Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington (1876–1973) was an American sculptor who became famous for her animal sculptures, that combine vivid emotional depth with skillful realism. In 1915, she created the first public monument.. by a woman, and dedicated to a historical woman (Joan of Arc),.. to be erected in New York City.
CHIC! But I prefer Ana (pronounced to rhyme with strainer) middle name Elle aka Ana-Elle.
Ewww THIS NAME IS SO COMMON AND UGLY. IT REMINDS ME OF AVA WHICH I HATE TOO AND it also reminds me of that CLICHE Disney girl. I hate HaNnAh too. They both mean grace, but they’re actual DISGRACES.
I call names like Anna LBD names (little black dress) because they are the ultimate go-to chic but not frilly, safe and sensible classic all rounders. Other such names are Jane, Emma. LBD names can come across as plain and dull and perhaps they are but they're untouchable.
Very boring and overused in my opinion, it’s a filler name at this point.
It's so graceful, beautiful, timeless, lovely and a nice name. ❤❤.
A lovesome name. Its simplicity needs nothing else, and it's the name of Our Lady's mother. Anna Maria is a great combination.
I used to have that name, but I've changed it 2 years ago to Louisa. Anna was always so boring, common and not original, like really - in my school half of the other girls were Annas, lol.
My name is Anna and I really like it. Ann and Anne sound old fashioned and frumpy to me and Hannah sounds a bit pretentious. When I go abroad to Greece, Spain etc the locals always say they like my name because it's a classic Greek or Spanish name. I like that there are always a few Annas but never loads, so it's not 'common'.
Also Judeo-French:
Also Judeo-Anglo-Norman.
Source: Seror, Simon "Les noms des femmes juives en Angleterre au Moyen Âge"
Also Flemish and French (Belgian):
Gender: FeminineUsages: Emilian-Romagnol from name #116567 originally submitted by user enchy)
I think Anna is a very pretty name. It ages beautifully and it has truly withstood the test of time. It's graced with lovely class and rolls off the tongue perfectly. It's feminine yet not too frilly, which is nice. In other words, it's very easy for me to a picture Anna as a gorgeous girly-girl with long luscious hair, bright eyes, wearing classy red lipstick, a tight pink dress and sparkly stilettos, who loves makeup, fashion, chick-flicks, shopping, etc. However, it's just as easy for me to imagine Anna as a beautiful tomboy, with a cool navy-blue backwards ball cap, pretty eyes, nice natural lips, wearing a sports jersey, ripped boyfriend jeans and sneakers, who loves fishing, sports, binge-eating with her buddies and having a good time.
Overall, I think Anna is a great name.
(P.S. I also really love Anna Chlumsky. My Girl is one of my favorite movies of all time. And I've seen a lot of movies lol.)
Also Welsh.
Also used in India.
Anna is a simply pretty name, though I prefer the even more classic Anne.
I love this name as a middle name. Very pretty and exotic when used in different cultures (like Russia, where it is rather common, or so I'm told).
Plain and boring, sorry.
I really like this name! It’s better than Anne or Ann. It sounds very pretty to me!
I do not like this name. First of all, it is a very short/generic feminine name and I prefer less common similar names such as Ann and Anne. Second, it is a name with a double consonant that does not change its pronunciation which is a common English trend when it comes to feminine names. Anna/Ana are way too common and generic feminine names.
Such a gorgeous name. Regal in its simplicity.
My name is Anna, and my father always joked about how he named me Anna because it was reversible, like the name Bob. I really like this name. I live in America, so it’s still common, but it’s not as common as other names like Katie and stuff. I like Anna significantly more than Anne, cause it sounds a little childish, and Hannah, Hannah is better but I still don’t prefer it. I like how universal it is.
Anna is my grandmother's name; although she told me she didn't necessarily care for her name and was indifferent. She was a beauty in her early days. Her whole name was Anna Mae. My Great Grandparents were born in Poland and had 11 children and she was one of them...heavenly blue eyes, thin figure, gracious smile and always dressed well and ready for the day. My grandmother is a strong woman, yet soft spoken. Anna is simple but classically refined. Anna is simply timeless...
This might be a dialectal thing, but according to a few videos by Norwegians talking about Norwegian names, Anna seems to be pronounced closer to "AW-nawh" and not "AH-naw" like it says here. Like Anna's name from Frozen.Source 1: (1:38)
Source 2: (1:20)
Anna: Delicate
Anna has two different meanings from the same Hebrew origin on Wikipedia online: "graceful" and "beautiful".
I researched thesaurus online and found the one word, "Delicate" with two of the synonyms, "graceful" and "beautiful".
While Anna as a given first name is usually feminine, it is also used as both a masculine given first name and middle name, especially among Christians (similarly to how the given names Anne, Maria, and Marie are also used as both masculine given first names and middle names, often among Christians). A known male bearer of the first name Anna is Anna of East Anglia (or Onna, died 653 or 654, king of East Anglia from the early 640s until his death). A known male bearer of the middle name Anna is Zigfrīds Anna Meierovics, prime minister of Latvia from 1921-1923 and 1923-1924, listed in the "Namesakes" section of this name.Sources:īds_Anna_Meierovics
Name of the day: 6/28/2021.
Also Ligurian: --- "Ricardo o l'avesse sposao Anna, figgia minô do mæximo Neville."
Okay, so first off my name is Anna and I hate it. It is so boring and only has two letters of the alphabet. Like, why couldn’t my parents name me Hannah or even Anne? I kind of like the name Anne better. I like a lot of names better but my mother always said how she loved the name Anna. But whatever, now I have to live with it forever or I can wait until I’m 18 to get a name change. I’m gonna change it to Anne.
Common it is, but still full of elegance and beauty.
With 11 350 336 bearers, Anna is the 20th most common given name in the World (2014 Data). With 1 758 372 bearers, Anna is the 3rd most common feminine given name in Italy (2014 Data). With 1 396 443 bearers, Anna is the 5th most common feminine given name in Ukraine (2014 Data). With 1 180 355 bearers, Anna is the 2nd most common feminine given name in Poland (2014 Data). With 275 659 bearers, Anna is the 3rd most common feminine given name in Slovakia (2014 Data). With 242 201 bearers, Anna is the 1st most common feminine given name in Sweden (2014 Data). With 194 096 bearers, Anna is the 5th most common feminine given name in South Africa (2014 Data). With 108 879 bearers, Anna is the 8th most common feminine given name in Austria (2014 Data). With 52 290 bearers, Anna is the 4th most common feminine given name in Papua New Guinea (2014 Data). With 40 300 bearers, Anna is the 4th most common feminine given name in Armenia (2014 Data). With 34 094 bearers, Anna is the 2nd most common feminine given name in Latvia (2014 Data). With 7 738 bearers, Anna is the 2nd most common feminine given name in Iceland (2014 Data). With 1 552 bearers, Anna is the 7th most common feminine given name in Samoa (2014 Data). With 781 bearers, Anna is the 1st most common feminine given name in the Faroe Islands (2014 Data). With 677 bearers, Anna is the 3rd most common feminine given name in San Marino (2014 Data). Source:
I've always loved this name, and I think it's very pretty. I pronounce it "Ann-uh" and like it that way the best. Anna reminds me of flowers or a very tough girl. Suitable for any personality!
This is my name and I really dislike it. It's common, boring, and doesn't have any good nicknames. Not to mention the endless amount of Frozen jokes, especially when you have friends named Elsa. I much prefer other variations of this name such as Anya, Anneliese, Annika, and even Ana.
Wonderful ♡.
In addition to my previous comment, Anna is my preferable choice as a diminutive for Annalise!
Also Romansh.
