Christine Michael, member of the NFL.
Christine Weston Chandler; comic artist and internet personality.
Sounds religious. But good name!
MUCH prefer Christina or Kristina.
Hello. I am a Boomer named Christine. Back when I was in elementary school throughout the 1960’s, I was the ONLY Christine in the class, and our classes were huge! I was surrounded by girls named Kathy, Mary, Susie, Sally, Patty, Barbie, Debbie, Judy, Nancy, Peggy, etc. You get the point. I always wanted a simple name that ended with a Y like all my friends. I was elated when one of my aunts told me I could be called Chrissy or Christy. My best friend was named Stephanie, also the only one in our class or even our school. Perhaps we became friends because of our odd names. To those who say Christine is a common name, it most definitely was NOT in the 1960’s and 1970’s when I was a child and a teenager. However, I now see that all those Debbies and Judys and Pattys I knew in school secretly liked MY name because when they grew up, they named their daughters Christine. You can see that by the surge in popularity of the name 20-30 years after I was a kid in school. For me, it was a family name, and I was named after my Grandmother. So was a cousin. I named my daughter Christina, as did other family members with their daughters. On the male side, many family members named their sons Michael, after our Grandfather. Growing up I knew I had a unique name from being in school and because all adults commented on my having “oh, such a pretty name”. But as a child? I only wanted one of the regular, more common girls’ name of the era to fit in with my friends and classmates. Two other uniquely-named girls in my class for the era were a Bridget and a Monica.
I honestly think it’s pretty.
Classic, elegant name, really feminine also, just, Christine is a good quality name, with a lot class!
Christine Stuart from the Anne Books.
I like Cristine better with no H cause H’s are Ew!
So 1980!
I am a Christine. The down and dirty: It means Christ like, which I don't like because I'm not a Christian. In school kids called me Christine the pisstine. I also got a lot of "Oh, like the car!" (Thanks, Stephen King.) I frequently get called, Kristen, Christy, Chris, and Chrissy by random strangers. None of which are my name. My name has 9 letters. Not only is it a long name to sign, it doesn't fit into the letter boxes when filing out forms. So I will get registration, test results and ultimately junk mail addressed to Christin. I'm at the very tail end of the boomer generation so I feel my name is a bit out of date.

The beauty of my name: There are a ton of nicknames that could be used. Tina is another besides the ones I already stated. It pretty much goes with any last name you can think of. It flows. Christine Smith, Christine Cabrara, Christine Wong. All beautiful. It can be spelled with a K. Kristine. Seems a bit more modern and fresh.

In the end I don't mind it but would prefer a short name. Like Sky. When my mother passes, I might just change it. But wouldn't do it beforehand as I don't want to hurt her. It's the gift she gave me.
My name is Christine, and I love the meaning. For I am a devoted Christian.
Shout out to all the other Christine's.
I am a Christine with a French last name. I've always been proud of my heritage. I was lucky enough to grow up in a French area of Maine...United States. Anyway, I've always loved my name and find this site quite interesting.
Very, very, pretty name. I love this name so much. It's my 6th favorite girl's name.
Christine is a very pretty name and I much prefer it to Christina, but I personally wouldn't use it because of the meaning.
Christine sounds so elegant.
Very nice and lively name.
I am a Christine. Although I have never liked it, it sounds pretty. It has been my experience that Christine is a leader's name, given to someone who wants to stand out. This is not me. My grandmother named me for the daughter of a Polish journalist, whose newspaper column she often read. My mother was ambitious for me, and wanted me to become writer, and I do have some writing talent.
Christine Anne Perfect (known professionally as Christine McVie) is an English singer, songwriter, and keyboardist. She is mostly known for her work as a vocalist and keyboardist for Fleetwood Mac. McVie was also a keyboardist and backing vocalist for the English blues band Chicken Shack, which preceded her career with Fleetwood Mac.

