If you go to those websites that list the most beautiful English words, you’ll likely see this one on the list. It’s definitely a unique word. Fits well enough as a graceful and exquisite name.
It’s a lovely name. I absolutely also love the northern lights!
Beautiful, indeed. I just don't like the Renaissance/ demon of morning thing. I wouldn't consider this name.
Demon of morning? It's just a Roman goddess's name, chill.
There's no denying that the name looks nice and has a great meaning. But I do personally struggle to get it out clearly. The two R's are tricky for some people. I feel like I'm imitating Astro the dog.
A very sweet and beautiful name!
Really pretty!
Wow...*sniffs* so pretty.
I think Aurora is such a beautiful, unique name so here are some unique middle names that look great with it.Aurora Goldie, very cute and sweet.
Aurora Londyn, if you're not a fan of place names this one isn't for you.
Aurora Viola rhymes a bit but has a nice ring to it.
Aurora Jasmin I just realized that Jasmin is the name of another princess but the combination is beautiful none the less.
Like how it looks but it's really hard to pronounce.
My sister's name! It's so pretty!
Beautiful. Aurora has a lovely whimsical and romantic charm to it. Plus, Rory is an adorable tomboyish nickname that I adore.
Overall, Aurora is a gorgeous name, in my opinion.
The most irritating part about the name is everybody mispronounces it. My name is Aurora and I'll occasionally get an "Aurory" or "Awora".
Aurora sounds beautiful in Spanish and is easier to say. Either way it's a great name.
Absolutely stunning. If it was less popular I would use it.
So so gorgeous!
Also used in Scandinavia is also two more Finnish spellings a pet/diminutive form used in Scandinavia As someone pointed out in the comments below, this name is in fact used as a Name Day in Sweden (July 3rd). However, it's also a Name Day in Norway (July 30th), Finland (March 10th) and for Swedish speakers in Finland (March 10th). Source: The first link for the Aurora spelling.
Apparently also used in French:
Also used in Dutch:
This is such a beautiful name. I had thought of naming my daughter Aurora if I ever had one, unfortunately my brother beat me to this name when he named his daughter Aurora. We call her Rora for short. I think the biggest issue with the name is that naming your daughter Aurora she will be teased being called Sleeping Beauty. But I believe that usually stops by junior high/ high school.
My niece is Aurora Richelle.
I feel like I have a mouth full of cotton balls when I say this name.
Beautiful! I really like names that have connection with the weather and sky.
I want to love this name. I want to love this name so much. The Aurora Borealis is a beautiful phenomenon, and I love "Sleeping Beauty."*However*, I can't ever seem to say this name properly. It's all vowels and the letter R, and it ends up a slurred mess in my mouth even with I try to enunciate it. Pity.
One of my favorite names! I LOVE that it means "dawn", and I also like Goddess names (e.g. Athena, Diana)!
Also used in the Netherlands.
The 'rora' part of the name doesn't sound right to me.
So classic. It's very pretty and I love it.
I find it hard to pronounce.
Gorgeous name and beautiful meaning, but I'll say that even as a native English speaker, I cannot pronounce this name with the two Rs back to back. Same for Rory. Two back to back Rs are very awkward and don't flow from my tongue. However, when I hear other people pronounce Aurora and Rory, I recognize that the name is very lovely sounding. This shouldn't be a reason for you to not use this name if you love it, but just know that many people besides me have this issue (think of the word "rural" that most people also mispronounce). Your child named Aurora/ Rory will need to have patience throughout her life due to this very common speech impediment. And it's possible, of course, that your child will also have this speech impediment...
This name is elegant, and so timeless. Love this name.
From Latin 'aurea' - golden and 'hora' - hour.
Well, I think Aurora is beautiful, despite the opinions of many people. The only bad thing I find is the relationship it has with Sleeping Beauty, but other than that, the name is absolutely stunning. What's wrong with it? It has a good meaning, it is neither short nor long, it has a nice sonority, it looks elegant and feminine, and it ages very well over time. Also, if you prefer, you also have the option of Aurore, Aurelie or Aura. Seriously, think about it.
Maybe it feels a little bit too trendy, but actually the name itself is wonderful! Strong look and just elegant! Aurora has class and beauty!
Aurora is also Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Latvian. The name day for Aurora in Sweden is July 3. The name day for Aurora in Latvia is March 5.
Typical sweet little old lady name.
Very pretty, I love the meaning and it’s better than the name Dawn.
Strongly dislike!
Just no, awful name!
