My mother has always treasured this name, and almost used it for my middle name.
I think Elizabeth is a timelessly beautiful classic with a regal charm that will never grow old. Its meaning adds to its beauty. Although my personal favorite nickname for Elizabeth is Libby, the adorable nickname potentials are endless: Elle, Ellie, Eliza, Liz, Lizzy, Liza, Beth, Betty, Betsy, Busy, Buffy, the list goes on.
Overall, I think Elizabeth is a gorgeous name.
As a certain Elizabeth once said, "Your fate is in the cards."
Nice name if you like classics, and it's timeless. Beth is a nice nickname but Liz takes some beauty away from the name.
This has been one of my favorite names and I really wish I could have chosen this name for my daughter, but my hubby said no. I therefore had to pass it up despite my strong feelings for it. (Sigh)
The Australian singer Sarah Blasko's full name is Sarah Elizabeth Blaskow.
Last year (2020) 16 baby girls in Poland were given the name Elizabeth as a first name. 15 girls got it as a middle. In January of this year, 860 women in the whole population had this name as their first name and 1698 women bore it as middle name.
Classic and timeless name that ages very well. I personally love Elizabeth!
I know an Elizabeth who goes by Beth.
My name is also Elizabeth and I think it is a beautiful name that suits me well. Plus there are a ton of nicknames that can suit any personality. :D.
As someone whose birth name was Elizabeth, I don't like it. Not one bit. I think it's unflattering and way too long. I even believe the short names don't redeem anything about this name.
Elizabeth is a very common name, but sounds pretty and fits women of all ages. I'm considering this name for my future daughter whether as a first name or middle name. Ellie would be a nice nickname. I love these following variants too: Elise, Elisabeth, Elisabetta, Eliza, Ilse.
The name Elizabeth originates from the Old Testament Hebrew אֱלִישֶׁבַע 'Elisheva'. The Greek form 'Elisabet' appears in The New Testament.
I really think this name is the ultimate “black dress” of the female names department. Not only does it have a lot of history to back it up, but it really goes well for almost any personality. Plus the enormous amount of nicknames makes it the “Swiss army knife “ for its aforementioned diversity. A cool and classy name.
I do not like it. Ii is generic and old, is better as a middle name for Kirsten/Kyrsten although is still better than Elisabete.
I like the name Elizabeth as it is truly timeless and ages well throughout every stage of a woman's life regardless of her age. A good and illustrious name if I do say so myself.
This is my name haha, Elizabeth Rose. I grew having a love/hate relationship with my name.

Since Elizabeth is a very timeless and biblical (and extremely common) name just like Sarah, Mary, Jennifer, Amy, and Catherine/Katherine, I was bound to run into other Elizabeths which can be annoying, such as someone saying, "Sorry, I meant the other, Liz!" I went to a shop to sell clothes and there were four other Elizabeths on the sign in sheet. And guess what, the employee's name in front of me was also Elizabeth. I always wanted to have a more pretty name. I felt my name was too uptight and boring. :(

Plus I would also meet Elisabeths as well.

However, I love how I have sooo many nicknames to go by (Liz, Lizzy, Lulu, Lila). Many go for Liz for me. My biblical namesake's story is very sweet too. Plus I'm kinda sad that my name is becoming less popular. It's a pretty safe name to choose. Or you can choose the modern day variants Isabella, Isabelle/Isabel, or even just the short Eliza.
Nice and very pretty except I know a few and one of them is a total weirdo but the other is my friend! Also very common name but I do like how many nicknames it has!
Elizabeth is my favourite girl's name. It's elegant, sophisticated and timeless, and it just sounds beautiful. It also has loads of nicknames, which makes it very versatile; my favourites are Eliza, Ellie and Lizzy. You can't go wrong with the name Elizabeth.
My middle name is Elizabeth. I shorten it to Elise or Eliza most of the time. I absolutely love it. Elizabeth is timeless, elegant, and classic. There's a reason as to why it's so popular. I also like Elisabeth :D.
Name of the day: June 3rd, 2021.
I named my daughter Illysabath, what a brand-new version of the traditional name.
When I was little I named my Tyrannosaurs Rex Elizabeth after Queen Elizabeth II (yes I gave my dinosaurs human names).
I've only known 2 people with the name Elizabeth growing up who were both in my class. Unlike other names that have many nicknames which I cant stand, I find I love all the many nicknames Elizabeth/Elisabeth comes with. I think my most favorite of the many nicknames is Elise, but I am fine with any of the nicknames. I prefer Elizabeth as a first name then a middle name. This name is on the table if I ever had a daughter.
Elizabeth Afton, the possessor of Circus Baby (Five Nights at Freddy's), and the adorable little girl who died for an ice cream cone.
I really like the meaning.
There is a book called the Penderwicks and the youngest girl is named Elizabeth, but she goes by Batty. And she is super funny, and she wears these butterfly wings. And she has an adorable dog named Hound! Also someone else commented something like this about Batty and all she said was that there was a girl in the Penderwicks called Batty, and someone pressed the down button! Like why?! (I pressed the up button to at least make it one vote). Anyway have an awesome day. Also anyone reading this is amazing and beautiful!
" 'Elisheva — ' "God is an oath," the second element said by Klein to be related to shivah (fem. Sheva) "seven," and to nishba "he swore," originally "he bound himself by (the sacred number) seven" "
Just name your kid Eliza, Liza, Beth, Betty, Elsie, Lizzie ETC. If you name your child Elizabeth and make everyone call them by the full name she will be bullied.
Goes good as a middle name with Morgan.
Morgan Elizabeth.
Has a good ring to it, very pretty and strong though still feminine.
OMG! When I was in my French class on Wednesday, I was picking out a French name, and I had no idea that Elizabeth was a French name. OMG, so exited.
Elizabeth Cappuccino is an American actress. She played Allison in the movie Super Dark Times.
My Mum is called Elizabeth and she is the most kindest, loving, supportive and caring person that I know.
I prefer the classic, powerful and elegant name of Elizabeth as a first name. It is far too regal and grand to be a middle name. Lovely!
The English Queen makes this name even better! It makes this name sound royal (only if you have a nice middle name).
A bit common, but it’s a solid name.
I speak English in the Midwest and I say ee-LIZ-uh-bith.
This is a popular name for many decades, yes, but such a great, classic name! Sounds strong, just good quality name. Fits for young women, old women, just perfect. It has story, not some kind of boring name without nothing.
I think it's really pretty, but it's so common.
My mom named me Elizabeth after Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. If I had an older sister she would probably be named Jane. And if I had two twins (younger) then they would be Kitty and Lydia. Like that is how obsessed she is! Lol, but I still love my name. I go by Lizzie, but also like that there are so many other great nicknames out there!
My name is Elizabeth, but I go by Lizzie. I love my name because it has SOOO many nicknames. Plus if I end up thinking Lizzie is not a mature name (which I think it is a mature name), I could always go with Elizabeth. I think my name is classic and beautiful, and I don't agree with the name being boring. I know another girl named Elizabeth and me and her are very very creative. I am also pretty funny, and if my friends used one word to describe me; it could be so many different words but I sincerely doubt that it would be the word boring. Tell me, other Elizabeths, what you look like. I have hazel eyes, natural blonde highlights (but my main hair color is a very light brown) and I have pale-ish skin, what about you?
Lizard breath.
OMG! My dad literally calls me lizard breath as a joke, it's hilarious. But what context are you using, when you wrote lizard breath?
It's very pretty. Good nickname is Liz, Lizzie, or Eliza.
When I think of an Elizabeth, I think of...
A naturally shy girl who is kind and never calls people mean names. I think of a girl with very light brown hair (blonde-ish) with light blue eyes and is rather slender, whenever someone is sad, she always tries to cheer them up.
This name sounds like 'elite sabbath'.
Well, it is Hebrew for that.
Sounds pretty, but it’s too dated and overused for my taste. I’d spell it as Allyzabyth, or I’d just use Lizlee if I wanted the nickname Liz. I just think those are fresher and more mature.
Like no offense or anything, but the names you mentioned that are supposedly "better" than Elizabeth, are honestly not great in my opinion. Like Lizlee? I HAVE NEVER HEARD THAT NAME!? Please comment if you have heard Lizlee or Allyzabeth, because I sure haven't.
Plain and overused, but a lovely classic.
Elizabeth Warren is an American politician and a former law professor who is a senior United states senator.
Elizabeth is one of Elizabeth Richmond's multiple personalities in Shirley Jackson's "The Birds Nest".
Also used in Spanish.
@guasguendi is partially correct, Elizabeth is occasionally used in Spanish-speaking countries such as Chile and Mexico (check the popularity charts), but the usual Spanish form of this name is Elisabet. However, Elisabet is not as frequent as Isabel, Ysabel, and Isabela. The diminutive form of Elizabeth in Spanish is Eli.

