It's so sweet, beautiful and a very lovely name. ❤❤.
Elise and Eliza are the most beautiful short versions of another name, and actually look like given names instead of nicknames. Elise sounds kind and elegant.
Nickname of empress Yelizabeta Alexeievna Romanova.
I personally know a l'il girl named Elise and I like it a lot although I'd say I prefer Lisa slightly more.
LOVE this as a middle name.
Our oldest is Delaney Elise and it’s such a pretty name!
Goes with just about everything, pretty but not too frilly, and a good length.
Amazing name.
Pretty! And not too overused!
Elise is my daughter's name. It is so elegant!. Short and ageless! I love her name and I really like E and I sounds together.
Elise is gorgeous. It feels timelessly feminine and graceful. Although many "E" names are popular today for girls I wouldn't hesitate to use Elise.
I actually really like the El names like Elaine and Elise. Just gorgeous!
I love this name. I think of the Lotus Elise when I hear it.
My name is Elise but I go by Li or Lise :)
If derived from the Greek name Elysium, it can also mean "Fortunate Isles/Of The Blessed Isles".
Very elegant and pretty! And not too overused, which is nice.
Elise is also Finnish, used as a short form of Elisabet. The name day for Elise in Finland is November 19.
Wonderful name.
Fur Elise I have haire lise.
This name is so traditional! I love it!I also really like the name Lisa, which is one of my favorite names.
Elise is a beautiful name, in my opinion. It is angelic, kind, sweet, and is ageless.My name is personally Lisa, but this other version of Elizabeth is a perfect and classic name. I would use this more as a first name than a middle one, but nonetheless either is suitable, and is more feminine than masculine. This name I also feel is ageless, and wouldn't outgrow your child as they get older. It is also unique and distinct, and your child might enjoy having a distinct name like Elise than something like Mary or Emma.I am using the name Elise in one of the fanfiction novels I am writing, and I feel that this name perfectly suits her.
When I was younger, I had a ballet teacher named Elise who I loved! We are still in touch to this day and she has really given me a positive outlook to the name. I love it!
This is my name. I'm a wildland firefighter and a fairly masculine person but when I was younger people always expected me to be delicate and traditionally feminine due to my name. And that sort of expectation kind of conditions you to not take yourself seriously or understand your strength. It's a nice name, but I'd think carefully before giving it to your daughter. Maybe give her a middle name or nickname to use as an alternate.
I hate it. The sound is ugly.
Fur Elise
I have haire lise.
Also Finnish name. Finnish name day November 19. [noted -ed]
Also used in Estonia:
Yuck! Do not like this little name at all. Sounds like a French prostitute lol.
It’s pretty and ages well but the name in general is sooooo overused. Everywhere I go I hear people named Elise, Elyse, Alise, Alysse, Alisa, Elisa, etc.
The popular eighties sitcom "Family Ties" involved a character called Elise Keaton (portrayed by Meredith Baxter) described as a hippie, baby boomer, and liberal democrat. She was also the mother of the comical protagonist, Alex Keaton (Michael J. Fox).
Such a cute name! Works with almost any middle name or first name!
Norwegian singer Marion Ravn's (also known as Marion Raven in other countries) middle name is Elise.
The standard Polish form of the name Elise is Eliza, or a more full and traditional one would be Elżbieta, however, last year (2019), 2 girls were given the name Elise as a MIDDLE name, and the name was #502 in the girls ranking.
I got Elise as my middle name because my parents loved the song 'Letter to Elise' by the Cure.
This is my name and growing up, people had always called me "Elle-ise" (elle pronounced like L). Honestly though, I do like my name but still.
Very pretty.
Very sweet name!
Sara Elise Stjernestrom is a member of a Norwegian Christian band called Impuls.
Elise is the titular character of Ougai Mori's short story "Maihime" or "The Dancing Girl".
I like Elisa more, sounds more complete. Still a very pretty name though.
It's interesting how so many people here say that they think Elise is sweet, angelic, pure, etc. I feel it exactly the same. When I think about this name I see a girl with long, brown, wavy hair, pale skin, dark blue eyes with long lashes, small, white, delicate hands, she's very slender and has petite features. She is introverted, has a very kind heart and is good natured, can be very shy and withdraw easily but likes helping people and is very considerate about other feelings. She is acutely sensitive and always wants to be the best, and is simply nice, would never do something bad or hurtful for others on purpose, is very patient and a great listener, although can be a little vain, she loves daydreaming and being surrounded with beauty. Elise is very intelligent and has an ear for music, but is always incredibly modest and not very self-confident. She has a natural air of sophistication, elegance and mystery around her. And I really think it's a very elegant and refined name. The fact that the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this name is a little girl doesn't mean that I can't picture a grown-up woman with this name, in fact I think it can age really well, and is good as both a first or a middle name. I think it goes particularly well with some other sweet but a bit stronger name, and looks good when hyphenated.