Harsh sounding... sorry!
This name was fairly common among the German minority in Bessarabia:
Aurora is a really lovely name. It’s pretty, elegant, timeless, and overall nice.
Aurora is a lovely name.
Ugly name, please don’t name your child this!
For the person who mentioned Aurora Snow (the porn star), her real name is actually Rebecca Claire Kensington. So you can leave with that.
This name is gorgeous.But also really popular.
I love this name. I wanted to change my name to this, then it brought out its secret weapon - the nickname Rory. There went THAT idea! I am VERY feminine, AND when I was 6 I LOVED this show about a (male) racing car named Roary.
Also Sardinian:
Also Estonian:
Not my taste.
Absolutely beautiful!
So beautiful!
I think it's a beautiful name. Sounds better than Aurore in my opinion.
Aurora, played by Mary Costa in the original "Sleeping Beauty" and by Elle Fanning in the remake.
Aurora is also the name of a famous Russian cruiser that was involved in Russo-Japanese War in 1905 and in October Socialist Revolution in 1917. Currently it is moored in Saint Petersburg and serves as a museum ship.
I've always loved the name Aurora. When I have a daughter I will name her Aurora.
Here in Italy Aurora is a very common name since the end of the 1990s and since 2013 it's among the top 3 most common names for Italian girls with Sofia and Giulia.
My niece born in 2017 is named Aurora. Personally I find it a really beautiful, romantic and poetic name, it makes me think about dawn, the Roman goddess, the princess from the animated Disney movie "Sleeping Beauty" and also Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora in the Maleficent movies, who is so ethereal, sweet and romantic.
The Polish pronunciation is ow-RAWR-a (both rs are rolled).
I think it sounds regal, beautiful. But the Disney movie ruined it.
Aurora Lori is what I’m going to name my girl.
One of my favorite names. I think this would be a good middle name for Sierra (which is another favorite of mine). In terms of it being a first name, I prefer Dawn more.
In the Netherlands, it's pronounced Ou (as in ouch) -Ro (with a rolling r), rah.
Aurora Browne is a Canadian actor and comedian. She is best known as one of the creators and stars of the sketch comedy series Baroness von Sketch Show.
Also Catalan:
This name is breathtaking. Absolutely gorgeous. I love it. If I have kids my first daughter is gonna be named this :))))) ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.
*When you realize so many other people have the same name as you*... me right now.
Pretty but really really popular here in italy.
Beautiful, ethereal name, I love the northern/southern lights association, and Aurora, the Goddess of Dawn in roman mythology. An absolutely exquisite name and this is what I have named my gorgeous daughter.
Aurora is one of my favorite girl names! I absolutely love it! Especially paired with the name Rose! I might name my daughter this or use it for a character in my series! It’s beautiful and elegant, no wonder it became so popular! It’s a nice sounding name!
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Aurora who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 219th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Aurora has pagan meanings- wake up Jesus followers.
Simply stunning.
"Aurora", is also the name of a city in Illinois. Aurora, Il.
What a gorgeous name, and the meaning is lovely too. But, the only nickname it has is Rory, which I don't like.
Beautiful name, strong, yet princessy. My name is Hajnal which means dawn in Hungarian, but I wish my parents had named me Aurora. It is international and sounds much more better, also has so many lovely nicknames, but Rory is my favourite. Would consider using it for my future daughter.
My name and I loved how anglo students would pronounce it but Latino kids always pronounced it horribly and I'm Latin too so it sounds a bit different in Spanish. But many teachers always complimented me because they knew the meaning and were familiar with the Aurora borealis/australius. I had a teacher who had moved from Alaska and one day her young son heard her call my name and she told me the next day how much he loved it because it made him think of Alaska and the northern lights.
My name is also Aurora but nobody ever has trouble saying it.
My daughter is named Aurora Rose. We always liked it but waited until the third daughter to pluck up the courage! I think it is beautiful and the meaning is beautiful too. My daughter has shining, very blonde hair, she is small and pretty and happy and totally suits the name! An old Cornish lady I know calls her 'morning sunshine.' There is a Norwegian singer called Aurora. She looks like a grown-up version of my daughter. Also really suits the name.
It's a pretty name and I have always liked all the vowels it has, especially the U and O as they are vowels associated with femininity (regarding personal names) It's always looked quite airy to me, if this makes sense. - soft, delicate and light gracefulness. On the other hand even with this, I don't feel it flows as well as lots of other soft names such as Alina, Milana e.g. and personally it isn't as pleasant sounding for me as others. This is nicer than the Russian Avrora.
