boyish it is. Very princely and simple as well.
It's my baby's name and one of the most handsome male names there is. Although it's very common to most people, I felt like I was being different by giving him the name Andrew. When he goes to school, he's going to stand out among the crowd of Aidens, Cadens, and Hunters.
Andrew Zimmern is the host of Bizzar Foods on the Travel Channel.
Andy the rag doll based off of James W. Riley's poems "The Raggedy Man" and "Orphan Annie".
I love this name, it's so masculine and ages very very well. You can easily picture a baby, kid, teenager, adult... etc with this name. I want to name my kid Andrew. I hope by the time I have kids it won't be so insanely popular.
It might be a little overused, but you can't really go wrong with this name.
Andrew Stanton is a director at Pixar Animation Studios. He was a writer on Toy Story, the co-director of A Bug's Life, and the director of Finding Nemo and WALL-E.
A famous bearer is Andrew Eldritch, lead singer of the group The Sisters of Mercy, born May 15, 1959. Great singer.
Andrew Biersack (stage name Andy Sixx) is the lead singer of the band, Black Veil Brides.
I really like this name. To me, it has a strong-but-gentle connotation. My brother's name is Andrew. He hates to be called Andy or Drew.
This is my name and I've always hated it. I was in my 30s before I became comfortable with it. I don't think it suits me at all. The sound is hideous, the nicknames ridiculous.
I like this name on a boy. But I don't like the nickname Andy.
My father has this name - some people nickname him "Andy" but it really doesn't suit him. The name "Andrew" is good and fitting to his character I think, but "Andy" or "Drew" makes him sound like a completely different person. So I think that the name and its nicknames denote different personalities.
I love this name! It reminds me of a strong person.
Sergeant Andrew J. Carter, a main character on the 60s TV sitcom Hogan's Heroes. He was played by Larry Hovis.
My mother named me Andrew after my father, Andrew, which is also my grandfather's name. So, my family is FULL of Andrews. I only hope the name gets more respect than it already has.
I loathe this name because it was being excessively overused. Andrews are everywhere and you will always find two or five or more at random chosen locations.
The real name of the "The Butcher", drummer for The Academy Is..., is Andrew Mrotek.
Fashion designer Ralph Lauren and Ricky Low-Beer have a son Andrew Lifshitz, born at 1969 in New York City.
I love this name. It's strong and handsome. I think it's much too popular at the moment, though. I know many Andrews, but I like all of them, so the associations with this name just make me like it more.
Famous bearer: Andrew McMahon of the bands Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin.
Number 6 for boys in 2005. I like this name, but I like the nickname Andy a little bit better.
It is a simple name with worthy namesakes and a strong sound.
Great name. If I ever have a son I plan on calling him Andrew.
Famous actor, Drew Barrymore's real name is Andrew. It's obvious why SHE doesn't use it.
And to the person who said that Drew Barrymore's real name is Andrew: NO, it's not. Where did you even hear that? Her name's Drew.
The name in itself is freakin' awesome. It's totally normal & sounds very nice. My soon-to-be brother will be called this, & it will describe his personality well. I've only ever met 1 Andrew, so it is definitely not overused.
Andrew Thompson is the other guy from the awesome band Hammock, which is sort of a shoegaze/spacerock band that creates majestic, epic, spacey soundscapes.
Although I would never use a Biblical name for my son (assuming I ever have children), I like this name. It's a very safe choice, as it isn't trendy in the sense that it would clearly be from a certain era, and it sounds good on kids and adults alike. At least this name shouldn't lead to bullying.
Extremely popular now, but I still like it.
Andrew is my boyfriend's name and I love it! What annoys me though is that too many people are named Andrew, when only certain people should.
I think the name Andrew is a very handsome name.
I know several Andrews that go by various forms like Andy and Drew, but also Andrew, and all of them are extremely obnoxious. It also makes me think of Andy on the US version of The Office--who is also extremely obnoxious. I have a hard time liking this name.
My brother's name was Andrew, though he died when I was a very young, so for years I never connected this name to him. Then one day I started wondering why I was so attracted to this name. I think it's pretty much my favorite name ever.
My name is Andrew and personally I really like the name but I've come across a problem. The problem is that every time someone says "and," I'm alway thinking that they are calling my name. It really annoys me especially when I'm not paying attention which causes me to be very surprised. Anybody else with the name Andrew have this problem?
Andrew is a really hard name for me. It all depends how you use it. I've found that 'Drews' tend to be a bit out-there, and keeping it at Andrew makes for a quiet, shy kid. Meanwhile I know several 'Andys', all of which are very attractive and popular people.
This name is handsome as it means man, like Charles. I like it, but it starting to get popular now, and if you like the meaning, you can pick Charles. It has the exact same meaning as this, only a different name. Of course, that's just a suggestion. You don't really have to take it.
I feel that this name is a nice name and works for many guys that are out there. I would not mind naming someone this name.
