Caroline Maitland (1858–1920) was an English poet and writer. She worked under the name "Dollie Radford" after she married poet Ernest Radford.
Caroline is a beautiful and classy name. Never out of style, and elegant with grace. The song makes me like it more and it’s such a sunny and radiant name. Reminds me of a sweet and funny girl who’s a bookworm. Caroline is a lovely name. I love the combo Caroline Joy. Much better than Carol by itself.
So feminine and classy! If this was my name, I'd be correcting people until my dying day, because they'd never give up calling me Carol.
I love this name! It is a classic, timeless name that allows its bearer to be any age. Whether the meaning changes or not, I prefer to focus more on the “free” than the “man”. To add my input on nicknames, I do not prefer the nicknames Carol or Carrie, instead I prefer Lina (LIE-nah). I have never met nor heard of anyone nicknamed with that pronunciation, but that doesn’t let my love of it slip. I love that it shares the meaning of ”Charlotte”, making it a perfect name for twins.
Caroline is a beautiful name, in my opinion. It ages wonderfully and it's graced with lovely class, elegance, femininity and sophistication. I also love the gorgeous potential nickname, Carol. Overall, I think Caroline is a great name.
Caroline Herschel (1750-1848) was an English astronomer of German descent. She was the younger sister of fellow astronomer William Herschel.
I think this is a very lovely name and not overused like other classic names. Very pretty and intergenerational from my point of view.
Almost all names are good so it's just a matter of personal opinion.
Caroline doesn't do anything for me, but Carolyn is a little better.
I love this name! It's pretty. If only it didn't rhyme with my surname...
Beautiful name. I wish I heard this name more. I prefer this to Carolyn because it's so much more timeless. Carolyn just feels more like a girl born in the 50s who loves classic rock and Caroline could be a little girl born today, a French princess, or a grandma.
Beautiful, classic girl's name.
This name is classic and timeless! I can see this name on any age.
I like this name! It's very feminine and makes me think of a shy but sweet girl! Plus I always pronounce it as Kah-ro-leen.
Beautiful name, and nothing exotic about it. Sweet, gentle, and simple are the words to describe it. This is one of my favorite variants of all the Karoline's, Carolyn's, etc.
I don't care for it. I prefer Carol Lynn because it's more precise and less garbled.
I think this name is classic, looking nice, sounding nice, just, Caroline is a good quality, classic name. Carolina is also good. I like this name, classic beauty!
My name is Caroline and please don’t take this the wrong way but, I don’t like it that people make fun of me and annoy me by singing songs that have the name Caroline in it.
SWEET CAROLINE! (ba ba ba)
Seriously though, it's a super gorgeous name. I would definitely consider it for my child.
Quite possibly the best name in existence.
I love this name! I think it is beautiful, classy, and timeless! This could totally work for any age. It would be one of my first choices for my daughter if I ever have one. :)
I love this name! It fits a little girl, teenager, woman, and an old lady! I would totally recommend this name moms!
What's so great about this hideous name? Might as well name the kid Carol Lynn. Sounds tacky and immature.
As they are both feminine forms of Charles, Caroline seems like an overkill on Charlotte (more sophisticated and less cute and girly), like with Alison compared to Alice, or even Emily compared to Emma, when you think about that one.
I like this name better when pronounced "Car-uh-line", "car" like how you pronounce "car".
"Caroline, No" is a 1966 single by Brian Wilson, also featured on The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds.
The name is so bad... but I don’t care for it because it sounds slightly like an old lady.
Too many people MISPRONOUNCE it as CAROL-LINE so that I thought I mispronounced it... However, I do not suppose you should emphasize the LINE...
I love this, but it doesn't work with my last name.
I love this name! It is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I was named Caroline.
Caroline is a pretty name and I prefer it to Carolyn because it looks less dull and more youthful. It will still fit the child in the future, though.
I know many Caroline's, some of whom are really awesome, and some of whom are really bratty. Still, I really like the name. It's very sweet... no pun intended. Reminds me of Charlotte. Much better than Carolina.
Beautiful name.
