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I don’t know why? But I find this name in contributing a fresh coat of paint to the genuine classic known as
Beatrice. I think that if anybody would like something that appears somewhat “bohemian”, but also retains a sense of grace and charm, then by all means select this name and see it age gracefully with every passing year.
― Anonymous User  4/15/2019
LOVE IT. It's really posh, in a good way, classy and sophisticated.
helena1990  12/11/2018
Silly rabbit, Beatrix are for kids.
ferreteater  12/7/2018
Love it, it's still not too common right now, it's cool. I never met another Beatrix.
beatrixx_  10/7/2018
It looks much cooler than Beatrice, and I like the meaning.
kayisforkeen  9/12/2018
This is my baby daughter's name, and I love it, but people have trouble with it. While we pronounce her name BEE-ə-triks, everyone else says BEE-triks - if we're lucky and they hear the x. Most of the time people think her name is Beatrice. So, instead of calling her BEE-ə-triks, most people call her BEE-tris. It's frustrating. Even my mom can't get it right! I'm tempted to just introduce her as Bea and stop saying her full name. (Also, nickname-wise, my brother-in-law calls her Bix.)
KJBK  11/5/2017
Hungarian pronunciation: BE-awt-riks.
HerculePoirot  7/14/2016
The name Beatrix was given to 209 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/17/2016
A beautiful sounding name! I love the meaning, too.
Thegirl101  3/14/2016
This is also used in Hungary. [noted -ed]
Anyechka  2/15/2016
The "x" (very popular nowadays) makes the name much livelier to say, like the above comment, and makes it look very fresh, despite being a true classic. It's a crime that it is not used too much today, possibly because of the nickname "Trixie". If you want to use Beatrix, use Beatrix as is!
Amedee Lupien  8/29/2015
Love this name! Classic, feminine and strong, with the "x" making the name so much livelier and fun to say. I fully intend to use this for my future daughter- just hope it doesn't end up becoming super popular before I get to use it :)
― Anonymous User  5/4/2014
So the first thing you do on this website is look up your own name :)
I didn't like my name when I was little, now at the age of 25 I came to terms with it. I like the name in itself (not the English pronunciation), but I cringe when they call me Beatrix, because to me it's too princessy and stern at the same time. I also hate Bea because I consider it the short form of Beáta, which is not my name. Plus in English it sounds like "bee".
Its diminutive in Hungary is Trixi (without an "e"). I like it because it's unusual and the x makes it a little sci-fi. A friend of mine calls me Trix, that's kinda cool too. Unfortunately it's a stripper or a dog name in pop culture. Oh well :)
It doesn't go with long last names.
Trixi-B  4/5/2014
The name Beatrix was given to 141 baby girls born in the US in 2012 :)
Oohvintage  7/17/2013
I love this name! It feels like a fairy-tale name, along with Amelia. Those two names both sound so gorgeous and story-like! I also much prefer this spelling and pronunciation to Beatrice, as Beatrix sounds more original and unique than Beatrice.
icecream23  2/26/2013
Jodie Sweetin had a child named Beatrix Carlin Sweetin-Coyle on 8/31/2010.
SEC908  12/21/2012
Beatrix Loughran is a former American figure skater.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2012
I've also heard that Betty can be a nickname for Beatrix or Beatrice. I like that much more than Trixie. Betty sounds hip for a little girl.
LauraLoo  8/4/2012
Beatrix (1344-1359) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV and his wife Margarete.
CarolinW  7/22/2012
Beatrix (1305-1329) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Henry VII and his wife Margaretha.
CarolinW  7/22/2012
Beatrix (1162-1174) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I (Barbarossa) and his wife Beatrix.
CarolinW  7/20/2012
Beatrix (1037-1061) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Henry III and his first wife Gunhilda.
CarolinW  7/20/2012
Beatrix (1030-1036) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Conrad II and his wife Gisela.
CarolinW  7/20/2012
I really like this name, but it is very impractical when you put it with a last name - the x makes everything sound just wrong. Whenever choosing a name, always put it with your last name. After all, it's a package you are giving your child.
chocolatefrog  5/25/2012
One of the worst names ever! It reminds me of a mean, overgrown librarian with a wooden ruler.
GibsonGirl  8/21/2011
Beatrice is so ugly - looks like "beat rice". Beatrix is better, but still really battle-axey and dowdy.
― Anonymous User  11/9/2010
This name has been on record since 1076.
