Unsurprisingly, this comment section is a window to terrible cases of "orange man bad." Hysteria aside, the name is a nice one, with a grand meaning, but all I can think of is Donald Duck, as if this ancient name had been created just for him. I can't help it, since Donald was one of my favorite characters, growing up. From Scotland, there's a St. Donald of Ogilvy, but I wouldn't like to have a son named after him. Because people's negative reaction to Donald Trump is as strong as it's irrational, I'd fear they would unjustly discriminate against a bearer of this good name.
This name is like the name Dick, very infamous.
It was an awful name before, but Trump ruined it past the point of no return.
This name wasn't so great before, but Trump made it even uglier. I hope it never becomes popular, it would be horrible to name a child after such an awful person and president. Not surprised a wannabe dictator's name means "ruler of the world".
Never have liked this name, and the association with the worst president ever makes it even worse now. Trump also ruined Donald Duck.
This name is officially ruined! By Donald Trump. I just think of orange now. Maybe Don could be a nickname.
Absolutely beautiful!
Yeah, I don't think this name will ever come back into use.
Ugly name.
The worst name, which is fitting considering the most famous bearer of it is the worst president in history.
Why would you name your kid after Trump and a duck? Lol.
A perfect name, symbolizing dignity, strength and success. Same name as Trump, the greatest president in U.S. history(Second only to President Washington)This is the best name for your child.
Honestly, I think it’s pretty sick that it means “ruler of the world”. I mean, you can’t beat that. It’s better than names like Jayden or Cody. Why would I care about a man way past his prime and a cartoon character that isn’t real?
Why would you name your child after a duck and the president? Lol.
I don't care about the association with Donald Trump. It's still an ugly name.
I'm not a huge fan of Donald Trump at all, but that isn't the reason why I dislike this name. I just hate the way it sounds. Want an alternative? How about Ronald? You have the McDonald's clown association, but it isn't that bad. Besides, Ron sounds a lot better than Don. Plus, we have Ron Weasley from Harry Potter.
Oh no. I can barely look at this name without screaming “orange”.
Even without Trump, who is very mad, or insane if you live in the States or Canada, there is still Donald Duck, which will lead to the same amount of bullying as kids with the name Bob (read my comment on the latter).
My name is Donald and I honestly always hated it. I was named after my father, who just goes by 'Don' therefore I'm forced to go by Donald to differentiate us.Growing up with this name was hard as I was constantly compared to Donald Duck or Donald Trump by bullies and even teachers, so I hated Trump even before he became a political candidate.As for the sound of it, I've always felt that it sounded very blunt to the point that it becomes a joke in and of itself. The way it rolls off the tongue makes it sound dorky and doltish.
Most characters in movies or tv named Donald are always a villain or a tone deaf idiot.The name is now pretty much entirely associated with "The Donald" Trump but it is not in any way a girl's name as a few people here have claimed.If you're thinking about naming your son Donald, please be aware that your son will never escape the political and cartoonish associations of it despite its meaning and bullying WILL HAPPEN even by adults as many adults never grow up and mature past high-school these days.
Yes, I'm sure most people link this with Trump.
Even without Trump, I still think this name is bad.
I don’t like the name and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. When I think of the name I think of Donald Duck and why would you do that to a child?
Donald Trump and Donald duck... A perfect name to name your child after both of these!
For god's sake people, you can’t just hate a name just because Donald Trump has this name, we all know that he’s a bit annoying but you shouldn’t downvote people who support Trump. I think this name is still usable. I can’t understand... Why hasn’t the name Joe got any political hate on it, there may be a few hate comments but not as much as Donald. I don’t support Trump, neither do I support Biden, but I respect them both.
Anyway, I love this name, the meaning is brilliant and it is a powerful, strong name. Besides... why not associate it to McDonalds, I’m sure the majority of people here love McDonalds!
I love Donald Trump so therefore I love this name.
This is a neutral name. Only Donald Duck can pull this off.