Spanish Pronunciation: ee-lee-sa-BEHT.
I like it! It is a tad common and has been for a looong time, but you’ll always manage to find a famous bearer of the name that you like or have a relative with this name. It’s easy to pronounce and spell and there are a lot of nicknames you can use with this name, so you don’t always have to get mixed up with any other Elizabeths you meet.
Joy Elizabeth Williams is an American singer/songwriter.
I don't really like it as a first name, but it works wonderfully as a middle name. Elizabeth pairs well with all sorts of names!
Lindsay Elizabeth Gardiner is the member of American-Canadian family band Gardiner Sisters, she's the third sister.
Last year (2019) 8 girls were given the name Elizabeth in Poland, and the name was #360 in the girls' first names' ranking. As a middle name, it was given to 15 baby girls, so the name was #217 in the girls' middle names' ranking.
A lovely classic.
Too long.
This name always reminds me of oranges, maybe because of Beth sounding like pith, and the z part, with Liz, being all zesty and tangy. It is similar to Olivia, in the sense that it means olive.
All people who decided to name their child Elizabeth should be sent to prison. Are you unaware of the consequences of your actions? Every person named Elizabeth has hatred in their hearts and evil in their souls, and they are destined to hell. If you don't want to live in eternal fire, do not name your child Elizabeth and allow them to carry you down with them.
God help us all.
Okay, you've definitely taken it way too far, sis. I'm sorry about all of the hatred you must contain within your heart, but why do you feel the need to post a deeply insulting comment about a name that isn't even your own? Do you honestly have nothing better to do? I understand having a negative personal association(s) with a name, and if someone with the name Elizabeth has hurt you (which they obviously must have), I'm really sorry. However, that had nothing to do with their name. Mean people are mean people, regardless of their name. No two Elizabeths have the same personality. Everyone is uniquely individual. So please do not go around posting very painful comments about the names of others. Try to imagine how you would feel if your name were Elizabeth and you read that comment. You would be hurt, right? Please try to empathize with others, it will make your life and others' lives so much better.
I'd just like to point out that rubyhater123 is SO OBVIOUSLY joking. She's very likely a troll.
That is extremely rude and not true, you are the one who has hatred in your heart and evil in your soul, and is destined to hell. :)
No, that's not true, and that is rude as well.
I agree.
Elizabeth is my middle name, and I like it. I feel like it goes with my first name very well (Chloe). However, I wish this was my first name instead. It's lovely, elegant, a classic, and it can grow with you gracefully. The nicknames are adorable too! :).
Lizzie is a cute nickname.
Not bad, given the positive association with Elizabeth Bennet.
Me too it really is a great name to have! I learned that from experience!
Elizabeth is a very beautiful name I have a friend named Elizabeth and she is funny, beautiful and has the best name on the planet. This name will always be my favorite.
When you name a teenager Elizabeth, they will dye their hair and become increasingly short and annoying, I've known 4 Elizabeths who fit the description I've just described. It's such an ugly name, I don't understand why anyone would name their child this.
Elizabeth Olsen, American actress and younger sister of the Olsen twins.
My name is not Elizabeth but it's a great name.
My name is Elizabeth and I think it is awesome!
Why did someone say something mean that says this "Not to be nasty but the name sounds to me like" what they said for what it sounds like is such a bad word I would be grounded for 2000000000 years if I said it, so if you were the one who put this comment you should be ashamed of yourself. Also my name is Elizabeth so HEY!
Stop writing mean comments like that person who wrote about what Elizabeth sounds like!
This name is gorgeous! It’s very beautiful and so many nicknames work with it it’s crazy. Here’s a list I came up with-
And so many more!
My twin sister is called Elizabeth but everyone calls her Izzy. I think it’s beautiful and I’ve never met another Elizabeth.
For me, it sounds a bit too rough. I prefer 'Isabel(le)' over 'Elizabeth'.
The most versatile name ever! Here are all nickname choices I can think of in case you are naming your girl Elizabeth. Hope this helps!

Eliza, Lisa/Liza, Elisa, Beth, Bessie, Lizbeth, Liz, Lizzy/ie, Tetty, Ellie, Ella, Lizzeth, Eli, Bet, Zabeth, Eliz, Lizet/Lizette, Elle, Alia, Elia, Elin, Lia, Zeth.
Elizabeth is another girl’s name I really like. It’s classy and sophisticated. It’s always been very popular, but the popularity of a name doesn’t bother me that much. Elizabeth is beautiful and distinguished for a girl, it makes a perfect middle name as well as a first name.
Hmmmmmmmm... Not bad! But overused and way too common.
Don't like it that much...
Excuse me, my middle name is Elizabeth and I think it is beautiful.
Not being nasty but this name actually sounds like 'hell is a bitch'.
A new favourite of mine.
Elizabeth (Liza) Anne Odachowski is an American folk singer, known just as Liza Anne.
In July 2017, there were 684 women in Poland named Elizabeth.
This name always reminds me of Elizabeth Walton from The Waltons. I love that. I love this name and the European version Elisabeth. The only problem is the length it might be a little hard to learn how to spell for a kid at first. It sounds beautiful though it's more common as a middle name which is fun too. I would use it for either.
This is the name of my friend. I hear it a lot now and find it very pretty. Nicknames I hear are Beth, Liz, Lizzy, Eliza, and Liza. I call my friend the last two. It is such a mature, sophisticated name.
My favorite nickname is Theta. I like that.
The first comment on the board describes my daughter almost perfectly, the only difference is that she is not skinny or frail but very sturdy but still thin. I can't believe how right you are Mairinn, she is everything I could have asked for in a daughter and more. I don't know what I did to deserve to have such a wonderful person in my life and her name suits her perfectly. I love you so much Elizabeth Paige.
Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak is a dancer, actress and model. She has starred on “Dance Moms” for five seasons with her mom, Christi. She has also starred in “A Cowgirls Story” and “Centre Stage on Pointe”.
Ryan Elizabeth Jones is the daughter of “Quints By Surprise” Stars Ethan and Casey.
It may be not the most unique, uncommon and surprising name in the world, and it seems particularly common as a middle name - which I understand because it feels so well with almost everything - but I still love this name. I love how classy and classic it is, and so elegant and regal. It is feminine and girly, but not too frilly at all, it has loads of strength, elegance and sophistication in it. But is not overly sophisticated either, and has such a fabulous nickname potential, so that it can actually fit people with different personalities and looks. But what first comes to my mind when I hear the name Elizabeth is a young girl, either in her teens or young adulthood, who has chestnut, a little wavy, shoulder-length hair, oblong face, light brown, almond-shaped eyes, and she's rather short to medium-height and pretty skinny and slightly built. You could actually say she looks pretty fragile but she has an iron will, steely determination and can be awfully stubborn, which is both good and bad. She likes to be in control of things, if she's not it often makes her anxious. She is nice and kind, and not really a shy person, but definitely an introvert and much prefers to spend time on her own, just with her own thoughts, in the garden, taking care of her flowers, or in her room reading a book or dedicating herself to some artsy hobby like drawing, painting or playing the piano or maybe violin, something like that. She's very talented, a real aesthete and a lover of words. She knows how to write interestingly and is also pretty eloquent, has a good sense of humour, kind of sarcastic, and is very intelligent. She is a pessimist most of the time, but not the one who complains all the time. She is very strongly devoted to her family and those she loves and cares about and has a real instinct for taking care of others, protecting and reassuring them. She likes to be perceived as strong, and she has a lot of emotional strength, but at the same time she is also very vulnerable and sensitive, and it's not particularly difficult to hurt her feelings, she struggles with a lot of self-doubt as well, but also is terribly ambitious and characterised by pride, so it actually makes her quite a perfectionist and she usually achieves her goals whatever they are. She makes an impression of a very down to Earth, practical person, who has her feet firmly on the ground, who always has everything under control, is well organised, caring of others, almost overprotective and bossy but it's well intentioned, and even slightly lacking spontaneity, but sometimes, when no one sees, another side of her comes out, a part of her that is an artist, a daydreamer, a hopeless romantic, very imaginative and even a bit idealistic, and kind of a wild spirit. But actually, Elizabeth is such a versatile name that you can imagine a person with this name any age I guess, and this is just what first comes to my mind usually when I think of the name Elizabeth, this is just how I imagine an Elizabeth, but I don't know anyone who is exactly like this and I am not saying that all Elizabeths are like that.
One of the British English speech synthesisers created by Acapela Group is called Queen Elizabeth.
Elizabeth is one of the British English speech synthesisers created by an Italian company Loquendo.
Elizabeth is Jade Bird's (English singer and songwriter) middle name.
The standard Polish form of ELizabeth is Elżbieta, however Elizabeth also gains attention from parents, and as a result, last year (2018), there were 11 Elizabeths born in Poland, and the name was 294th in the ranking for girls.
Way too common and overused.
I have a daughter named Elizabeth. We didn't want to call her Lizzy or Liz because that's too popular. Instead, we call her Beth or Eliza (Grandma and Grandpa Uncles and Aunts call her that). I call her Eliza. Beth is more of her public name. Her friends call her that, her teachers call her that etc. I like both names.
Her full name is Elizabeth Josephine Magdaline G***n.
I think Elizabeth is such as classy and timeless name. This is definitely a beautifully strong feminine name. It’s such a common name right now, but that doesn’t bother me. I would probably use it as a middle name though. I like the nicknames Eli, Liz, and Beth. Elizabeth will never go out of style. This is going on my list for best girl names in my book.
This name is an anagram of 'I be hazel'. Interesting.
Correcting my last comment: It's an anagram of it be hazel.
My grandma is named Elizabeth and she's the only Elizabeth I know. That's because this name isn't common where I live.
Elizabeth “Lizzy” Anne Green is an actress known for starring as Dawn on the Nickelodeon show “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn”.
Elizabeth is officially one of my favorite girl names! It’s such a classy, elegant name. This will definitely be the name of my future daughter. Actually, I like it better as a middle name. I really love the first name Sophia. Sophia Elizabeth is a potential name for my daughter. I love this name. It’s probably overused because it has a lovely meaning. I also love the nicknames Eli, Eliz, Liz, Lizzy, Izzy, and Beth.
Elizabeth Smart was an American kidnapping victim and survivor kidnapped in June of 2002 who was held captive by a couple for 9 months and survived. She is now an activist and journalist.
I love this name! I love the nickname Eliza for it.
Elizabeth Bennet is the protagonist of Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice.
Elizabeth Hamilton was the wife of Alexander Hamilton. She often went by Eliza or Betsey.
Elizabeth was given to 140 boys born in the United States in 1989! Ranked at 847! Elizabeth was also used as a masculine name in the 1900’s but the most boys given this name was in 1989. There are a lot of feminine names on this website that do have slight masculine usage but not names like Zoe, Eve, Sophia, or Chloe, they have feminine usage only! I’m talking about Elizabeth, Emma, Josephine, Marie, and Tina. There are also masculine names with slight feminine usage. Elizabeth is a total feminine name and I personally love it for a girl only! I hate it for a boy though, sorry! There’s nothing masculine about the name Elizabeth! Sorry if I used the word “hate”! I pity those poor men who suffered teasing about their name! Unless they don’t mind it! Elizabeth is a beautiful name for a girl, and it’s cute as a middle name too! I love the name Elizabeth because it’s elegant and timeless for a GIRL and Queen Elizabeth is a good association. This name is definitely girly and elegant.
To each their own, I'll say. I, personally, like this name - it's lovely! But... would not use it. I come from a family that was raised in a pre-christian religion household that's considered a minority (for now at least.) The only reason I dislike this name is the meaning. Other than that, those who are of the Abrahamic religion will adore this name. :) Blessed be.
This is my late grandmother's name and I always thought it was a beautiful name.
Elizabeth Mae Hale, more commonly known as Lizzy Hale, is the lead singer of the band Halestorm. I feel honoured to share my name with her. I'm an author (Elizabeth E. Burdon if anyone's interested) but I'm not famous or anything.
It’s a super common middle name, but I don’t think that’s a problem since most people don’t go by their middle name. I’m considering going by it when I go to college, but that’s a long way off so I try not to think about it much. Also, the reason my middle name is Elizabeth is because it was my mother’s, grandmother’s, and great-grandmother’s middle names, and my other great-grandmother’s first name. Talk about popular.
Elizabeth is my second favorite name, I love Victoria better but at the same time this is my second favorite name. I don't know if it's because of Queen Elizabeth but I just think of bees and this wholesome scene, near a forest and lots of greens. I personally don't like most of the nicknames but it's just a lush name with a beautiful history of women who are strong and were different. The fact that this can be translated in every language in the world is amazing. I'm not sure if the George Orwell comment is true but I haven't met an Elizabeth that I didn't like.
In 2018, 20 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Elizabeth who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 19th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Elizabeth is a lovely name! Its rich history, broad appeal, and timeless style means that despite it being a very popular name, each Elizabeth can make it her own. While it has countless nicknames (Liz, Lizzie, Libby, Bess, Beth, and Betty being just a few from the top of my head), I prefer the full version. I also think Elizabeth spelled with a "z" much nicer than Elisabeth.
This was the name of George Washington’s sister Elizabeth “Betty” Washington Lewis, and also the name of his step granddaughter Elizabeth “Eliza” Parke Custis Law.
Elizabeth Stuart (1596 1662) was Electress of the Palatinate and briefly Queen of Bohemia. She was the wife of Frederick V of the Palatinate and eldest daughter of James VI and I, King of Scotland, England, and Ireland.
My sister's name is Elizabeth. When she was little, she went by Liz or Lisa. Now, she just goes by Elizabeth. I like it better as Elizabeth. It is very beautiful and cool. I also like how it has so many nicknames!
Elizabeth is a classic. If you don't like it in full, you can always shorten it to Ellie, Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Liza, Lisa, Eliza, Bess, Betty, etc. It has an abundance of nicknames!
My name is Elizabeth. I love it. I love classic and traditional names. I don't like trendy names at all. Your name says a lot about you as a person and your parents who named you. Growing up and through college and some of my work years, I went by Liz. My sister still calls me Liz which is fine. My science teacher in junior high called me Betsy. One of my husband's clients calls me Lindsay. My brothers called me either Elizabeth or Lizard which kinda bugged me. My husband calls me Elizabeth or Lizzy. My parents called me Lizzy, which I thought was kinda cute, I guess. Now, as I have gotten older, I prefer Elizabeth in most cases. Through the years, I never got weird looks because of my name. My parents did a great job naming us. My sister's name is Cynthia, my brother's names: Phillip and Frederick.
Elizabeth Penderwick is the deceased mother of the Penderwicks. This is also the full name of her youngest daughter, Batty.
Elizabeth Stride (born Elisabeth Gustafsdotter), known as "Long Liz," was believed to be one of the victims of Jack the Ripper, though some believe her murder to be unconnected to the other killings as her body was not mutilated like those of the other victims.
Elizabeth is my name and I love it. It is beautiful and elegant and refined, especially with my middle name, Rachel. Most people call me Betsy, though. Betsy is my great-grandmother's name, but she wasn't Elizabeth. My parents wanted to name me after her with the possibility to lengthen my name when I grew up. So I'm Betsy. I don't like being called Elizabeth now, but I might when I'm older.

