How are people saying this name is boring? Aya is a gorgeous name. Short, simple, and beautiful meaning. And it can go with almost any middle! Aya Josephine, Aya Emmeline, Aya Beatrix, Aya Persephone, and even double middle names like Aya May Celine, Aya Beatrix Dawn, and some more.

In conclusion: Aya is a great name.
This is the name of one of the main characters in the popular manga and anime series "Ayashi no Ceres" (Ceres, Celestial Legend). She uses a rather uncommon spelling 妖, which means "attractive, bewitching".
Okay although boring- feels like it’s missing something.
Aya Shameimaru from Touhou Project.
This name makes me think of Mario when he fires rapid punches and screams AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA! OOWAYA!.
I'm Maya. This is just my name without the M. I really do like it, it's a pretty cool name, but for me, I'll always see it as my name misspelled. Still, a nice name.
Aya used to be a very popular girls name in Japan.

It made the top 10 for the first time in 1985, peaked at #1 in 1990 and last made the top 10 in 1997.

It is most commonly spelled 彩.

綾 never entered the top 10.
Aya from Mad Father, anyone?
In the old Quechua language of the Andean people. The word Aya means either "spirit", "soul", "corpse", or "dead body".
Aya is also an Arabic Muslim name which means "verse" "آية" in arabic. [noted -ed]
Good name for a girl who likes to say Ay.
It's a lovely name, it's sweet and I see it well on a little girl!
The name Aya was given to 322 girls born in the US in 2016.
A very common name in Japan and also a common nickname here in the Philippines. The name also exists in other cultures, with different spellings and meanings. But still, I love it. It's short, simple, and so nice. Very apt because "kaaya-Aya" is a Filipino word that means beautiful, pleasant, and appealing. It's a common name/nickname for girls but there are also guys who use the name. =)
Aya Kanno is a Japanese shōjo manga artist. She is the former assistant of manga artist Masashi Asaki of Psychometrer Eiji fame. Her debut was in the January 2001 issue of Hana to Yume with Soul Rescue. Thus far, her work has only been serialized in Hakusensha's shōjo manga anthologies: Hana to Yume, The Hana to Yume, Hana to Yume Plus, and now primarily in Bessatsu Hana to Yume, in which her latest work, Otomen, is currently running. Also, she has completed Kokoro ni Hana wo.
Aya Sameshima is a Japanese international footballer. Mainly a left-sided defender, she plays for INAC Kobe Leonessa. Sameshima played youth football for Kawachi SC Juvenile between 1995 and 2002 and Tokiwagi Gakuen High School from 2003 until 2005. In 2006 she joined TEPCO Mareeze, the club owned by the Tokyo Electric Power Company. During her time at Mareeze she lived in the J-Village Sports complex in Hirono near Fukushima, and like other players, she worked at the TEPCO-run Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant to earn a living whilst playing for the club. After playing for the Japanese team at the AFC U-19 Women's Championship in 2006, Sameshima made her full international debut in 2008, against Russia, and played in the Women's Asian Cup that year, scoring the first goal in an 11–0 win over Chinese Taipei. In 2010 she played in the 2010 Asian Games, winning a gold medal as Japan won the tournament. In 2011 she was part of the Japan squad for the World Cup, playing in every match for the World Cup Champion Japanese team. She was part of the Japanese team that won the silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics. She also played in the 2015 Women's World Cup.
Aya Kusube is a freelance illustrator. She primarily illustrates books and magazines, as well as advertising material aimed at children, using her own drawing style which mirrors that of children’s drawings. She was also involved as a conceptual designer for the famous Doraemon franchise. Kusube has been involved with the Pokémon franchise since 1998, writing and illustrating a number of Pokémon Tales books, and moving on to produce many illustrations for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.
This name is also used among males in Japan.

The kanji 彩 is currently 628th place in Japan. (Source:
Aya Kamiki is a Japanese singer-songwriter. Her style ranges from pop, rock to rhythm and blues. She resides in Osaka, and is signed with Tokyo-based AVEX recording label. She speaks moderate Chinese, and because of this, she has a notable fanbase in China.
Aya Miyama is a Japanese football midfielder. Since 2012 she has served as captain of the Japan women's national football team, for which she has played since 2003. She has appeared in every FIFA Women's World Cup since 2003, and was a member of the Japanese team that captured the 2011 World Cup championship. Miyama also led Japan to a silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Her professional squad is Okayama Yunogo Belle of the L. League.
Aya Uchida is a Japanese voice actress and singer from Ōta, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. She is affiliated with Across Entertainment.
Aya Ueto is a Japanese actress, singer, model, tarento, and occasional radio personality. Born in Nerima, Tokyo, Ueto was discovered when she participated in the 7th Japan Bishōjo Contest, where she won the special jury prize.
Aya Hiroshige, a singer known for the song "The Shining Road" which is used in Sonic X.
Aya is the name of the green-haired ninja in Pokémon.
Aya is a character in Superflat First Love and it's sequel Superflat Monogram, which are animated Louis Vuitton advertisements Takashi Murakami made.
I love this name! Pretty yet simple, lyrical and blithe sounding. I imagine this name belonging on a shy, but spunky and quirky girl with an artistic flare and a great sense of humor. And it is very uncommon where I live so that's a bonus. I just really, really love this name!
Could be a nice nickname for the unique unisex name Nayab/Nayaab.
Aya is a female name with multiple meanings in different languages. Aya (あや, アヤ) is a common female Japanese given name. Meaning "Design" "Art" or "Beautiful" Aya is also an Arabic female name written as آية meaning "sign", "miracle", or "verse." A'ya is also in use in the Hebrew language and means "to fly swiftly." or "Bird"
In Old German, Aya means sword
There are several alternative spellings including Ayah and Aiya.
There is also an African Adinkra symbol called an Aya which is a fern, it is a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness.
In the Raute language of Nepal, Aya refers to one's sister-in-law, meaning the wife of one's elder or younger brother. The word's origin comes from Proto-Tibeto-Burman ’ay (alternate form yay) meaning mother.
Aya Kawai (彩, born 1975), Japanese figure skater
Aya Kitō (亜也, 1962–1988), Japanese writer
Aya Hirano (綾, born 1987), Japanese voice actress
Aya Hirayama (あや, born 1984), Japanese actress
Aya Hisakawa (綾, born 1968), Japanese voice actress
Aya Ishiguro (彩, born 1978), Japanese singer (former Morning Musume)
Aya Kamikawa (あや (born 1968), ), a Japanese politician
Aya Kamiki (彩矢, born 1985), Japanese singer
Aya Matsuura (亜弥, born 1986), Japanese singer
Aya Ōmasa (大政 絢, born 1991), Japanese model and actress
Aya Sugimoto (彩, born 1968), Japanese actress
Aya Sumika (born 1980), American actress
Aya Ueto (彩, born 1985), Japanese actress
Aya (artist) (亜矢), a Japanese singer
Aya Miyama (born 1985), Japanese soccer player
Aya Sameshima (born 1987), Japanese soccer player
Naoki "Aya" Okawa, guitarist of Japanese group Psycho le Cému
Aya Terakawa (born 1984), Japanese backstroke swimmer
Aya (Queen), Ancient Egyptian king's wife during the 18th century BC
Lysa Aya Trenier.
There is a beautiful song by blues-garage band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) called Aya.