McVie was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 as a member of Fleetwood Mac.
Christine Guldbrandsen is a Norwegian singer who represented her country in 2006 Eurovision with "Alvedansen". She automatically qualified due to Wig Wam's Top 10 placing last year but she did not replicate this success.
Christine is a beautiful name in my opinion. It’s going on my list! I find this name to be strong yet classy and elegant. I also like the nickname Chrissy, and Chris as a tomboyish nickname.
This is my mum’s name, she either goes by Chris or Kitty. I think it’s a pretty name, especially pronounced in French. My mum personally doesn’t like it as many British Christine’s are somewhat older than her. I personally wouldn’t use it as I feel like it’s slightly dated and not in a vintage way. I would maybe use the name as a middle name, however, I really like Kit or Kitty which could honour my mother.
My name is Christine. I have never liked it because it was common when I was a child. There were 4 other Christines in my class. Also, it has always seemed a leader's name, or the name of someone who wants to be in charge. That is not me. I was named by my grandma after the daughter of a journalist.
Christine is a beautiful name! So cute and elegant! This is going to become another one of my favorite girl names! I think Christine is lovely as a first name or middle name!
And I also love the nicknames Chris, Chrissy, Christa, Christy, and Tine.
Christine Daae is a protagonist in the novel, the musical and movie The Phantom of the Opera.
In 2018, 41 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Christine who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 84th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Boring name.
Christine Stuart is one of Gilbert Blythe's friends in Anne of The Island. Anne mistakes her for Gilbert's girlfriend and gets jealous.
The name Christine means a lot to me- it was passed through my family for a very long time.
The name Christine is French, English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch.
Christine means a Christian, a follower of Christ or a female christian.
Christine Keiko Agena is an American actress known professionally as Keiko Agena. Keiko Agena, a Japanese-American, was born in Honolulu, and began acting at the age of 10. She attended Mid-Pacific Institute preparatory school in O‘ahu, and Whitman College for one year as a drama major.
I am a Kristyne and used to hate being called my full name. I felt like I did something wrong. Now, my husband uses it, and it feels nice and intimate. I have known many by this name, and I have found we come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, religions, temperaments, aspirations and ages. One commonality has been intelligence and another compassion. I am very happy to be one of the Clan.
The name Christine was given to 388 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Christine are female.
My name is Christine and my middle name is Rose. My grandmother Rose Anne wanted to give me this first name Christine, but my grandpa hated it! In France, "Christine" is very widespread, well at least in the 60s. Now maybe less...
Christine Joan Taylor-Stiller is an American actress, best known for her roles as Melody Hanson on Hey Dude, Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie, Holly Sullivan in The Wedding Singer, Matilda Jeffries in Zoolander and Katherine Veatch in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.
Christine Hà is an American chef, writer, and TV host. She is the first blind contestant of MasterChef and the winner of its third season in 2012.
Christine is my middle name. Angelina Christine. Lol I've never thought that much of my middle name. But I think it's cool.
I love it. It's not too common and it sounds like a princess name, but not too princessy. Like it would age well, unlike the name Elsa.
628 Christine is a minor planet orbiting the Sun.
This is my friend's sister's name, and she spells it Kristyne. She goes by Kristy, which I think is a cute nickname. I think this is a nice name, but it's kind of boring. I much prefer the name Christina.
I was born when it was in the 96% range and every class I had contained at least one other Christine (or variant) and a couple Christophers. Sometimes even the initial system didn't work because half of us had the middle name Marie (no, I'm not Canadian). I always liked it, I just wish it hadn't been SO popular.

My pet theory on its recent decline is that many people don't want to wear their religion on their sleeves these days - and one can't be any more obvious than Christine Marie. In my case it was a family name, handed down for hundreds of years.