― Anonymous User  11/7/2010
As the years have rolled on, this name has become more and more appealing to me. It's strong yet elegant. My one concern is a nickname--I don't really like Bee or Bea, and Trixie just sounds silly and childish.
erb816  8/2/2010
The think this is much prettier and less old-fashioned than Beatrice (in English usage, anyway), with just as much history behind it.
I don't think a nickname is that necessary; it's not long or stuffy- sounding.
bathos  7/30/2010
Beatrix is a name nerd favourite. X is a hot letter, too, so I expect to see this name get just a little more popular in coming years.
The nickname Bix is a great way to avoid Trixie.
vomiting  2/4/2010
Pronounced BE-ah-triks in German. [noted -ed]
mafiosa  8/6/2009
I think Beatrix is a really nice alternative. Trixie is a cute nickname for a little girl, but not for an adult. If I would ever name a daughter Beatrix, I would make sure she doesn't develop that nickname.
Genevieve_M  4/3/2009
Great name!
walesgal92  2/17/2009
I love this name, and it is on my short list of considerations for my next child (we don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet). I prefer it to Beatrice, which I always want to pronounce in Italian. I actually like the nickname Trixie for a little girl, but maybe not so much for an adult. I absolutely hate the nickname Bea--it makes me think of Bea Arthur. That's not an image I would want to project on a little girl.
Varuca  11/25/2008
I prefer Beatrice, as I don't really like the end of the name. I hate the nickname Trixie, and would suggest parents who choose this name to call the girl Bea instead. That, or Beatrix. On the other hand, I think Bellatrix is a cool name despite the ending. But the whole unconventionality of the ending is part of the charm in that unusual name. Beatrix is more conventional, and I happen to like the even more conventional-sounding Beatrice better.
slight night shiver  5/15/2008
I do love this name. However, I'm for some reason attracted to its Latin ancestor, Viatrix. Hmm. A great name though. And Beatrix Kiddo kicks ass, by the way.
― Anonymous User  4/7/2008
I was practically raised on Beatrix Potter stories, so of course I look fondly upon this name. I really like the way it sounds. It makes me think of rabbits (though I'm sure it's just because of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter). If I ever have kids, and my firstborn is a girl, I'll name her Beatrix. And of course I'll read her lots and lots of Beatrix Potter stories.
Pippin  3/15/2008
Listen to the German pronunciation of Beatrix here:
_satu_  1/17/2008
I love the name Beatrix but the nickname Trixie is a really weak-sounding and annoying name.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2007
Classy and lovely!
Sarah Elizabeth  5/13/2007
Well, I just HATE Trixie, and I can imagine some people'd nickname you that.
Surreal  4/25/2007
Beatrix is a really cute name!
7up  1/26/2007
Some famous (and not so famous) bearers are;
The Roman martyr and saint
Saint Beatrix d'Ornacieux
Saint Beatrix d'Este
Blessed Beatrix
Beatrix of Burgundy, Queen of the Holy Roman Empire
Beatrix of Castile, Queen of Portugal
83 Beatrix, an asteroid
Beatrix Potter, children's author
BeatrIX Linux, a GNU/Linux operating system
Beatrix KIddo, character in the "Kill Bill" films
General Beatrix, character in the video game "Final Fantasy IX"
Moon  1/21/2007
I love this name. It's beautiful and classy like Beatrice but more unique.
black_lace  1/11/2007
I like this name better than Beatrice because it's spunkier and the association of Beatrix Kiddo isn't a bad one because she is strong, not wimpy and delicate.
nothingshortoftragic  1/8/2007
I think it's pretty cool. It's quite unique these days. Very lovely.
― Anonymous User  11/28/2006
I prefer Beatrix to Beatrice, it sounds a little more original. I love the meaning as well! A lovely name.
nelirosala  11/25/2006
It's a beautiful name, very pretty and elegant.
bellaboo  9/13/2006
Beatrix is a very old fashioned name and very unusual. It could
have been around for at least 150 years.
Dogsy  2/20/2006
The main character in Quentin Tarantino's movie Kill Bill bears this name.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2005
Strong in history, lovely and energetic in sound, this is a fantastic name.
― Anonymous User  5/29/2005
Beatrix is currently Queen of the Netherlands, and has been since 1980.
bathrick  3/27/2005
The queen of the Netherlands is named Beatrix.
X-Mar  2/23/2005
Famous children's author: Beatrix Potter, wrote the famous 'Peter Rabbit' tales.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2005

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