Last year (2017) two girls in Poland were given the name Elise, and the name was on the 624th position in the ranking.
Elise is a Belgian French child speech synthesiser produced by Acapela Group.
Sophie Elise is a Norwegian blogger and influencer.
Elise Ecklund is a YouTuber with 815k (ish) subscribers.
My name is Elise and I love the name because I'm the only one with that name in my class. It's just a bit annoying because a lot of people call me Elsie.
This name is sweet and pure. Instead of giving girls the very masculine Ellis, use the lovely Elise instead!
Like Faye, Elise sounds like it belongs on a sweet, lovely girl. It is also timeless and classy. One of my favourites!
This name is very pretty and while it works okay as a full name, I prefer it as a nickname for Elisabeth or Elizabeth, which grant the bearer more options in case she finds Elise boring and would rather be a Libby, Beth, Ellie, etc. Plus, it makes me think of that frustrating Princess Elise from Sonic ‘06, but I think that awful game has largely been forgotten by most and is only brought up when necessary, so it isn’t too bad.
“Fur Elise” translates to “For Elise, ” in case you didn’t know.
I think Elise is a beautiful, timeless name, especially for a middle name.
My niece has this name spelled, "Elisse" which I prefer. It is a very pretty, classy name. She too likes her name a lot, especially since it is not very common. This is a timeless classic.
I've always pictured an Elise as an angel-like girl.
In english, Elise is pronounced Eh-lease, NOT ee-leez.
My name is Elise and my mother named me after fur Elise and letters to Elise and many other reasons but my full name is Mary Elise Eggers and I am half Irish and Scottish. My relatives have Mcarthur blood because my mom's name is B Mcarthur and my dad's is R Eggers, so yea, my name is basically German but I'm fully Irish.
This name is always confused with Elyse and Elsie. It is very nice though.
Elise is a cute name for a sexy female.
Elise is the name of a character from Fire Emblem: Fates. She is the youngest child of King Garon of Nohr and a foster sister to the protagonist Corrin.
This name is wonderful. It would sound great as a first name, especially as a middle name. I know someone who pronounces it i-LEES. If I ever have a daughter I would probably name her Elise.
My name is Elise and the E is pronounced as an E. Overall I love my name because it's unique and I'm the only person in my class with it. I hate it when I meet someone with the same name. Sometimes I get called "Alise", or "Elsie" by people who can't read. I also jump or turn my head whenever I hear someone say "at least" because they sound so similar. My mother first heard the name Elise from the mom on "Family Ties".
Elise is the French version of Elizabeth, it's not German, yes there is a song called fur Elise by Beethoven but the name itself does not originate from Germany.
Fur Elise (German for "For Elise") is a famous composition by Ludwig van Beethoven.
It's pronounced e-LEES in Swedish, not e-LEE-se.
Always hated my name growing up... but as an adult I get a lot of comments from others saying that they like it or it's a pretty name. But as a child... I hated my mother... (not really). My hubby plays Fur Elise for me. It's a popular name in books as well, and there is a Lotus Elise in England.
Hi my name is elyse. Is that weird? A y instead of an i? Did you know someone spelled my name eleasea. She had no idea how to spell my name.
Princess Elise is a fictional character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 video game.
My daughters' name is Elise Marie, I always loved this combination! Such a sweet and classy name.
Elise Rainier is a character in the Insidious film series. She dies at the end of the first one, but appears nonetheless in the second and presumably in the third.
The car Lotus Elise. I like it nonetheless.
The name sounds like silk when I say. This is one of the reasons I love it. It is a such a cute name but I would rather us it for a character instead of a daughter. But I still love the name!
Elise is also the name of Beethoven's famous song "Fur Elise" Which was named after a woman named Elise.
I think this is a good middle name, but it strikes me as kind of boring for a first name.
I have a feeling this will become another filler middle name.
Nicknamed: Ellie or Leese
Elise Eberle (born 1993 in Albuquerque, New Mexico) is an American actress.
I've always thought this was a beautiful and graceful name but unfortunately, I went to high school with a girl named Elise who ruined the name for me for a very long time. Thankfully, I never see her anymore so I've slowly started to appreciate the name again.
Elise is the middle name of American actress Dianna Agron.
This is my name but spelled Aliese. It's pronounced the same though. I find the spelling of my name very strange. People always try to call me Alice or Elisa. I decided everyone should just call me Ally.
It's a nice name, just to confusing and gets mixed up a lot.
Elise is a surname. Elise means God's promise. Actress Kimberly Elise has this middle name but she uses it as her last name.
I like the name it's pretty. One of my middle names has Elise in it:
Angelise Angel+Elise
Elise is a short form of Elisabeth.
