American First Ladies: 3 first ladies
Elizabeth Kortright Monroe   1817-1825  
Elizabeth Truman   1945-1953  
Betty Ford (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1974-1977  
Biblical Characters: 1 character
Elizabeth   (f)   Luke 1:5  
British Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
Liz Truss (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2022  
Emmy Award Winners: 2 actresses
(actress) Tina Fey (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2008   30 Rock  
(actress) Claire Foy (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2018   The Crown  
English and British Kings and Queens: 2 queens
Queen Elizabeth I   1558-1603  
Queen Elizabeth II   1952-2022  
Fictional Characters from Books: 3 characters, 2 heroes
Elizabeth Bennet   1813   Pride and Prejudice  
Elizabeth Elliot   1818   Persuasion  
Elizabeth March   1868   Little Women  
Bess Marvin (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1931   The Secret at Shadow Ranch  
Betsy Ray (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1940   Betsy-Tacy  
Fictional Characters from Movies: 1 character
Elizabeth Walton   1971   The Homecoming: A Christmas Story  
Fictional Characters from Television: 26 characters, 1 hero
Kate Roberts (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1965   Days of Our Lives  
Mimi Lockhart (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1965   Days of Our Lives  
Elizabeth Walton   1972   The Waltons  
Cally Harper Ewing (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1978   Dallas  
Liz Adams (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1978   Dallas  
Beth Logan (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1987   The Bold and the Beautiful  
Katie Logan (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1987   The Bold and the Beautiful  
Michelle Tanner (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1987   Full House  
Jan Brady (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1969; 1990   The Brady Bunch; The Bradys  
Elizabeth Olivet   1990   Law & Order  
Liz Warden (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1990   Keeping Up Appearances  
Blanche Devereaux (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1985; 1992   The Golden Girls; The Golden Palace  
Libby Kelly (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1993   Grace Under Fire  
Elizabeth Corday   1994   ER  
Felicity Porter (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1998   Felicity  
Grace Adler (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1998   Will & Grace  
Jessie Sammler (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1999   Once and Again  
Lily Brooks Manning (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1999   Once and Again  
Liz Parker (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1999   Roswell  
Lizzie McGuire (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2001   Lizzie McGuire  
Liz Cruz (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2003   Nip/Tuck  
Libby Smith (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2004   Lost  
Sarah Henrickson (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2006   Big Love  
Betty Draper (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2007   Mad Men  
Elizabeth Bishop   2008   Fringe  
Kurt Hummel (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2009   Glee  
Liz Reddick-Lawrence (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2009; 2017   The Good Wife; The Good Fight  
Grammy Award Winners: 1 record of the year/album of the year
(record of the year/album of the year) Whitney Houston (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1994   I Will Always Love You; The Bodyguard Soundtrack  
Hall-of-Famers: 1 basketball
(basketball) Ann Meyers (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1993  
New Zealand Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
Helen Clark (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1999-2008  
Nobel Prize Winners: 1 medicine
(medicine) Elizabeth Blackburn   2009  
Notable Activists and Revolutionaries: 2 activists
(activist) Elizabeth Fry   1780-1845  
(activist) Sheila Kitzinger (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1929-2015  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 24 actresses, 1 comedian/actress, 1 model/actress
Eunice Gayson (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1928-2018  
Elizabeth Taylor   1932-2011  
Elizabeth Montgomery   1933-1995  
Diana Rigg (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1938-2020  
Jane Lapotaire (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1944-  
Liddy Holloway (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1947-2004  
Liddy Clark (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1953-  
Bess Armstrong (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1953-  
Geena Davis (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1956-  
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio   1958-  
Elizabeth McGovern   1961-  
Ely Pouget (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1961-  
Holly Robinson Peete (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1964-  
Helen McCrory (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1968-2021  
Elizabeth Mitchell   1970-  
Tina Fey (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1970-  
Liz Vassey (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1972-  
Elizabeth Reaser   1975-  
Ellie Kemper (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1980-  
Claire Foy (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1984-  
Britt Irvin (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1984-  
Mary Elizabeth Winstead   1984-  
Elizabeth Olsen   1989-  
Elizabeth Debicki   1990-  
Malese Jow (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1991-  
Beanie Feldstein (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1993-  
Notable Athletes: 6 gymnastics, 2 basketball, 1 skating
(gymnastics) Dale McClements (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1944-  
(basketball) Ann Meyers (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1955-  
(gymnastics) Betty Okino (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1975-  
(skating) Meryl Davis (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1987-  
(basketball) Liz Cambage (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1991-  
(gymnastics) Chelsea Davis (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1992-  
(gymnastics) Elizabeth Price   1996-  
(gymnastics) Lizzy LeDuc (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1997-  
(gymnastics) Jordan Chiles (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2001-  
Notable Evildoers: 1 murderer
Elizabeth Báthory   1560-1614  
Notable Hosts and Presenters: 1 radio
(radio) Libby Purves (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1950-  
Notable Journalists: 2 print
(print) Elizabeth Hawley   1923-2018  
(print) Libby Purves (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1950-  
Notable Musicians: 3 singers
Whitney Houston (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1963-2012   pop  