Source: "Vornamen in der Schweiz. Prénoms en Suisse. I nomi in Svizzera. Prenoms in Svizra" (1993) published by the Association of Swiss registrars -- his sister, Anna Maria Capeder
Ok, my name is Anna and I have mixed feelings about it. First of all my name isn’t pronounced ah-nah, and literally EVERYONE I MEET PRONOUNCES IT WRONG. But it’s not 100% their fault, since almost all the other Anna’s I’ve heard of are pronounced the other way. Second of all. Good lord I get SO MANY FROZEN JOKES. Also is it just me or does literally every fictional character named Anna have the same personality? So yeah, I've got mixed feelings about it leaning towards not really liking it that much. Idk why exactly I don’t really like it. I just don’t, I guess.
I named one of my book characters Anna, and she’s probably my favorite of them all. Definitely recommend!
I like this name. It can be pronounced with an A sound like in the word AND, or it can be pronounced with an O like in the word ON. Used in a lot of countries. Isn't too common, sounds nice, easy to spell. Good name.
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
I don't care for the Frozen association, however the name Anna is nice.
Homely name.
I like this name because of Anna Mcnulty, but I don't like the Frozen association.
I love this name. Very beautiful and sweet. I know a lot of people called Anna in my country, whether girls or women - one of them was my classmate in elementary school.
Anna Bayle is a retired Filipino fashion model who achieved success in the late 1970s and 1980s up to early 1990s. She became one of the highest paid models of her time. She is also known as the first Asian supermodel.
Anna Korsun is an Ukrainian singer who goes by MARUV. I adore her!
Oh my god! Lily is such an amazing name! I totally love it!
I absolutely adore this name! I don't think this name is popular at all! And I think you could pronounce it Ann-uh or Ahna!
Really popular name, probably one of the most popular names, little bit boring. It is classic, looks nice, sounds nice, nothing much great, however, a lot better than many popular names in these days. Just alright!
I have a family member named Anna, and I personally really like this name.You can't get more classic than Anna to be honest, and everyone thinks that this name is overused. In my country, it isn't common, and my family members enjoy the uniqueness of it.Anna is also the root name for Annabeth and Annabel, two very strong girls in literature that I have read about. [Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) and Annabel Green (Just Listen)}
I think it's a beautiful name, I prefer "Ah-nah". I'm definitely going to have to agree with the user below talking about popularity. In both of my countries it's so overused...
Anna is the Emily of Sweden, and it's quite common in my home country of Poland too. I know 20 Anna's, not Kidding! This name would be a name I'd use for my daughter, but it's way too popular. I prefer Kristina, while very popular in Sweden, I haven't heard it as much. Also, I believe Kristina isn't in the top 100 anymore for Sweden. It's on all age groups, from old women to teens. Anna, on the other hand, is a lot more common. Of the 20 I know off the top of my head, there are two baby girls, one Swedish, one Polish. The Polish girl is a newborn. Also, if you're looking for a European name, you can't get more classic than Anna. In my time in North America, I met some girls named Anna too, but pronounced differently. For a while I preferred that pronunciation, but once I came back to Europe, it was the old one again for sure. Also, some girls used the European pronunciation because of the Frozen movie which was based in Norway. So many girls named Anna got pissed when I didn't pronounce it "ANN-nuh". I think it's better with the European pronunciation. I don't know, maybe I'm biased.
I did a random name generator and the combination Anna Rosemary is nice if you have the right last name.
I LOVE this name, it's my cousin's name and she's wonderful, but it's SOOOOOOOO overused in my country it's not even funny. I know at least 5 Annas and 5 more who use Anna as a nickname.
Also Cornish: -- Anna Eiluned Saunders
It's pretty.
Changed my mind, I think it's common, boring, and overused.
My youngest daughter's name is Anastasia, but we mostly call her Anna. It's an honor name for my great grandmother and best friend, both named Anna. My friend is a strong, confident, and fun woman who I know my daughter takes after. Overall, this is a great name and great choice for a both a young girl and grown woman.
I LOVE the name Anna mostly because it's a nice name! Thank you! And its on my list of favorites, along with Alexandra, June and Skye.
I love this name with either pronunciation.
My name is Anna. I used to hate my name when I was a little bit younger but now I personally think it's an alright name. I only know a few Annas.
My name is Anna and I've changed my opinion on my own name since 2020, now I think it's simple yet so pretty!
A beautiful classic. I prefer this spelling over Ana.
Anna Komnene was a Byzantine princess, scholar, physician, hospital administrator, and the first female historian. She was the daughter of the Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos and his wife Irene Doukaina. She is best known for her attempt to usurp her brother, John II Komnenos, and for her work on The Alexiad, an account of her father's reign.
My name is Anna, and I used to hate it when I was younger. I don't mind it as much anymore, but I infinitely prefer Hannah. It sounds like it has more backbone (also I have a friend named Hannah and she is an inspiration for everyone). Anyway, this name is fine, but not my favourite.*Also, is it just me, or are all fictional Annas really weak and shy?
Also used in Slovene:
I absolutely love this name. It's classic and timeless, fits a lot of culture around the world. Much better than Madison, Kinsley, Paisley etc.
Also Sardinian.
Anna is a name that you can't help but love.
Unfortunately it's overused.
I know SO MANY girls named Anna, it's not even funny anymore.
Also Corsican:
You'll find bearers on social media.
The diminutive form of Anna in Icelandic and Faroese is Anný. Some other Icelandic diminutives of Anna are Aníka, Anína, and Annelí.
Estonian Pronunciation: AHN-na.
In Russian, Anna is sometimes used as a diminutive of Anastasia/Anastasiya, though it is usually used as a standalone name.Russian Pronunciation: u-nu.
Beautiful name, ever since I was 11 I’ve really wanted to change my name to this. It’s a name that ages perfectly, and could fit any type of personality. I also like it in longer forms such as “Annabeth” and “Annabel/lle”.
My name is Anna and I think Anna is a beautiful name.
I also love the name Anne as well. Anne is my favorite name at the moment along with Savannah and Christine.
This name is so boring, I don’t understand why everybody likes it. It’s pretty much just a filler name.
I pronounce this "AN-uh" not "awn-uh" I don't like the "awn-uh" pronunciation. I understand this is how it's pronounced in some European countries, but I don't like that pronunciation. "AN-uh" is a very pretty name. I would spell "awn-uh" like Onna or something, but I don't like that either.
I named my daughter Anna Ruth. I chose it because her two Grandmothers who were very strong, independent women one of which was named Anna or Anne. After reading the comments I just learned that the virgin Mary's mother was named Anna which I think is pretty cool. It's a beautiful name.
A classic. Much better than Anne.
Anna... I love it! It's really lovely, and the meaning is absolutely beautiful! Anna and Ana both are both my number one favorite.
I really love this name, matter of fact I love it so much that I'm going to change my name to this when I turn 18 :)
Anna May Bates is one of my favorite characters in the British television series, Downton Abbey.This name is so nice and classic.
Looking at the popularity chart for Anna, you'd think I'd know as many Annas as I do Marys (or Ashleys, Brittanys, Emilys... which is to say, too many). But I've only ever met two Annas in my whole life (and one Anna Louisa). I've met plenty more Annies (most were really Ann / Anne, though one is Annmarie), though. And a few Annabelles (though curiously enough, never an "Annabel"). I've also known a truckload of Hannahs, all around my age (late 20s now) - which makes sense, since the popularity charts show that Hannah was the more common variant in my generation.I've also met more Janes and Joannes / Joannas than Annas. Truly. Anna is simply not that common where I'm from.Anna is not a name I have ever really thought about before now, to be honest (there was a post about it on the message boards). Not even to dismiss it like I used to dismiss Hannah as being "overused." It just... never occurred to me.Visually, however, it is appealing (palindrome and whatnot). Others have pointed out that Anna is recognizable as a name - and easy to pronounce - pretty much worldwide. And now that I'm actually thinking about Anna... she is pretty.