There are so many beautiful pet names for Elizabeth, like Betsy, Bess, Lizzy, Lily, Abi, Lise, Eliza, Liza, Betty, Beth, Izzy, Lillian etc. One of my best friends calls me Bets, one Bessie, my mum (and some boys at school) BB, my sister Beccy, and so much more.

I love my name.
This name should have stayed in the 1500s, and frankly, Queen Mary was a much better Queen than Elizabeth I.
I think Elizabeth is a boring name, it’s horrible! Imagine naming your child Elizabeth, what a stupid name. It's ugly! Not only does it make your child sound posh and self entitled but it’s a boring name for a boring person. And don’t start me on the nicknames for it- Lizzie? Eliza? Beth? Libby? There’s so many and they’re all just as bad as the first one. I would never call my child Elizabeth.
Elizabeth Eckford was one of the Little Rock Nine, the first black students to attend Little Rock Central High School after initially being prevented by the governor of Arkansas, despite the Supreme Court ruling that racial segregation in schools was unconstitutional. A picture of her entering the school, despite mobs of white students harassing her, made national headlines and is one of the iconic photos of the civil rights movement.
Elizabeth. Best bloody name ever!

George Orwell once said, "If I wanted a girl to grow up beautiful I'd call her Elizabeth."
Elizabeth Hamilton is a famous bearer of this name.
My name is Elizabeth but I go by Eliza for short.
It sounds like 'alizarin', which makes it quite appealing.
My younger sister's name is Elizabeth, however most people shorten it to Lily/Lil /Lilia (which came from a family friend who shortens her name the same way). My mom only likes the shortened version of Bettie, but I call her Elle or Lily... I think Lily is such a pretty name but I prefer Elizabeth as the name is so flexible with nicknames or shortenings!
Elizabeth Needham, also known as Mother Needham, was an English procuress and brothel-keeper of 18th-century London, who has been identified as the bawd greeting Moll Hackabout in the first plate of William Hogarth's series of satirical etchings, A Harlot's Progress. Although Needham was notorious in London at the time, little is recorded of her life, and no genuine portraits of her survive. Her house was the most exclusive in London and her customers came from the highest strata of fashionable society, but she eventually ran afoul of the moral reformers of the day and died as a result of the severe treatment she received after being sentenced to stand in the pillory.
Elizabeth Ruth "Betty" Grable was an American actress, pin-up girl, dancer, and singer. Her 42 movies during the 1930s and 1940s grossed more than $100 million and she set a record of 12 consecutive years in the top 10 of box office stars. The U.S. Treasury Department in 1946 and 1947 listed her as the highest-salaried American woman; she earned more than $3 million during her career.
Elizabeth Rodriguez is an American actress. Rodriguez is best known for her role as Aleida Diaz in the Netflix comedy-drama series, Orange Is the New Black. She received a Tony Award nomination, and won an Outer Critics Circle Award and a Theatre World Award for her performance in Stephen Adly Guirgis' 2011 play, The Motherfucker with the Hat. In 2015, she starred as a series regular on the first season of AMC's pre-apocalyptic drama series, Fear the Walking Dead. She played a nurse working in a secret research facility in the 2017 film Logan.
Elizabeth Egan Gillies, sometimes known as Liz Gillies, is an American actress and singer. She appeared in several television series and commercials, before acquiring her first significant role prior to her 17th birthday, playing Jade West on the television series Victorious. She made her Broadway debut at age 15 in the musical 13, playing the character of Lucy. She had a main role in FX's rock 'n' roll comedy series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.
Elizabeth Ann Guttman, known professionally as Elizabeth Daily and E.G. Daily, is an American actress, voice actress and singer. She is known for her portrayal of voicing Tommy Pickles in Rugrats and its spin-off All Grown Up! And in the Rugrats film series; Buttercup in The Powerpuff Girls; Rudy Tabootie in ChalkZone; and Private Isabel "Dizzy" Flores in Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles. Daily also provided the voice of the title role in the live-action feature film Babe: Pig in the City, replacing her Rugrats co-star Christine Cavanaugh. She also played the role of Dottie in the film Pee-wee's Big Adventure. In 1997, she also played alongside Lisa Kudrow in an episode of Friends, "The One With Phoebe's Ex Singing Partner".
Elizabeth Anne Holmes is an American entrepreneur and inventor. She is the founder and CEO of Theranos, a privately-held blood test company based in Palo Alto, California. In 2015, Forbes named Holmes as the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world due to a $9 billion valuation of Theranos. The next year Forbes revised her net value "From $4.5 Billion to Nothing". She was also named as TIME's "100 Most Influential People" of 2015. In 2016, after a series of journalistic and regulatory investigations that questioned the veracity of Theranos' claims, federal prosecutors began criminal investigations for potentially misleading investors and the government about the company's blood-testing technology. Following the revelation of potential fraud, Fortune named Holmes one of the "World's Most Disappointing Leaders". In 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services banned Holmes from owning, operating, or directing a diagnostic lab for a period of two years. That decision is under appeal.
Elizabeth Shaila "Liza" Koshy is an American YouTube personality, social media star, and actress. She first gained a following on Vine, where she amassed more than 7 million fans posting comedic videos she made with her close friend Angel Castillo. She has over 8 million subscribers on YouTube, over 7 million musical Ly fans and on February 28 2017, amassed 10 million Instagram followers on her account. She was named Breakout Creator at the 2016 Streamy Awards.
Elizabeth Scarlett "Lizzy" Jagger is an American-English model and actress. Born in New York City, she is the eldest daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. She is the sister of James Leroy Augustin Jagger, Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger and Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger, and paternal half-sister of Karis Hunt Jagger, Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger, Lucas Maurice Morad-Jagger, and Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger.
Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Wilson is Garfield's veterinarian and a long-time crush of Jon Arbuckle. Although she has a deadpan, sardonic persona, she finds Jon's outlandish and goofball behavior endearing on occasion. Jon often attempts to ask her out on a date, but rarely succeeds; however, in an extended story arc from June 20 to July 29, 2006, Liz finally admitted she was in love with him which led to Liz becoming established as the 4th main character. The two have been seemingly portrayed as a couple since. In the film Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, Jon asks Liz to marry him and she accepts; they become engaged. However, this is not mentioned in or connected to the strips. Even though Garfield rarely sees her at the veterinary clinic, Liz nags Garfield to lose weight and reject junk food at home. However, Liz still does bring food that Garfield likes to the house and Garfield happily benefits from this. On Garfield and Friends, Liz was voiced by Julie Payne, occasionally appearing in the first two seasons. In the live-action/animated movies, she is played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Her first, albeit brief television appearance was on the second TV special Garfield on the Town. In a few of the July 2007 strips, Garfield became jealous of Liz, until they became friends on July 24. In one strip, it is revealed that her mother's name is Betty. In The Garfield Show, she is once again voiced by Julie Payne, who is shown to be kinder and more sympathetic. Liz's parents have made a couple of appearances on The Garfield Show as well.
Elizabeth Kemp is an American actress and acting coach. Kemp was born in Key West Florida, the daughter of Nancy Jean and Joseph Clifton Kemp, a business executive and Navy Officer/Test Pilot who was stationed at the Pentagon. Kemp showed talent as a child painter from the ages of 13 to 16, graduating from High School with a special award for Creative Achievement. At 16 Kemp traveled to the Rhode Island School of Design but was told to wait a year. She instead went to New York City and studied at The Art Students League and American Academy of Dramatic Arts.
I love the name Elizabeth, and I honestly wish that was my name instead of the boring and overused "Julia". If I ever have a daughter I would probably name her this and then nickname her "Ellie", which I find super cute. The full name itself is elegant, classy and not too common.
I love the name Elizabeth. It's my sister's name and it's beautiful and elegant! We call her Izzy for short but Elizabeth most of the time. She's my twin and our names go together Elizabeth and Charlotte!
WAYYYY overused as a middle name.
A vinyl by Ghost, that satanic colt band.
This is just the best name in the world. It has a great meaning and it sounds so mature, but beautiful at the same time.
What you name your kid marks out their past lives, emotions, personality etc., so be a little bit nicer about kids as they can't help being the whay they are! P.S. was thinking of using this name, but has sadly become so popular that it's overused!
My name is Elizabeth - personally, I didn't particularly like the name at first just because it's too long but now it's grown on me. Family members and a close friend tend to call me Zab while other friends call me Ellie.
My name is Elizabeth and I love it.
Elizabeth is my first name, though I'm mostly known by my middle name. As a child I didn't like this name much, I found the 'z' sound unappealing, but as I've grown older it's grown on me. Now I think it sounds very elegant and feminine, and is a definite classic.
I often get compliments when people find out my name is Elizabeth, which makes me appreciate my name even more. There are also many great nicknames for Elizabeth if you think it sounds too formal, apart from the common Liz, Lizzie and Beth - Elsie, Lisa, Elsa, Bella, Eliza, Eli, Ella, Ellie, Lilibet, Libby, Buffy (?).
Also if you are considering using this name and like the sound of it but perhaps find it not quite right, there are many beautiful names derived from Elizabeth, like Isabelle, Ailsa, Elise, Elka, Liesel, etc.
Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem is one of the main characters in the British television series Skins.
Elizabeth Blackwell (1821-1910), is well known worldwide as the first woman to receive her degree as a Doctor of Medicine. She represents a historic moment in modern medicine and women's liberation. Several years after her family immigrated to the United States, she studied privately with independent physicians, an education that culminated at Geneva Medical College in Upstate New York.
This will probably be my future daughter's middle name as a tribute to my name, which is Elizabeth. It's not a horrible name and it's starting to grow on me. My tarantula's name is Charlotte Elizabeth. My great grandmother's name was Elizabeth.
Elizabeth Bathory is a bad association but doesn't ruin it. (I don't think like that.) I prefer Elisabeth though, because I think Z's can ruin names. Elisabeth is so much prettier overall.

