Azalea is a cute name and you can grow with it!
I named my daughter Azalea. I don't care about any rappers, to be honest, not very many people even know who they are. If anyone asks, I always say her name is Azalea (like the flower). I had infertility for a long time so since the actual Azalea flower grows in dry soil, it is fitting.
I love this name, but I don't want it to be associated with the rapper! It's beautiful.
Literally my top baby name. I think it's so beautiful, the perfect mix of feminine and edgy/strong with the Z in there. I would go for the nickname Zae or Zee. Azzy sounds too close to a swear word for me... The only problem is that my friend has already claimed this name! Argh! Maybe she'll change her mind later on :)
Oh- and about Iggy Azalea. Hopefully, she doesn't ruin the name for too much longer, I doubt she'll be relevant for long.
My name is Azalea! I really love my name, in my 21 years I've only met one other person with my name so it's kind of crazy to find this thread with so many other people saying that this is their name or that they've met someone with this name. My family is Mexican so at home its pronounced ah-sahl-ya but everyone outside of my home calls me uh-zale-lee-yuh and I think both sound nice (during college people have started using the nickname Aza with me, which is a first, but I also find it really cute). During middle school I would get a few comments here and there about Iggy Azalea which irked me at the time, but now that she's not big anymore people don't really draw comparisons between our names. The most common mispronunciation I've gotten throughout my life is aza-leia (i don't love the sound of this pronunciation tbh, but people are usually pretty good at saying it correctly once I correct them)
I think this name is adorable and unique. I love the name Azalea Brynn!
Rapper Azalea Banks ruined this name.
This is one of those names that’s immutably feminine to the general population but that I would honestly love on a boy. Actually, I just love it in general. It’s so energetic!
I actually really like this name. Azalea Brooke is my favorite combo.
This name sounds weird to me. I like Azura better.
Where I am from, Azalea is pronounced as A-ZAY-LEE-UH. This is my favourite pronunciation because in my opinion, it just sounds better than the others.
I really love this name! It is feminine, classy and cute. It is open to an array of nicknames like; Lea, Zaylee, Zee and even Zay-Zay to name a few. It goes well with many middle names, my favourites being either Azalea Grace or Azalea Belle. It ages quite well, but it is still really sweet for a little girl. The Azalea plant is a beautiful light pink, delicate flower so it is perfect for a feisty girly girl. :)
I think the name Azalea is gorgeous and fits in perfectly with the popular ultra-feminine "A" names (Ava, Amelia, Aria, Aurora, Aaliyah, etc.) without being well-known. A great name for someone looking for a unique nature or floral name! I've never met an Azalea, but I do think it has long outgrown its "trashy female rapper name" status by now.

The other day I thought of a great nickname for Azalea and thought I'd share: Ayla! I don't think it is too much of a stretch at all to pull Ayla (pronounced AYY-lah) from Azalea, as they both start with an A, contain a long "ayy" sound, and share many of the same letters. The name Peggy somehow started as a nickname for Margaret after all, and that is way more of a stretch! Ayla offers a usable and quite pretty short form if you love Azalea and don't want to be stuck with the default nicknames of Zaylee or Zee-Zee or Azzy.
Pretty, and I love the nickname Azzy. But I actually prefer Azalie, which I think is the French version (like Azelie).
It's pretty! I suggest Lea as a nickname.
I saw someone online suggest the nickname Zaley (Zay-Lee I assume), and I thought that was cute!
Beautiful spelling and pronunciation. I love the nicknames, Aza and Lea. Pity about the meaning though.
It's an alright name. I don't associate it with the rapper.
With the Spanish pronunciation, it doesn't even sound that much like Iggy or Banks.