I only beg one thing: spell it with a K if you must, but don't get creative with it. No one needs to be named Khrystyne. Ugh!
This is my middle name and I like it. Sometimes, when I was younger, I wished it was Christina - but now I'm content with Christine. I like that it's not a filler middle name. Or at least I don't think it is. I like Christiana as well.
I like this name a lot more than the similar name of Christina. It sounds less trendy and preppy.
I love this name, it's so beautiful!
My name is Christine. Many people think it means annoying. :( I have read other comments on my name. Everyone says crazy like Chrissy, which confuses me since Chrissy is my nickname.
Christine is my mothers middle name, so I'll probably use it as one of my daughters names. Right now, I have Rosemary Christine as a combo.
I love this name! It's so classy and pretty.
I like the name Christine, and I wish it were my first name.
Anyway, famous bearers of the name, include:
1. Christine Daae- The fictional, young, innocent, and naive Swedish soprano singer. She is a protege of Erik (The Phantom of the Opera), whom she believes is the Angel of Music that her father sent to her after his death. I want to play her in the musical, being a soprano myself and loving the music that she sings, but the character of Christine irritates me because she has no backbone.
2. Christine Taylor-An actress who is the wife of Ben Stiller. She played Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie. She was also in the movies Zoolander and Dodgeball with Ben Stiller.
3. Christine Bleakley- An Irish television presenter who is known for hosting The One Show and Daybreak
4. Christine Estabrook- Veteran actress who began in the 1980s Hometown and more recently Mad Men and American Horror Story.
This is my daughters name and this saying still sticks. She is loving caring and gentle at times. She has her moments but she is still so caring. And a good combination with Christine for a middle name is Elaine. It's a toung twister at first but it's nice. Christine Elaine.
Christine Hargensen was the name of one of the antagonists from Stephen King's novel, "Carrie."
Christine (1772-1773) was the daughter of King Frederick William II of Prussia and his second wife Friederike.
Christine (1601-1601) was the oldest daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II and his wife Maria Anna.
Since my name is Christina, I have been called this name by well-meaning people many times. Although that can be kind of annoying, I do like Christine just a bit better than my name. Something about it just seems more graceful and feminine to me. Plus, I feel like it suits all ages very well, from a little baby to a old woman. I can see it fitting at any stage of life. It's fairly uncommon without being weird or unusual. It's a great, refreshing choice for a girl these days, I love it. :)
Christine (1606-1663) was the daughter of Henry IV of France and his wife Maria.
Christine (1571-1580) was the oldest daughter of William V, Duke of Bavaria and his wife Renata of Lorraine.
My name is Krystyne, but pronounced the same.
This is my name and I never really liked it because everyone spelled it wrong but now I luv luv luv it!
This name brings to mind a very grounded, down-to-earth and funny girl with a good personality. It reminds me of the gorgeous Christine Taylor, the winsome wife of Ben Stiller. I've never known a Christine, only Christinas. Christina seems harsh and stuck-up, like blond preppy girls and Christina Aguilera. Christine is humble and pretty.
Haha! Evil cars...
That's the only reason I sorta like this name, because of Stephen King.
This name is pretty and not too popular nowadays. I'm always called it because my name is Christina. XP
This was my name; I changed it when I turned 18. It's beautiful on other people, and it's not trashy or anything, but I absolutely hated being called Christine. Plus Christina, Christine, Christy, and all the variants are far too common. I was one of four Christines in my graduating class.
I like the spelling Christine, but saying it like 'Cris-Tee-Na'. :)
I think Christine is a name that should be preserved for a long time. I prefer Christine over Christina and other variants.
The meaning of Christine is "follower of Christ".
I guess a famous bearer could be Christine Gambito, better known as popular YouTube member HappySlip.
Polish-American actress Christine Jane Baranska, born 2th May 1952, Buffalo, New York.
I found a good song called "Christine" on iTunes by this pop-rap dude Heady Hustla.
Christine does not mean "Christian" or "christ-like", nor is it a variant of Christina.

Christine is the original feminine form of Christopher which means "Christ-Bearer". Similar to Israel in the old-testament, the first Christopher (Saint Christopher) was dubbed so because he carried the Christ-child over a river.
Vocalist of member band X, Christine "Exene" Červenková (1st February 1956, Chicago, Illinois).
Nice but a bit old fashioned.
I'd say this name fits demure and graceful people best.
Christine Kochanski is the name of a female character in the popular BBC cult tv show 'Red Dwarf'.
I'm rather fond of this name, if not only because of Christine from Phantom of the Opera.
A famous bearer is American actress Christine Baranski (born May 2, 1952). She received 4 Emmy Award nominations for her role as Maryann Thorpe on the Cybill Shepherd-starring sitcom "Cybill", winning one. She was nominated for an Emmy for a guest shot on the series "Frasier", and also has won 2 Tony Awards for supporting roles in plays "The Real Thing" and "Rumors".
Christine Tucker is a famous bearer. Christine is a commercial airline pilot and is included in the new book: in Their Shoes. The book is written by Deborah Reber.
Christine Noelle sounds very pretty and from what I've heard is very Christian, for those of you of that belief. Personally, I don't care what the name means, if it sounds pretty I shall take.
There's a song by the band "Sugarcult" named Christine.
My name is Christine. When I was young I found the spelling boring but now that I'm an adult I'm glad it has traditional spelling. It is a great name as it adapts easily to age. When I was young I was "Chrissy" (and still am to family) but as I grew I was able to use "Chris". I try & avoid introducing myself as Christine as it does sound very formal and when people use it it feels like I'm in trouble! It is handy to have a name that can be misconstrued as a male name (Chris) as it can generate more attention when writing letters/emails to authorities etc. It's also good that it's not a really common name.
My name is Christine, and my middle is Rose. My parents say it's because I was born on Christmas Day (12/25) and my dad is named, "Christopher." My middle name is a variant for my mother, "Rosie."