Anna Behr is the name of Hollywood Undead member FunnyMan’s girlfriend.
I like it best with pronunciation Ann-uh.
So I have a close friend named Anna (Something like Ann-uh).
I think this name is really beautiful and sounds strong and independent.
Sweet, pretty name.
Beauteous and timeless. There’s nothing more to the point than the deservedly said Anna. Anna is such a beautiful name.
Pretty overrated.
Anna is a pretty name. It's common, but used in so many languages and can work in a lot of countries the way certain longer names can not. It also sounds much, much better than Ann even though it is a letter different. It also doesn't sound too Biblical or to any of the languages it is used in because of how common it is, which is another nice thing about this name. My favorite form is Anaïs, but Anna is a beautiful name.
This is my paternal grandma's name and I find it a classic and timeless name, it is used in almost every country of the world in all of its variants (Anna, Anne, Ana, Hannah...). Here in Italy it is still very popular for little girls, it was the 11th most common name for girls born in Italy in 2017.
Usage: Spanish
Pronounced: A-na (German, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Spanish)
Anna Ecklund was an American woman who holds the world record for the longest series of exorcisms.
Also Maltese.
Anna Vissi is a Cypriot singer who represented Greece in 2006 Eurovision with "Everything". Due to Helena Paparizou's win the year prior, she automatically qualified and cracked the Top 10.
Oh my gosh I love my name!
It has a nice ring to it, if not a bit overly simple. However, I can't not think of the "Anna" character from Frozen, and that's a turn OFF for me personally, lmao. I did not jump on that hype train.
My spirit name is actually Anna! It means caring ❤️❤️❤️.
The meaning of Anna also means mother in Native American.
Famous Bearer: Anna Helene Paquin (born July 24 1982) is a New Zealand-Canadian-American actress. She was born in Manitoba and brought up in Wellington, New Zealand, before moving to Los Angeles during her youth. She completed a year at Columbia University before leaving to focus on her acting career. As a child, she played the role of Flora McGrath in Jane Campion's romantic drama film The Piano (1993), despite having had little acting experience. For her performance, she received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the age of 11, making her the second-youngest winner in Oscar history.
In 2018, 10 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Anna who is a registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 94th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Have mercy on me... This has got to be one of the most dullest, ugliest and overused names out there. Anna is so overused just like Sarah or Jane, I much prefer Aurora.
Anna of Pomerania by marriage was Duchess of Brzeg.
Anna Jagiellon, a Polish princess member of the Jagiellonian dynasty, was Duchess of Pomerania by her marriage to Bogislaw X, Duke of Pomerania.
I think Anna is the prettiest of all Ann- names. It's very multicultural, so an Anna wouldn't raise eyebrows in any corner of the world, whether it be in Russia, Poland, Italy, Israel, or anywhere else. There's also the literature and film association: Anna Karenina, Anna From, as well as countless actresses. I also like the variations Anya and Anja.
So, so beautiful, and the extra N makes it much prettier. It's so high on the charts though.
The name Anna can be used in many different languages and cultures. There is a Russian Anna the great in my class.
Anna is my sister's and cousin's name. I like it!
Anna is pretty and I think most countries have this name or some form of it. It's graceful, the same as its meaning "grace, favor". It's soft, it's feminine, it's pretty. It's nice as a first name or as a middle name. It's beauty probably lies in its simplicity. I think it's nicer than Ana, or Hannah. It is a common name here in Ukraine and it's always well liked and well received. It's a little too plain for me personally as I prefer names which are longer, with more syllables and a little less common or unusual but I still appreciate it. I knew a Portuguese girl who didn't like this, it was her given name and she said a lot of younger people in her country felt the same way as it's always used especially in double names so I can understand her reason, and I know this is quite true but much more with Ana.
The name can be hard to write when you try to join the 2 n's together. You end up putting Ama.
I bet this name is gonna become even more popular and overused because of Frozen.
Hi. My bestie’s name is Anna. And I personally think that it is a very classy and snazzy name. I always think about naming one of my dolls Anna, (yes, of course I still play with Barbie Dolls, and yes, I still enjoy it) because it is such a snazzy name!
Anna is much better than Hannah to me. Hannah just sounds harsher and sharper, while Anna sounds feminine and sweet. I haven't met that many Anna's, so it's not that common.
Anna Loginova was a beautiful model turned bodyguard who was killed in a carjacking.
Very common, but for good reason — it’s a lovely name, you can hardly go wrong with it.
Does this name come originally from Spanish? That was my mother's name, Ana, and she was Hispanic.
Don't name your kid this if you live in the Netherlands, it's #1 for most popular. However I live in Canada and I've only ever met one girl with the name of Anna so far and the name is very nice, short dainty and elegant.
Anna Kay Faris is an American actress, producer and comedian. She rose to prominence for her work in comedic roles, particularly the lead part of Cindy Campbell in the first four Scary Movie films. Raised north of Seattle in Washington state, Faris was active in theater as a child, performing with the Seattle Repertory Theater at age nine. After graduating from college, Faris relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.
Anna Maria Mann DSG is a Scottish journalist and novelist. She was married to Rupert Murdoch from 1967 to 1999, and they have three children together. Anna Torv was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1944 to Jacob Tõrv, an Estonian-born merchant seaman, and Sylvia Braida, a Scottish drycleaner. Her parents had a drycleaning business in Glasgow, until they emigrated to Australia. When they opened a picnic park outside Sydney and it went bankrupt, her mother left the family household. She has two brothers and one sister. Raised Catholic, she attended a Sisters of Mercy convent school.
Anna Anka is a Swedish-American model, actress and author. She was married to Canadian singer Paul Anka. Anka is featured in the Swedish reality show Svenska Hollywoodfruar.
I find this name to be absolutely gorgeous. I admire that it's sweet, practical and very classic. My maternal grandmother was named Anna and even well after her, her name is still very relevant. The name isn't aged or dated in the least. Anna is still a very much usable name as it always will be.
Also, the nickname of "Annie" is ridiculously cute.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Anna are female.
Also Armenian, Flemish, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh.
Anna is a beautiful and nice name.
Anna Romano was born on February 24, 1963 in the USA as Anna M. Scarpulla. She is a cinematographer and actress, known for Because She's Worth It, 60 Minutes and Class. She has been married to Ray Romano since October 11, 1987. They have four children.
The reasons why I love the name Anna:1. It's short and sweet
2. Means gracious
3. Has a beautiful and true story behind it
4. Goes well with just about every surname.
Anna Duggar was born on June 23, 1988 in Florida, USA as Anna Renée Keller. She is an actress, known for 17 Kids and Counting, 19 Kids and Counting: First Grandson and GrandDuggar First Birthday. She has been married to Joshua Duggar since September 26, 2008. They have four children.
Anna Abreu is a Finnish singer of Portuguese descent who rose to fame as the runner-up of the third series of the Finnish singing talent show Idols in 2007. Her music is primarily pop, though her songs also have R&B, dance and Latin rhythms to them. Since her participation in Idols, Abreu has become one of the best-selling Finnish Idols contestants and one of the most successful Finnish female singers, with certified record sales surpassing 190, 000 copies, which places her also among the 100 best-selling music artists of all time in Finland.
Anna Ortiz is the wife of Spanish professional footballer Andrés Iniesta.
Anna has a nice sound, but it's a name without much inspiration in my opinion. I'm not a big fan of short names, and when this short name is also common and overused, then I have here the epitome of boredom.
