My 17 year old daughter's name is Drew. It’s suits her and she likes it just as much as we do. Had a few negative comments over the years but nothing too bad, most have said they love it immediately thinking of Drew Barrymore.
Doesn't sound feminine to me at all.
Drew Monson is a YouTube creator. He formerly collaborated frequently with fellow YouTubers such as Christine Sydelko and Shane Dawson, and had a role in the latter’s movie Not Cool. His content consists of comedy, original music, and vlogs though in recent years he has also published videos relating to mental health.
Drew Misham, a character in the video game Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice. He is a forger and Vera's father.
A lot more interesting on a girl than a guy imo. Idk what people on this site have against masculine sounding names on girls.
I don’t really like it on girls that much to be honest with you, but not the worst unisex name ever. On boys it’s cool, it reminds me of Andrew.
This is like the most stereotypically 90s boy's name ever. Could be a nickname for Drusilla.
It is also a feminine name. It doesn't "just sound feminine," it is also USED for girls, whether you like it or not.
Drew Drechshel from American Ninja Warrior.
Commentary YouTuber and former Viner Drew Gooden.
Its FEMININE occasional usage may be INFLUENCED by actress Drew Barrymore.
Wiktionary also DEFINES the name as a FEMININE name.
The ETYMOLOGY of THAT will be "From Anglo-Norman Drew, Drieu, Drue, from Old French Drogon, Dreus, Drues (made popular by Charlemagne's son Drogo) from Old Dutch Drogo"
It's FEMININE occasional usage may be INFLUENCE by THAT Actress: Drew Barrymore.
Wiktionary also DEFINES the name as a FEMININE name.
The ETYMOLOGY of THAT will be "From Anglo-Norman Drew, Drieu, Drue, from Old French Drogon, Dreus, Drues (made popular by Charlemagne's son Drogo) from Old Dutch Drogo"
It’s a nice name but I still prefer Andrew.
It's fine as a nickname, but I prefer Andrew as a given name. I don't like it on a girl.
A notable FEMININE name bearer is an actress: Drew Barrymore.

Her ACTUAL birth name is Drew Blythe Barrymore in February 22nd, 1975.
This name can also be FEMININE, making it UNISEX.

In the USA, it was given to 395 girls in 1999.
In the UK, it was also given to 61 girls in 1999.
Drew Durnil is an American youtuber and game observer.
I absolutely love this nickname for Andrew.
Funny on a girl.
Sounds like a guy name. Don’t know why people consider it a unisex name. But whatever floats your boat.
Should be an individual name in its very own right, once its outdated full form of Andrew gets its rest for some time and the classical Andreas is ready to shine.
This isn't a girl's nickname, Drea is. Also, I prefer Andy more.
I'm personally not a fan of the name Drew but I can easily see it for a boy or a girl as I've met many people of both genders with the name. I like it more for a boy though.
I think it's more of an interesting name for a girl rather than beautiful but most interesting isn't always most beautiful. I like it and would consider it if I had another daughter.
Well, Drew can be masculine and feminine because my niece has Drew as her middle name.
My name is Drew, I am a fourteen year old girl. I've heard the origin of the name means not only wise but also manly and strong. Personally, I am pretty athletic so although the name Drew is a unisex name it is hard when it's a mainly male name. Due to me having visible muscles I get teased about whether or not I am actually a female or not even though if you look at me you could tell I am female. My self esteem definitely has taken a few hits because of my name. Especially when your gender gets assumed during role call. I have had substitute teachers mark me absent because they didn't believe that I was Drew. It's hard having this name, my boyfriend's friends have even made jokes about him being gay. I definitely wouldn't mind being called "Rew" as my younger family friend calls me but that only started because she couldn't pronounce the letter D as a child so it's just her and her parents. Overall if you're going to name your daughter Drew, look at your society first and think about if it'll work out or not.
I'm really sorry about your bad experience.
You see, the other female Drews in this comment section are very pleased with their name.
Not EVERY female with "unique" names will end up liking their names.
Imagine that the anonymous user was your daughter, you would feel terrible if she told the public eye that she didn't like her name, or recommend it for anybody else.
Imagine that she never grew to like it later on in life, she eternally HATED it.
Even worse, picture that you gave her a male's name.
When parents give their children generally respectable names, parents are not to blame. They did their best.
But, if you give your daughter a predominately male name, that doesn't sound the LEAST bit feminine, who are you to blame?
If she likes her name Drew, you got lucky.
If she dislikes it, you should've seen it coming.
Drew Blythe Barrymore is an American actress, author, director, model and producer. She is a member of the Barrymore family of American stage and film actors, and is a granddaughter of actor John Barrymore. Barrymore began acting on television, and soon transitioned to film with roles in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Irreconcilable Differences.
My little brothers name! I love it, I think it's perfect for a successful boy. It's masculine and rolls easily off the tounge. I prefer Drew as an alternative for Andrew any day!
I named my son Drew 11 years ago. I prefer it for a boy. We wanted a short, sporty, strong name. I just love it and so does he!
My name is Drew. I am female. I have met another female called Drew. Short and manly doesn't seem to be a fair analysis for it. It is not common to find another female called Drew but the fact that it has served as a perfectly fine name up until now proves it is just a fine name for a young girl.
Love Drew for a boys name! My son's name is Drew and it's short and manly! Get compliments all the time! People try to pull Andrew all the time and I'm firm with a response "that isn't his name".
Its a cute nickname for a girl named Drusilla, spelled Dru though.
The name Drew was given to 212 girls born in the US in 2015.
My name is Andrew but people call me Drew or And for short.
For a boy, Drew is a pretty decent name. Certainly far better than Andy.