Why would you hate this name? I love it! If it really made you "gag", why would you visit this name? I am just asking. No need to get in a frenzy.
I doubt this name would be used by so many people if it were really so gag inducing. I personally think it's a beautiful name. It reminds me of the Aurora Borealis. It's hard to think of a more gorgeous natural phenomenon than the Northern Lights. If it also brings to mind the Disney princess, who cares? Disney used this name in their movie because that's the name used in Tchaikovsky's ballet 'The Sleeping Beauty', which was largely considered his best work. It originally goes back to the Roman goddess and the Latin word for dawn. It also shares roots with the Latin word for 'gold'. Rora, Auri, Aura, Ara, Ro, and Rory are all pretty cute and usable nicknames; although, Rory outside of the US probably won't become popular due to Rory being such a popular boy's name in the UK.I've seen a lot of people suggest 'Aurelia' instead on various name sites as the better alternative, but it basically just comes down to a matter of preference. If I wanted to tear down Aurelia as a name, I could just as easily do so. If you came to the comments page because you like the name Aurora, don't let rude comments deter you or convince you to lean toward a name you like less. Pregnancy and post-natal months are already stressful without toxic anons.
I hate this name. Whenever I hear this name, I think of the Disney princess.
Can you say "gag?" This name reminds me of a snobby stuck-up popular girl who just wears too much makeup.
Please, do your kid a favor and just name her Aurelia? It's MUCH prettier and more elegant than this garbage name.
Plus, it's pronounced "Ah- ROAR- Uh" Oh disgust!
I don't mean to offend anyone but just...I can't even!
I really like this name, but the “ror” part is hard for me to pronounce (same problem with “rural, ” “Rory, ” and other r-vowel-r combos). It’s easier for me to say it as if it’s spelled “Aurera” which sounds hideous. Oh well, guess I won’t be using this name, simply for the sake of not butchering it.
I don't think the name Aurora is tacky. It is a beautiful name, and anyone who thinks badly of it are out of their minds.
Aurora Aragon-Quezon (1888-1949), is the wife of Manuel L. Quezon, the 2nd President of the Philippine Republic, and a First Lady of the Philippines. She was chairman of the Philippine Red Cross, and was known for charitable works. The Province of Aurora in Central Luzon Region in the Philippines was named after her.
This name is terrible. It does not sound pretty and is a mouthful. Try saying it 5 times fast... just aweful. No one in business will take her seriously. Princes names are as bad as stripper names. Good luck... a name says a lot about someone.
The name Aurora is not terrible. It is a wonderful name, and if you say it in spanish, it does not sound awkward!
If I ever have another daughter I would strongly consider Aurora! I think it's beautiful, enchanting and oh so feminine. I'm really not a fan of Rory though, I think her nickname would be Auri. Then again, I find it too beautiful to shorten! I have a Sienna and I don't shorten that either.
Aurora Aksnes, known mononymously as AURORA, is a Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer. Her debut EP Running with the Wolves was released through Decca Records in May 2015, receiving widespread approval from online music blogs and national press. Later the same year she provided the backing track for the John Lewis Christmas advert, singing a cover of the Oasis song "Half the World Away". This cover appears as a bonus track on the deluxe version of her debut studio album, All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend, which was released worldwide on 11 March 2016.
Aurora Lane is one of the main protagonists of the 2016 film "Passengers" who is awakened from hibernation too early, along with mechanic Jim Preston. She is portrayed by actress Jennifer Lawrence.
Tchaikovsky's ballet The Sleeping Beauty, is also named Aurora, hence Disney stayed true to this in their animated version.
In the film Terms of Endearment, the main character played by Shirley Maclaine is called Aurora Greenway.
Aurora is currently a very popular name in Italy. In 2016 it was at its most popular so far, making the list of the most popular girls names in Italy at #2, right after Sofia.
Sounds okay, but it does look hard to pronounce.
Sadly, Aurora is my name and I do not like it. In Spain this name is totally old-fashioned and when I was a child I used to feel the name as a big stone over my shoulders. After that, some years ago, I lived in France and the pronunciation is quite similar to the word "horror"... and although the meaning is beautiful, Aurora is not a good name for the global and modern times. Living in UK... the pronunciation again is a tricky issue and I prefer to use my other name which is Maria. Thus, I avoid the confusion.In relation to the nick names. In Spain if you named your little one Rori or Aurori, it sounds very ridiculous and silly. When I was a child some people used to named me Aurori and it was a real pain in my neck. Probably I am feeling quite traumatised for having this name.So sorry about my opinion but I am suffering this name since I was born. Please, try to avoid it. There are lovely names, easy to pronounce and more useful for this global world.