1. Donald Trump is an AWFUL namesake.
2. The poor kid will get bullied for Donald Duck.
3. It just doesn't sound that nice.
I hate this name but between President Trump and Donald Duck (lol) it's now tolerable.
There is really nothing much to say about this name. I don't like it. It just doesn't sound nice, not much elegance either.
What a magnificent name.
Donald Fagen, American musician, co-founder and lead singer of the rock band Steely Dan.
I love this name and I also love Ronald! I just find Donald a handsome name.
Lol. Prefer Ronald for definite. Donald is too stuck with Donald fart.
To be honest, for some reason I can only see Donald Trump pulling this name off. I don’t know why. I don’t even like it.
Lol, it means leader of the world. I bet Trumpy thinks that about hisself.
There are multiple reasons why I don't like this name.1. I never even liked it to begin with, it honestly just sounds strange.
2. I live in America, where somehow the cheeto puff got into office.
3. Overall, it's just not a good name. If I see a kid named Donald one day I'm actually gonna cry.
Never really liked the name, made me think of the duck and now the Cheeto in Chief. If your name is Donald it's fine, but if I met someone under 4 named Donald I would probably side-eye their parents pretty hard since I live in Trump Country.
Donald and Douglas are a pair of Scottish twin engines from Thomas the Tank Engine.
A famous bearer of this name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck, he was born 1934 and has starred in numerous films, TV Series, etc.. I enjoyed watching him in whatever film or TV series he starred in, in many TV Series and Films he always had a short temper and can sometimes be a bit annoying, but that's intentional. I wonder if he's colourblind.
Even without the Trump association, the name sounds harsh and kind of unattractive. I find the fact that it means "ruler of the world" amusing.
Well...Trump took the meaning literally.
Everyone is hating this name because of Donald Trump. Why don't we just put politics aside and look at this name for what it really is? To some, a good name, to some, a bad name. Even though I think this is a bad name, it's not the worst name there is. I also think this is for boys, not girls. I can't picture a girl/woman/old woman named Donald.
I love Donald! After Don Knotts of course, not Mr. President. I would call him Don. I think it is a tender boys name, Don is. Donald is too harsh sounding in my opinion, but Don is beloved to me. I met Mr. Knotts in 72, when I was 8 years old. He was in my hometown. It was like a dream come true.
Thanks to that wretch President Trump, this name will never be used again, at least for the long run.
This has nothing to do with Trump, but I never liked the name Donald to begin with. I think it sounds boring, and the meaning puts me off.
I didn't really like Donald even before Trump became president. I do think it's rude to assume that everyone named Donald is a bad person. Marie Antoinette wasn't a good ruler, but people still use the name Marie. I think it should be the same for Donald. Just because of one had person doesn't mean the name is unusable.
Donald Mustard is the creative director at Epic Games. He directed Fortnite Battle Royale.
There’s a kid at my school named Donald. I think he’s in 8th grade and he was born before Trump was president. I feel bad for him ☹️ It’s a pretty ugly name imo. I do agree that it’s pretty sexist to rate his name 55% feminine as if being female is a bad thing. I thought this name was ugly before Donald Trump but now it’s worse.
Can I just point out the fact that the gender rating on this name is more "feminine" than it should be in an attempt to mock Trump, but the gender rating on Hillary is perfectly fine? Barely anyone put "masculine" for Hillary, and the few people who did might have been referring to the name's history.
Hmm, seems like people think "feminine" is bad and "masculine" is better...
I'm named Donald and I get made fun of so if your name is Donald you're going to have a tough life in school.
The name sounds nice, but the meaning, "ruler of the world," is not my favorite. Some people also think of Donald Trump, but going by Don would help me not think about him. Everyone I know who has Donald as a real name has gone by Don since long before Trump's presidency. They are nice, and that does show that having this name does not mean you are like Trump.
This is one of those names that seems weird on a kid, but okay on an adult.
Geez, these gender ratings... I'm guessing people are entering this name as feminine just to mock Trump. So femininity is a bad thing? Alrighty then...
