Echo Heron, born Echo Ruah Salato, is an American author of fiction, non-fiction, mysteries and historical fiction. She is also a critical care registered nurse and an activist for patients' and nurses' rights.
Echo Eggebrecht is an American artist and academic known for landscape paintings.
This is a gorgeous name, I adore it! I know an Echo, she isn't teased at all. Besides, I dislike the "they'll be bullied" argument when it comes to names (unless it's something REALLY obviously negative). This argument excuses the behavior of the bully, suggesting that it's the child's name that's to blame, when in fact it's the bully's fault for choosing to mistreat someone else. All in all, in today's culture, a name like this is perfectly acceptable. It has a fun sound and is relatively unique while still being familiar and easy to pronounce. I really love it, mostly for a girl but it wouldn't be bad for a boy either! :)
Echo, an attempt at originality by unoriginal people.
I don't know. It's a cool and unique name but I've only ever heard it once, and she wasn't the nicest girl I've met.
Echo is the name of an ARC Trooper in the Clone Wars who served in the 501st Legion before being taken prisoner and then joining the Bad Batch.
My name! A friend suggested it as a new name for me, and I'm very happy with it.
I love the name Echo! It sounds so pretty.
Thinking about using this for a middle name. First name being Kai-Rhys.
It's a very stylish and pretty name, I like it very much. I think Echo and Cosmo would be good twin names. (boy and girl)
It’s unique, but I really don’t like the sound of it.
It's delectable, a taste appreciated by very few. ♥.
Very strange.
Weird as a name.
My name is Echoe spelled with an e. I am mad because I thought I was the only person named Echo but I guess there is a lot. Lol it's okay though. But yeah, I love my name. The name Echo is so unique and beautiful.
Only 23% voted this name bad and not 50%. I love this name anyway. So unique and elegant. Reminds me of nature. I prefer it for a girl because it sounds so feminine but it doesn’t effect the “o”. Refusing to use Echo for a boy is just like refusing to use Joshua for a girl. Not all “a” ending names are feminine and not all “o” ending names are masculine.
Weird as a name on a real person. Besides, the character in Greek mythology doesn't have a happy ending.
Hello, I have a two Year old daughter and her name is Echo Nicole. I'm 22 but have had her name chosen since the 5th grade. I read a book called "Saving Zoe" and the main character, which was Zoe's sister, had the name of Echo and right then I decided if I was to have a daughter that would be her name. I love the Greek mythology that the name Echo is tied too. Personally I wanted something unique, new, and beautiful for her name considering my name is Victoria and I always hated how many people have my name and that it was nothing that special or different. So far only adults give me trouble with the name Echo normally as in commenting "oh, well... uh that's unique?" Almost as if it's a question not a comment. My uncle teases my daughter my calling her "flipper" just because dolphins use echolocation but other than that we receive the typical joke of "Echo Echo Echo..." she's only 2 and it's already getting old and very unoriginal. I hope one day she will look back and love her name (I know I certainly do) but only the future will tell.
I love the name as a whole! Of course the person who has the name may be teased, they just need to realize how unique it is to have that name. If I had a child this name would be perfect!
My daughter is 11. Her name is Echo. We named her after the story in Greek mythology. She hasn't been made fun of, but we have heard the hi Echo, Echo, Echo... stuff from family.
My name is Echo and I am Chinese. I realize that it's so hard for a Chinese person to pick an English name. It seems that all the English names have some stereotypes. I think the reason why some Chinese are named Echo is that they love Echo- a famous female writer in China. Her life was actually quite sad. The Greek myth is quite sad, too. But I love it. It's tragic and beautiful.
I just registered so I could comment on how weird and cool it is to discover loads of people called Echo. I'm writing a fantasy novel called "The Story Of Echo" and it's like the main character (she too bears this name) has stepped from the pages into real life! God help me if I ever meet anyone by this name in person. I'd probably keel right over.
My name is Echo I am 10 years old and I like the name but it can be annoying when people tease you by saying Echo, Echo and so on.
My name is Echo. I'm 35 and for all you haters, I'm one of a kind (well sort of) it takes a strong person to carry this name. I bet I could tell you all the jokes that I have come across. I find it to be more of a girl's name.