Messenger of GOD.I would like to offer a different Christian view to this name than Vigilant Rogue's view.Jesus is known as the Lion of Judah which could be representative in part of Roar In AuROARa. The earth Trembles at his voice.As for Light. Jesus is the light of the world. Remember God separated light from the darkness. I think it is a wonderful name for a Christian girl because she would announce the light of the gospel. In a dark world making way for the return of Christ the king, the Lion of Judah.Also I am a Christian and I know of one granddaughter of a pastor with the name.I have had several hours of thought since I first commented and I am absolutely convinced this is a perfect name.Au= Gold something with absolute Value.
Roar= Lion of Judah Jesus
Bearer of light= The gospel entrusted to herIn summary, Aurora represents the gospel entrusted to her through Christ and his power, authority and voice. I am amazed and really do see the Christian value of this name. WoW!
I absolutely loved this name for a future daughter, until I saw that the origins of the name had an Anti-Christian view. Aurora is the mother of the dawn in Roman mythology, and it is speculated that Aurora is the mother of the devil (the "light-bearer" in the Bible). I am somewhat heartbroken that such a beautiful and unique name can have such a dark connection to it, as I am a Christian, and very attuned to those things. Over my dead body, will my child have a name that carries any implication of being the Mother of HELL! So disappointed...
My name is Aurora Dannyell and so many people don't know how to spell Aurora or Dannyell. So most people call me Rori or Jelly. There is a long story behind the name Jelly. You pronounce it like A- Roar-a in my country.
There is a Norwegian singer-songwriter by the name of Aurora Aksnes. (1996- )
This is one of my favourite names. It's such a stunning, enchanting, magical sounding name and I love it. I love that a Disney princess is named Aurora. This name is a timeless classic that can grow well with anyone. Aurora is a beautiful name and I think anyone named Aurora is lucky to have such a lovely name. Simply perfect.
Not a fan of this name, but I personally think of a Disney princess when I hear the name.
Quite a gorgeous name, but it's becoming far too common, which is causing it to lose a lot of its original charm. Might I suggest the French variant Aurore, which is very similar but hasn't lost its flavor to popularity?
The name is also used in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.
My daughter's name is Aurora. Pronunciation was a problem for her and other kids up until she was two-ish. She's six years old now and absolutely adores her name and just loves correcting anyone who pronounces it incorrectly! "It's Aw-ro-rah not Ah-ro-rah" as she politely puts it.
Hi my name is Aurora Dawn Ramsey it's funny how my name means dawn and my middle name is dawn but I'm glad I have such a beautiful name because the Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty is my favorite children's movie, lol. My nickname is Rara I love all the other nicknames but Rara suits me better. If u want to name your child Aurora it doesn't matter what the name means- it's what you like about it and how the child will feel about it. Aurora is a pretty name ☺☺.
Princess Aurora, from the film Sleeping Beauty (1959). Also the ballet of the same name.
My name is Aurora and is pronounced A RAW RA many people say Rora but I find it quite rude. In United Kingdom that's how we say it.
In English pronounced as "ow-RAW-rah".
I think this is probably my favourite female name. It's my secret name for my wife and I associate it with intelligence and beauty.
Aurora is my name, Samantha is my daughter's name, Scarlett is my Granddaughter's name... each of us truly unique in character within our own generation however enpowering willingness to do greater good although as mention in prior conversations these names are quite popular and used world wide. Love all three names!
Aurora has always been one of my favorite names, it is such a beautiful name. I was almost an Aurora instead of a Samantha, kind of wish I was an Aurora though. I love the name Samantha but there is just something about Aurora.
Aurora is a very, very beautiful name! I love the nature meaning "dawn". ^-^
Pornstar Aurora Snow.
Aurora is unusual, beautiful, elegant, delicate, cute, romantic, international, magical, inspiring, poetic, charming, glamorous, classic, timeless... It's perfect! My favorite female name.