There are so many nicknames: Beth, Bess, Bessie, Betty, Liz, Lizzy, Betsy, Bethie, Liza, Eliza, Elli, Ellie, Elle.
I love this name, and while I'm glad it is getting the recognition it deserves as a first name instead of a middle name, I'm saddened by how popular and boring it has gotten. As much as I love hearing it, I do think this name deserves a good rest for a while. Why not try a cousin of Elizabeth, like Elisheba or Elisabeta, as a more original name for your daughter?
Queen Elizabeth I had a ton of history in her name. Her father was King Henry the 8th and her mother was killed by him.
Classic name with a lot of history, it never gets dated. Not so overused in my region either as I've never met any Elizabeth's here.
This was the first name of the American President James Monroe's wife.
Another nickname that I was given - Lizzy Tish, Lizzie Tish, Libby, Libbie, Liza, "E"
Elizabeth "Bess" Laurence is the daughter of Amy and Theodore (Laurie) Laurence from Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women".
My name is Elizabeth, when I was little I always went by Elizabeth by everybody until 8th grade when I decided I would have everyone call me Lizzie, and then soon after I just went to Liz. I really wish I had been called a nickname when I was little because after a while I realized how formal it sounded and I didn't like it at all... I do love the versatility of my name though, I mean just the fact I was able to switch to a few names is much more than a lot of people can do. Also when I went to South America for a few months everyone started calling me Eli, (pronounced Ay-lie) since that was easier for them than Liz. Overall I think it's a great name and it will never go out of style as it's consistently stayed in the top 15 names for over 100 years. Also even though it appears to be common in the charts I rarely met other Elizabeths apart from every other girl having it as a middle name. If you're going to name your kid Elizabeth, I recommend using a nickname because Elizabeth is so formal for a little girl!
Very aggressive, but there are worse names.
Elizabeth is a very pretty name. The problem is, a lot of people have it. I like uncommon names, and although this name is beautiful, it seems everyone has it today, especially as a middle name. My middle name is Elizabeth, too. And I know about 30 other girls in my school with this name as a first or middle name.
My mother was going to name me Elizabeth, but then changed her mind at the last minute. So sad, because I believe that Elizabeth is the BEST NAME IN THE UNIVERSE! It is feminine without being flowery, it is so classic that Queens have been named Elizabeth. It has a million nickname possibilities... and I have always loved this name. Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth! Why couldn't mine name have been Elizabeth?
My name is Elizabeth, and I love it. I always have! I don't think it's too common or too formal. It's beautiful and classic. It will never go out of style.
I only go by Elizabeth, I absolutely detest being called Liz or Lizzie. Only my family has ever nicknamed me and calls me Elly because my younger brother had trouble pronouncing Elizabeth when he was younger. I'm really surprised that there are such strong opinions against Elizabeth!
I was named Elizabeth way back in the sixties. When I was younger I didn't like it because no one called me Elizabeth, not my family, not my friends, and definitely not my teachers. Everyone called me Lee, Lizzy Liz, but as I grew up I also grew into the name. The name Elizabeth to me is classy, confident, and yes regal. Thanks mom and dad.
A classic. I like both spellings Elizabeth or Elisabeth. My favorite nickname is Lizzie, but I also like Bess. So many nicknames: Liz, Beth, Bette, Betsy, Bessie, Lilibet, Liza. Very regal sounding a.k.a Queen Elizabeth.
Elizabeth is also the name of a character on The Americans.
Elizabeth is one of the few long names that are often used in full by those who bear them (though of course it has many nicknames). (I am not saying that this should be the case. Whatever name you use to introduce yourself should be what you are called unless you say otherwise.)
Notice how some nicknames are "automatic," that is, people will bestow them without asking (which of course they should), whereas others, often older and bearing less resemblance to the "real" name, are not. A woman named Elizabeth is likely to be called Liz (or in some areas Beth) unless she objects, but she will not be called Betty unless she was assigned it at birth or chose it. Similarly with Margaret and Marge or Maggy ("automatic") vs. Peggy (not). Though any nickname can be given as a "real" name, this is more common with the non-automatic kind.
There are plenty of classic names better than Elizabeth.
This is just dull. You might as well call your child Oatmeal.
This is my name but from about the age of 5 my family called me Tilly because my little sister called me that, not being able to pronounce it. I like both names, but Elizabeth is now very formal for me and not a lot of people know that it is my real name. It's a problem when people want to know my initials TH or ECH? I was called a lot of variations at school, Liz (of course), Liggy, Tillbeth but in the end Tilly was the one that stuck since my family called me that.
Great, regal, classy name! One of the classiest! I liked it even better after reading For Better or For Worse- my fave comic!
Gorgeous name, if I ever have a daughter this is her name!
Elizabeth is a beautiful name, but I think it works better as a middle name.
I love this name. It is super popular. It has a ton of nicknames. My favorite, that I heard of recently, is LilyBeth. If I ever used it for a child I would probably use it as a middle name.
Elizabeth Montagu (2 October 1718 – 25 August 1800) was a British social reformer, patron of the arts, salonist, literary critic, and writer.
Beautiful name. It's like eating skips (the crisp brand), gets stuck to your tongue and gets addictive!
I like the name Elizabeth because I think the name Elizabeth is a popular name for a queen. And I think it sounds like a very, very, very kind and nice girl. And I think that is a very, very, very good thing.
It's an okay name I guess. Way too overused and long but nice and classical.
Dr. Elizabeth Shaw was the first scientific advisor of UNIT in the TV series Doctor Who. She also assisted the Third Doctor (her successor) during his first season.
This is my absolute favorite name for a girl. It's also my name! It's a true classic, and you can't go wrong with it. You won't get a lot of mispronunciations (if any). It also has many gorgeous nicknames, and my favorites are Ellie, Liz, Lily, and Liza. Many middle names will go well with Elizabeth, and it is also a perfect middle name. I would definitely give this name a 10/10. Please consider using this for a little girl!
Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas is a character in Code Lyoko.
I absoulutly love this name, but it's just becoming so popular these days.
Traditional, popular and will forever be considered a classical name. Anyone with this name should be PROUD! =)
One of the prettiest female names. Very cute, innocent, and classic. Somebody said, it's long, but there's nothing wrong with a long name, especially with a nice one like Elizabeth. Besides, you can always use a shortened variant - Lizzie, Liz, Bettie, or Ellie for example. Each one is adorable in my opinion. This name unquestionably disserves to be in first ten of best names of all times. I had a black cat named Betty, long time ago, but she died :( Also, this name always reminds me of Elizabeth DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite - one of the most unforgetable and adorable characters in video games ever.
Will definitely be the middle name of my future daughter! Love it. So classy and traditional.
Elizabeth was the name of my grandma, but she went by Lily, which is a beautiful nickname.
I think if I was called Elizabeth (which I would be very happy with), my nickname would be Bizzy or Beth.
I love this name so much. And its biblical which is important to me :) I live in Hawaii and I have a friend named Elizabeth who we call Liz. It's such a beautiful name!
My 3 year old daughter is named Elizabeth. Yes, it's quite common, but as others have pointed out, there are so many nicknames for it that it the popularity is irrelevant. You could know 5 different Elizabeth's but they could all be known by a different nickname. Our daughter usually just goes by Elizabeth, or rarely Libby. As far as English feminine names go, I think Elizabeth is hands down the most classic. It has never been out of the top 100 in over 200 years, and the list of notable bearers is endless. It truly is a name with rich history. The name is so versatile- it fits any age, any look, any type of personality. My daughter loves her name, as does the rest of our family. It's an elegant classic that will rarely, if ever, get any negative reactions.
I do think this name is a little boring/plain, but its my best friend's name and she is the most nice person on the planet. :) Her nickname is Eliza.
I think Elizabeth is to old-fashioned for 2013. There are some names that are timeless and classy, but Elizabeth is just a bit too old- school for me. I don't like the "beth" part, it makes me think of my grandmother Beth, which makes me think it's a name for old people.
Name of the Day: June 3, 2013.
My name is Elizabeth, and I like it a lot. I use the nickname Tess, which is nice, because where I live there are a lot of Liz, Lizzie, Libby, and Beth's, but the amazing thing about this name is that there are more than one or two nicknames for it, even if Tess is not the most valid (you get it by Beth to Bess to Tess).
One of the best girl's names! It's classic, pretty, and there are so many nicknames. I like all of them except Liz, which sounds kind of harsh to me. My little cousin Elizabeth goes by Ellie :)
My sister is named Elizabeth Grace. It suits her and comes across as very classically feminine, especially if there are no nicknames involved (though she does tend to get called Bess by our younger brother). I prefer the Elisabeth spelling a little bit more, though, because it's slightly softer (no random Z in the middle).
Elizabeth Delaney, is the Tori's dead best friend in the darkest power series.
Elizabeth is my nana's name, but she goes by Betty. I love the name, but there are too many nicknames for it! Eliza and Beth are two pretty names so add them together and you get an even better name- Elizabeth! And, Elizabeth works splendid as a first or middle name! ( my nana's, if you want an example, is Elizabeth "Betty" Joy Rogers.)
Love. Anyway, It has gotten very popular! When I think of the name I think noble and sophisticated.
Elizabeth "Bessie" Coleman (January 26, 1892 – April 30, 1926) was an American civil aviator. She was the first female pilot of African American descent[1] and the first person of African American descent to hold an international pilot license.
New York-born singer Lana Del Rey's real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant.
I've always spelled it like "Elizibeth". My own mom doesn't really know which way it's spelled.. lol thanks mom. This name is better than my first name "Meghan" I guess. But it makes my full name sooooooooooooo long. That's not even including my confirmation name. It's just so long and I hate long names. Famous people make their names shorter to give it a nice ring. An example would be Gene Simmons. His name is like Haijaijifhuifhugueigf originally.
This is my cousin's name. I think that she is pretty, since this name's spelling also sounds pretty to me. I like Elizabeth, because it has some cute meaning to it. There are also some short forms that I like: Bess, Beth, Betsy, Betty, Eliza, Ella, Ellie, Lisa, Liz, Lizzie (I prefer this spelling over Lizzy), and so on. I prefer not to use these nicknames on my cousin, because she just goes by her full name of Elizabeth.
Elizabeth (1596-1662) was the oldest daughter of King James I of the UK and his wife Anne of Denmark. She was the Queen Consort of Bohemia for a while.
Elizabeth (1678-1678) was the daughter of of King James II of England and his second wife Mary of Modena.
Elizabeth was the name of the ninth daughter of King Edward I of England and his wife Eleanor of Castile.
Elizabeth was the third daughter of King George III of the UK and his wife Charlotte.
Elizabeth was the younger sister of King Henry VIII of England. She died as a child.
Elizabeth of England (1635-1650) was the second daughter of King Charles I of England and his wife Henriette Marie of France. She died age 14.
Elizabeth of Clarence was the second daughter of King William IV of UK and his wife Adelaide. She died shortly after her birth. Because her father didn't have any surviving children, Elizabeth's cousin Victoria became Queen of Great Britain.
Elizabeth Perkins (born 1960 in New York City, New York) is an American actress.
Elizabeth Enright (born 1909 in Oak Park, Illinois) was an American children's author.
Elizabeth McGovern (born 1961 in Evanston, Illinois) is an American actress.
Elizabeth Olsen (born 1989 in Sherman Oaks, California) is an American actress. She is the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley.
Elizabeth is one of my favorite names. It's so pretty and I would even consider using it. Although it is extremely common...
Classic girls name. The nickname Ella makes it more modern, but still nice.
This name is beautiful and strong. Elegant and charming. Plus to maybe youth it up there can be nicknames such as "Liz" or "Elle". I like this name and I think it is classic and timeless.
Elizabeth Crot is Miss Virginia 2011.