Anna Pavlova is a Russian born artistic gymnast who later competed for Azerbaijan. Competing for Russia, she won two bronze medals with the team and on the vault at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Competing for Azerbaijan, she is the 2014 European silver medallist on vault. She is well known for her balletic style and clean technique. She is trained by her mother Nataliya Evgenevna Pavlova. Her best events are the Balance Beam and Vault. Pavlova first emerged on the international gymnastics scene in 2000, winning a gold medal on the uneven bars at the Junior European Championships. Although she was too young to compete as a senior at the World Championships in 2001, she was allowed to participate in the Goodwill Games, where she earned a silver medal on the balance beam. In 2001 Pavlova won the junior women's nationals, which was her biggest accomplishment of her career so far. In 2002, still too young to compete internationally as a senior, Pavlova won the Russian National Championships and picked up four medals, including team, vault and all-around gold, at the Junior European Championships. Pavlova was selected to compete at the 2014 European Women's Artistic Gymnastics Championships along with another former Russian gymnast, Yulia Inshina. She qualified second into the vault finals behind Giulia Steingruber with a score of 14.516. In the vault finals, she scored a 14.583 which earned her the silver medal. This was her first medal at a major international meet since 2008 and the first medal she won competing for Azerbaijan. This was also Azerbaijan's first ever medal at the European Gymnastics Championships.
Anna Lewandowska is a Polish athlete, a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, a specialist on nutrition, karate and representative of the country in traditional karate. She is a multiple medalist of the World, European, and national Championships. She is married to footballer Robert Lewandowski.
Anna Nicole Smith was an American model, actress, and television personality. Smith first gained popularity in Playboy, winning the title of 1993 Playmate of the Year. She modeled for fashion companies including Guess, H&M, Heatherette, and Lane Bryant.
Anna Tatangelo is an Italian pop singer. At the age of 15, she became the youngest person to win the Newcomer's Award at the prestigious Sanremo Music Festival singing contest. Her repertoire consists mainly of pop music with slight influences of neo-melodic in some of the songs composed for her by singer Gigi D'Alessio, but also in the fifth fusion albums Progetto B. She faced several social issues and current affairs, such as the empowerment of women, homophobia, anorexia and violence against women. Since 2007 she also wrote some songs. She participated in the Sanremo Music Festival six times in ten years, winning in 2002 with the song "Doppiamente fragile" and getting on the podium three more times: in 2005, when it was ranked third in the category "Women" with "Ragazza di periferia", in 2006, when it was ranked in third place overall and first in the category women with "Essere una donna" and in 2008, when, with the song "Il mio amico" has reached the second position. The last was in 2011 with the song "Bastardo". She is in a romantic relationship with singer Gigi D'Alessio. Up to date has sold nearly 1 million copies worldwide.
I know someone called Annique (as opposed to Annika), a variant that isn't listed.
Anna Lesko is a popular Romanian singer. Lesko is of Ukrainian origin and she lived in Moldova until she was 17 years old, when she came to Romania, where she has lived ever since. One of her passions is painting and her creations can be seen on her official website. She started her career in 2002 with the single "Ard in flacari" which was in included on the album "Flacari". In 2003, she released a new album entitled "Inseparabili", for which she was rewarded with the gold disc in Romania. The third studio album by the artist "Pentru tine" was released in 2004 with three singles sites, the most successful being "Nu mai am timp", written by Bogdan Popoiag and Eduard Alexandru. In 2006 Anna Lesko released the single "Anycka Maya", which quickly became a success in Romania. Her most recent single is "Leagana barca" released in 2013 featuring Pavel Stratan.
It is Pronunced "AH-nah" in Greek.
Anna Oxa, stage name of Anna Hoxha, is an Italian singer, actress and television presenter well-known through her numerous appearances in the Italian National Sanremo Music Festival.
Anna Maria Mozart, née Pertl, (December 25, 1720 - July 3, 1778) was Mozart's mother; Mozart and his wife Constanze had a daughter named Anna Maria, who died a few hours after birth (b/d November 16, 1789).
That will be another variation of Anastasia.
Anna is my name, but I hate the meaning. Especially because my middle name is Grace, so my middle name defines my first name. Does it mean anything like strong or free or anything interesting? If there was one thing I am not, it is graceful.
I love this name, but hate how popular it is. Also don't like how English speakers say it (despite being a native English-speaker myself).
With 136 492 bearers, Anna is the 6th most common feminine name in Hungary. (01/01/2016).
Hungarian pronunciation: AWN-naw.
Beautiful. I know sweet people named Anna, responsible. Also it ages well. I think it is best with a longer middle name.
Anna Andres is a Ukrainian lawyer, actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder who won the title of Miss Ukraine Universe 2014.
My grandmother's name was Anna but everybody called her AnnAs a little tribute to her I would love to use this name for my firstborn daughter Anna.
This, along with Sarah and Jane, is perhaps one of the most boring names you can give to a daughter. There's no real flavor, no personality to the name Anna. It's bland, it's lifeless, it feels like a name people just give to a girl because they were not creative enough to think up something else. Skip it, please.
My former classmate was Anna and a few other friends also have this name. I'm also called Anna as a nickname by some friends because my name is Anastasia. I do like this name, however I prefer Ana and Anne to this one. I would never give my child this name as a first name, because it's too short and way too popular for my taste, but it would work well as a middle name or as a nickname for a longer An- or Ann- name.
This name is simply beautiful. Every positive adjective can be used to describe it. If you are considering this name for your little girl, some combos I have that you more than welcome to take a look at are:Anna Caroline
Anna Charlotte
Anna Josephine.
Anna from Frozen has this name pronounced wrong. They say they pronounce it the Norwegian way, but they don't. They say how we'd say Ana, not Anna. It has two N's Frozen creators, when I first watched Frozen I thought her name was Ana in English and Anna in Norwegian, not the latter in both. Learn to pronounce it right if you're going for how it's said in a specific language.
A vintage name that still retains its charm after hundreds of years! I have met several ladies named Anna, from little girls to old ladies, and they have always been kind and great people.I also think Anna is a very good contender for double names. Anna Rose, Anna Beth, Annabelle, Anna Lee, and Anna Mae are my favorite combinations!
This is my name. I hate it when people pronounce it wrong. I am NOT a Disney princess and I don't like Frozen. That doesn't happen much though, so it's not too bad.
Then again, at school, pretty much everyone is named Anna or Hannah, so when someone is calling out "Anna!" or "Hannah!" I always think it's me.
I also don't like when teachers call me "Anna Banana". When I was in elementary school, word got out that I hate being called "Anna Banana", and then everyone was calling me that.
Not really that famous, but Svetlana Zakharova and Vadim Repin have a daughter named Anna Repina.
I love this name. I don't care much for the English pronunciation, though. "Ahn-nah" is so much more appealing to me.
I think it's a beautiful name. Some of my classmates have their name written Anna. I like it, although I prefer Ana much more.
There was a girl called Anna in my class and once when we played Volleyball, I sat on the sidelines with a group of other girls and yelled 'GO ANNA, GO ANNA, GO ANNA' If you don't know the joke, take out the space. We thought it was a riot. Good times.
I like this name pronounced the English way, probably because I live in NJ. Anyway, this is one of my favorite names of all time.
I think it is a beautiful name. My sister is named Anna.
I have a deep dislike for English speakers pronouncing this name "Ah-nə". It has two Ns in it, and double consonants are always pronounced with short, sharp vowels in English - not a long, drawn out, pompous "ahhhhhhhhh"!Trying to pronounce it the "European" way is not going to make the name any less boring, so stop being so "Hyacinth Bucket"!
Pronounced Ahn-Nah in Norwegian, NOT Ah-Nah. Curse you Frozen, you keep saying it more like we'd say Ana.