My birth given name is Echo. I'm 28 almost 29 and am intrigued to know how many echos there really are. It is a unique and wonderful disaster of a name. But I would not change it for anything because it's me. Echo Nicole. And I've heard it all with the jokes.. echoooo. Huh what? The dolphin game I never did play. Echo reverberation. I find myself repeating myself a lot too in many ways.
I always like this name because my favorite female writer is named Echo. I use it for my wechat and microblog account.
All the comments about the name being teased, there's honestly only one thing people ever say.
My name is Echo and people just repeat the name over and over when they greet me or are introduced to me. It got old really fast cause it was the only thing people ever did and was really unoriginal. Personally I found that kids my age never made fun of the name. It was always friend's parents, or teachers. Grown ups in general felt the need to repeat my name over and over while the kids my age just looked at them like they were crazy or weird.
My name is Echo and middle name is Larisa. I am also a twin that was born first. I was given this name because it started with a vowel. I was also teased as a child with the repeating of Echo, but I was never told the true meaning of it and being a tom boy back then I was never truly concerned or hurt by it. Now I’m 32 this has been the best name that has been given to me. It has built my eccentric personality and name to life. I am very well known in the large company that I work for because of these two things, as I’m not easily forgotten. Having a unique name could possibly be the best thing for me and my adult life. I do get called sir through email at times, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m a unicorn in my world, I’m one of a kind and I embrace it. You’ll never need a nickname!
The name Echo was given to 112 girls born in the US in 2015.
My name is Echo, only spelled Ekko, and I didn't always like it but the older I get the more I love it. It's very rare for me to meet another person with my name and especially spelled the same.
It's also a masculine name too. I mean, it sounds masculine to me.
My name is Echo Ray, honestly it's a horrible name and you think you wouldn't get teased much because you didn't choose your name. But I get bullied a lot and picked on a lot and I don't suggest naming your child this. EVER! A lot of people tell me my name is pretty and that it suits me, but in all reality I hate my name and I'm planning on legally changing it when I turn 19... I ask people to call me Shay because my last name is German and it's hard to pronounce and people usually give up after the Schwa which is pronounced Shae/Shay so a lot of people just call me Shay but when people want to annoy me or make me mad or sad or whatever they use my name against me and it's always "ECHO ECHo ECho Echo Echo" and when a teacher is reading something out loud like in Lit or English, my name just happens to be in the book and I'm usually not paying attention to the book because I read it on my own time and work on homework for other classes and it gets really embarrassing when my name is said and I instinctively say what. Please, don't name your child this.
Very masculine...
I prefer this for males.
Echo Emerson is a character in the Pushing the Limits book series written by Katie McGarry. (In the books, Echo happens to be a female.)
My dad wanted to name me this, but decided against it because of the potential for teasing.
I still think it's a pretty name, originates from a Greek myth, sounds beautiful, but then again with how kids are these days (and I'm in middle school, so I'd know) it would get at least some teasing.
I can still see it as a good name though. Really any name can be made fun of, I wouldn't decide against naming your daughter it for that reason.
Unique idea... BUT REALLY, I want my children to be a voice in the world, not an Echo of the crowd, but original influence people. Echo is a name that declares a boring fate. Unless you name someone Echo Heaven or something, which could be cool as in that person would Echo the heartbeat of God on earth.
Hey, my name is Echo! And I get compliments all the time:) Of course I get the occasional Echo.. Echo.. Echo.. But honestly it doesn't really get to me. I usually just fire back with "REAL ORIGINAL, REAL ORIGINAL.";)
Having a unique weird name builds character. I'm definitely one in million. And wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks Mom.
This is one of those "not good as first name, totally cool as middle name" names. It's very pretty and undoubtedly feminine, but with the great teasing potential I would prefer not to give this to my daughter as a first name. That being said, I would absolutely love to give it to her as a middle name.
Eh, I like the sound but it would be unfortunate to bear in real life, I think. It will DEFINITELY invite raised eyebrows, for sure. Just please don't spell it Ecko, because then people will assume you named her after Ecko unld., the clothing and shoe company.
Echo is a teen mom name and an embarrassment to the child who bears it, it isn't even a pretty word.
I don't get why people don't like this name. It's lovely. I much rather be named "Echo" than a made up name like "Keisha" or "Jalen."
Sounds corny as a name. Maybe on a dolphin it would work, but not on a person!