Aurora is my favorite girl's name! My daughter will be called Aurora, I think that perfect name ... Wonderful!Aurora is a name from the Latin, with a very clear meaning: "the one who is like the sunrise." The word "Aurora" is closely related to the word aurum, which means "gold." Sunrise has a glow that looks like gold. Aurora can also mean then "that shines like gold." In Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of dawn. So, every morning, she announced the arrival of the sun, his brother, and consequently the collection of the Moon, her sister. Since the Renaissance, is an adopted name in Europe, mainly in England, Germany and France. Is Princess name; Aurora is the Christian name of Princess Sleeping Beauty, the classic fairy tale of Walt Disney. It is unusual, beautiful, elegant, delicate, romantic and sweet. It's the perfect name. The Northern Lights / Southern is one of the most beautiful phenomena of nature. "Aurora Borealis" means Northern Lights, "Aurora australis" the same phenomenon in the Southern Hemisphere. To "see the Aurora" refers to typically see this exhibition in winter time beauty breathtaking in the night sky. The beauty of the Northern Lights has contributed to the popularity of this name in the state of Alaska where the aurora can be seen frequently.
Nicknames: Aura, Aury / Aurie, Ro, Rory / Rori, Rora, Au-au, Roar-Roar, Ratz, Arrie, Rors / Rorsie, Aurorita, Aurorinha ...
I'm sort of in disbelief that no one has mentioned that Aurora is the name of the baby from the movie, Willow. Really? Maybe I was the only one that adored that film?
The baby in "Willow" was named Elora, not Aurora.
I love this name. Mainly because of 'Sleeping Beauty'. It does sound so beautiful. But I have come to love it as an independent name in it's own right. "Yes, they named her after the dawn, for she filled their lives with sunshine."I will steal that quote when I tell my child why I named her Aurora. :) hehe.
I feel this name is so cute and I like the nicknames Rory. I love it more because of Maleficent because it change my perspective of the name to more class and beauty so I feel it's perfect.
Very elegant, mythical, and royal. This name conjures up some of the most heavenly imagery. Aurora Borealis is one of the most gorgeous and stunning natural phenomenon in the world! Plus, it has beautiful mythological ties, and intriguing literary associations. What more could you ask for in a name? :)
Such a nice name! It has a feminine yet strong sound to it like a lioness "roaring", if you get what I mean.
Polish pronunciation: ahw-RAW-rah.
It wasn't until late-middle school (about 13-14 years old) that I actually began to accept the name. Any time before that, I hated it, frankly. The people calling me "Rory" which was too masculine, "Roo-Bear" made me squirm, the many-many people who called me "Laura," and the awful dreaded "A-roo-ra" which people called me a lot more that you can think is possible. Now, I actually enjoy the elegant feel and how my friends (who can't pronounce my name) call me Princess. I actually love my name now, and I actually would recommend the name, as I adore it. My parents having named me Aurora Nikolette meaning "dawn's victory." And the irony that I was born at midnight never ceases to end. :)
Pronunciation is "Uh-ROOR-uh".
Sorry, but I just have to express my love for this name once again. The meaning and literary connections are fantanstic, which also contributed in trapping me under the name's majestic spell. Aurora is a exotically beautiful name that is lyrical, dignified, noble, marvelous, musical, and overpowering. I hope any little girl will be proud to bear such a wonderous name.
This is an unbelievably gorgeous and enchanting name. The image that forms in my mind is a stunning artistic girl that plays in a colorful meadow at sunrise. This name is truely majestic and fits a kind hearted queen. It is remarkably powerful and harmonious and I would definitely name my first born daughter this.
It's a very beautiful name when written, but it sounds harsh when said aloud. Also there aren't any good nicknames for it, which is an issue for me personally.
My name is Aurora Del Rocio. I use to hate my name as a child because no one could say it not even my teachers but now that I'm older I love it! I feel like hardly anybody has my name. It is unique I grew up not knowing any other Aurora beside my grandma who I'm named after and she was one of the most beautiful people I know.
I've loved this name ever since first seeing Sleeping Beauty at four years old. I like the combination Aurora Rose, as another commenter mentioned, probably because of the Briar Rose association in the Disney movie. Auri is my favorite short form of this name.
This name sounds terrible with an American accent. When an American is saying this name it sounds like an imitation of a dog barking. I am an American with a bit of a Boston accent, an I find this name almost painful to say. I have to really tense my tongue.
Uuuglyyy hippie name! I can imagine some insane parents naming twin daughters Aurora and Skye.
Even though its been around for centuries, it still sounds kind of trendy to me. And it's hard to say, at least to me.
Cute, but I like Aurelia a hair bit better!
Such a pretty name but it just makes me think of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.
On the American television series "The Golden Girls", Blanche's daughter Rebecca has a daughter named Aurora.