Elizabeth Wertenberger is Miss Michigan 2011.
My daughter's middle name. All Elizabeth's I've ever encountered are stunningly beautiful, graceful and kind-hearted. My family loves the name so much that most refuse to use my daughter's first name and instead call her Elizabeth.
While this is a very beautiful and classic name, use it sparingly as a middle name, for it is VERY common. I was born Rose Elizabeth (the middle name being after my grandmother), but go by an uncommon foreign name because I dislike my common and dated combination. I know at least 3 other females with this as a middle name, all of European heritage.

It's just as filler a middle name as Grace, so only use it if it's a family name.
Elizabeth Butler (1846-1933) was a British painter.
In Enid Blyton's Naughtiest Girl series the title character was called Elizabeth.
OVERUSED! OVERUSED! OVERUSED! I hate this awful name. I wish it were illegal to name your kid such a terrible name. Ugh. It makes me cringe!
My name is Elizabeth, and my friend's middle name is Elizabeth. I love nicknames for Elizabeth and both my friend and I love the name!
Elizabeth is a classic name. I prefer the spelling Elisabeth though - it's much softer. I love the name Elisabeth. My fave nicknames are Ella and Ellie but I have a soft spot for Betty too.
I love this. It is so pretty. It just has an elegant, royal ring to it, as well it should, because of all the Queen Elizabeths in England.
Current (2006-?) leader of the Green Party of Canada is Elizabeth May.
My name is Elizabeth, but my friends and family call me Beth. However, I really HATE this name. Does anyone have any good variations on Elizabeth? I like Eliza, Lizzie, Lizzy or just Elizabeth? My middle name is Alice, which flows really well with Elizabeth. I think?
Elizabeth Taylor 1932 - 2011. [noted -ed]
My name is Elizabeth Mary- and in my opinion there a WAY too many (in Britain, anyway)- I know 3 people who shorten it to Liz (myself included), 1 Libby, have met at least 5 Lizzies, and 2 who just stick with Elizabeth. And that's just first names.

I was given Elizabeth because when my mum was in school, she was asked to find out about someone famous with her name (Nicola), and there weren't any! So she gave me a name shared with lots of famous people in history.

I don't know whether I prefer unusual names, but I'm not a big fan of Elizabeth. Just avoid Lizzie- as someone who's only just managed to change it to Liz, your daughter will have years of being 'Lizzie R'. I like the Polish diminutive 'Ela', but I'm not going through whole 'could you call me Liz, please?' process again!
Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun was a famous French painter, one of the most famous painters of the 18th century. Many of the portraits of Marie Antoinette were done by her; she is sometimes considered her official portraitist.
Very fruity sounding, but that may be a good thing.
Lillibet is the most sweetest nickname ever!
This is my mother's name. I've always loved it, but I prefer it spelled "Elisabeth". I also don't really like most of the nicknames.
This is my mom's name. I think it's beautiful.
I personally dislike this name simply because of all the nicknames that stem from it. You will never know the annoyance of your friends going "Lizzy Beth," every day of the week until it is stuck in some part of your name. Not to mention it seems to be every girl's middle name when they're parents couldn't think of anything else.
Normally I'd dub a name like this as "overused," which I've done for several pretty, but overly common, names like Emily, Sarah, Ava (for the new baby generation), etc. But I can't do that for Elizabeth because, while fitting the bill of a beautiful name that is *really* common, the name has a wealth of nicknames to choose from:


So, even if you were to name your daughter Elizabeth, she may eventually go by one of many nicknames, so she'll still be "different." Personally, I find Elizabeth to be one of the most beautiful names I've ever come across. Elizabeth. It just flows off the tongue. There is no ugly sound to it--even the 'z', which can sometimes be a harsh sound, fits beautifully.
Elizabeth "Liddy" Dole was a Republican U.S. Senator, former president of the American Red Cross, wife of presidential candidate Bob Dole, and a presidential candidate in her own right.
This is probably my favorite name for a girl. It has countless nicknames, it's classy and intelligent, and it ages very nicely. To me, it gives the image of an serious, kind, intelligent woman who works hard and doesn't need others to do her dirty work. Love this name.
Elegant name with lots of cute and classy nicknames.
Elizabeth is my middle, and most of my friends middle name! I like it because it is very feminine name that will never go out of fashion.
My favorite name since I was a kid. Almost every doll I had I named Elizabeth. I wanted it to be my name SO bad, lol. Wonderful.
My name is Elizabeth and I like it, but it's such a popular name. I would have rather been named something more unique. My dad wanted to name me Fiona and I would have loved that. My nicknames are Lizzie, Lil, Liz, and my dad calls my Lizardbreath to tease me haha.
I like this name. You can shorten it to Liz or Ellie. Both are great nicknames. Also the name is quite elegant. And reminds me of the Elizabethan era.
Someone mentioned this poem already but I learned it slightly differently:

And Bess

All went together to seek a bird's nest.
They found a nest with 4 eggs in.
They all took 1 and left 3 in.

Also, I changed my mind since my last comment on this name. My favorite nickname is now "Ellie"!
The word שׁבע (sheba) is a verb that means "to take an oath, to swear". The word שֶׁבַע means "seven" (which has the connotation of abundance). The word אֱלִ means "my God".
Elizabeth Daily, also known as E. G. Daily, is a voice actress. She did the voices of Tommy Pickles on Rugrats and Buttercup on the Powerpuff Girls.
I think that the name is very grand and beautiful but is way too popular.
This is my name! Well, I usually go by Lisa, but it's all the same, more or less. I'm glad my parents chose this name for me.
It just can't get more boring than that can it?
On the tv show The Waltons, John and Olivia Walton's youngest daughter was named Elizabeth.
This name is nice, but I find it a bit boring. It is too common for me. Two of the people I know with this name shorten it, one to Lily and one to Beth.
I love love love this name, although I love the spelling "Alysabeth" like a cross between Alyssa and Elizabeth. Alysabeth looks cuter to me and some cute nicknames would be Lyssie or Lyssa.
Middle name. Too long for a first name.
I adore this name, and have always wanted this name--my parents almost named me this, and did not! Elizabeth has been a family name for numerous generations in my family, and I intend to use it as a first name for a future daughter (Not as a middle names because of Elizabeth being a common middle name.) I prefer Lily as a nickname for Elizabeth, but Eliza or Beth would be suitable, as well. I despise Elle, Ellie, Liz, and Lizzie, however.
This is my middle name. It's great to use for either a first or middle name, because it opens the doors to tons of nicknames. Liz, Ellie, Eliza, Liza, Beth, Zabeth, Betty. There's several you can come up with.
Polish-American pianist Elizabeth Bernadette Borowska (born August 31, 1983, Baltimore, Maryland, USA). Since her successful debut at the age of seven, she performed concerts and recitals in major concert halls in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and recorded several CDs of solo and chamber music.
I LOVE this name! It sounds so pretty. I wouldn't use any nicknames, just the full Elizabeth. If I had to pick a nickname, I guess my favorite would be Eliza. But truly, I think the name is perfect without shortening it. And the meaning is beautiful as well.
I have known quite a few Elizabeths here in Australia, but all have had a different nickname, including Ellie, Buffy, Liz, Lilly, Effie and Betty (to Liz's annoyance). To me, it seems a delightfully versatile name and always conjures up an image of someone agreeable: I've never met an Elizabeth I didn't like.
Elizabeth is my middle name and the name of my granny, and I think it's a lovely name! There are so many nicknames you can get out of it.