I honestly have to say, I like the name Donald. Forget about politics and like the name for what it is. It’s so original and nice-sounding. Although the duck’s temper was annoying, I try not to let it get in the way. Donald’s a great name.
Donald can also be used as a female name. 250 baby girls were given the masculine name Donald in 2015 in the United States of America. Sorry to the males who have this name, but it’s not a very manly name anymore. Donald has officially be established as feminine, girly, and unisex rather than masculine, boyish, and unisex because our president of the United States (Donald J. Trump) has made the name girly with his girly vibe. I think Donald Trump is a very girly girl, so that makes Donald a very girly name.
The statement about the usage of Donald for girls below is completely incorrect. Donald does not occur at all in the list of girls' names for 2015 provided by the Social Security Administration, which means there were fewer than five girls given the name in the United States in 2015.I suppose the person who made the post about Donald as a girls' name thinks they are making some sort of anti-Trump statement, but instead they are being quite sexist by implying that if the name Donald turned mostly feminine it would somehow diminish him.I highly disapprove of Donald Trump and his behavior myself. But posting falsehoods about the usage of the name on this forum is highly inappropriate and is not an effective anti-Trump protest.
My name is Donald and I just discovered this website I saw the argument talking about girls being named boy names and in my opinion Donald is a boy name.
If you are named Donald it doesn't mean you will be rude or fat like Trump. Donald is just a name and you shouldn't judge people by their name, there are many nice people named Donald and they aren't like Trump.
It is a name people, the polls have been skewed unfairly because of political bias and association. My name is not Donald nor am I a fan of the current president but to throw so much hate at this name because you dislike a president is childish and frankly undermines the credibility of this site and its commentators. The fact that Donald has been rated as a Feminine Unintellectual Delicate name is ridiculous. How on earth is Donald considered a Feminine name that makes no logical sense unless you purposely did so to show your displeasure? If you cannot give an honest rating on a name because of "bad personal association" then you should not comment at all.
I agree that to call Donald a feminine name is ridiculous, and that antipathy towards the current President shouldn't lead anyone to say so. However, I think it's perfectly legitimate for antipathy towards Trump to lead to disliking his name. This happens all of the time with non-famous people. For instance, I don't like the name Laura because of a horrible Laura I knew. People in the opinions section of this website often say they don't like a name because they knew someone of that name who they didn't like. And have you noticed how Hillary dropped like a stone as soon as Hillary Clinton became well-known? People do make associations. It can't be helped.
Even without the rude president Donald Trump this name is kind of silly. I am not saying that all people named Donald are rude or silly but this name seems like that.
LOL. Donald means ruler of the world.More like America’s ruler of the craziness.But I sort of like the name itself.
This name reminds me either of Donald Duck, or that rude fat "American" President Trump. I'm sorry, I like this name, but these associations are too much. I should meet someone who is named Donald and who is a nice person, so that I can stop having these horrible associations about this, overall, pretty good name. P.S. No hate to anyone named Donald.
This is my Name and I absolutely can not stand it. Believe me, growing up I was constantly teased for "Donald Duck", "McDonald's", and now ever since the 2016 presidential election the Trump jokes just couldn't end. God... don't get me wrong, it's not the worst name because I'm at least grateful for my name to not be as atrocious as "Bob", "Dick", "Gaylord" etc. I'm now 22 and my name works fine with just about anyone who hires and talks to me :). Not a horrible name, it's just not great, guys.