My name is Caroline, and I really like it. I find it to be really pretty and feminine. But, I have found that everywhere I go, people pronounce my name wrong, and I don’t even understand how that’s possible. It’s so simple and easy to say, yet I get Coraline all the time, Carolyn, Kathrine, and so much other stuff. It’s CARE•O•LINE. If you know a Caroline, please pronounce her name right, because getting all these other names is just weird. Sorry for my little rant lol!
Caroline Bingley is a character in Pride and Prejudice.
Caroline Konstnar.
Girls called Caroline are super friendly.
A very beautiful name. I wouldn't use it, though. Reminds me of a very basic girl.
I like Carolyn better than Caroline, but I still think Caroline is a nice name. I’m not sure why, but it makes me think of a pumpkin. It is pretty common where I live, as there are 3 or 4 in my grade.
This is definitely something I would use on a future daughter. It’s so feminine and sweet. It makes me think of a tall, willowy and blond girl in a flannel nightgown, perhaps from Victorian times.
I like the name Caroline. It gets super popular though. There are four Caroline’s in my grade. I would choose an alternative like Carolyn or Carrie.
Very pretty name which you don't hear too often. I'm sure many people with this name would be referenced to the Tim Burton movie "Coraline". I do have a personal bad association with the name though because I know a terrible neglectful and druggie mother who named her daughter this.
Sort of sounds a bit like crinoline.
Recently I came across the spelling of Kearowline….
It's a pretty name in its own right, if a bit too common in my opinion. But the song "Sweet Caroline" is very significant to me and my dad (yes, we are Red Sox fans!), and that association makes this name one of my all-time favorites.
I come from the north, and in the north, I never met a Caroline. Once I moved to the south, my life exploded with Carolines!
My name is Caroline. I've heard it pronounced every single way besides how you actually pronounced it. CARE-OH-LINE.
In 2018, 10 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Caroline who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 339th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
It's okay, but I prefer Carol. It sounds more refined.
Sounds very country.
I always thought Caroline Charlotte would be a nice combination with the C initials, except that it seems a bit too sugary.
I pronounce it CAROL-LINE (long I) instead of CAROL-LIN.
I love the name Caroline. It's the name of one of my American Girl Dolls, and we call her Carrie for short. She's fair; blonde-haired, blue-eyed… I think she really suits her name. :)
Caroline Forbes is a main character in the book and tv show vampire diaries.
My name is Caroline. My middle name is Cameron I’m always curious what other mothers paired the name with. And it’s my belief that if you feminize the name you feminize the meaning. Caroline means womanly or feminine. There’s no way on earth it means man. That’s what Charles means. I’ve researched the meaning and also name meanings in general. I love my name but had a “Bianca” phase at age 9- Thank goodness I outgrew that! And pronouncing my name Carolynn is a pet peeve. I introduce myself as Caroline because that’s my name. The “e” on the end make it a long “I”.
This is the name of my dad's girlfriend's daughter. She is 19 years old, I think. Though it's not my favorite name, it's super cute! I can see it on a hyper 7 year old, a crazy teenager, or a sophisticated young woman. I reminds me of a grassy meadow. I have no idea why...
Another variant, could be English Carolynn too, as it's my own name, where an extra -n is added for aesthetic purposes.
I like this name a lot. It is, however, very popular, and one might be better off with a rarer variant like Carolina. I think that this name means 'free woman', because Charles means 'free man'. It's like words: when you feminize the pronoun 'he', it becomes 'she', and refers to a girl. Names are like words. In fact, all names originate from words anyway, so feminizing them should work the same way. I suggest some rarer and more original nicknames than Carrie. Caz, Cassie, Cate, Connie, Lina, Liney, Oli, Ro, Roli, Rin... so many possibilities! An odd problem is that it can easily be mistaken for other names. I have seen Caroline confused with Carolina, Carolyn, Coraline, Claire, Clara... Even Christine!
When I was a kid, my siblings and I got these cards from a Christian store with our names and their meanings on them. Caroline, my name, was "Song of Joy." That's always been my favorite description for it, especially since it seems to fit my personality.
'Caroline' by Amine is a rap song that peaked at #12 on the Billboard Hot 100.