My name is Elisabeth, but I go by Elise. I live in Germany and I pronounce it e-LEEZ, without the e at the end. Both ways are used here, though.
'Lis' in French means lily, like the French coat of arms, 'fleur de lis' it means lily flower.
I have a sister named Elise and I love her! Though, I feel sorry for her because everybody gets her name wrong. Examples: Alise, Elsie, Elies-something like that, etc.
This is a beautiful name, I think. I love names like Eliza, Eli, Elliot, Elias, and this one. And the fact that 'El' is associated with God makes me like the names even more.This name always reminds me of Princess Elise the Third of Soleanna, from the video game series I'm so addicted to.
Elise Ray was as an American gymnast who went to the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.
This name is beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated. If my wife and I were to have another daughter, I would want her name to be Elise.
How pretty! What a sweet, elegant and strong name. So different and not all trendy like some trashy made-up names I've heard. I'd consider this name if not for my daughter then for my niece if I ever have one! This name gives me an image of a girl who is polite, yet makes her feelings known, is so strong yet so gentle, someone who doesn't give up.
This is a pretty name, but could easily be confused with Alice.
I love this name, it is the name of one of my favourite authors (Elise Primavera). It is something different and it sounds so delicate, and lovely.
I like this name a lot, like I also like Elsa. For some strange reason, this name always makes me picture some enigmatic, classy-looking, somewhat aloof and cold young woman with long, brown hair and pale skin, in other words, the same things as Elsa, with the exception that Elsa makes me picture a similar woman with blonde hair.
My parents named me Elise after the cure song "LETTER TO ELISE."
I've always hated my name because I get called Elsie all the time. Also when at fast food places that ask for your name and then call out your order by your name, everyone misspronounces Elise so I never know what order is mine.
I named my daughter Ellice pronounced Elise. I choose to spell it a little different. I think Ellice is a lovely name.
My sister's middle name is Elise (ee-LEESE) after my late Grandmother Elsie. We just switched the 'i' and the 's'. I love the name, and it's cool spelled 'Elyse', too.
I've heard it pronounced "e-LICE"?
My name is Elise. I always hated it because people would call me Elsie. Also, everytime someone would say "atleast" I would turn around. So, that got annoying. I ended up loving my name because I don't know anyone else with it. So I love my name. (except for all the misunderstandings)
My name is Aliese, a variant of Elise. The pronunciation is more like "uh-lees" (hence the "A" and not "E") but I still get called "ee-lees". I really like my name because it's unusual.
Elise is Delia's mother in the book Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult. In the book, Elise is Spanish.
Also pronounced E-lee-sa in German.
I love the name Elise, and I was named Elise after "A Letter To Elise" by The Cure.
My parents named me Elise Anna Marie. Elise was after Beethovens "Fur Elise", and the Anna Marie, was after a woman who is said to have been Beethoven's mistress. I'm not sure why I was given this name. Kind of weird. I guess my parents had an obsession with Beethoven.
I go by Elise; it's actually my middle name. I love my name and I haven't met a single other person with it!
Elise is another one of my favorites. I love how it's sweet and short. I love names that are sweet and short.
There is a great song by The Cure called "A Letter to Elise".
There is a novelist named Elise Title.
My only sister is named Christen Elise. If our brother had been a boy, he would have been named Elise something. Elise, a variant of Elizabeth, means, among other things, "Oath of God". My sister, though only eleven, loves her name because it references God -- something I wish my name did. Elise is cute and adorable for a little girl yet elegant and beautiful for a woman. I would name my daughter Elise, but the name is taken in our family.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Elise here:
This is my name. I never have to worry about getting mixed up with other girls at school, because I am the only Elise. Not only is it pretty, it ages well. The only possible downside is constantly getting called Elsie by people who can't read.
I like this name, it's so cute! I knew an adorable little girl with a head of really curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She was really shy and quiet and I think that fits this name perfectly! Her sister was named Audrey, FYI.
Elise is a very pretty, elegant name. A name you could easily grow up with. Not over popular too which is nice.
Jane Seymour's character in Somewhere in Time is named Elise McKenna.
I love this name but not Alyce or any of those other versions of it.
Pronounced EL - LEESE.
We are adopting a baby girl from China late this summer and we both like this name. Sounds pretty and seems like it could work for a little girl and grow with her over time. Looking for something that is not too overdone.
My name is Elise and I have always hated it. It is bland and I love my family name, Aine, much more.
This is a very strong, elegant name. And it's very lady-like and artistic. And yes, Beethoven wrote a symphony called "Fur Elise," but some German words are adapted and/or burrowed from the French language.
My mother wanted to call me this because of the Beethoven piano piece 'Für Elise'.
Dainty, fairylike and very sweet, Elise is one of my favorite names.
It's German.

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