I would love to name my son this in the future after my Papa, Donald Lee "Don" _______ (who went by Donny or Donnie as a child), my closest family member outside of my brothers. He died when I was 10. Due to the fact that people will not know my personal association with the name (which point I do not have to defend by hauling out my family tree anytime someone asks) and will more than likely attribute it to Donald Trump (who was born 22 years after my grandpa), a person who I have not been able to stand since I was old enough to know who he is, I will be calling my son by a nickname, Kona. Kona is both the Hawaiian translation of Don as well as another name for Don in English and Scottish.I, too, form an impression of a name by the people that I know that have that name, not by the worldly associations to the name (i.e. political opinions). My family, like many others out there, have relatives named Donald, and I hate the fear I have that other people’s beliefs will play into what they think of my future children’s names. All those named Donald that I know “are no nonsense, serious, analytical, calm under pressure and folks that I would want around in an emergency. Yet they can laugh at themselves when they make a mistake as long as no one is hurt or loss of property is minimal. They are not flashy but a constant that can be counted on when an anchor is needed."Many people have personal associations with the name that the world may or may not be able to see. Therein may lie the reason they choose to use the name, and most of the time the world will never learn the reason as parents do not need to defend their name choices, with rare (legally related) exceptions, of course. How a person raises their child determines the type of person they are, no matter what their name is. Their true personalities and belief systems are not determined by the name they are given, but by the experiences they have in life. My Papa was the kindest, most genuine person I know who passed on his best traits to me. In his lifetime, he was only ever wanted take care of his family, nothing more or less. One of the comments that surprised me the most was "If you don't want to be associated with white supremacy, please don't name your child Donald." In response, all I have to say is that I am not associated with white supremacy, nor will I teach my child to be. It's sad that this is an opinion about a name, that has been apart of many families' histories, that has been tainted to this extent by one man -- that to avoid being associated with ONE man with the name, you have to deny the history of many men with far better morals and ethics. How utterly ridiculous.
I never really cared for this name. It made me think of Donald Duck. I’m tempted to name my son this just because of Mr. President. I can think of no greater honor. I know everyone who reads this will hate me. I couldn’t care if I tried.
Donald means “ruler of the world” and Trump means “to excel; surpass; outdo”. He surpassed all other presidential candidates and rules the leading country of the U.N.. Were his parents seers?
Haha, I came here looking for TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and was not disappointed! Wow, some people really need to grow up. Anyway, I never liked the name Donald, but that has nothing to do with Trump. I'm also not a Democrat OR Republican, so I just stand off to the side and laugh at all the arguing.
Good meaning, just Donald Trump ruined it for me. I mean, he is now President of the USA...
I wish I could see how the ratings on this name changed over time - specifically around the 2016 election. The comments from before then also tend to negatively associate this name with Trump, as well as others, but the overall vibe I'm getting from them is somewhat more positive than the comments during and after, which tend to be much more polarized politically and don't namedrop Duck or Ronald McDonald nearly as much.I'm mostly concerned with the masculinity/femininity rating, though. I'm interested to see whether the current userbase lean towards femininity was also the case before the rise of Trump, or whether it's a result of raters' hate of Trump being expressed as sexism. The gender rating is a lot closer to the middle than the other ratings, raising the possibility that it might just be margin of error. The other ratings also seem to be much more recent developments - according to a comment posted on February 5, 2019, the name Donald was seen as 'dated and nerdy', whereas it's currently (June 25, 2019, 03:30 UTC) rated 62% Modern and 76% Intellectual. However, the first comment pointing out the odd gender ratio was posted December 5, 2017.For reference, the current ratings are: 74% A Bad Name, 54% Feminine, 62% Modern, 65% Youthful, 69% Informal, 75% Common, 77% Urban, 72% Devious, 65% Delicate, 76% Rough, 72% Strange, 90% Simple, 76% Comedic, 76% Unintellectual.
I don’t see why everyone is politicizing this name. I thought Donald was ugly before Trump.
Interesting how those who hate Donald Trump did a hit job on this page by calling his name feminine. As if femininity is somehow a bad thing. I thought sexism was a thing of the past? Anyways, the name is fine, somewhat plain in my opinion but better than all of those dreaded -ayden names.
Donald O’Kelly is the real name of Daniel Flynn in the movie Bad Times at the El Royale. Portrayed by Jeff Bridges.