Katy Perry (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1984-   pop  
Lana Del Rey (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1985-   pop  
Notable Politicians and Statespeople: 1 politician
Elizabeth Warren   1949-  
Notable Scientists and Inventors: 1 anthropologist
Sheila Kitzinger (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1929-2015  
Notable Writers: 7 authors, 1 author/poet
Elizabeth Gaskell   1810-1865  
Mary Elizabeth Braddon   1835-1915  
Elizabeth Bowen   1899-1973  
Elizabeth Taylor   1912-1975  
Elizabeth Mavor   1927-2013  
Wendy Rose (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1948-  
Elizabeth George   1949-  
Kate Grenville (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1950-  
Olympic Medalists: 13 bronze, 12 silver, 5 gold, 4 silver/gold, 1 bronze/gold, 1 bronze/silver, 1 silver/bronze, 1 silver/gold/bronze
(silver/gold) Elizabeth Becker-Pinkston   1924; 1928   diving - springboard; diving - platform  
(silver) Ellen King (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1928   swimming - 100 m backstroke; swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay  
(silver/gold) Elizabeth Robinson   1928; 1936   100 m; 4x100 m relay  
(bronze) Valerie Davies (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1932   swimming - 100 m backstroke; swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay  
(bronze) Dorothy Brookshaw (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1936   4x100 m relay  
(bronze) Betty Taylor (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1936   80 m hurdles  
(silver) Elizabeth McKinnon   1948   4x100 m relay  
(silver) Thelma Hopkins (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1956   high jump  
(bronze) Susan Roberts (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1956   swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay  
(bronze) Elizabeth Ferris   1960   diving - springboard  
(silver/gold) Ann Packer (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1964   400 m; 800 m  
(gold) Donna de Varona (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1964   swimming - 400 m medley; swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay  
(silver) Ann Meyers (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1976   basketball  
(bronze) Wendy Weinberg (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1976   swimming - 800 m freestyle  
(bronze) Anne Jardin (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1976   swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay; swimming - 4x100 m medley relay  
(silver) Sharron Davies (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1980   swimming - 400 m medley  
(bronze) Beth Anders (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1984   field hockey  
(silver) Elizabeth Mitchell   1984; 1988   swimming - 100 m backstroke; swimming - 4x100 m medley relay  
(silver) Liz McColgan (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1988   10000 m  
(silver) Elizabeth Barr   1988   swimming - 4x100 m medley relay  
(gold) Elizabeth Jane Wagstaff   1992   swimming - 4x100 m medley relay  
(bronze) Betty Okino (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1992   gymnastics  
(silver) Gail Emms (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2004   badminton mixed doubles  
(gold) Misty May-Treanor (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2004; 2008; 2012   beach volleyball  
(bronze/gold) Beezie Madden (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2004; 2008   equestrian  
(silver/gold) Elizabeth Armstrong   2008; 2012   water polo  
(bronze/silver) Mary King (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2004; 2008; 2012   equestrian  
(bronze) Beth Storry (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2012   field hockey  
(silver) Zara Phillips (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2012   equestrian  
(silver) April Ross (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2012   beach volleyball  
(bronze) Beth Tweddle (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2012   artistic gymnastics  
(gold) Becky Sauerbrunn (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2012   football  
(silver) Lizzie Armitstead (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2012   cycling - road  
(bronze) Liz Cambage (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2012   basketball  
(silver/bronze) Elizabeth Beisel   2012   swimming  
(silver/gold/bronze) Meryl Davis (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2010; 2014   figure skating  
(gold) Lizzy Yarnold (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2014   skeleton  
(bronze) Gracie Gold (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2014   figure skating  
Oscar Award Winners: 2 actresses
(actress) Elizabeth Taylor   1960; 1966   Butterfield 8; Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  
(actress) Geena Davis (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1988   The Accidental Tourist  
Other Royalty: 3 princesses
Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2004-   Denmark  
Catherine, Princess of Wales (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2011-   United Kingdom  
Charlotte of Wales (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2015-   United Kingdom  
Pulitzer Award Winners: 1 winner
Elizabeth Strout   2009   Olive Kitteridge  
Russian Grand Dukes and Tsars: 1 tsaritsa
Tsaritsa Yelizaveta (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1741-1762  
Saints: 8 saints, 5 blessed
Saint Elizabeth   ?-0xx  
Saint Elizabeth of Schönau   1129-1164  
Saint Elizabeth Rose   ?-1130  
Saint Elizabeth of Hungary   1207-1231  
Saint Isabel of Aragon (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1271-1336  
Saint Elizabeth the Good   1386-1420  
Blessed Elisabetta Picenardi (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1428-1468  
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton   1774-1821  
Blessed Elisabetta Canori Mora (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1774-1825  
Blessed Elisabetta Vendramini (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1790-1860  
Saint Elizabeth Chong Chong-hye   1796-1839  
Blessed Elisabeth Hesselblad (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1870-1957  
Blessed Élisabeth of the Trinity (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   1880-1906  
Shakespearian Characters: 2 characters
Princess Elizabeth   Henry VIII  
Lady Elizabeth Grey; Queen Elizabeth   Henry VI (3); Richard III  
Title Characters: 4 songs, 2 books, 1 film/book, 1 musical, 1 tv show
(musical) Elizabeth   1964   Robert and Elizabeth  
(book) Elizabeth   1967   Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley and Me, Elizabeth  
(song) Elizabeth Reed   1970   In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed  
(song) Elizabeth   1983   Elizabeth  
(song) Elizabeth   1998   Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor  
(film/book) Elizabeth I   1998; 2001   Elizabeth; Elizabeth I And Her Conquests  
(tv show) Lizzie McGuire (a.k.a. Elizabeth)   2001   Lizzie McGuire  
(song) Elizabeth Bathory   2002   Elizabeth Bathory  
(book) Elizabeth   2008   The Lady Elizabeth