Libby Beth
A variation of the classic name is Elizabetha or Elizabeta, the name of Count Dracula's wife in Bram Stoker's classic Gothic romantic-horror novel Dracula. In this work, the Countess is told falsely by enemies of her husband that he has been killed battling a Turkish invasion, when in reality he actually won. At a loss, she commits suicide, and the Count, upon his return, is told that she is damned to Hell for all eternity because she took her own life. This is what prompts him to renounce his god and become a vampire.
Elizabeth Báthory (1560-1614) was a countess in Hungary, remembered for torturing some 600 girls and young women and draining them of their blood so that she could bathe in it, to preserve her youthful appearance.

In Hungarian, her name is Erzsébet.
My name is Elizabeth. I've never really had a nickname, but my brother couldn't pronounce 'Elizabeth' when he was really little, so he called me 'Bissie'. I don't really go by Bissie, but it's a nice little memory. I love my name now, but when I was four and obsessed with The Little Mermaid and such, I disliked it. I wished my name was more princessy; something like "Anastasia". It's funny--no offense to the Anastasias out there, but now I find the name pretentious. I love my name!
Booooooooooooooooooring. A rather miserable name to have, since you'll probably know 100 other Elizabeths. The only good thing is that there are a lot of wonderful nicknames and variations to it.
Rugby player Joe Montana and Jennifer Wallace have a daughter Elizabeth Montana (born 20 December 1986).
This is my second name (and not very ordinary in Norway.) I have always loved Elizabeth, and when I was kid I wished it was my first name. But now I am thankful for both of my names.
I love this name! My only problem with it is how common it is. It or variations of it have been used for several generations in my maternal line. I'm pregnant right now with a girl and we are probably going to name her Elizabeth. I love the nickname Lilibeth or Lizzie too. I tend to be drawn to more unusual names, but there is just something undeniably beautiful about the name Elizabeth. I figure I'll save the more "unusual" name for her middle and nicknames.
The real name of Psylocke of X-Men (comics) fame is Elizabeth Braddock.
One famous (or should I say infamous) bearer of the name that seems to be missing from here is Elizabeth (Erszebet) Bathory, Hungary's "blood countess", who bathed in human blood in an attempt to keep her youthful looks.
I DESPISE the name Elizabeth. I really hate that it is my middle name. Emma Elizabeth. Yuck, lol. When I was in middle school and high school, I wanted to change my middle name. I'm 20 now and have grown out of the phase of wanting to legally change it. But it doesn't mean I like it anymore than I did when I was 5. (the only difference is I know how to spell it now)

Someone above said that it is their middle name too and people call them Liz or Lizzie. That happens to me also haha. It sucks! I'm called Liz or Eliza Beth (I'm not too fond of the name Eliza either). If I'm going to get a nickname out of my awful middle name, I might as well be called Ellie or Libby, two names I like.

The good thing about this name is there are many nicknames to choose from if you want. It is nice that it is a classic name, but I still don't like the sound of it. That's my opinion though. I know many people that love this name. My mom does and thinks I'm crazy for not liking it.
A lovely name with many nicknames, including Lizzy, Beth, Libby, Liz, Betty, etc. I've even heard of people calling themselves Izzy or ZaZa, with one Elizabeth's little sister calling her "Izabeth" - she still calls her that, even though she can pronounce Elizabeth now. This name can be modified to anyone's liking!
I would say that this name is a wonderfully classic and yet timeless name. One of which, I would not associate with chavs/preps in the slightest.
My name is Elizabeth Ann. I think it rolls off the tongue quite nice! I think Elizabeth is a good name for and adult or a child, and I have never shortened my name. I love my name and I do not think it is too classic or over-used, because I have not once met another girl named Elizabeth, except for a middle name. I love my name and I don't know how people can put down such a beautiful name and origin!
Elizabeth is such a beautiful name. It's very serious and ladylike.
Elizabeth Rosenkowitz and her brothers and sisters, Emma, Nicolette, Grant, David, and Jason are the world's first surviving set of sextuplets, born on January 8, 1974 in South Africa.
"Dr. Elizabeth Weir" is the name if a character in the Sci-Fi TV show called "Stargate: Atlantis". This character had a brief appearance on the mother/sister show "Stargate SG-1", before being a regular on the spin-off "Atlantis", when that one started.
The name is overused, of course, but it's one of those name choices that you can't really go wrong with. It's a classical, sophisticated name with an air of elegance and maturity, and it certainly doesn't lead to discrimination based on some type of assumptions about the bearer being trashy or ditzy. I'll admit that it's a pretty boring choice in many ways, but you can get all sorts of nicknames out of it for different personalities. The only ones I've come across that I like are Liz and Elsie, but the girl could go by Ellie or just Elle, and Beth isn't horrible either, even if a bit wallflower-y and old-fashioned. Most Elizabeths I've heard of have been sane, and this is the name of Elizabeth Fraser from the Cocteau Twins, and she has one of the most beautiful voices you'll ever hear. On the other hand, I absolutely loathe Elizabeth Hurley, whose diva-like spoiled and nasty behavior gives the name, well, a bad name, but she's only one person, after all.
Classy and meaningful.
I didn't realize that so many people were tired of Elizabeth as a middle name. It's definitely not as overused as Marie (which is, in any case, still a pretty name).
My name is Elisabeth, but I go by Liesl (Lee-seel). I love both names, but since Liesl is so different, I use this more often.
My name is Elizabeth and I love my name. The only teasing nickname I have ever had was "lizard breath", and my little cousin calls me "lizzbizz". I go by Lizz and hate to be called Beth.
I love love love this name! It is such a classic name and not too common where I live. It's pretty, strong but delicate too. I love the nicknames for it such as Libby, Eliza, Ellie, Beth. There are so many!
A famous bearer is Italian-born stage actress Elizabeth Seal (born August 28, 1933). She won the Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical for her performance as the title role of the musical 'Irma La Douce' in 1961.
My name is Elizabeth, and I've always thought it a nice, classic name, like Samantha or Hannah. It's funny, but I'm the third Elizabeth Jane mentioned in these comments. I've never met another Elizabeth that I can remember, though I have met an Elisabeth, and several women with Elizabeth as a middle name.

I have accrued many nicknames, some of which are not mentioned on the site: Liz by some friends, Lizzie/Lizzi/Lizzy by friends from childhood, Izzabess by a friend who couldn't pronounce my name in preschool, Elzbieta by a Polish friend, Izzi by my family, and Zibess by my younger brother. When feeling particularly lazy, my brother has been known to shorten my name to Z!

I like the nicknames Eliza, Liza, Lizbeth, and Ellie, among others, but no one has ever called me those. For some reason, I don't like when people call me nicknames that start with "B", though I don't think they sound bad for other people. I suppose they just don't fit me.

Interestingly enough, every place I've looked up the name Elizabeth has had different meanings listed. "Gift from God", "gift to God", "set apart for God", and "God is my oath" are just a few I've seen. I'm not sure how accurate any of those are. I guess I'll just have to ask my friend who's studying ancient Hebrew!
This is not my name, but it is one of my favorites! I love the way it sounds! It's very pretty, and can be formal and high class. Or it can be sportsy, and tomboyish. I love it!
I think that this name is too common. I dislike having the name Elizabeth because teachers always call "Elizabeth" and then at least one other person says "here" when I do. So I am saying that this name is too common.
The name has more than one meaning, two that I know of are:
"God is my oath" and "Sheba is my God".
My name is Elizabeth, and I was named after Saint Elizabeth Seton (who has a lovely life story.) I've always loved this name. My family calls me Lizzy (ok from them, but too childish from anybody else), my friends seem to call me Liz (without my permission, but I don't mind), and for business purposes, or whenever I introduce myself or sign a document, it's ALWAYS Elizabeth. I think the name has a classy, dainty, and elegant feel to it, while still sounding strong and capable.
My middle name is Elizabeth and I love it. It's very feminine and tones out my typically masculine first name, Kendall, quite nicely. However, it's extremely common as a middle name. I know at least a dozen people at my high school with the middle name Elizabeth, three of which are on my soccer team.
My name is Elizabeth. I think it is a good name but a little old timey.
Beautiful name.
Elizabeth may be cute, but it's overused in an insane way. Plus, I find it rather plain as a name, like it has no substance. Like Isabella and all the others, it's overused and boring to the extreme.
Beautiful name, first or middle. Timeless, classic, elegant. There's a reason it is so popular for a middle name. It's pretty and it goes with anything.
Totally reminded me of Emily Elizabeth (you know, `Clifford The Big Red Dog`? Yeah.)
My first name is Elizabeth as well. I used to hate the name, because of how common it is, but I've grown to like it a lot! I used to think it was too formal, but I've gotten used to it, and now considered the formality of it beautiful. I shorten it, to Lizz (yes, with 2 z's) but I don't mind so much anymore when people call me Elizabeth. My middle name is Ann, which is a VERY common middle name for Elizabeth, but I spell it Anne, because it matches with the elegance of my first name. I also love how versatile the name is! There are so many nicknames to go with it! Liz, Beth, Betsy, Libby, Lizz, Eliza, Liza, Bethy, Sissy, Lizbeth, Lizabeth, Lizzie, Lizi, Lizzi, Lizzey (my preferred form, other than Lizz), Lizzy, Elisabeth, Elsbeth, Elizebeth, Elise, Lise, Liza (like lee-za rather than lie-za), and I'm sure there's more!
Two famous bearers:

* Elizabeth of York, was the wife of Henry VII Tudor and mother of Henry VIII and Grandmother of Edward, Mary and Elizabeth Tudor. Their marriage put an end to conflict happening between the Plantagenet cousins of the Houses of York and Lancaster. Queen Elizabeth I Tudor was named after her.