Aurora is my grandmother's middle name. She uses it rather than her first name which is Julia (though I find the name Julia pretty as well). She lives in Guatemala so we use the Spanish pronunciation of the name, which I love and always have. I have always considered naming my future daughter (if I am lucky enough to have a baby girl in my future!) this name, however have been hesitant because of English pronunciation issues. I do like Rori as a nickname but I still hesitated. I was not convinced despite my love of the name and of course my grandmother because people find my own name hard to say or spell and I remember hating that as I was growing up. I am VERY excited to see other nickname options on here that I had not thought of. I love Aurie and Rora... thank you to all who contributed the optional nicknames!
To the grief and sadness of the United States, there was a shooting in Aurora, Colorado at the midnight premier of "The Dark Knight Rises." Our prayers are with the victims and their families.
Aurora has been my name for some twenty odd years now. I hated it until I reached highschool and then really started to appreciate it. I live in Illinois, less than 30 miles from the town of Aurora, which is on exit signs all over the place, so you'd think people would be able to spell it but many can't. People often think my name is "Laura". I hate the nickname "Rory" and will not answer to anyone who calls me that. The nicknames I like are "Rora" and "Ro" (like "Joe") only. I was named after a comic book character so I don't see the name as being particularly flowery/princessy/girly. I see it now as a little bit sexy and a lot a bit celestial.
This is the most magical, fantastical name ever! I love it! A great nickname would be Auri because it is Latin for "of gold."
I always think of a lion roaring. I don't like this name at all. It sounds awful, is difficult for small children to pronounce and to me, it seems tacky.
It's very pretty, but it's also rather trendy. I've met about four girls called Aurora, all of them under the age of ten. The name doesn't exactly roll of your tongue, with the double "r" sound. I think it'd be much better to just name your girl Dawn. Or maybe even the Greek form, Eos.
There is a city in Ohio called Aurora and there is a company that sells toiletries named Aurora. Pretty name. Too bad it is getting so popular!
My Algebra teacher just had a baby girl and she named her Aurora. I think it's a lovely name considering the fact that it suits both their personalities (spunky yet sweet).
This is not my favorite name. I don't know, it just sounds very princess-y. However, I do actually know a girl named Aurora and she is super nice.
Pronunciation in Spanish is wrong. It should be ah/oo-RO-rah.By ah/oo I mean it's a sole syllable, but with the sounds "ah" and "oo".
Czech and Slovak pronunciation equals Spanish pronunciation here.
I love this name, which is why I chose it for my daughter. We alternate between the English and Portuguese pronunciation as we are bilingual. Family have started to call her "Rora" or "Rory" but I think I prefer "Aura" or "Aury". It's not very common where I'm from.
As an Italian name, Aurora is derived from the Latin word "Aurora," which is of Indo-European origin, and basically means, "Luminous; Dazzling." In the Medieval Ages it was adopted as a very common name, and known to mean, "As Beautiful And Luminous As The Dawn."
This name is really hard to pronounce for some reason. I don't care for it.
I think this is my favourite girl's name and I will definitely consider naming my future daughter this. However, I feel you need to be able to roll your R's to name your daughter this. The English pronunciation of this name is really not nice and nicknames such as Rory are just awful in my opinion. If I name my daughter this I will probably use Aura/Rora as nicknames.
As for the meaning; I am extremely fascinated with Aurora Borealis. Though never having seen it in real life it looks so surreal and otherworldly in photos.
The only negative thing is that this name has become very commmon in Norway recently which is unfortunate for me since I prefer unique/uncommon names and I come from Norway.
I think this name is really pretty! I have a friend who named her daughter Arora (left out the U so that it's a palindrome!) and I really don't find it that hard to pronounce and neither does her daughter (who is 5). I think it's a beautiful name because of its association with the Aurora Borealis.
When I hear this name I can only think of Sleeping Beauty!
Remember, a girl named Aurora will be addressed Aurora, and can you picture using and saying it casually? The syllables just don't seem to agree with each other. I know this name's meaning is the appeal for most, but that isn't too special either- dawn, everyone loves dawn and wants to eat it up, but now there's a Latin version. Sorry, I just think it's kitsch.
I do like this name but---
I know all (most) of you think this name is all UNIQUE, it is becoming REALLY popular, it was number 54 on the top 100 names of 2009! (According to So it isn't as uncommon as most people think. I do like this name though.