For a girl, well, Drew has become a unisex name and people need to accept that. Sure, it's kinda boyish, but I personally have heard it more on girls than boys. This is a unisex name.
Nancy Drew.
I am a female named Drew and I absolutely love it. I enjoy having a masculine name even though I am not very masculine myself. It allows me to come off as more powerful and headstrong during first impressions and long after. It takes people a minute to get use to the name, making them remember me better and rethinking any assumption they may have made before learning my name. That pause after, "No, it's not short for anything it's just my name," as I stand there smiling is priceless.
Huh. Never knew Drew was a boy's name. Where I grew up, Drew was always a girls name.
Also often used as an independent name.
Drew Barrymore wrote in her memoir that it was decided that Drew is a name well-fitting for a boy OR a girl. That's part of why she's named that... I like it well enough.
I am a female with Drew as a first name. Sure it stinks when you get mail addressed to "Mr." or when people are surprised when YOU'RE Drew, but you get over it once you realize how great of a name it is. I was named after a family friend and she was a Drew, too. It is an empowering first name, short and to the point. It's also unique, I think! My parents told me it was either going to be Drew or Whitney. They did me a favor! My middle name is Lindsay so they balanced it a little bit, but I love being a Drew! :)
It's a great name for a girl. It's modern, unusual and would suit any age. Sure, it's not really feminine, but your name doesn't decide whether you are feminine or not. It's decent, humble and strong (which shouldn't be just masculine qualities to be honest.)
Jessica Simpson's daughter is named Maxwell Drew Johnson. Interestingly enough, her ex-husband's brother was also called Drew Lachey. Contrary to popular belief, the child was named after her mother's maiden name (Tina Ann Drew, now Tina Simpson).
Drew Brown is a guitarist for the band OneRepublic.
I know a little boy called Drew, its his full name. I like it a lot as a full name as I'm not a big fan of Andrew, but for a girl it's absolutely horrible. I really cannot understand how this name sounds the least but feminine! If you really like Drew, maybe name her Ruby and call her Ru or something. Just because an actress has this name does not make it feminine. This problem has been occurring a lot recently, with names such as Hayden and Blake becoming feminine even though they don't sound girly at all, just because a female celebrity has the name. Quite sad, really. But for a boy, Drew is a nice name that's uncommon but not unheard of, and will age pretty decently.
I always think about Taylor Swift when I see this name from her song. So I automatically think of a dreamy guy who's smart and caring.
My daughter's name is Drew... and it fits her just perfectly. Looking back, I might have given her a more feminine middle name paired with Drew. Overall, love this name on a girl... But I think it's cute for a boy too.
Drew isn't my favorite name in the world, at least for girls. It is my middle name and, while it flows well with my first name (Katharine), it is not my favorite name at all.
I always thought Drew was a bit old-fashioned, like for your Dad (but not old enough for Grandpa) or possibly a much older brother. But my boyfriend goes by Drew (his name is Andrew) and he is 13. So it is starting to grow on me hahaha. Though my friends and I draw a lot, so we use "Drew" (as in the past tense) quite a bit. Though I honestly don't think that negatively affects the name. I could understand using Drew as a NICKNAME for a girl (named Andrea), though it's probably better for a guy. Better than Andy (which could be used for a guy or a girl) when being a nickname for Andrew.
I love the name for a girl. It's so boring and blah for a boy because of Andrew, but it's fresh and interesting for a girl. Love it!
This name is ok as a nickname for a guy. But I can't stand to see it used on girls. What part of it looks feminine? Also, it's a NICKNAME! Would you name your girl... um I dunno, Steve, Will, or Dave?