A name that will forever be in the world and I like it! It's meaning is beautiful and if you're looking for a Christmas baby name think of Anna. Why? She was the prophetess who was promised by God that she would meet the Messiah. When she saw the child at the temple with his parents, she knew he was the Messiah. Luke 2:36–38 There was also a prophet, Anna, the daughter of Penuel, of the tribe of Asher. She was very old; she had lived with her husband seven years after her marriage, and then was a widow until she was eighty-four.[e] She never left the temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying. Coming up to them at that very moment, she gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem.
I really like it pronounced "On-uh," but straight-up Anna (like Anne, Annie)'s just too 'blah' for me...
In Hungary Anna is 6 on the list of the most popular female names and 2 on the list of the most popular girl names.
Anna Atkins (Born: March 16, 1799, Died: June 9, 1871) was an English botanist and photographer.
Anna May Wong, a Chinese American movie star.
Anna Dressed in Blood is a book written by Kendare Blake. The character Anna Korlov is a ghost.
I changed my name to this because it's simple, not trendy and short.
There is an actress called Anna Shaffer. She played Romilda Vane in the Harry Potter film series.
Also widely used in Russia, but rarely in its full form. Anya is a possible contraction you can hear in Russia.
Honestly, I like the popularity flow of this name. It has always, for almost a century, stayed common but not like Sophia common, like this name has so much potential to it. It such a sweet little classic that will never stop, but also personally to me, it got better because of frozen.
It's a cute name, but so very common.
Famous fictional bearers include:
Anna Karenina the title heroine of Leo Tolstoy's novel
Princess Anna of Arendelle from Disney's 2013 animated hit Frozen.
I love this name. It's timeless and classic and who cares if it's immensely popular! Name your daughter this and she'll have a beautiful, simple, classy name.
A timeless name that never seems to be considered too old-fashioned. Popular, yes. Nice? Pretty? Of course it is! :D
For some reason, with Anna compared to Hannah, I do find Anna prettier, but sometimes it feels a bit 'fierce' compared to Hannah. That's why Hannah is the 'sweeter' one, in my opinion.
It is used in Latvian language. It is a really traditional name.
Anna (along with her sister Elsa) is a new Disney princess from the 2013 movie Frozen.
Anna Magdalena Bach (22 September 1701- 22 February 1760) was the second wife of Johann Sebastian Bach. She was a professional singer.
Usually pronounced ann-uh in English, but sometimes pronounced Ah-nuh. In my experience, people who pronounce it Ah-nuh always throw a fit if you pronounce it Ann-uh. It's funny. I guess either way is ok to me.
I like this name, it is pretty and simple. This is my cousin's\friend's name and it fits her well, I think it is a wonderful name and I like it more now than I used to.
I love the name Anna, I prefer it to Hannah personally. Anna is timeless, beautiful, simple... An all around great name to have. And it's very easy to find a middle name that sounds good with it!
Actress Anna Kendrick is a famous bearer.
I like the name Anna. It may be a little plain, but I think that's why I like it so much. It's not overly complicated like some names and it's simple and pretty. I am reminded of a little girl named Anna I taught in Sunday school - so this name has good memories for me.
Beautiful name. It's so classic and pretty!
Actress Anna Sten (1908-1993).
Derives from Zeus's (olympic God) surname: "ανα" deriving from "ανω" meaning in Greek: "up". This is why in Hebrew is masculine name. In Spanish has only one "n"(Ana).
Anna is an undying name. Undying and quite frankly immortal, huh? Anna is in fact a very common name, and everything else raised from personal opinion is factious.
Anna Jagodzińska (b. 1987) is a Polish fashion model.
This most common name I know, besides Ann or Anne.
People like to comment how "boring" names like Anna seem to them, but it's up to a person to be exciting... not his or her name. Someone could have an exciting name like Zephyr or Kai and be an absolute snore.Yes, Anna is common but it is also so many great things:
1. Easy to pronounce in many languages, including Japanese (hard to find names that work in both English and Japanese)
2. Is used in sooo many countries, including Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. This lends itself well to a well-traveled young woman
3. Palindrome (lessens teasing in grade school)
4. Not much teasing potential... Rhymes with banana and everyone loves bananas lol
5. Easy for kids to learn to write
6. Ages very well (Anna can be President or CEO or doctor or a ballerina or someone's sweet grandmother)
7. Wouldn't cause discrimination on a resume
8. Great meaningNot bad, huh?
Anna Chlumsky (born 1980 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American actress.
Anna Mary Sewell (1820-1878) was an English novelist famous for the classic children's novel, Black Beauty.
Anna means grace in Hebrew, but Anne means mother in Turkish. Pronounced AHN-NEH. They are both nice names when pronounced AHN-NUH, and AHN-NEH.
Anna (1544-1577) was the daughter of Maurice, Elector of Saxony and his wife Agnes.
Anna (1586-1586) was the daughter of Christian I, Elector of Saxony and his wife Sophie.
No one mentioned the famous Anna Nicole Smith. Now there is an interesting famous bearer. However, her real name was Vickie Lynn Marshall, and later changed it to Anna Nicole Smith. She was a famous porn star/model/actress. This was a woman that had a lot going on in her life, plenty to talk about for those who like to gossip and for gossip magazines.
Maria Anna (1805-1877) was the daughter of King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and his second wife Karoline. Her twin sister Sophie was the mother of Franz Joseph I of Austria and Maximilian I of Mexico.
Maria Anna (1834-1776) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles VII and his wife Maria Amalia.
Anna Kelly, or Kelly Ann make a good combo, even Anna Agatha, or Agatha Anna. It's something different, and they sound kinda funny.
Maria Anna (1696-1750) was the daughter of Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria and his second wife Theresa.
Maria Anna (1660-1690) was the daughter of Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria and his wife Enrichetta of Savoy.
I know a girl who wishes her name was Anna. I informed her that it goes with Anna... Puta-Anna. "Puta" means slut in Spanish, and in Greek "Putana" means slut put together. That's just a dirty teaser. Other than that, it's a name common beyond limits... I don't care about this name.
Anna (1836-1859) was the daughter of King John of Saxony and his wife Amalie.
Anna (1836-1859) was the daughter of King John of Saxony and his wife Amalie.
Maria Anna (1728-1797) was the daughter of Augustus III of Poland and his wife Maria Josepha.
Maria Anna (1574-1616) was the daughter of William V, Duke of Bavaria and his wife Renata. She was married to Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II.
Anna (1420-1462) was the daughter of Frederick I, Elector of Saxony and his wife Katharina.
Anna (1437-1512) was the daughter of Frederick II, Elector of Saxony and his wife Margarete of Austria.
Maria Anna (1672-1672) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I and his first wife Margarita of Spain.
It's so very common and plain, and pleasant. If you want my opinion, go with Annie, it's prettier. There is a song called "Annie" and it's from the rock band Elastica, listen to it some time.
A beautiful and also very practical name as most people in most languages can pronounce it (and it is clearly feminine, goes well with short and long last names, has a positive meaning) – what else do you want?!
Anna (1567-1613) was the daughter of Augustus, Elector of Saxony and his wife Anna of Denmark.
Anna (1903-1976) was the youngest daughter of King Frederick Augustus III of Saxony and his wife Luise.
Anna (1574-1619) was the daughter of King Frederik II of Denmark and his wife Sophie. She later married King James I of Great Britain.
Anna (1618-1633) was the oldest daughter of King Christian IV of Denmark and his second wife Kirsten Munk.
Anna (1647-1717) was the daughter of King Frederik III of Denmark and his wife Sophie.
Anna (1527-1591) was the oldest daughter of Duke Albert of Prussia and his wife Dorothea of Denmark.