533 unfortunate boys were named 'Donald' in 2018. It's very likely that number will continue to drop and eventually, within a few years time, hopefully leave the charts.
So that's the problem?! You guys are saying this is feminine, because you think that Donald Trump is foolish and you want to call him a girl! How immature! Forget Donald Trump and love this name for what it is!
I’m not really fond of this name. I’m mean it’s okay, but it sounds too old-fashioned to my ears. I still respect President Trump though. I prefer slightly less old-fashioned names for boys besides Michael and John, those are the only two that I like.
By the way, I don’t understand why this name was voted more feminine than masculine. Donald is a masculine boy’s name. There is absolutely nothing feminine, girly, or unisex about it. There are so many traditional boy names I don’t mind for girls, but Donald isn’t one of them.
Why are you guys letting your wimpy political opinion interfere with how you like this name! So what if Donald Trump has this name. Chill out! He's not as bad as you guys make this sound. This name is awesome.
I can't say that I'm much of a fan of this one. Not only because of the name itself (being seen as dated and nerdy. As well as being the name of our joke of a present, Mr. Trump but for very personal reasons as well. Reasons that I will not disclose. Let's just say, I'll feel very satisfied and relieved once this name drops for the charts, which I strongly predict will take place within the next few years.
Why on Earth is this name rated 55% feminine?
In 2018, 56 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Donald who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 29th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
First person to tell us why Donald is voted 45% masculine and 55% feminine wins a $1,000 dollar gift card. You guys vote more rates of the male given name Donald, being feminine. But nobody posted any comments about it being feminine or a girl's name. It’s because you think Donald Trump is girly? LOL! No! But because girls should have boy names especially from its original past. I get it now!
Wow, that is weird! Never noticed that.
I have never liked the names Ronald or Donald. I think they sound ugly. It's funny that Mac on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is named Ronald McDonald. Funny because of the McDonald's mascot, but also funny because the -onald names just sound comical and dorky these days. The terrible president is a sad little blip on the radar of human history, and I think it's possible that the name will survive despite him. Too bad, because I hated it long before I knew who he was.
Not everyone is fond of Donald Trump, but it’s sad to see how people are making their beliefs interfere with a name.
Unless you want to expose your political views, it's best not to comment about this name.
I never liked this name, but now I like it less because of Donald Trump. Donald means ruler of the world. Hmmm...
This name belongs to the author of “The Art of Computer Programming” Donald Knuth, professor emeritus at Stanford University.
It’s sad that people have to let their political opinions affect their opinions on a name...
Donald Trump ruined this name.
The first stickler, Donald Lawler. Also, he is my great-grandfather. I was for Bernie Sanders, but I don't hate it because of King Deportation. Sounds beautiful, and if anyone hates the meaning, it's Celtic tradition to do that.
(see Ryan).
Two more famous bearers: singing stars Donald Clark "Donny" Osmond and Donald Edmond "Donnie" Wahlberg Jr.
This name is handsome and distinguished. It represents strength and success. I like this name even better now because of President Donald Trump.
This was not a horrible name but Trump has made it unusable with his vile persona.
It's quite a shame that so many people came to this name just to give it bad ratings because they dislike Donald Trump. There are other bearers of this name, you know. And I think that even though it's a bit rough sounding, it's a nice and traditional Scottish name.
Took one look at the name ratings and I just knew that spiteful liberals could not resist tarnishing it. Is "urban" supposed to be bad? Lmao!
I simply don't understand why so many people, 54% voted this name for girls. Dona? Dora? But why Donald?
I've personally never met anyone named Donald here in Singapore, but the name is so tarnished now because of the American president. Personally, I associate the name more with Donald Duck, the Disney character, than Trump (my god, there are so many politically inclined comments here...). The meaning is too arrogant-sounding, in my opinion.
Please respect and obey our President. The irrational fear and hatred of our President by the majority of opposers is totally out of control!
Right now the name is suffering because of a certain extremely unpopular US President, but even with my feelings about said President, I can't hate this name because it is my dad's name.