A famous bearer is Slovak-American director and writer Andy Warhol. Andy´s real surname is Varchola.
A famous bearer of the name is actor Andrew Chalmers, who plays Jack in Darcy's Wild Life.
Awesome name! =) I only know 3 Andrews and 2 of them are in my grade. It's not very overused where I live. I love the nickname Drew for it, it's really cute. Anyways, it's a very lovely name.
I love Andrew! It is such an amazing and cute name. All the Andrews I know are really cute and really fast runners.
I don't like how popular this name is. It sounds ok, but I think every class I've ever been in at school has had at least one Andrew in it. It is a classic, I'll give it that, but I personally would not name my child this.
The only common nickname(s) for Andrew is Andy, or sometimes Drew.
I think that Andrew is a nice name and not too overly-used. I only know one Andrew and he is very nice and funny with a good personality.
It's my favorite male name and I absolutely hate how popular it is! I would name my son this. I like this guy named Andrew and he might not be the most "manly" guy out there, I still like him a lot. The name suits him very great except for the meaning.
Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy is the drummer of the band. I like the name, it's very cool. I'd like a friend with this name!
I love this name so much! It's my favourite male name! It always reminds me of someone very handsome and sweet!
He is also the patron saint of the Romanian people. He is the apostle who brought Christianity to early Romanians (see Dacians & Getic tribes) in 1st century AD, on the south-eastern part of Romanian teritory (called Dobrogea).
Andrew Carnegie built libraries all over the U.S.A.
Despite what the popularity charts show, there isn't one Andrew in my boys classes at school and I only know of one adult with this name. I think Andrew is a handsome name. I love it.
Andrew Sims, host and producer of the well-known Harry Potter Podcast 'Mugglecast' bear this name. And is sometimes called by avid fans, 'Gangsta-Andrew' or 'A-to the Andrew Simzz.'
Saint Andrew (Sf. Andrei in Romanian) is at least also the patron saint of Romania - as the first comment in this forum says. I think it would be nice to add this info in the description. Otherwise I'll think all the other name explanations on this website are not accurate which is maybe not true. You can check for your reference:
[noted -ed]
Famous bearer: Andrew Lloyd Webber.
"Andrew" is a song by Bowling For Soup.
Two famous bearers: tennis players Andy Murray of Scotland and Andy Roddick of the USA.
Andrew Fletcher from "Depeche Mode" is a famous bearer.
I think it is a very nice name for anyone. It evokes a sense of strength and masculinity yet also evokes softness, gentleness and kindness. Classic.
A famous bearer of this name is Andrew Schwab who is lead singer of post-hardcore band Project 86 and also a writer.
Two very different Andrews: Andrew, the Angel of Death, from "Touched by an Angel" (acted by John Dye) and Andrew Dice Clay, the misogynist and so-called comedian.
Andrew is a strong, rugged name. It is no wonder it has remained a timeless classic and never went out of style.
Former US president Andrew Jackson.
Famous bearer is Andrew Johnson, the 17th President of the United States.
This is an awesome name. It's very handsome-sounding, but it will suit anyone as long as it's a guy!
The second son of Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom bears this name: HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York.
Andrew sounds like the name of an angel. Too bad it's overused but it still does not affect its quality. :)
Lol, Andrew IS the name of an angel. In that Christian sitcom "Touched by An Angel" he's the angel of death.
Another famous bearer of this name is Andruw Jones of the Atlanta Braves. It is spelled differently, though pronounced the same.
This was the given name to Andy Warhol.
Director of the Chronicles of Narnia, Andrew Adamson, bears this name. :)
I know 16 Andrews, and although it's a great name it can get confusing. It's too overused.
Andrew is a beautiful name. I only know one Andrew, but it is the perfect name for him. He is protective of his family, brilliantly hardwired, impeccably mannered, possesses sparklish eyes, walks like an undercover king, and has the charm of a boyish storyteller. The name lives up to him, and he lives up to the name.
I think the name Andrew sounds like a warrior's name. People who don't like it are just stupid. They are generally really cool people.
Andrew is, to me, a wonderful name. It just seems so strong and handsome (how apt, when the meaning is "strong and manly"), without being smack-you-in-the-face He-Man.
This is my name and I like it. It will never become too old fashioned or too new fashioned.
Andrew is Michael J. Fox's real middle name. The "J" doesn't really stand for anything. He took the J when he went into the movies after Michael J. Pollard because there was another Michael Fox registered and he dreaded being called "Michael, A Fox!"
Sf. Andrei (Saint Andrew) is the patron saint of Romania. Saint Andrew/Sf. Andrei is called "The First of the Apostles". In Romania is a cave called "Pestera Sfantului Andrei/Saint Andrew's Cave". The legend said that in that cave lived Sf. Andrei/Saint Andrew when he came to upper Tracia (today Dobrogea/Romania).

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