Anna (1576-1625) was the oldest daughter of Duke Albert Frederick of Prussia and his wife Marie Eleonore. Because her parents didn't have any surviving sons, her husband John Sigismund succeeded her father.
Anna (1598-1659) was the daughter of Duke John Sigismund of Prussia and his wife Anna.
Anna Amalia (1723-1787) was the daughter of Frederick William I of Prussia and his wife Sophia.
Anna (1655-1670) was the daughter of Czar Alexei of Russia and his wife Maria.
Anna (1693-1740) was the daughter of Czar Ivan V of Russia and his wife Praskovia.
Anna (1708-1728) was the daughter of Czar Peter I "the Great" of Russia and his wife Catherine I.
Anna (1280-1327) was the oldest daughter of King Albert I of Germany and his wife Elisabeth.
Anna (1316-1319) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV and his first wife Beatrix.
Anna (1326-1361) was also another daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV and his second wife Margaret.
Anna (1366-1394) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and his wife Elisabeth.
Anna (1432-1462) was the daughter of King Albert II of Germany and his wife Elisabeth of Luxembourg. He later married the Duke of Saxony.
Maria Anna (1610-1665) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II and his wife Maria Anna of Bavaria. She later married the Elector of Bavaria.
Maria Anna (1634-1696) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III and his first wife Maria Anna of Spain. She later married Philip IV of Spain.Maria Anna (1654-1689) was also another daughter of Emperor Ferdinand III and his third wife Eleonora Gonzaga.
Anna was the name of three daughters of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I.
1. Maria Anna (1672-1672) by his first wife Margarita of Spain
2. Anna (1674-1674) by his second wife Claudia of Austria
3. Maria Anna (1683-1754) by his third wife Eleonore. This daughter later married King Joao V of Portugal.
Maria Anna (1718-1744) was the younger sister of famous Maria Teresa of Austria.
Maria Anna (1734-1776) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles VIII Albert and his wife Maria Amalie of Austria.
Maria Anna (1738-1789) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Theresa. She was a nun.
Maria Anna (1804-1858) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Francis II and his second wife Maria Teresa.
Maria Anna (1551-1608) was the daughter of Duke Albert V of Bavaria. She was married to Charles II of Austria.
"Anna Rose" is the title of a song sung by Vienna Teng.
Anna (1527-1535) was the daughter of King Frederik I of Denmark and his wife Sophie.
Anna (1532-1585) was the oldest daughter of King Christian III of Denmark and his wife Dorothea.
Maria Anna (1770-1809) was one of the daughters of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II and his wife Maria Luisa of Spain.
Anna was the third daughter of the first Romanov Tsar Michael I and his wife Eudoxia.
Anna of Austria (1549-1580) was the oldest daughter of Maximilian II (Holy Roman Emperor) and his wife Maria of Spain. She later married Philip II of Spain and had 5 children.
Anna Kay Faris (b. 1976 in Baltimore, Maryland) is an American actress.
Anna Jacobs is an English author who has written over 40 novels including the acclaimed Gibson Family saga and other titles such as 'Seasons of Love' and 'Licence to Dream'.
Anna is a character in Arthurian legend; she is usually depicted as Arthur's half-sister and the wife of Lot. She is often referred to as "Morgause" instead of "Anna."
It's an international name. It's a lovely name so there is nothing wrong with it being common.
I want to make one last remark about this name and it's not because I am obsessed with this name, or names in general, because that's just VERY LAME. I think Anna is a nice, old-fashioned name, sounds fine, nothing that special about it, and should not be combined with any other name such as Annabelle because it sounds unintelligent. However, if it were used in conjunction with another name such as Anna Maria, or Anna Sophia, and so on, then it would also be fine. I have respect for this name because it's not a ridiculous name like so many other names found in the world.
Such a perfect little name. So diverse in its usage, super sweet.
Anna can also be a feminine Japanese name. 杏"apricot" or 安"peace/ease" are used for "an" and one of the characters 奈, 菜, or 那, none of which have much meaning in it, are used for "na".
It's primarily a biblical name and very common, yes, ridiculously common. It's one of the best biblical names, and sounds nice, and just plain Anna is more sophisticated. It's one of those names that comes to the mind when it's time to name a baby, it almost never gets forgotten. It's very common.
Anna of Austria (1528-1590), second daughter of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor. Later married the Duke of Bavaria.
A simple, nice girls name. I also like the variants Annabelle and Hannah (Anna was derived from the original Hannah).
Sounds sweet, and I have an awesome friend named Anna. I also think it's better than Hannah. To me, Hannah seems close to sounding like Hyena (the animal).
Anna is better than Hannah. Anna sounds elegant and classy, Hannah somehow doesn't. I know someone named Anna, who eats bananas almost every day, and got the nickname "Anna-Banana" for that.
Anna Williams is a character is fighting game series, Tekken. She is the vindictive younger sister of Nina Williams. Their backstory suggests that their rivalry stems from what fate befell their late father.
Anna Prior, drummer of the British band "Metronomy".
It's a very common name that hasn't become ridiculously common. Another reason I should add is, it has a pretty sound and is suitable for anyone.
The only thing I can find wrong with this name is that it does sound whiny to me, yet I don't think you should worry about that. It's a nice name no matter what.
This name is quite common and average, but it does have a sort of exotic, adventurous feel to it.
Anna is a classic name. A name you can't go wrong with. Classic names never lose their charm. With this one, I disagree that it's a boring name. A person's life can be boring, not a name.
Anna Pavlova (1881-1931) was a Russian ballerina.
I think nearly every nationality has their own version of Anna. I prefer the German pronunciation. Even though it's a common name, and most people know at least one person with this name, it doesn't seem overused. (Not sure how that happened).
This name is of Hebrew origin and it means "grace" (Channah, Hannah). The sound, simplicity, meaning, universality, only credits this name as favorable. One of my favorite names.
Anna strikes me as the name of a woman or girl who is ambitious and futuristic. It just has this sort of exotic feel to it.
My name is Anna and I like it, but I would love it a lot more if it wasn't so common.
I think Anna is a very plain name. I like it paired with another name - like Annamaria or Annasophia, or even Annabel is much better.
It's a nice, pretty name. Always was and always will be.
I find this name really beautiful. It is quite simple and international, it exists in almost every language. Maybe it's become too common, but I still find it pretty. I don't think it will ever be considered old-fashioned, though. And I love the idea of the palindrome.
It is sort of my middle name, but unofficially; anyway, that's a long story...
Name of the Day: June 28th, 2011.
I love the name Anna; this is the third time or so I comment on the name because of my love for it. In Hungary, it was #2 in 2010, the same place from 2009. Unfortunately, the not-so-pretty name Jazmin is #1 in Hungary in 2010, since 2009. Anna is just perfect, and it is unlikely it will be overtaken by Emma any time soon...
It's cute, but it's quite bland and boring, and it only fits a little girl. That's the impression I get.
Nice name, but kind of boring.
The name Anna is the most beautiful name out there. It is just perfect being Anna spelled from right to left even!
My real name is Anna and honestly I really don't like it. It just doesn't suit me, I know other people called Anna and I like the name better on them.
I hate it that I always have to spell my name 100 times and they still get it wrong, everyone keeps misspelling it as 'Hanna', 'Anne', 'Ann', 'Hannah' or whatever else of the kind. I respond to everything, really, I'm THAT used to it.
Probably the second most common name in the world. It's a name that no matter how common it is, is still a good choice for a name. It sounds pretty, simple, sweet, and classy. In the bible, Anna was the mother of the virgin Mary. Anna was longing for a child for many years had prayed to god for years until finally god granted Anna and Joachim a child.
It's a beautiful name, really. I kind of wish this was my middle name instead of Ann, and I much prefer this to modern-day Hannah.