I love the name Caroline. It makes me think of sunshine and happiness. It has a sweet, vintage charm while also keeping its appeal as a modern name; it stands the test of time!
Caroline Hodgson, also known as Madame Brussels, was a well-known brothel proprietor and local identity of the Little Lon district in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, during the late 19th century.
It's beautiful and simple. My aunt's name is Carolline (with 2 L's). I love the sound of it!
Caroline, Princess of Hanover, is the eldest child of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and American actress Grace Kelly. She is the elder sister of Prince Albert II and Princess Stéphanie. Until the births of her niece and nephew Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques of Monaco in December 2014 she had been heir presumptive to the throne of Monaco since 2005, a position which she previously held from 1957 to 1958.
I'm a Caroline and prefer the pronunciation Kah-Ro-Line, CARE-o-line tends to be the American pronunciation which grates a little. I have to say the most irritating version I get is car-line. Despite all this, and referring to myself as Caroline always, my parents and family have always called me Carrie, lol!
Caroline Louise Flack is an English television and radio presenter, whose career began when she starred in Bo' Selecta! In 2002, but who has since gone on to present various ITV2 spin-off shows such as I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! NOW! From 2009 until 2010 and The Xtra Factor from 2011 until 2013, the latter with Olly Murs.
Not a fan, way too common.
This is my little sister's name except hers has a unique spelling, Karalyne.
Caroline Celico Leite is a Brazilian socialite, singer and former Evangelical pastor at the Reborn in Christ Church, which she left in 2010. Celico married football player Kaká in 2005. In 2015, Kaká and Celico announced their divorce via social media.
This is the name of a hit song by Portland rapper Aminé.
My name is Caroline. I love it! I have only met 1 other person with my name. The name is unique just like the person! My mom named me after Caroline Kennedy because she loved the name. Also, my mother's name is Jacqueline. She gave me the nickname Carrie from her favorite show Little House on the Prairie. Lastly, please do NOT call a Caroline Carolyn! We hate it! It's a completely different name.
Very pretty and rather lyrical sounding, but I prefer the similar sounding Coralie and Carolina. I find them to be less dull and overused than Caroline has become.
This name is simply beautiful. Every positive adjective can be used to describe it. If you are considering this name for your little girl, some combos I have that you more than welcome to take a look at are:Caroline Sarah
Caroline Dakota
Caroline Paige
Caroline Morgan
Caroline Veronica
Eliza Caroline
Lauren Caroline
Leah Caroline
Lucy Caroline
Mara Caroline
Nora Caroline
Savannah Caroline
Tessa Caroline
Vanessa Caroline
Greta Caroline
Ingrid Caroline
Violet Caroline
Charlotte Caroline.
Caroline Scott-Kenway (1691 – 1720) was the first wife of Edward Kenway which is the main character in Assassin's creed Black flag.
I love this name, it's so pretty! Don't know why someone would dislike it.
I am Caroline and I feel like a princess when I am called with this name because it's not popular and most people respect the name itself. It's always an honour for a person to have this name, trust me.♡.
This name is so wonderful! It means free or free man. Carol is a great nickname and I like modern day Cara. But I'm sorry I don't understand calling her Carly. Carrie is cute too. Reminds me of Little House on the Prairie!
Caroline Sunshine (Born: September 5, 1995) is an American actress, dancer and singer.
My name is Caroline and I love it! I just adore the song "Sweet Caroline". People always misspell and mispronounce it Carolyn. It's not my name! They are so similar, but yet so different! Caroline=LINE Carolyn=LYN.
Caroline is a pretty name; I think Rebekah Caroline would sound good together. It reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. Ma's name was Caroline and one of her daughter's names was Carrie, probably short for Caroline. I prefer the sound of Caroline to the sound of Carolyn.
I think Caroline is a classy name and it reminds me of a girl who is pretty and strong. And I think that is a very good thing.
I named my daughter Caroline in 1985. I was familiar with the name growing up from Caroline Kennedy and princess of Monaco, Princess Caroline. I have always loved it.
I'm polish and that's my name but it's spelled differently.
I absolutely love this name! It is my nieces name (her full name is Caroline Elizabeth A____), and I think it's gorgeous!
