I like it, regardless of gender. Gender neutral names rock!
I like this, and its variant, Devan. I've never met a girl Devin and never knew it could be feminine until coming here. No offense to girl's with the name. I just wouldn't use it for a girl.
'Devin' also means 'diviner' or 'soothsayer' in French (as far as my limited French goes). Likely not where it originated from as a name, but still a cool meaning to note!
I knew a girl named Devin once. The name suited her well. I can’t say that I especially like it on a girl but it’s not the worst unisex name I ever heard. I do prefer it on males though.
The girls I've come across named Devin spelled it D e v a n.
I think I prefer this over Kevin.
Devin may come from the Irish "dáimhín", ('daw-veen') meaning 'little poet'. (Devon is the county in southwestern England, that spelling is likely a shortening of the English surname "Devonshire" and unrelated to "Devin".)
The name of the county Devon comes from the Celtic tribe Dumnonia! The shire part came later.
It's funny because my name is Devin and I actually like writing poetry.
Devin is my name and I am a dude, but when I was like four I met a girl Devin so when someone I know has a baby I can recommend my name regardless of gender. I knew my name was Irish, and once I looked at this I finally knew what my name meant this is a great website.
I like it for a boy. Not so much for a girl.
Devin is a nice name. I don't hate it on a girl, but it sounds more masculine to me.
I’ve always really liked this name.
I just don’t like it.
Okay, but boring and overused. I also don't care for unisex names, and this is a name that's equally usable for either sex.
In 2018, 12 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Devin who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 393rd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 19 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Devin who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 578th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Our daughter is named Devin Grace and I love it. She is 16 now. Before we named her I only knew of one Devin - and she is a girl - Devin Alexander, a seni-famous chef / healthy eating expert. When we were pregnant with our daughter people kept saying we could use Devin for a boy or a girl, but I thought it seemed like a girly name. I wouldn't have used it for a boy.
I can see this name on both genders. I picture a sweet guy and a tomboy.
I used to want to be called Devin and I still think it is a pretty name, it never really occurred to me that it was similar to devil.
Devin Logan is a ski athlete in the 2018 Winter Olympics, she competed in the Ski Slopestyle. She also competed in Sochi where I believe she got Silver, two World Championships, World Cups, and 4 X Games.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS NAME! This name is so great but I think it is more for males than females, but this name is so cute and handsome, it's perfect for the boys!
My daughter's name is Devin Kreszentia and she gets told all time how much people like her name. That was in 2008, it became a little more popular after that year.
My name is Devinn spelt specifically with two n's and I am a girl. I used to hate my name because everyone would say "It isn't that a boy's name" and it would bother me. Now I really love how unique the name is. I really recommend it!
Devin Graham filmed many of violinist Lindsey Stirling's music videos on YouTube. He also has a YouTube channel of his own.
Devin Oliver, the lead vocalist of American electronicore band I See Stars, is a famous bearer of this name.
The name Devin was given to 109 girls born in the US in 2015.
It looks like Devil.
My name is Devin and I'm a 16 year old girl. Yeah, I hate my name. But at the same time, I kinda like it. I've only met one other girl named Devin.
My name is Devin and I'm a male. No offense to any females with this name, but I think it's way too masculine for females.
Devin is also a masculine name of Turkish origin; pronounced the same way and meaning an intellectual, strong, or "new" as in change or revolution. It is my son's name. Many similar or identical names appear in both Turkish and Gaelic, as the Celts were amongst the earlier settlers of Galatia in the highlands of modern Turkey. Many of the names have continued on in modern Turkish society. Along with the occasional curly haired redhead. :-)
As a female named Devin, growing up I hated my name. When I would introduce myself, I would hear, "Oh, isn't that a boys name?" It's grown on me since then. :)
There are two famous people who go by the name Devin. 1) Devin Star Tailes (better known as Dev; who collaborated with Far East Movement with "Like a G6" and who also sings "Bass Down Low")2) Devin Lasek (famous for being pro-skater Bucky Lasek's daughter).
I have a friend named Devin Danielle. She often goes by Dev, which actually works for a 20-something, and is a cute nickname option for either sex, in my opinion.
I find it interesting that some people do not like Devin as a girl's name since they associate it as a STRONG boy's name. Girls can't be strong? Not to split hairs, but it's interesting how we ration out personality traits by gender even before babies come into the world. Names considered masculine are STRONG and PROUD and NOBLE. Names considered feminine are SWEET and GENTLE and DELICATE. I love the name Devin BECAUSE it's androgynous and because, for me, it denotes strength AND softness, just two of the many qualities that all people have, regardless of their gender.
I love this name for a girl probably because I know a girl with this name and she's awesome! I've also met other people with this same. A more feminine form which I find weird but interesting is Devyn.
I have to point out that Devin is just one letter away from "Devil". I had a student named Devin who was a real devil, and since then I've always associated the name with the word. So if you're planning on giving this name to your children, please think twice.
This is a cute name for a boy or girl, but I favor it more on a boy.
Devin means poet, it's Celtic.
Devin Warren (better known as Dev) was Patrick Wayne's character in McLintock!
This name sounds cool on androgynous women and female indie rockers and female indie fans with an indie look. However, it doesn't really suit feminine women, and it certainly doesn't sound great on middle-aged, let alone older women. The name sounds okay for many different types of boys and men, though.
I really like this name for boys or girls. And I think we understand that it can also mean poet.
I prefer Devin for masculine rather then feminine use. I used to associate the name with a bully from school but with this spelling and the masculine usage, the old memories that ruined the name can be set aside and I actually really like the name.
Hey, I think Devin means "poet."
This is my name. I used to hate it and go by my feminine middle name because people always thought I was a boy. But now I have accepted it and think it is really unique.
I read that Devin is Irish Gaelic for "poet".
I have also seen the name Devlin.
I find this name equally as beautiful for a boy and a girl. And I've read both meanings before for this name, on other sites. Don't cite me on them, though.
"Devin" (the stress is on the "e") is the name of a spa town in Bulgaria. The town of Devin is situated in the west part of the beautiful Rodopi mountains (written also Rhodopi mountains) - the widest of the Bulgarian mountains. It is correct to say that the "Rodopi Mountains" are the widest (not the largest) in Bulgaria, because in Bulgaria "Stara planina" has the biggest area.
I have always loved the name Devin. It is a strong boys name. I am not too fond of it for a girl. I would either use this spelling or the spelling Devan since my husbands name is Kevan.
I read somewhere that Devin was Irish meaning poet.
In a Precious Moments Baby Names book I recently bought, "Devin" is listed as being English, and meaning "little poet".
Traditionally, Devin is the masculine spelling of this name. Devon is the feminine spelling.
It also means "Poet".

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