Ah - zah - lay -ah (Aza + Princess Leia)
This is a beautiful botanical name. I think the increase in popularity is due to the exposure of "Iggy Azalea" which brought it into public consciousness. I think her popularity is waning, so if you have a daughter she most likely won't be associated with the celebrity once she's a bit older.
I love this name! But the rapper does ruin it, she is selfish, but if you like the name Azalea, then adelante! I mean, go ahead. Sorry, I am of Spanish heritage (Gracie is short for Graciela) and sometimes I just use Spanish in place of English.
Azalea is a gorgeous flower name. I don't care about the rapper.
I think of that stuck up, self-hating, ignorant Rapper, Azalea Banks when I hear this. Ruined this name.
WAY too pretty to let that "Iggy" ruin it. Just forget her and think of the loveliness suggested by the name itself!
I agree with Laylazeee, Azaelia Banks and Iggy Azalea have both ruined my name for me. In my personal opinion, they're both trashy rappers (Azaelia also has a really, really bad attitude and her name is spelled a different way as mine, Azalea) I've never before met any other girls in my town named Azalea, pretty sure I'm the only one since it's really rare but a boy once asked if he could call me 'Iggy' because of Iggy Azalea, that's when I really started to dislike her. People started to say "Like Iggy Azalea" and it bothered me. My father had picked the name for me once my mom read it off in a book of baby names before Iggy even had it. I'm not a fan of Azaelia Banks, she just gives a bad name to black women and the name Azalea. I'm not black, to answer someone's question on here, I'm Hispanic and the name is originally pronounced Ah-Sah-Lia just like how the person who asked pronounced it but my mom pronounces it as it's spelled Ah-Sah-Lea. The kids in my school pronounce it as Ah-Sah-Lea or Ah-Zay-Lea since it's pretty hard for me to pronounce my name correctly because 1. I'm pretty shy and 2. The pronunciation changes.
In Brazil, the most commonly used spelling is "Azaléia".
It is also very interesting the French form, Azalée, is pronounced as Desirée or Aimée. I found this very friendly French translation; We have other interesting translations: Azalee (German), Azlia (Arabic), Azalija (Belarusian) Azaliya (Bulgarian), Jindallae (Korean), Azalka (Slovak), Asalea (Estonian), Atsalea (Finnish), Asealas (Welsh) azalai (Hindi), Azeylia (Yiddish), Azalia (Polish), Acelya (Turkish).
This is a lovely name. The flowers are gorgeous in the south and bloom forever. I think we should take Azalea back from the trashy rappers, lol. Just be sure to spell it correctly!
My daughter is four years old and her name is Azailea Neicey. Someone thinks it's a trashy way of spelling it. I chose it to differentiate it from the flower. I call her Zee or Zee Zee. It's super cute and everyone loves it and finds it very original. I did too until I heard about the two disgusting rap artists that came out around about the same time she was born. Although I still don't regret it. Zee Zee suits being a little flower.
It's a nice plant, but unfortunately it's been ruined by the trashy Iggy Azalea and the racist Azealia Banks (the latter of whom has a horribly trashy misspelling).
I named one of my characters Tessa Azalea Larkspur. It is a historical novel placed in the 1970s. My excuse for the name is that her parents were hippies.
The female rapper, Iggy Azalea, anyone?
I named my 2nd daughter Azalea - born 2000. I wanted a unique but attractive name that wasn't weird. We pronounce her name ah-zA-lE-ah.

We still love it and haven't met anyone else with the name and we've lived/been from the east coast to west.
Really pretty flower name as an alternative for popular ones like Rose and Lily. Sounds feminine and lovely but also has the potential for evoking a feisty and spirited image, in my opinion. Nicknames Aza or Lea are great too.

Right now this name probably has more recognition, thanks to Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea (current hit "I'm so faanncyy! You already knowww.."- my sister's been singing it all over the house!). May be a good or bad thing, depending on whether you mind that people could potentially think you named your daughter after her.