Then don't name her Drew.
Super Bowl winning quarterback Drew Brees. In his case, it is short for Andrew.
Love this name on a girl! Some people need to get use to unisex names because hey if you're having the baby, changing diapers, and feeding it you have every right to name your child what you like! Pick Drew for a girl name in my opinion, she may come out to be a movie star!
I like this only on males especially as a nickname for Andrew. Drew on girls is just not right even if there are some.
I like this name for either sex.
Good name for a gunslinger from the Wild West.
I know a female Drew now. It really fits her and she makes me like it for a girl.
My name is Drew and I'm a girl. I hate this name because everyone seems to think it's a man name. And that bugs the heck out of me! It's not just a boy name! Jeez! Everyone asks me "isn't that a boy name?" or "is that sort for something like Andrew or Drusilla?" but no! It's just Drew! And they can't seem to deal with that because it's stereotyped as a man name. And every time someone insults that name it makes me mad. My name is Drew. So what? It's like Jordan or Jamie (which by the way is my dad's name) or Kelly. It's meant for females and males.
A famous bearer is Drew Sarich, an American stage actor and singer. He played the character Armand in "Lestat: The Musical", among numerous other Broadway roles.
Drew has recently become quite popular as not only a masculine name but feminine as well.
Dru Allen is the former lead singer of the Ethereal Gothic band This Ascension. She now has her own band, Mirabilis.
I love this name as a nickname for Andrew, however I'm not sure if I like it as a proper first name.
This is the name of singer/songwriter Drew Wright who is also a contestant on the TV show "Canadian Idol".
This name is unisex, not simply male. One example is actress Drew Barrymore.
I always thought that this name was more common than what it is for girls.
You'll hate me for saying this, but I think this nickname of Andrew sucks. It sounds like 'drool', it's identical to the imperfect form of the verb 'draw', and it reminds me of annoying, loud-mouthed, dim-witted, sexist, immature guys who act like asinine frat boys well into their forties. I won't hold the name against a person, but that's what it makes me picture, for reasons I can't quite put my finger on. What I really hate is when people name their DAUGHTERS Drew, inspired by Drew Barrymore, who, if you ask me, is no one to look up to. The name is boyish, and will sound ridiculous on a mature woman.
This is a nice nickname for Drusilla.
The French spelling is Dreux, pronounced the same as Drew. I highly recommend Dreux.
My first thought when I heard the name Drew was "what a weird name!", but now I'm starting to love it. It's strong and short but not too short.
Drew is the past tense of 'draw'.
But that has nothing to do with the name or its origin at all.
My name is Drew! I think it is mainly a male name, considering I am a male. The feminine usage has only become popular with Drew Barrymore. Plus, her real name is Andrew! I think Drew is a great name to grow up with. It's not too immature or mature. It's one of those few names where everyone knows how to pronounce it and spell it, but you don't see it as often as you see other names like Tyler, Brandon. Etc. I just hope it doesn't become more popular because I don't want to have an oridinary name. But still, for all of those soon-to-be-parents Drew isn't a bad name.

Also my name is not short for Andrew. Although, I get asked that a lot! I still like having a simple short name.
Rory, Drew Barrymore's real name is not Andrew. That's a male name. Her full name is Drew Blythe Barrymore.
This name can also be for a girl.
I wouldn't like it as a first name mainly because my science teacher is called it. More of a surname I think.
Drew is a nice name for a boy. I wouldn't use it for a girl though.
Drew is not a short form of Andrew. If anything, Andrew is an Anglo-Germanic accomodation of the Hebrew of the Greek name Andres. Drew itself is an old Germanic and/or Celtic name meaning wise or manly, depending on what origin you read. When the name Andres entered into Germanic-Celtic realms (probably with the church) Andrew became an Anglicised version of Andres, thus proving the primacy of the original root name Drew in northern and western Europe.
Famous bearers are actors Drew Carey (male) and Drew Barrymore (female).
The name Drew means courageous and masculine. I believe the origin is Greek and it's a strong name. I think it's a really good name that's not too popular either.
I think Drew is an awesome name for a boy. It's simple and sturdy.

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