Also, in the House of Night books, the main character's Native American heritage is often cited and she is sometimes referred to as A-ya, which means (if I remember correctly) "Me" in the language of the tribe she's from.
Also a Hebrew name meaning 'bird'.
Aya is a character in the whimsical movie Absurdistan. I like it, but it kind of reminds me of the sound Hi-AH that appears in karate movies.
Aya is not strictly a Japanese name. It's also a Hebrew name, albeit an uncommon one. My name is Aya, not a nickname for anything, and I am neither Japanese nor Jewish.
A-ya is also Cherokee for "Me".
Aya is a character in the Touhou project.
I know a girl named Alyssa whose friends sometimes call her "Aya" (pronounced eye-uh). I'm not sure where the nickname came from, but a lot of people call her that.
Aya Ueto is a famous Japanese actress.
This is also an Arabic girls name. It comes from the Quran and means "sign", "miracle" or "verse".
In Korean, I believe "Aya!" is an expression of pain, the equivalent of the English "ow!"
So pretty, simple, uncommon, and sweet. I'd definitely use it.
Aya Fuse is the main character in the book Extras by Scott Westerfeld.
Aya Hirano who plays the voice or Haruhi in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is a famous bearer.
AYA is the stage name of the guitarist from Mix speaker's inc. (known as Even pheonix, Fire Kyoncie, etc.) and previously Psycho le Cemu.
I have a cousin named Alicia whose nickname is Aya. I wasn't sure what the name meant in reference to her (I thought it had something to do with the Ayah from The Secret Garden), but now that I know it's Japanese, I understand where she got it. She likes the language of Japanese (she's really into animes and mangas and always draws anime-style characters), and the meaning of "color" or "design" suits her well. It sounds like an artistic girl who can go between two different types of behavior, crazy and silly or dead-serious, both of them suiting her equally well (this is what my cousin does). I'd definitely use it.
There is a Hebrew variation "A'ya" which means, "to fly swiftly".
In the manga Kare Kano, there is a girl named Aya who is skilled at sewing.
Aya is the main character of Scott Westerfeld's soon-to-be-released book 'Extras', a companion to his 'Uglies' trilogy.
I know a girl named Aya, it's a very pretty name. I like it because it's short and simple.
Aya's the name of the protaganist of Square-Enix's PS1 game, Parasite Eve.
In Naruto, during the episode with Sakura and Ino's batle during the preliminaries of the Chuunin exams, during one of the flahsbacks there was a girl named Aya who picked on Sakura.
A famous bearer of the name Aya is Aya Ishiguro, former member of Hello! Project group Morning Musume.
Aya in Creek means saint.
Aya is popular in Israel too and the meaning is Ereth Israel Hashlema.
Aya is an Adinkra symbol from the Akan, an ethnic group in Ghana, West Africa. The symbol represents the "fern" as a sign of endurance and resourcefulness.
A character from the anime "Kodocha" is called Aya.
Aya Mikage is the main character of Watase Yu's manga 'Ayashi no Ceres'.
Famous bearer is Aya Matsuura, a Japanese teen idol.
Extremely common name in Japan among the under 30 crowd (older crowd has its share of women named Ayako).

There are MANY kanji possibilities for this name. Here are just a few:
worship (this kanji can also be pronounced Takashi if it's for a boy)
writings (this is a relatively simple character)
intricately woven threads (extremely detailed)
has allusions to the concept of relationships as well - this is the character for Aya in famous authour Ayako Miura's name. Shiokari Pass and a few of her other books are actually translated into English. She died just a few years ago, but was a very famous authour in Japan and wrote many books and poems. She was from Hokkaido and had struggled with TB. I have read the English translation of her biography (as well as a couple of her other books) and it is very good.
Most likely pronounced as IE-a or EYE-a, rhyming with the end part of the word Papaya.
Aya is also a Swedish pet form of the name Marie - spelt Aja but pronounced Aya. It also comes from a northern part of Spain, Catalonia. It is also Hebrew meaning "little bird" and is Arabic meaning "miracle".

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