I love this name. Makes me think of the song "Sweet Caroline".Very classy and traditional. My favourite nicknames are Carrie, Callie and Olly.
Caroline was the main character Rob's dead mother in The Tiger Rising (2001) by Kate DiCamillo.
Is it strange to change one's name from Carol to Caroline? I am considering this, along with changing my last name back to my maiden name after a divorce. I am 52 years old and moved to a different region of the U.S. after divorcing. I have always loved the name Caroline. My name is Carol.
This is my name, and I love it. I've gotten a few 'sweet Caroline' jokes before, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's a great song! It was not a very common name when I was growing up. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it's in the top 100 and has been for quite a while. I've always thought this name was old fashioned and sweet, and its suited me throughout my whole life- it really is one of those names that sounds just as good on a baby as it does on an old woman. That's just my opinion though, I may be a little biased ;)
Reminds me of "sweet Caroline", but that only makes me like it more! It's a very pretty name, Carrie is a good nickname, since its kind of long.
Caroline (1793-1881) was the daughter of King Frederik VI of Denmark and his wife Marie Sophie.
Caroline Healey Dall (1822–1912) was an American feminist writer, transcendentalist and reformer.
Caroline (1747-1820) was the daughter of King Frederik V of Denmark and his wife Louise of Great Britain. She married the Elector of Hesse.
Caroline Hubbard is one of the characters of Agatha Christie's famous novel "Murder on the Orient Express".
Caroline (1713-1757) was one of the daughters of King George II of the UK and his wife Caroline of Ansbach.
Caroline Burckle (born 1986 in Louisville, Kentucky) is an American Olympic-winning swimmer.
On first 48, there is a Caroline Mason who is a detective in Memphis.
Very feminine and classy name.
Aw my name :) it's very popular in Sweden as well as the variant Karolin, and Karolina. It's very classic and classy, not saying that I'm like that but it helps haha.
Caroline Wozniacki, current number one women's tennis player in the world.
Meaning of the name Caroline: Little lady.
I haven't seen the Dutch pronunciation of the name. Me myself am Dutch, and the Dutch way to say this name is most likely;
"ka-ro-LEEN-ə" or "ka-ro-LEEN-e".
I love this name. I also love Ma Ingalls from Little House, so this name is a plus. I hate Carolyn and its pronunciation, care-oh-lin. This name is better by far. (Sorry to all you Carolyns).
My name is Caroline, which I love. Growing up, I wished I had a different name because it was uncommon. But now I think there are a lot more Carolines around. A lot of people call me Carolyn, which is annoying.
This is my middle name, and I think it is fantastic. I also like other spellings and variations--Carolyne, Carolyn, etc. However, I do NOT like the nickname Carrie.
I like this name, it's really pretty and gentle. I like the pronunciation ka-ro-leen the best.
"Where it began, I can't begin to knowing; but I know it's growing strong..."I adore Caroline, it's probably the most popular name I'd ever use. It's just so elegant, it looks gorgeous. It's my #1 girls' name, me thinks.
Caroline of Brunswick wife of king George 1V of Britain -the marriage was a disaster.
The name Caroline connotes membership of the Carolingian dynasty, literally "from the line of Charlemagne".
Much prettier and more elegant than Carolyn, which sounds like a 'country' name.
This is my name and I like it very much. It stands out in my family because most of my relative have traditional/commonly used names (ex. Mary, Ann, William, Joseph, etc.). The only issue is that I get called Carolyn more than Caroline, which can get annoying. While Carolyn is also a pretty name, they are different, albeit slightly.
I prefer the CARO-lyn pronunciation. However this is great name.
A very sweet name. To date, I have had two close friends named Caroline, and they have both pronounced it CARE-o-line.
"Sweet Caroline", the Neil Diamond song!
From the song by Seventh Day Slumber, a Christian alternative band:
Caroline, let me wipe away your tears
And give you life, make you feel beautiful again
Caroline, don't throw it all away
I'm here tonight to take away your pain.
In Gone with the Wind the name of Mrs. Meade (Dr. Meade's wife) is Caroline.
