Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. DAHN-əld(English)

Meaning & History

From the Scottish Gaelic name Dòmhnall meaning "ruler of the world", composed of the Old Irish elements domun "world" and fal "rule". This was the name of two 9th-century kings of the Scots and Picts. It has traditionally been very popular in Scotland, and during the 20th century it became common in the rest of the English-speaking world. This is the name of one of Walt Disney's most popular cartoon characters, Donald Duck, introduced 1931. It was also borne by Australian cricket player Donald Bradman (1908-2001) and former American president Donald Trump (1946-).

Related Names

VariantDòmhnall(Scottish Gaelic)
DiminutivesDon, Donnie, Donny(English)
Feminine FormsDonalda, Donella, Donaldina(Scottish) Donna, Donelle(English)
Other Languages & CulturesDomhnall, Dónal, Donal(Irish) Domnall(Old Irish)
Surname DescendantsDonalds, Donaldson(English)
User SubmissionsDónald, Donald

People think this name is

classic   mature   rough   simple   unintellectual  

Name Days

France: July 15


1930s, American Horror Story characters, American presidents, animals, artists, authors, birds, Bully characters, Disney characters, Dragon Quest characters, Frasier characters, Fringe characters, Grand Theft Auto III characters, Hayao Miyazaki characters, House of Cards US characters, Kingdom Hearts characters, kings, Mad Men characters, movies, Muppets, murderers, NCIS characters, never out of the US top 1000, politics, power, saints, scientists, sculptors, Seinfeld characters, song titles, Star Wars actors, Stephen King characters, Stranger Things characters, television, Tennessee Williams characters, The Golden Girls characters, The IT Crowd characters, The Nanny characters, The Sopranos characters, Thomas and Friends characters, Thomas Hardy characters, top 10 in the US, tyrants, Westworld characters, Will and Grace characters

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