Believe it or not, I know someone with this name. She isn't teased at all, and Echo gets many compliments on her name.
Along with Easter, this has been one of my favorite feminine names for the longest. I even used to have a series of picture books about twins I named Easter and Echo. If I do use it, though, I think I'd end up using it in the middle slot instead of the frontal position.
Echo is a book by Francesa Lia Block.
"Echo" is also the code word for the letter "E" in the NATO phonetic alphabet.
Echo is the name of Eliza Dushku's character in the new television series "Dollhouse".
In Chuck Palahniuk's novel Rant, Echo Lawrence gives the impression of a strong, determined girl that can hang with the guys, but has a sensitive center that people don't really see unless they're close to her.
This is a very pretty name, even if it is a common word. I don't imagine anyone named this would really get made fun of THAT much. Not so much that'd it'd take away from it being a nice name at least.
I have to agree with the Greek mythology people. I only see it as a girl's name. I think it would be kinda cool to be named Echo because it is so different, but at the same time, probably better as a nickname or something.
I love this name on a boy only. As to those who say it's just a girl's name only because of some mythological person, it's a part of sound hitting off of high places so it can be a boy's name as well.
It's an elegant name, and sounds like a feminine whisper.
I think Echo is pretty, but it automatically makes me think of Dolphins. Oh, and science class last year.
I think the name is beautiful, but Echo's story is just so sad that I could not name my daughter this. Hera cursed her with the affliction only because Echo was happily chatting with another nymph while the angry Goddess was looking for the always adulterous Zeus, and her love was viciously rebuffed by Narcissus. I see someone with this name as being small, shy, and with perpetual sadness in their eyes.
The name would sound very peculiar in at least English and German, and would surely lead to a few jokes on a regular basis.
I think it's a pretty name. It makes me think of the Pink Floyd song Echoes. I wouldn't use this name for a boy, because the mythological character Echo was female, and that the more "poetic" names (like Echo) are typically used for girls. I know that there are lots of ways to tease someone with a name like Echo, so I wouldn't give this name to my child. But a character in a story, most definitely.
There's a Pink Floyd song called "Echoes". When I think of it, I mostly think of it as the longest song I know of (as it is 23 minutes long).
I agree with the person above me when they say a boy by this name would have to go to self-defense class. Echo was a girl in mythology, and the name will always be a girl. Sorry to the person above, above.
If you must name your son Echo, just make sure you start sending him to self-defense classes at the Y as soon as he can walk!
This should be a name for boys, and only boys!
I love the name Echo. I actually think the meaning is kinda cool, too, though it's a bit of a sad story. I think Echo is a great name for a girl. I heard a radio DJ say she had a friend named Echo Serena, whose brother's name was Justice! Cool names. Ah, Echo, so lovely.
I like this name, and the jokes about it are old and overused. I think it sounds like a sad name. Like someone shy. It's pretty though.
I think it's really unique, though people can sure crack really funny jokes about it: Hi Echo, Hi Echo, Hi Echo, Hi Echo, Hi Echo ...
I think this is a very neat name, though I don't think I'd name anyone but a character this. I do like it a lot, though; it's unusual and beautiful.
My teacher's name was Echo, and she always kept repeating what she just said. I think her name matches her perfectly.
There's a book entitled "Echo" (in which the main character was named Echo) which completely ruined this name for me. I hated the book and the character.
My friend thinks this name sounds like a dolphin, but I think it's a good name. It's the name of one of the characters in our stories, who goes by the nickname Radar.
Can also be spelt Ekko and Ecko, I've seen Ecco as well but that one just bothered me for some reason. To me it looks like it should be the name of an electrical company.
Personally, I love the name Echo. It's unique and I only know one! My best friend is named this and often got teased by it, but overall I think it is a beautiful name.
My friend wanted to name her daughter Echo Forest. I peronsally hate both names and I don't know how someone could subject their child to that much embarrassment.
I really like this name, but it's just begging to be teased. Can you imagine? "ECHO...ECho...Echo...echo..."
If someone can name their child "Melody", I suppose Echo isn't too far off.
This is the name of a type of car from Toyota. I think Echo sounds strange for a name because it's a sound, so I wouldn't advise naming a child this.
My niece is named Echo Dawn. I didn't like this name at first but now I think it has grown on me.

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