I hope Azalea may become more popular since it now has a foothold in mainstream media. It would be a refreshing change to see more Azaleas being born than Maddisyns and Ryleighs in the future!
The name also means "chosen by god" my name is Azalea so I did a lot of research on it.
I like Azalea. Too bad it isn't as popular as today's names. But it soon will. I also like that it's a new human name to use.
I just met a girl in school with this name and I thought "wow, that's beautiful!" I had to look it up on here. No idea it was a type of flower (dumb me). Beautiful beautiful name!
Azealia Banks (1991-) is an American rapper/singer from Harlem, NY.
Can be spelt 'Azealia'.
Kind of hard to wrap my brain around yet but I gave this name to one of my characters. Her mother loves flowers and her sisters are called Lizianthus (Liz for short) and Violet. No, it's not an historical novel. Look up Lizianthus if you don't believe me, they're one of my favorite flowers. I didn't think Ranunculus (as beautiful as they are) would be appropriate name... maybe if they had a brother. Lol I'm sure weirder names were generated during the druggy era. No worse than Moonunit.
Has some good nicknames, like Az or Zale or Lea. Nice name, not as common as other flower names. I would definitely put this on my consideration list, as I love names from nature that are unique.
This is such a beautiful name! Too bad the meaning isn't so great. Oh well, that wouldn't stop me from using it.
I looked into the meaning, and the meaning is 'dry' because it flourishes in dry soil, which actually is very strong of the flower, so I like the meaning now.
Definitely not the best name out there. The sound isn't very pleasing, and to be honest, I'm not too crazy about the flower.
I don't know if Azalea is used as a given name in Spanish- or Italian-speaking countries; nevertheless the flower Azalea is pronounced "ah-sah-LAY-ah" in Spanish and "ah-tsah-LAY-ah" in Italian.

From the internet: The Azalea flower symbolizes temperance, fragility, passion and, in China, womanhood; it also means "take care of yourself for me". It is a member of the rhododendron (Greek: "rose tree") family.
If I had to choose a flower name it would be between Amaryllis and Azalea. I am leaning towards Azalea because it is unique, sounds more feminine, and the flower isn't common.
I thought Azalea was a modern name, but I've just found that between 1837 and 1915 (haven't checked later) 48 babies were given this name, either as a first name or middle name, in England.
The earliest was Azalea Platts, born in Sheffield in 1866.
The unluckiest was Gladiolus Azalea Clarke, born in Leicester in 1891. (I found four others in the same time period with the Gladiolus name: Gladiolus Ermine Blake, Olive Gladiolus Corps, Gladiolus Ivy Shearman, and poor Gladiolus Gooch.)
I like this name, I think it's pretty and a change from Rose for once. Azaleas are pretty pink flowers although they only last for a few weeks. I've always hear it pronounced A-Zayl-lee-uh, which is quite pretty. If Azula from Avatar The Last Airbender had a twin sister who was good, this would be her name, I think.
I know of someone who named their daughter Azalea (pronounced A-ZAY-lea) and nicknamed her "Zae" for short. Very cute, and very pretty.
The meaning really is beautiful if you look at it right. Okay I know it means dry but there was a reason for why they called it that. It is a flowering shrub that grows in dry soil. If you're struggling when your daughter is born then her name can mean that she can grow and blossom even when there seems to be hard times around.
Nice name, can't think of rhymes bullies at school could use so that's a bonus.
The name Azalea is feminine and elegant.
The French form of this name is either Azélie or Zélie.
I used to think it was pronounced "AH-zuh-LEE-uh"!
This name reminds me of the most beautiful girl in the world. It's just absolutely beautiful. I will surely use this name in the future.
Azalea is one of those rare yet beautiful names you can have. I love this name.
I think this is a cool name!
I like this name; it's a pretty and underused flower name, and it looks and sounds somewhat exotic. I always pronounce it 'Ah-zay-lee-ah' and have only heard it pronounced this way (I live in Indiana.)
Do you live in Georgia too, because we pronounce it a-ZAYL-a.
I have a friend named Azalea and her name was pronounced a-ZAH-lee-a.
"Azalea" could have a nameday on Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) is the day of flowers and willows (the names of the other trees also have a nameday).
Where I live, everyone pronounces the flower name a-ZAYL-ya. I've never heard the other pronunciation. [noted -ed]
Azalea is the state wildflower from Georgia.
Azalea is a kind of pink flower.

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