I do like my name but nicknames are tough for me. I know a lot of Christophers," who go by "Chris" and "Chrissy" or "Christy" have never suited me. I still love go by "Chris" but I prefer it to be spelled, "Kris."

Throughout grade school, intermediate, and high school I've only known 1 other person named, "Christine."

For some strange reason a lot of people mistake my name for, "Christina." In fact, my cousin-in-law is named "Christina," and people call her, "Christine."
On the new hit tv series, "The New Adventures of Old Christine," Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Christine Campbell.

Christine Ebersole is a Tony-winning Broadway actress.
I think Christine is a very pretty name.
This is my middle name and I love it. My sister named my niece after my middle name and she hates being called Chrissy or Christy or any nicknames, but the name Christine is beautiful. Love it. :)
My aunt is named Christine but people call her Chris (which I dislike as a nickname for a girl.) I think it's a very beautiful name and I like it a lot better than Christina.
A very pretty name that isn't too young or old.
I think the name Christine is a beautiful name, That's my name and I have gotten many compliments. It sounds good for a girl that has darker hair or was born in the spring!
I think Christine is a wonderful name. It's the name of my absolute best friend. And I think that "Rachel" is a great middle name for this name. It just has a ring to it.
This is my middle name; Andrea Christine. I believe it means Christ-like. And yeah, I guess I like it. =P
A unique alternative is the French name Christelle (pronounced krees-TEL).
Listen to the German pronunciation of Christine here:
Christine is a beautiful name in my opinion, with a lovely, warm sound, yet quite reasonable and classical. Too bad it means a Christian, as I'm going to raise my child in the Wiccan tradition.
Christine de Pizan is a famous bearer of this name. Christine de Pizan is seen to be one of the first feminists, and Europe's first female professional writer. She used language to show that women could play an effective role in society and challenged misogyny within the arts.
Christine Lakin is an American actress.
My name is Christina and I'm always called Chrisine. My impression of Christine is harsh and rash.
Christine is a beautiful name, lots of great nicknames and a name you can grow up with.
I hate the name Christine. Christine is the name of a girl who is in a relationship with the guy I would DIE to be with. So yeah, she makes me hate the name Christine.
My best friend's name is Christine and she doesn't really like it so we call her Chrissie or Chrissy.
Christine is a great name and not a fad name at all. It also makes a great middle name.
My understanding of the name Christine, is that it is an early form of "Christian", Greek for "an anointed Christian."
My name is Christine. I like it because it is sort of unusual but not really weird. People always start out calling me "Christina" which is a little annoying, but you get used to it. It's a good name, but don't put it with the name Ann. Ann is my middle name and I don't like it.
YOU GUYS ARE SO RANDOM! Oh well, I like the name Christine and I think I'm going to call my daughter it, but not because it reminds me of the girl from the Phantom, lol. I didn't like her anyway, she didn't stay with the phantom lol. And just to let you know you should all read the book it's great.
The name is beautiful. I once recall knowing a person, so NOT naive and so NOT shallow. She was a real nice person and smelled really good like lemons. She was also a lot better than everyone else at tennis and things like that. Pretty much the kind of person you would want to be if you were a girl.
This is the title of a Stephen King novel, made into a film in 1983.
Christine is the name of the evil car in Stephen King's novel of the same name. She's a '58 Plymouth Fury who is jealous of her owner's girlfriend. Silly, scary book and movie.
Also nice when spelled with a k, as "Kristine".
Christine is the name of the young girl in the famous musical, The Phantom Of The Opera, which has been adapted into a motion picture.

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