My name is Anna, and I both love it and hate it. That's a nice name, I've never been ashamed of it. But I just hate the fact that it means "graceful". -.-(especially when I'm really clumsy and tomboyish, and not graceful at all!) And people keep calling me Anne, Hannah or Ann. Especially Anne, some day I'll climb Mount Everest just to stand on the top and scream, that my name is AnnA!
Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna Romanov (1795-1865), daughter of Emperor Paul I of Russia and later Queen of the Netherlands.
This is my middle name and I really like it. My parents were going to name me Anna, but then they went cold on the idea because they thought it was too ordinary. I like my name okay, but sometimes I wish they'd stuck with Anna as I think it suits me better than my first name.
Musician Felix Slováček and actress Dagmar Patrasová have a daughter Anna Julie Slováčková.
Very, very eclectic and cultured.
My name is Anna and even though people say it is popular, I have only come across one other Anna in my life. :S It does get a bit annoying when someone calls you Hannah but I am sort of glad my parents called me this because it would go well in any country! :)
I love Anna's sweet, simplistic beauty.
This is a good name for anyone who wants a short, simple, yet pretty name and doesn't care how common it is.
In my class were three girls named Anna. Boring.
Anna Wintour is the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue magazine.
It's a nice name, but it's also boring and overused.
I think this name is quite pretty, but it's wildly popular in Germany, often in combos with Marie, Maria or Lena. In my class there is one Anna, one Anna-Lena and two Anna-Marias (one with a hyphen and one without). Since they all pretty much go by their first name, if you say "Anna", you'll get a "What?" from three or four different directions. I would want my daughter to have a more unique name.
Although the name is very common, I personally like it. It suits any girl/woman of any age, personality, or ethnic origin.
Can't say I ever really liked my name. It's so boring, unoriginal, and overused. I used to go by my middle name because my first name is so bland. The European and Latin American pronunciation, with a long A, does make it seem a bit more interesting, and I prefer that pronunciation now. My parents named me after a character in the D. H. Lawrence novel The Rainbow (also where they got my middle name from).
Anna is my name. I strongly dislike it. My full name is Annalese Marie, which does sound nice altogether, but people tend to shorten it to just "Anna" and it annoys the heck outta me. It's an extremely plain name. Blah, really. VERY blah.
I personally find this name very boring.
My name is Anna Grace, I don't think it's too bad. Maybe it gets a bit annoying when I get called Hannah or Anna Banana but I think it's different. I love the fact it means graceful and all my friends and family say that it suits me because I am very graceful when I dance (ballet) and they say I look very delicate which suits the name. I also think that it suits any age whether young or old and I think it will be a good and suitable name to grow up with.
Anna is my name and when I was younger I thought it was too short! I learned to love it even though people call me "Anna Montana". :( =D
Anna Kyouyama - a main character in the anime "Shaman King".
I like the name Ana more than Anna.
My name is Anna and when I was a little girl I didn't even know that is my name because everyone called me Panni, that is a pet name for Anna in Hungary. So I didn't really like Anna but when I grew older and I moved abroad I started to appreciate that everyone seems to know this name, no misspellings so it's easy to live with it. I love my name now, I think it is a simple and strong, very ancient name.
It's starting to grow on me. I really like it. Of course, I'm planning on pairing it with another name. I'm going to use Anna as the first name, but the middle name is going to be said with it.
Love this name. It's so timeless and equally pretty and strong. I would definitely consider calling my daughter this.
My first name is Anna, and I don't really like my name. It's too boring and common in my opinion. Plus there aren't any good nicknames for this name. I wish I had a more unusual name.
Anna Mae He (born January 28, 1999 in the United States), was the subject of a custody battle between her Chinese biological parents, Shaoqiang (Jack) He and Qin Luo "Casey" He, and her foster parents, Jerry and Louise Baker. The case received national media attention for years and revolved around the claim of Jerry and Louise Baker that Jack and Casey He abandoned their rights to the child when they signed a temporary custody order. In the end, she was given back to the Hes who moved back to China with Anna Mae, her younger brother Andy, and younger sister Aveta to avoid being deported.Taken from
In Italy Anna was steadily one of the most common feminine names from the 17th century till the middle of the 20th. It was relatively underused in the 1980s and 1990s. Today it has become rather common again, especially in Northern Italy: it ranks 12th of the most popular names in Italy in 2004, 13th in 2006.
My name is obviously Anna and I don't really love the name. It seems kind of short and childish to me. I like the names of my sisters better than my own. Anna just seems like a too common name. I would rather be named something prettier.
I think Anna could fit any age, and has a classic feel to it. This is my main nickname.
My name is Annah. The same thing as Anna, but the "H" is silent. I think it's beautiful, but because it IS a simple name. You don't have to have a long, un-heard of name. Your name doesn't make you who you are-- you make your NAME sound either as beautiful or as ugly as YOU want to be. The only thing I wish I could change about my name is how it's pronounced. My background is partially Czech, so I wish it was pronounced Ay-nah, but I can't change it now. My friends know me for who I AM, NOT NOT MY NAME.
Actors Igor Chmela and Jana Janěková have a daughter Anna Chmelová.
The main character of the book my Sister's Keeper goes by Anna, although her real name is Andromeda.
In the movie "Saving Sarah Cain" Sarah's niece is named Anna May.
That's my name and I quite like it. I don't think it's bland. It's classy but modern (or actually timeless) and because of that it has constantly been used a lot. I was born in Australia but moved to Germany at age 9, so I really appreciate that it sounds good in any language.
I love the name Anna. I loved since I was 6 years old in first grade. I decided when my teacher called on Anna in our class. This name is the number one name in Hungary, my country of origin. I like the Hungarian pronunciation of Anna SO much better than the English one! Perhaps that is why Anna is #1 in Hungary--it's gorgeously pronounced--just meet a Hungarian person and ask how the name is pronounced and you will be delighted!
I have SO many ancestors, relatives named Anna! But the thing is that I love this name and I actually plan on naming my little daughter Anna (I know I say this to almost every girl's name I comment on however the first answer is always the right one! Because in first grade I decided that is what I want to name my little daughter!)
I love how the name Anna means gracious, grace!
Hmm. The name Anna is very pretty. But I have heard it a lot in my life.
That is my name and I like it, but in my country (Russia) this name is too overused. I myself know at least 30 Annas. Wish it wasn't too popular.
Also used in Ireland.
This is quite a beautiful name, despite being overused in some regions, though I myself have never met more than a few of them.I would also disagree that Hannah is a more beautiful name in that it is just Anna with some aspiration on the front and sounds like the sort of person who rather likes herself too much. Anna is among my favourite names for girls.
This name reminds me of an old lady who lives in a retirement home.
I cannot stand this name at all. It has forever made people forget that it originated from the more beautiful name Hannah. Besides, I like Hannah a hell of a lot more.
Beautiful name but it and its variations (Ana, Anne, Annette, whatever) are EXTREMELY overused worldwide!
I think Anna, Maria, and Sophia sound nice together. Anna is a beautiful name.
Anna is such a timeless name and it sounds elegant in my opinion. That's why I'll probably name my second daughter the Anna-Sophia combo. I love how it sounds.
Anna Anderson was the best known of several women who claimed to be Grand Duchess Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Tsarina Alexandra of Russia.
I really like the name Anna! It looks good on everyone! (excusing guys!)
Famous bearer is Anna Sundstrand (a member of PLAY, a Swedish pop group of four girls).
Also Anne Frank. Her real name was Annalise but in German (she was born at 7:30 in Frankfurt) the pronunciation of Anne is Anna.