I think this is a very beautiful and underused name, in Britain at least. :)
The name Aurora is overly beautiful but-- It's on its way to becoming popular, it was already number 288 last year. That makes me sad. I still like it.
Aurora has a unique SOUND to it and a beautiful meaning. Even though it isn't to common it won't be the first time that someone heard of the name.
Aurora is NOT a trashy name at all. It's what I call elegant and beautiful and a name I cant help but love. I like Aurora but I do not like the nicknames. And like the comment above this one, Aurora is a GREAT choice to name a daughter.
I named my second daughter Aurora after many months of indecision. Besides being somewhat lyrical - it has many nicknames to chose from (though we prefer Rory, we have used Rora, and Aury) to suit your taste. It gives you a formal/ elegant option for an adult and can still be cute for a little girl. I personally decided on it when I caught the natural (I like hippy names!) connection to the Aurora Borealis/Australis - however it is also used as theme and character name in literature (Sleeping Beauty, His Dark Materials, Aurora from Marvel comics, Aurora Leigh, etc.) It has a rich history stretching back to Greek myth and the goddess of the Dawn- which is why it will never be trendy - or trashy as a previous (perhaps under educated?) person commented - much more classical in the strictest sense.
I LOVE this name, but I don't like the nickname Rory for various reasons.
I asked my mom if she liked this name and she hates it! It's a disgrace to me, I mean she has very small taste in names! Ugh! Well this name is amazing and delivers beauty.
German pronunciation equals Spanish pronunciation here.
My daughter is name Aurora, I live in the state of MAINE, we chose it because of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), however, after she was born I did discover that it is SLEEPING BEAUTY'S NAME! It is NOT at all common here, and everyone says how pretty and unique it is.
I really dislike this name. It's sort of tacky, and as someone mentioned before, imagine yelling this across a playground, or even calling for someone. It's on its way to becoming popular. There are other more poetic names out there that sound better and don't have an overused concept.
This name is enchanting and fits perfectly for a fairy tale princess. If I had a daughter I think Aurora would be a wonderful name.
This is a Polish variant, too.
I think it's a beautiful name, definitely rare, at least where I live.
This name is so pretty and unusual and the meaning behind it is lovely. The nickname Rory/Rori is cute too!
I think it is very pretty. There is a Disney Princess with the name Aurora. AKA Sleeping Beauty!
Aurora Miranda da Cunha (born 1915) was a Brazilian entertainer. She was sister to Carmen Miranda. She is well known for in Brazil for her Samba music. In the U.S, she appeared in Walt Disney's "The Three Caballeros", where she dances with Donald Duck and José Carioca, singing the song, "Os Quindins de Yayá".
I love this name. I've used it for a character before, and it's perfect for her. Although - I prefer the slightly unorthodox "Rora" as a nickname.
Whoever said this name is trashy, it is not (to me). I love this name. If I had twins, I would call them Aurora (Means dawn) and Alkony (Means dusk).
I appreciate its age and history of use but it feels very modern-trashy to me. It's also awful to say.
If I ever have a daughter, I will most likely name her Aurora Rose (Rose being my own middle name, as well as that of a lot of women in my family), which makes me think of a dawn the color of pale rose. The picture in my mind is beautiful.Also, I think of Aurora, a.k.a. "Briar Rose" (again with the Rose!), in Sleeping Beauty, opening the cottage shutters and singing like a skylark.
I think it's a beautiful name and I would love to use it to name one of my own children in the future.
Beautiful name, but overused. I'd use something less common, but that's just me.
Aurora is also a Portuguese name. [noted -ed]
I think that this name is too cute. When the child was growing up I would call her Rory and Roo when she was little.
The name is pretty, but overused in Norway.
This name is super duper cool. I like that it can fit all stages of life.
I have this name. I go by Aury (pronounced Orie). I've never really liked the nickname Rory (Always sounds like Roy to me.) Adults always tell me how beautiful my name is. Also, it's not really that hard to pronounce (uh-roar-uh). You get used to it after a while.
I actually think this is a really beautiful name.
Aurora's Greek equivalent is Eos.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights (celestial phenomenon of bands, curtains or streamers of coloured light that appear in the sky predominantly in the Arctic and Antarctic regions of the earth) which is among one of the most beautiful natural occurances.
I think Aurora is a very beautiful name, very soft, gentle and elegant. Disney's Sleeping Beauty was my favorite movie when I was little, as well. I especially like the nickname Rory. Aurora - beautiful name!
YAY! I love this name! First of all, Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney princess, and this is her name! Secondly, I agree with all of you saying it's enchanting and stunning because it is! And regal, I might add.
