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This name feels like a dream. So light and airy. I would use in a heartbeat.
The name means Heavenly, though the spelling Selene means moon.
All I can think of is Celine Dion.
Very elegant.
This name is also Swedish. I've met some Celine's in Sweden, and they're wonderful people. It began being in use during the 90s I believe, the oldest I know is 30, the youngest is a newborn.
Very elegant and sophisticated, I love the pronunciation, overall it’s amazing and a great choice for a girl.
Celine is a wonderful name, and I love it.
Lovely name. ❤.
Uptight Catholic girl name.
Another alternative to the name Celine, is Cedine. Cedine means “the days” in Hindi, from the word sadine.
Pronounced /sə.ˈliːn/ (sə-LEEN) in English.
I really like this name, whether with the accent above the E or without. I've always liked our Polish Celina, but I think Celine is even better, softer and more delicate. I just really like the sound of it. I have auditory-taste synaesthesia, and auditory-tactile synaesthesia as well, and to me Celine tastes like grapes. I kind of don't like the association with Celine Dion though, not because I really don't like Dion but because she's so very popular and not really my thing. I also adore Celine as a diminutive of Marcelline.
Celine is the name of a French speech synthesiser produced by Ivona Software.
Celine Cairo is a Dutch singer songwriter from Amsterdam.
The actual Polish form of this name is Celina, but last year (2019) 2 girls in Poland were given the name Celine as a first name, and the name landed #668 in the ranking. It was not used as a middle name.
This name is beautiful.
I prefer Selene.

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