* Elizabeth Woodville, was the Mother of Elizabeth of York by Edward IV. She was apparently the most beautiful woman in the British Isles (who could get men to go into heat by fluttering her eyelashes) personally after seeing her protrait, I'm not sure. Her first marriage was to Sir John Grey of Groby.
My middle name is Elizabeth, but everyone I know calls me Liz for some reason. And childish arguments wind up with me being called Lizzie Borden. Sometimes I wish I could take an axe to people who call me that. I think that it's overused as a name and I don't personally like it much.
Elizabeth is extremely overused and not nearly modern or classy enough for this day and age! I feel bad for all of those Elizabeths out there. WAY too many. No matter how many times you TRY to change it with "Liz", "Lizzie", etc, it's still just dumb old Elizabeth!
My parents considered naming me Elizabeth but ultimately decided against it, and gave me a name which is a twentieth century invention. When I mentioned to a friend that I wished they had named me Elizabeth, she said I shouldn't feel that way because Elizabeth is too common. But in spite of the fact that Elizabeth is so high on the popularity lists, I've only known one Elizabeth in my life and that was thirty-five years ago in middle school. I still wish my parents had decided to go with Elizabeth as it is such a beautiful, classic name.
Excellent name. Serious, grown-up, yet absolutely beautiful.
Elizabeth is the name of Reese Witherspoon's character in the film "Just Like Heaven".
Elizabeth Ann Seton was the first American born Catholic Saint, who was canonized in the 1970's. She has a great history in New York City, where she was born and raised. She is the foundress of the Sisters of Charity. The movie "A Time For Change," staring Kate Mulgrew depicts her life, as an Episcopalian who converted to Catholicism and was shunned by her wealthy Protestant contempories in NYC.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a famous womens' rights activist, and a contemporary and friend of Susan B. Anthony. Actually, Stanton wrote many of Susan B. Anthony's speeches.
I love this name. And it IS hard to find a good middle name, but my friend's parents seem to have scored. They came up with 'Elizabeth Rose' which glides. It's lovely.
I forgot to mention, a cute nickname for Elizabeth that I use for my friend, Elizabeth Rose, is Eli (shoert e - lee).
Elizabeth "Bessie" Coleman was the first African American woman to become a pilot, and the first American woman to hold an international pilot license.
Elizabeth Short (1924-1947), better known as "The Black Dahlia".
There is a actress called Elizabeth Carling a.k.a Liz Carling who is a famous bearer.
The name Elizabeth has always been one of my favorite names for a little girl, especially the combination Elizabeth Jane or Elizabeth Claire. This name, with all its nicknames (Beth, Lisa, Lilibeth, etc), is a name that can grow with a child from birth to adulthood. My middlename is Elizabeth but my mom wanted to name me Elizabeth, the same with my Grandmother. She wanted to name my mom Elizabeth but used it as her middlename. I want to end this family 'tradition' with my first daughter. I also like Elizabeth as a strong female character in the Bible and in literature (Pride and Prejuide). I would be proud to name my daughter this.
Whenever I hear this name I think of England.
Call me strange, but I can't stand the name Elizabeth. I don't care how 'classic' it may be, I can't stand it. It bores me to death. I much prefer just Eliza, I find it more interesting.
This is my little sister's name and I have to say that I think it's a wonderful name. Any negative connotations caused by irksome siblings aside, Elizbaeth always reminds of the classical periods of European/world history. It's a timeless name, and should never go out of style. Also, I find it rather irritating to see it spelt Elizebeth or Ellizabeth. That's not a nickname or 'trendy' spelling - it's just poor grammar, in my books. Spelling it Elisabeth is nice, as well Lizzie/Lizzy (I call my sister that), Beth, Betty, Betsy, Elspeth, Elsie or any other number or related names that have history and/or creativity behind them. Of course, I like old names anyway. ^^
My name is also Elizabeth and I like it because it is so very feminine, yet it has a history of strong women behind it. I like the name in full but many people--friends, teachers, distant relatives, the list goes on--complain that it's long. People tend to give me nicknames instead of the other way around. :)

When I was in high school, my friends nicknamed me Eli (like the boy's name), and I've always had a fondness for it. I've never met anyone who goes by that, male or female, so it's a nice way to be original with a popular name. Unfortunately, it doesn't go very well with my last name, so I will often default to Liz during introductions and only tell good friends to call me Eli.
My name Lisa is a variation of Elizabeth, and I often wished I was called Elizabeth instead because I could call myself so many other names. I especially like the variations Ella and Lizzie, they are two of my favourite names.
This timeless and lovely name conjures up for me the image of a gentle and witty girl. Love it!
I know at least three people with this name as their middle name, and only one whose first name is Elizabeth. I think it's a wonderful name, and I wish people would use it as a first name more often. Personally, I don't like the nicknames for Elizabeth - Liz, Lizzy, Betty, Beth, Libby, the list goes on and on. The one form I like of Elizabeth (besides Elizabeth, of course) is Lisa. It sounds really pretty to me.
My name is Elizabeth. It's kind of formal, but I've always been called Elizabeth, except when I was little I was called Bizi, never met anyone else. Now I go by either Elizabeth, or Lizi. I love the nicknames: Lily(i), Ella, Lilibeth and my spelling of Lizi.
This is my first name and I'm only a teen and I plan on using it as my formal name when I work but I go by Libby for short. I think that it is a name that you need a nickname for because it is long but so pretty. I plan on naming my first girl this and calling her Libby, Lily, Ellie, or Ella for short I have not made up my mind yet. I hate the nickname Liz and Lizzie for it.
I think this name is beautiful. I actually like the nicknames Lizzie and Liz and Beth. If your name is Elizabeth and you think it is too formal, there are tons of nicknames for it!
I LOVE this name. It's feminine, classy and sophisticated. It's one of the names out there that will never go out of fashion. It's not modern, and it reminds me of a very powerful person.
The name Elizabeth is HORRIBLE!
My name is Elizabeth. I have come to appreciate it over time. Unfortunately I have hardly used it as my name. My parents only called me Elizabeth in my youth when I was in trouble and was being summoned, so I have negative connotations with the name in it's full glory, but now that I am older I see that it is a strong, classic name and I do like it. I will use it as my author's name if (I mean when) I am published. It is perfect for that and I will carry it with pride. One thing I like is the versatility of the name. I myself have used 3 versions of it so far in my whole life, and I'm sure it will change again!

I don't know of anyone else ever being called this, but when I was a child I was called 'Biffy'. (My older brother was 3 when I was born and could only manage 'lizbiff' so my nickname evolved from that.) I liked it, but grew out of it soon enough. I have since been Liz, and now Lizzie.

I like the French variation of 'lizette'. I also like Elspeth, Eliza, Elisa and Beth. However, I HATE the name Betty and I will never use it, even when I'm an old lady (which is what it makes me think of!) Oh, and I read somewhere that another unusual variation is 'Tetty', which I also don't like.
This is a beautiful name. I would name my daughter this name.
Elizabeth is my middle name and I have found that it is very common as a middle name. I like the shortened versions of Elizabeth, such as Liz, Lizzy, Beth, and so on. I think it is a very pretty and girly name, but it still has a link with the old fashioned and upperclass. I feel a little uncomfortable with it as my middle name as my first name is Abigail. Abigail Elizabeth is way too posh for me, and I have often asked what my mum was thinking.
On the t.v. show Reba, Van and Cheyenne Montgomery's daughter is named Elizabeth.
Elizabeth is a classic American Girl doll and is Felicty's best friend.
I'm the latest in a long line of Elizabeths, (my mother was Ann Elizabeth, my grandmother Dorothy Elizabeth, her mother Elizabeth Hannah, etc.) and have cousins and nieces with the name as well. We avoid confusion by using different nicknames: I'm Beth, and the family also has a Libby, a Lily, an Eliza, a Lisa, and a Bess. I love my name because of its meaning, its noble history and the fact that it goes with any last name you can possibly think of, from Smith to Velazquez to Yamahiro. Queen Elizabeth II's baptismal name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Her childhood nickname was Lilibet.
Elizabeth is my middle name, and it's nice enough. However, I feel it's too long and too classic in combination with my last name. It makes me sound like an upper class English girl from a century ago. "Elizabeth Chamberlain". It's a bit of a mouthful!