This name is also used in The Netherlands and is pronounced kah-ro-LEEN. I only like the French/Dutch pronunciation of Caroline.
I like the name, but only with the German spelling, Karoline. I also prefer the German pronunciation Kar-a-lee-neh. When pronounced by Americans, Caroline can become very harsh and spread (care-o-line).
Really ugly. It reminds me of a man-name, also it just reminds me of southern TPT.
I hate the English pronunciation of this name. The French one is nice, though.
My surname is Caroline, which I think is pretty weird. I actually agree with people who associate the name with rich snobs, mostly because my family, especially extended family, can be very snobby. I think it is a very pretty first name, but I am not overly fond of it, mostly because I get called Caroline by various teachers.
Caroline is a very sweet, pretty and endearing name.
I love the name Caroline. It's soft and feminine and not too popular. So we named our new baby Caroline and will call her Callie while she's little. It suits her beautifully.
Regal and feminine.
I hate this name. Somehow it always makes me picture a pretty but mean rich girl in a boarding school. I actually dislike the ending and prefer Carolyn, even though I'm not crazy about that name either.
Caroline Grace Elizabeth Williams is one of the female singers in the Christian band PureNRG. She sings alongside Jordan Ryan Yates and Carolyne Myers.Carolyne (pronounced as Caroline) Myers is another singer in the band PureNRG. Her name is actually Laura Carolyne Joyce Myers.
Great name.
Common name in Scandinavia. We pronounce it CAROH-Lih-neh.
In English pronunciation the name Caroline is not pronounced KER-o-lien. It is always pronounced KAR-o-lien. I also have to agree with many of the comments about being called Carolyn instead of Caroline. It's incredible laziness to not listen to how a name is pronounced. I grew up as the only Caroline in my school, but there were many Carolyns. So I got lumbered with that, and I loathe the name Carolyn. Just awful.
The mother of famous author Laura Ingalls Wilder, Caroline "Ma" Ingalls (nee Quiner), was the wife of Charles Ingalls and mother of 5 children (the 4 girls were the surviving): Mary Ingalls, Laura, Carrie (who's full name was also Caroline), Freddy(who died as an infant), and Grace.She was in all of the 'Little House' series of books and portrayed by Karen Grassle in the famous television series in the '70's-'80's, and the character of Caroline also appeared in many miniseries and movies based on the life of The Ingalls Family. In the show, Caroline is pronounced caro-LYN
I've always been told that Caroline means free woman since Carolus was a name given to a free man (with that meaning.) I know that the origin holds the meaning 'man' but since it's a feminized name I would still think that it could be considered to mean woman.
It's way too popular, and makes me think of a snobby, mean little girl.
The name Caroline is in the Outkast song, Roses. Sadly, it is used in a rude way.
One of my favourite names! I love how lyrical it sounds.
A meaning of Caroline is "a free woman", it also comes from Carl that means King.
I've always liked the name Caroline, and my mother's middle name before she was married was Carol, so I think it would be a good name, both because I like it and it respects my mom, for my daughter.
Pretty name!
Feminising a name does not change the meaning. It is still related to the word 'man' whether you want it to be or not. I believe the original meaning of Carl was more at 'free man' than 'man,' so I guess you can interpret it as meaning free with 'man' part being twisted into something like 'strong,' perhaps, but it still doesn't really mean woman.
My mate is called Carolina but we call her Caz, so much easier I'll say!
In the film Chocolat there is a character called Caroline played by Carrie-Ann Moss. Caroline is very protective of her son because his dad died & she doesn't get on with her mum.
My cousin is named Caroline but everybody calls her Carrie. It's an okay name but I prefer Carolina.
It's very funny, because when I was born back in 1985, it was simply a joke to name your child Caroline or Karoline. But now it's more popular than ever. Getting very common in Denmark.
Caroline Keene is the pen name of the many authors of the Nancy Drew books.
This quite a pretty name. It will certainly grow up with the child. One can envision a baby Caroline, an 8-year-old Caroline, a teenaged Caroline, an adult Caroline, and an elderly Caroline with ease.
Caroline isn't a very common name and the people who have it are just as rare as the name. Just like my little sister.