The name Donald sounds professional. Especially Don. Much better than Hilary. :)
I always thought Donald was a goofy and dorky sounding name. Donald Trump ruined this name.
So ugly and dowdy, plus of course it's the name of the racist, arrogant, and ignorant clown whom Russia elected president of the United States. Trump has definitely made this name the new Adolf.
Will probably end up as the new Adolf because of the Trump association.
This will NEVER be usable in America again.
I'd hold off on this name for a little while to see what Donald Trump does during his presidency. He's promised to shake things up and so far it seems to be in the negative direction. The name has the potential to be associated with him for a long time so don't saddle your child with that without knowing how things may turn out.
If you don't want to be associated with white supremacy, please don't name your child Donald.
Donald Trump's oldest son, Donald Trump, Jr., is a bearer of this name.
Donald John Trump, the 45th president of the United States. I really wished that wasn't the reality and hopefully he will serve only 1-term. 4 years rather than 8. 44th technically since Grover Cleveland is counted as both the 22nd and 24th President. Just saying...This name has been decreasing for a while but now thanks to Trump, I guarantee the name will decrease even faster. I really hope it does.
I don't really like the meaning, "ruler of the world". Also, Donald Trump is very dangerous. If he becomes the president, he'll think he IS the ruler of the world. If you already named a son Donald, or plan to name your next son Donald, I do recommend calling him Don, because very few people if anyone will associate the nickname Don with Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is running for president, he is not liked by many, the name Donald will never be very popular if it ever was. The association with Mr. Trump will not be forgotten, just like with Donald Duck. This name has too many unfavorable associations to be given to a child.
Does anyone else find it a little bit frightening that this name means "ruler of the world," what with Donald Trump and all...?
My name is in fact Donald, and quite honestly I, like everybody else, had no choice in the matter. We were named by our parents, it was their choice. Whether a person likes the name or not, for some reason is of no concern here. We were given the name and we have to live with it, or have it legally changed. Either way we have to deal with it despite what others think of it.
It's a duck... it's the president. Best name ever!
Donald was my grandfather's name. He was a kind and loving man. I love the name Donald. It sounds like the name of a Scotsman. I also think of Donald Sutherland or Don Estelle. Too bad that idiot Trump is called it. It's sad, as Donald is a lovely name and I do not want to have my Grandfather's name tainted by that jerk.
I was interested to read here that it's sometimes used in Poland. In the 16th and 17th centuries (perhaps later too) a number of Scottish merchants and peddlers settled in Poland. I wonder whether that explains the use of Donald there.
Donald never had the highest ratings to begin with, but it looks like they've recently tanked because of Donald Trump. I find it sad, really, because I don't think Donald is that bad of a name, all associations aside. I hope the stigma doesn't remain for too long of a time.
I've never cared for this name. There's the very unfortunate association with that super-ignorant jerk Donald Trump, and I'm afraid that a lot of American baby boys who get the name this year will probably be getting it after Trump.
Boy, there sure are plenty of salty liberals on this website who condemn this name because of its association with a certain 2016 presidential candidate. Personally, I'd consider donning a future child of mine with this name because of the living legend himself, Donald Trump.
I'm reminded of Donald Draper from Mad Men. Voted "Sexiest Man Alive". No denying Don was the quintessential ladies man. Handsome, complex, successful and desired by beautiful women. Donald is a great name.
I don't even mind the association with the cartoon character Donald Duck, but I personally, would never use this name because of Donald Trump.
Donald isn't the best name; it's dated but tolerable. The name has been used far before Trump and there are a slew of other Donald's out there. People using the name have nothing to do with Trump.
I knew someone who named their son this as his middle name. Not because of trump but because it was the little guy's grandfather's name.
Sounds like someone who's enormously fat and was the school bully back in his day.