For parents - short is nice! My little sister's middle name is Jean, and I'm jealous!
This is such a lovely name. You really can't go wrong. It is a legit, feminine classic. It's true that it is quite popular, but it is in no way trendy, as it has been popular for hundreds of years. There is a reason it's popular. This name will age with a girl for her whole life, and sounds sophisticated on any age. It's a wondeful choice for anyone. Plus, there are so many nicknames that it will suit any type of person. My favorites are: Betsy, Bette, Elsa, Elsie, Lilibet, and Lily.
This is my name, and I think it is nice and cute sounding. I just always hate the dreaded nickname Lizzie!
I think this name is a good name because one of my friends has it. It sounds kind of boring to me but I still like it.
I love it. My favourite nickname is Lilibeth.
This is my middle name. According to my mother it's a name she liked and after the Queen of England. According to my father it's his sister's middle name. I used to think for the longest time it's overused and too common both as a first and middle name but now, as I am older it's a classic name and probally the most common used middle name ever known and the fact that it literally goes with any name. It's now one of my favourites now, I could only use it as a middle name. Anybody should feel honoured to have such a beautiful, graceful, elegant name.
Gorgeous. My middle name, one of my cousins' middle names, and my maternal Grandmother's first name. It is gorgeous. If I have a daughter, I plan on calling her Grace Elizabeth, and calling her just that, on a daily basis. :)
I love this name. This is my Grandmother's name. I will most likely name my daughter after her. I like the nicknames, Ellie, and Ella, not Liz or Lizzie!
My first name is Elizabeth, but my nickname is Lise. Elizabeth is too long for day to day use, but it has a nice formality about it.
This is a pretty, timeless name. It has so many variations that if you feel "Elizabeth" is too mature, you may use Beth, Betty, Elisa, Elise, Lisa, Elsa, Ilsa, Isabel, Lili, Liesl, Libby, Lizzie, etc. In my opinion, I like the variations as much as "Elizabeth."
I dislike Elizabeth. It's my name, and that's worse! People call me Betty and Zsa Zsa. I wish I wasn't named that!
Please don´t dislike your name, I used to hate my name because people keep calling me DeeDee and all of that mess. You are lucky for starters, and everyone should be too, there is only one of you in the whole world. Remember God loves you and created you to be unique.
Elizabeth Taylor was a beautiful actress.
Elisheva (Elisabeth) was a wife of Aharon in Old Testament and mother of Yohanan the Baptist in the new one.
Elizabeth has been used a lot from the 1880's to today with the biggest usage in the 1880's.
Elizabeth is a good, classical name, but I dislike the nickname Beth. I have a bad association with it since all the girls I've ever met named Beth haven't been the nicest people in the world.
I like Elizabeth. I like the way it's written. I like the full name, hate the nicknames, and I think with the onslaught of teeny bopper trendy names this dignified name could become quite unusual and rare, perhaps adding to its charm. It also connotes strong, independent and intelligent woman, as well as suggesting that the bearer is dignified and eloquent. What more could you want? I think it's popularity is off putting, though, and I agree.
WAY too common as a middle name for girls! I like the combinations Elizabeth Siobhan and Elizabeth Niahm.
What a horrible name. I detest this name, it reminds of the queen who thinks she rules the world.
I love this name - it's classy, delicate, traditional and yet quite modern as well - I think this is because of the "z" in it, which is quite contemporary. I think Elizabeth is a beautiful name, and shouldn't be shortened to anything, but I prefer the abbreviations Beth and Eliza more than the more common Lizzie and Liz (which I hate!) This is quite an upperclass name, and heard far more often as a middle name than a first name.
In the television series Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff plays a character called Elizabeth Brooke McGuire, whose name is shortened to Lizzie.
This is my name. For a while I didn't like it - I thought it was too boring and overused. But I have recently begun to like it. My middle name is Jane (I spell it Jayne) and I like them together. My parents chose this name to contrast my short, harsh, German last name.
Beautiful classy name. I love the pet name Babette!
Elizabeth Barrett Browning is wife of the English poet Robert Browning.
My name is Elizabeth Anne, but everyone calls me Lizzy. :) I think my favourite short version of the name has to be Lizzy or Beth. As everyone else here has said, it is a really beautiful name, but I find I get annoyed sometimes when people call me by Elizabeth because it sounds so formal. I love the meaning 'consecrated to God'. It somehow sounds much more lovely than 'oath of God'.
Author Elizabeth George Speare wrote "The Witch of Blackbird Pond," among other books.
I think Elizabeth is a beautiful name, but it is a better first name for adults as I think children don't sound right with it - I'm not sure why I think that.
My first middle name is Elizabeth after my mother (Elizabeth) and my grandmother (Betty) and I will use it as a middle name for my first daughter as it is one of the best middle names to give a little girl in my opinion.
My own name is Elizabeth. I feel like, though it is rather common, that it is a very elegant name, and even if I didn't like it I could go by so many other things. The name "Elizabeth" just seems very soft, peaceful, and graceful and I'm glad to go by it.
One famous bearer is Elizabeth March in Little Women, better known as Beth. She is the second-youngest March sister.
The current British Monarch is Queen Elizabeth II, and her mother was also named Elizabeth.
This is the first name of the present Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.
My name is Elizabeth and I really like my name. Even if I didn't like it, I could be called Liz, Beth, Betsy, Bess, Sissy, Eliza, Libby, or Lizzie (which is what people do call me!)
I love the name Elizabeth, it's my middle name. It's got quite a few pet names, Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Bess, Libby, Liza, etc. I've actully tried to go by Lizzy.
Elizabeth Siddall (1829 - 1862) was an English Pre-Raphaelite painter, but is most famous as a motive. She posed for Millais' famous "Ophelia" painting lying for hours in a tub of luke-warm water until she caught pneumonia!
Siddall was married to Dante Gabriel Rosetti, who was notoriously unfaithful to her. She died from an over-dose of laudanum (a form of opium).
This is a good middle name.
I like it spelled like Elizebeth because it's different without being too weird.
I have always adored this name. It is my middle name and the comment that stated it was overused as a middle name is partially true. I personally have never met any other girls with the middle name Elizabeth because their's is always Marie or Anne. But, this name is classic and a great name!
This name has a gorgeous sound, and a slew of wonderful namesakes! Although common, there are so many different nicknames (My favourite is Eliza) a person could choose whichever they liked best.
There are MANY girls with the middle name Elizabeth. I personally know three but have met people who have also had it.
Elizabeth is a pretty name, but this spelling is so basic that maybe Ellizabeth or Elizebeth would be better.
Elizabeth Swann played by Keira Knightley in my favourite film, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl, his continuation, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and, the third, Pirates of the Caribbean 3.
I adore this name because it's very feminine, and the famous people I meet with this name please me. Overcoat Elizabeth I of England, Elizabeth I of Castilla (Isabel I the Catholic), the characters Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice and Elizabeth Swann of Pirates of the Caribbean, and so on.
Elizabeth is such a beautiful, elegant name. A timeless classic. Lots of great nicknames to choose from.
This is my first name. I like it for its beauty, and its Biblical/classical feel. And Pride & Predjudice's Eliza Bennett is one of my favorite fictional characters. But I do not like how common it is, including for middle names. It annoys me when I introduce myself and they say, "Oh that's so-and-so's middle name".
My first name is Elizabeth, it's dreadfully common. I've often considered changing my name to something a little less overused, that and I hate being called the Queen of England whenever someone decides to be childish in an argument.
It is a good name, but I personally would rather be called Elsbeth which is a Welsh variant.
My whole name is Annalise Elizabeth Irene. I am actually named Elizabeth twice because Lise is a pet form of Elizabeth and it means "consecrated to God" and Elizabeth means "consecreted to God." So you can see the how I'm named Elizabeth twice. It feels really weird to be named a name twice when your parents didn't even realize it. FREAKY!
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is my favourite book, and so I love this name. I may consider it as a middle name for my daughter someday because Elizabeth Bennett is such a good role model - and, of course, by then I shall be married to my Mr. Darcy!
I like it. It disappoints me that it has come to be a bit of a filler.
Elizabeth "Libbie" Bacon Custer was the wife of George Armstrong Custer.
This is my first name and my mother's name so I hate it when people call me Elizabeth. I have always been known by my middle name and to me this name is too old-fashioned. When people call me Elizabeth to get on my nerves it makes me feel like I'm nobody special because there have been too many famous people with this name.
I am an Elizabeth and I use the name Lizz, just thought I'd mention it as I know of a few Lizz's with two z's from seeing people online on websites and stuff and it's not mentioned as a version of Elizabeth. I think it should be added to the versions of the name!
This is my middle name. I love the way it sounds after my first - it just flows. A very English/Welsh name. Hard to find a good middle name to flow after Elizabeth though.
I have heard that the meaning of the name is "consecreted to God". I especially like this interpretation.
My middle name is Elizabeth and I love it! My parents were actually going to name me Elizabeth but they actually didn't want people calling me Lizzie, etc.
I love the name Elizabeth! Who doesn't? I haven't found one yet! Of course, I'm biased since it's my middle name but I love it so much that I also named my daughter Elizabeth. And I refuse to allow anyone to shorten it. It's too gorgeous a name to be chopped to pieces; it takes the beauty and history from the name bringing it (in my opinion) to a base level. It's Elizabeth or nothing and I think my daughter would agree.
Buffy is a diminutive form of Elizabeth.
Elizabeth Fraser is the lead singer of the Cocteau Twins.
I really like Elizabeth as a middle name more than a first name. Of course my middle name is Elizabeth.
This is my name, and I like it, even though it's common. It has a sort of elegance. My middle name is Avery, and I love the sound of them together: Elizabeth Avery.
A very classic feminine name.
Elizabeth Tudor (Elizabeth I, alternatively known as Gloriana, Good Queen Bess and The Virgin Queen), who reigned over England during the English Renaissance from 1558-1600, is a famous bearer of this name, and so is the classic actress Elizabeth Taylor.
There is a cute little poem on all the different pet forms of the name Elizabeth:

Elizabeth, Betsy, Betty, and Bess
Went out one day to find a bird's nest.
They found a nest with five eggs in it,
They each took one and left four in it.
The British actress Elizabeth Hurley bore this name.

I myself love it. It's beautiful, elegant, strong, and feminine.
It's a better name to call an adult than it is a child but as we all know you have to be a child to become an adult. But I do think it's a pretty name but not for children because it has a certain sort of grace to it, which children spoil. Don't ask me why, its just something I've always thought.
In the book 'Queen's Own Fool', the main character, a fool of Mary, Queen of Scots, was trying to be taught how to speak Scottish by Queen Mary's ladys-in-waiting, the four Marys. In one scene, when she is trying to learn the language, she comments that Scottish sounds like such a vulgar language that if one were to mispronounce the English queen's name as Elizabelch, no one would know the difference. Since I have read that, I can't help but think of the name Elizabeth in both a funny, yet preppy way.
Elizabeth is a pretty name, but very long. Lizzie is a cute pet name that is much shorter.
Actually, the original Hebrew form of Elizabeth was Elisheva, not Elisheba.
I always liked Libby as short version of Elizabeth.
Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery is a famous bearer.
The main character of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice bears this name. She's a witty young lady who is loved by the proud yet honourable Mr. Darcy.
Since the first time I have Elizabeth till now, it still reminds me of a strong woman, yet delicate and classic.
This name has remained very popular for a long time. I think it's a really nice name and it's one of my favorites.
Famous bearers are Elizabeth of Austria and Elizabeth 'Sissi' of Bavaria/Austria.
Pet names and shorter forms include: Lizzie, Liz, Sissi, Beth, Bethy, Liza, Lise, Lize, Eliza, Élise, etc.
I think Elizabeth is one of the prettiest names used in the English-speaking world, but it is too long. That may be a reason for it being under used, even though there are many short variants of the name.
This is a common first and middle name for girls. Even though it is quite popular, it´s a classic with staying power and it has so many nicknames that a child with this name wouldn´t have to go by Elizabeth T. or Elizabeth A., she could use one of the many nicknames. I wouldn´t name my child it, though. It´s just too popular and I always think of Cate Blanchett and the movie "Elizabeth".
This name is a very common middle name for girls.
Elizabeth, one of the prettiest names, good choice to name someone, and very classy. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would give this name a well deserved "9". Good choice everyone who likes this name and lucky the ones who have it!
I think this name is being underused today because of its connotation with a preppy English girl. I think this name has a very nice meaning and is a constant classic.

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