This is my name. I like it because I'm the only one in the school with it, but many of my teachers pronounce it Carolyn. It is very annoying.
My name is Caroline (care-o-line) and I don't like it because it's sounds too old for a 13 year old (which is what I am). It's a beautiful name and I'll appreciate more when I'm older.
Caroline is my name and it does indeed mean "Beautiful Woman". It's in a bunch of name books and other sites, despite the fact that it comes from the name Charles. I love my name, and the name it came from (I have something for boys named Charlie, maybe it's because of my name?). Everytime I have a new teacher or a substitute they call me Carolyn, which I cannot stand. They are two totally different names and I think Carolyn is much less beautiful sounding. My friends call me Carrow (a Celtic name sounding just like Caro, which I hated the spelling of), Ca-row, or Crow. Also, my Italian teacher (from italy) and voice teacher (from Lithuania) call me Carolina.
Caroline of Brunswick was the wife of King George IV of the United Kingdom, and the mother of the ill-fated Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte.
In Sweden we pronounce it the original French way, kah-ro-LEEN. It is also spelt Karolin, but Caroline is the most common spelling.
This is not only the name of Laura Ingalls Wilder's mother - it was also her sister Carrie's name, except she was never referred to as Caroline, probably because she and the mother would have been confused.
I have a sister named Caroline and we call her "Lina" (pronounced with a long I, not like "Lena") for short. I think it's a very beautiful name.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Caroline here:
I have a friend with this name and she pronounces it like Carolyn.
Caroline is such a beautiful, feminine name. I'd love it, if I had a second or third daughter (for the record, I don't have one, yet.) My only problem is, a lot of people mispronounce it ca-ro-lyn. It loses its beauty that way, in my opinion. Also, a cute nickname would be "Cari."
This is the most beautiful name a girl could ever have. I am in love with the name Caroline. She will be my first daughter.
A member of the Irish family band the Corrs. It is her, her 2 sisters Sharon and Andrea, and her brother Jim.
Caroline Trentini is a popular Brazillian model that has been in campaigns for brands such as Valentino and in magazines like Vouge.
Caroline Kennedy, Daughter of the U.S President John F. Kennedy and Jaqueline. Caroline Bingly from the book "Pride and Prejudice". Mr Bingly's sisterCaroline Ribeiro Magalhaes, model.
Caroline is a likable name but in high school I knew a horribly catty and snotty girl named Caroline so this name makes me think of her and her type of attitude.
Caroline is Kate Hudson's character in the movie Skeleton Key.
I love the name Caroline, it makes me feel so happy!
I once read this poem about the name...Caroline - Meaning MelodyYou're so melodicious and sing like a bird,
Any other comparision would be absurd.
In fact you look and sound so nice,
You could only be a bird of paradise!
Princess Caroline of Monaco, an etereal fashion and beauty icon.
The mother of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the writer of the Little House books, was named Caroline. She also happened to be a character in the autobiographical series.
A famous bearer of this is comedienne and actress Caroline Rhea (born April 13, 1964). She is most famous for her role as Aunt Hilda on "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" which also starred the now pregnant Melissa Joan (Catherine) Hart (Willkerson), Beth Broderick, and Nick Bakay from 1996 to 2003. In 2002, she took over Rosie O'Donnell's talk show, which became "The Caroline Rhea Show", which was cancelled after its first full season. She appeared on an episode of "The Drew Carey Show" as Drew's girlfriend and has most recently been the host of NBC Universal's reality television show "The Biggest Loser", which begins its second season very shortly.Edit: It's been 17 years since the original comment, it needs updating.
Caroline is the feminine form of Charles. It is also from a German root meaning "strong, song, melody, and woman".
Well, ok. I like this meaning much better!
I love the name Caroline, but I wish it meant something other than 'man', you know?
My name is Caroline, and everywhere I have looked it has always said that Caroline means "Beautiful Woman" if that is any consolation to the one upset about the "man" connotation.
To the above poster: Caroline doesn't mean 'man'. When a name is feminized, the meaning is also feminized. Caroline means 'woman'.
A masculine name may be feminized, however, the meaning of the name NEVER changes.

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