If this name wasn't synonymous with Donald Trump, I'd be alright with it. :)
Like the name. Sounds strong yet willing to flex. The contraction of the name Don seems to roll off the tongue. I form an impression of a name by the people that I know that have that name (Yes, strange I know) not by how it sounds like some people or associate it with a stereotype i.e. Donald Duck, Donald Trump etc. The three guys I know that have this name are no nonsense, serious, analytical, calm under pressure and folks that I would want around in an emergency. Yet they can laugh at themselves when they make a mistake as long as no one is hurt or loss of property is minimal. They are not flashy but a constant that can be counted on when an anchor is needed.
I don't like this name at all. It has an ugly sound, and it reminds me of Donald Duck, Donald Trump, and McDonalds. The only good part of the name (in my opinion) is the meaning, and very few people would actually care about the meaning of a fairly popular name.
I think this is a cute name for a guy.
Honestly, Donald Duck and Trump don't ruin this name for me, I just think it's a hideous name.
I originally hated this name (as shown by my comment above), but now I love it for some reason. I think it's great, vintage, and strong with a very good meaning also.
A very old name. Donald duck comes to mind haha, so sorry no, never.
Donald Tusk (2007) is, as of 2012, the Prime Minister of Poland. And yes, his non-fans get a lot of laughs from his first name (especially since his political opponent has the last name Kaczyński, which comes from the word kaczka, "duck").
Name of the Day: June 24, 2013.
Donald Glover is an actor/comedian who plays Troy Barnes on the American TV show "Community" and also raps under the stage name Childish Gambino.
This has got to be the most capitalistic name ever. That said, for good or for ill, its meaning is indeed not too far off the mark.
This name just doesn't do it for me because of the association with the Donald Duck cartoon character.
According to, there are twenty-three people in the U.S. named Donald Duck!(I knew of one that was older than the character. Perhaps at least some of these are.)
I think it's interesting that this name is really only used in America. You'd be hard pressed to find a Donald anywhere else.
Name of the Day: June 24th, 2011.
Reminds me too much of the duck and the Trump.
Awesome meaning. :)
Donald Faison, the actor of Scrubs and Clueless.
Donald Watson (2nd September 1910 - 16 November 2005), founder of the Vegan Society and coined the termed 'vegan'.
Donald O'Connor: he sang, he acted, he danced. You may know him as Cosmo Brown in Singin' in the Rain.
Det. Donald "Don" Flack is a character on "CSI:New York".
Donald Knuth is a well-known computer scientist, author of 'The Art of Computer Programming.'
I can't believe that people would be put off a name by cartoon characters and celebs, lol! Donald is a really great name. I think the meaning fits in my mind what I imagine a Donald to be like.
Well - now that I see the meaning of the name, the fact that Mr. Trump has had such a huge success doesn't seem so odd!
It's also used in Poland, although rarely.
I don't like this name. It makes me think of that selfish jerk Donald Trump.
It was Kurt Cobain's middle name.
Donald Dewar, the first ever First Minister of the newly formed Scottish Parliament from 1999 until his death in 2000.
A couple of unfortunate associations would make me hesitant to use this name for a child. The lisping and abrasive Donald Duck is fairly bad; but the real clincher is the comedy song 'Donald, Where's Yer Troosers?'. I can just imagine the endless embarrassment the poor kid would have to suffer from "witty" people singing choice lines from this song everywhere he goes. If I lived in a part of the world where this song was unknown, this would be near the top of my list of names as otherwise I like it very much.
Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard is the medical examiner on the show NCIS. The character is played by David McCallum.
It acually reminds me of the cartoon character "Donald Duck."
A famous bearer is Australian cricketer, Sir Donald Bradman.
When I hear this name, I can't help but think of a bumbling, not so intelligent person, but the meaning of this name, "ruler of the world" is quite the opposite of my impression.
If you're going to give your child a name that means "ruler of the world," they're gonna have to be pretty conceited when they grow up.
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, in my eyes, bears this name with high honor!
Donald Duck and Donald Trump are two famous bearers.
Never have I known someone to fit the meaning of their name as my grandad (Donald) did his! This name is wonderful!

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