In the movie Impromtu, Judy Davis's character goes by the name George Sand (a real author) but is really named Aurora.
Absolutely enchanting and stunning. Lovely!
I sometimes wish this were my name, instead of Dawn. But since stupid people abound, and they can't even spell or pronounce Dawn properly (I wish I were kidding), it would be even worse to be named Aurora, I guess. At least they'd have a reason to mess it up, I suppose.
Aurora probably came from the lights from the North/South Pole. The lights there are called the Aurora Lights, they're also visible in Iceland.
This is one of my favorite names! However it sounds best in Swedish because you roll the r's.
Rorey is a cute nickname for this.
Aurora is a city in Oregon. I could never name my child after this city, (since I live in oregon). Or maybe I should just move.
The P&O British cruise ship "Aurora". I think this is such a pretty name.
I'm afraid I choke on my own tongue trying to pronounce this, so I don't like it. Of course, I also can't properly pronounce "rural".
The Disney movie "The Sleeping Beauty" is one of my favorite childhood films. Since the princess is named Aurora, I have always loved this name. The name Aurora brings to mind a girl with a beautiful, happy heart who is like sunshine to those around her.
Such a pretty name!
I am currently living in the city of Aurora, Il. It means the city of lights. There is over a hundred thousand people living in it. But, unfortunately, it is known as a bad town because there are a lot of gangs in it.
I think in Finnish, it is pronounced OW-ro-ruh.
This is where Wayne and Garth are from in the movie Wayne's World!"Sometimes I wish I could boldly go where no man has gone before... but I'll probably just stay in Aurora" - Garth
Every time I hear or think of this name I imagine a classic, young, beautiful girl dancing around in a changing color dress! It sounds very lyrical to me.
A rather pretty nickname is "Rory", for when the child is younger.
Aurora is a beautiful, elegant name. I would prefer the nickname Orie/Aurie or even Aura rather than Rory/Rori. Rory is too masculine of a name for me.
This name is simply lovely! It sounds much more elegant and beautiful than Dawn, but it bears the same wonderful meaning.
Aurora is also the name of a town in Ontario, Canada.
When I was little, I LOVED this name, then I lost interest in it for a while, and now I love it again.
I love this name. I think it is a name with a meaning of grace, optimism elegance and light. It pictures a vision of the dawn and it's breathtaking beauty. My favorite shortname for Aurora is 'Orie.' I just think it's wonderful!
It is also used in Romania. [noted -ed]
My grand-mother's name is Aurora, only that it's French: Aurore. I think it is the nicest name. It's a little on the harsh side, but I love its meaning. If ever I have children, I will call one of them Aurora.
Aurora is a pretty name. The only problem I have with this name is it doesn't roll off the tongue too easily. Try picturing yourself yelling this name out at a playground, LOL. At least it isn't a fad name and if you did call it out you wouldn't get 15 kids responding.
I think it is a lovely name. The character in Sleeping Beauty was so gorgeous, I always think of her and her singing when I hear this name. It was one of my favorite movies when I was young. Now, I would like to use it as a middle name for Ruby.
Beautiful name! In Italy is very popular!
I love this name, I get many comments on how beautiful my name is.
Aurora is a city in the state of Illinois.
What made me not like this name anymore is the pronunciation. Sounds too much like aw-roar-uh.
Even though Aurora technically means "dawn," I would tell my daughter that her name meant "rosy fingertips of dawn." I think it's more poetic and beautiful.
Aw come on! You can't just go and change the meaning of a name! That's really bad! Especially writing that on a page about the meaning of names. Tsk tsk.
I love this name. Most people don't but I think it's beautiful.
This name is my all time #1 favorite feminine name. It is enchanting, beautiful, and it has a pretty meaning.
I have changed my mind as this being my #1 favorite feminine name. I have always loved the name Anna a lot more plus I think it sounds nicer.
This is what I am naming my daughter which I am expecting in 5 months. The pronunciation was also a concern with me but we will get people to call her "Rori".
As an English major, I acquired this name from the Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem, "Aurora Leigh". The beauty of the poem and the name has helped me to choose this name for my daughter. I hope she doesn't find out that the poem was about a Victorian fallen woman!
The name of Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti's daughter is Aurora.
A famous bearer of the name Aurora is the Sleeping Beauty in the disney film.
May be difficult for young children to pronounce.
Among other usages, Aurora is also Spanish, Polish and Swedish.

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