I have a friend named Anna. Anna means gracious, and whether she knows it or not, she has given me priceless things. As for the name itself, I do not see it as boring, but mysterious and interesting. It is the very plainness that makes it have that wholesome ring to it.
Czech actors Jiří Dvořák & Barbora Munzarová have a daughter Anna Dvořáková.
In my opinion, Anna is the most perfect girl's name. You can never go wrong with it.
Anna was Eleanor Roosevelt's first name. It was also her mother's name and her daughter's name.
Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy. Anna is one of the main characters. It's a good book. I read it in high school.
Although it was not her real name she just went by it, a famous bearer was the late Anna Nicole Smith.
I think this name is pretty, but far too overused for my taste. It would be good to lay off this name for a while and then use it when it is not so common. Nice name and meaning, though.
I disagree with those who say Anna is bland. I think it is a beautiful name. I would love to name my daughter this someday. Why do you think it has been so popular for so long? You normally don't name your daughters names you don't like.
Michail Baryshnikov & Lisa Rinehart have a daughter Anna Baryshnikova.
I really like this name, even if it's sort of common. However, since it's my cousin's name, I probably wouldn't use it for a daughter.
This is an AWESOME name and the top one on my list for a daughter.
My name is Anna, and I've never really liked it. I only go by it because my middle name is my mother's maiden name and Sanderl is not the best name in the world. I do like it somewhat because it was my great-grandmother's name. It was also the name of two of my great-great-grandmothers so it's a family name.
This is a pretty name, but it's so common. I've met so many Annas, I wouldn't name my daughter this, it wouldn't be very original. But since it's a timeless classic, it would be a nice middle name.
The next Jennifer, or Madison. I wonder how many young Anna's we're going to see this year, maybe it'll be number 1.
This is one of the plainest and most boring names out there, along with Daniel, William, Sarah, Elizabeth, Matthew, Robert, Marie, and John!
Famous bearer is Anna Belknap who plays detective Lindsay Monroe on CSI:New York. Great actress.
In Finland, Anne Shirley (Anne of the Green Gables) bears the name Anna. Don't ask me why.
If Anna is too bland a name by itself, why not use Pollyanna or Annasophia? I think the reason the name is boring is because you can yawn in that name (AnnAAAAAAAAHH). This is my mother's name, she hates being called Ann (which happens a lot). She'd like it if I name one of my children Anna. Annabelle or Lucyanna are fine by her.
This is a very common middle name in Sweden. It's mine.
I prefer this name with only one N, like ANA. This name goes very well with the middle name MARIA. :-)
Anna is a character (sort of) in Namco's game "Tales of Symphonia". She's Lloyd Irving's deceased mother.
In Poland we pronounce it an-na (not like in English 'ana'). This is also my name :) But this form is used only in official situations. My friends and family use pet forms like Ania or Anka.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Anna here:
This name is way too popular in Germany. I have met at least 15 different Annas in my life and I'm only 18.
I also love this name. Anna is my Spanish name in Spanish class. Ann is my middle name, so I love to use the Spanish version.
I view this name as a nice alternative to Hannah, which is becoming far too popular these days. And who says that being able to spell it backwards or forwards is creepy?
Famous bearers:
Anna Geislerová, Anna Kulovaná - Czech actresses
Anna Kurnikova - Russian tennis player.
My name is Anna, and I like it. It sounds somewhat regal and authoritative. The only problem is that I pronounce it Ah-nn-ah, not like it rhymes with banana, so I have to put up with a lot of people mispronouncing it.
A very pretty and classic name for a girl. Much prettier than Anne in my opinion. I have always liked it and would definitely consider using it in the future.
This is a beautiful name. Unfortunately, anyone bearing it may be susceptible to being called "Anna Banana." :(
I quite like the name; it's simple and can suit anyone!
Anna sounds nice but it's too over-used in my opinion. Annaliese sounds nicer, but it's better shortened to Anna not Annie.
My youngest sister's name is Anna Jane (born in 1998). She was named for my Father's great-grandmother, Jane Anna. Anna has always liked her name, and, due to it's simple spelling, she's been able to write it from an early age (which made her very proud of herself and confident). I, although I know of a few "Anna"s already, very much like this name.
The very famous Greek singer Anna Vissi. She's the best singer in the world and she deserved to win the Eurovision song contest in Athens - May 20 2006.
Anna is one of those names that is so prevalent that I don't really have any preconceived notions or associations. Sort of the tofu of names, if you will -- it soaks up the personality of whomever bears it.
Anna Mae Bullock, who was born on 26th November 1938, in Nutbush, Tennessee, is the great singer known as Tina Turner.
I usually favor short and simple names, but this one is just sounds boring. And the whole thing about being able to spell it the same backwards or forwards is just creepy.
I know it was a while back that the comment I am thinking of was submitted, but I have to disagree with the anonymous user way up there. It's not that creepy just because it's spelled the same forwards and backwards. It's a short enough name for that to be possible. And for everyone else, it's called a palindrome.
This name never seems to go out of fashion. It is a name you could grow up with. I do like this name and I also like Hannah. If I had to choose between which one, it would be Hannah.
Anna Nalick is the singer of the great song "2 AM".
A sister of Carthaginian queen Dido; Anna Perenna, an Italian goddess.
Actress Anna Popplewell, who played in a number of movies including The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, is a famous bearer of this name. She definitely is graceful and lives up to her name.
Eleanor Roosevelt's first name was actually Anna, after her mother. She used her middle name exclusively.
Anna Kornicova is a famous tennis player.
This is my name, yet it also the name of my cousin and deceased grandmother so it's not very original in my family. I am Ukrainian and it is pronounced an-ya, yet spelled this way and pronounced the English way in obviously English. I do believe there is another root, Ana in Spanish?
In Sweden it is common with hyphenated names like Anna-Karin, Anna-Lena, Anna-Maria etc.
This is my sister's name and she has never said anything about liking it greatly, or disliking it greatly. Her middle name is Grace and I know a few girls named Anna Grace or Hannah Grace so it's not very unique. I also read somewhere that the meaning is Grace. The joke in our family is that she's blonde so she got given a name that is a) easy to spell and b) can be spelt backwards and forwards!
My first name is Anna, and I was always glad my parents chose to call me by my middle name. Anna is just a bit bland.
This is my #1 favorite girl name in the whole entire world and I wish my parents named me this.
Another famous Anna was Anna Akhmatova, the Russian poet.
Anna Magnani (March 7, 1908 – September 26, 1973) was an Italian actress who won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the 1955 movie "The Rose Tattoo" and was again nominated for her role in the 1957 movie "Wild is the Wind." She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Anna sounds good in any European language.
Anna Maria Pierangeli (1932-1971) was an Italian actress who adopted Pier Angeli as her stage name.
A famous bearer in the Netherlands is Anna van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven. She's is the daughter of prince Maurits and princess Marilene of Orange-Nassau. Actually her full name is: Anastasia Margriet Josephine. Her parents are still in the line of the Dutch throne.
Anna is a form of the name "Anne," belonging to Anne Boleyn, one of Henry VIII wives.
In Quenya 'anna' means 'gift'.
In Finnish 'anna' is an imperative form of the verb 'antaa', meaning 'to give'.
This is a kind of coin formerly used in India, worth 1/16 of a rupee. Its name comes from the Hindi.
Anna means "mother" in Algonquin also.
I have heard it is of Hebrew or Arabic descent, simply meaning "mother". In the Turkish language, kids address their mothers with "anne".
It would make sense for those children to their mothers 'Anna'. Saint Anna was the Virgin Mary's mother, the Messiah's grandmother.
I've come across name books that identify it as originating from Japanese meaning "flower".
The Japanese word for flower is "Hana", not Anna.
This name connotes a graceful and gracious nature. Or maybe it's just who I know.

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