I don't know why the yoo-NEES pronunciation isn't listed. It seems evident that there are two pronunciations.
There is something self-contained and dignified about this name that is really appealing. I picture a slim, bright, and smartly dressed woman. I would love to meet a little Eunice.
This name is okay if pronounced yu-neese maybe, but it sounds very inappropriate otherwise. This is just my opinion but I would never choose this name with the popular pronunciation, at least not in an English speaking country.
Eunice is from the movie Hotel Transylvania.
I love Eunice! If I have twin girls, I'll probably name them Eunice and Joyce, Eunice and Joyce give me the same vibe. I think Eunice is popular here in the Philippines, I know two Eunice's and one Eunica. I don't think Eunice is an old lady's name, neither do I think the people of the Philippines do. The Eunice I know pronounces her name as you-NIECE, no one calls her YOU-nis, although no one calls Eunica you-NIE-ca, they instead call her YOU-ni-ca which is a bit confusing. Eunice has such a pretty sound.
The usages of "Ancient Greek (Latinized)" as well as "Greek Mythology" should be added to this name. Both Eunike and its latinization Eunice predate the Bible, so those usages should be added, lest some people get the impression (at least from this entry) that the name originated in biblical times.
Eunice always reminds me of a sheep, most likely because of Animal Crossing. I'm not really a fan of the name itself.
It is interesting, (in an ironic and rather sad way,) when a poster characterizes people from a certain country as "dumb" while using poor grammar, syntax, and spelling. Maybe people who like the name, or are named, Eunice should try harder to live up to the affected snobbery that it brings to mind.
My name is Eunice, the impression of this name is that it's only for old ladies but that's for the US and that country is big D U M B. Where I live this name is considered very interesting and almost mythical, some girl asked if it was Greek and I forgot it was so I told her no :/ anyways enjoy your common names, although having that name in said country is kinda bad, just ask their names and you'll see theirs are no better.
This is very pretty. It's so much more refreshing than Mila.
Pretty, my brother loves this name. He told me that if he ever has a daughter, he'll name her Eunice :)

I think it's very elegant, as well.
I’ll just preface this by stating that my name is Eunice. Middle name is Marie.
I grew up not necessarily hating my name, but wishing rather that it were more common so that I wouldn’t be hit with poor mispronunciation or misspelling. A part of me wished I was an Amelia, Rachael, Amy etc.

I am now 17, and I LOVE my name. It honestly humours me to see the amount of Eunice hate on baby forums for the way it rolls off the tongue in an ‘ugly’ manner or its association to either a nerd with glasses or a seventy year old crocheting grandmother- apparently there is no in between.

I will do my best to convince any doubters about how GREAT of a name Eunice is, trust me if I can convince myself, I can convince you too.

Firstly, Eunice is derived from Greek origins, meaning ‘good victory’. The prefix ‘eu’ meaning good and ‘nike’ meaning victory.
How bloody cool to grow up in such a materialistic culture to say your name literally has the brand Nike within it?

Secondly, along with its Greek origins (I love a good souvlaki) the name Eunice is also Biblical! Eunice is Timothy’s mother within the Bible.

Other literature references include Eunice from A Streetcar Named Desire and Eunice from To Kill a Mockingbird. Wild claim but at least 70% of kids study one of these in high school, fortunate for myself I studied both. I can’t explain the rush of pleasure when you hear YOUR NAME recognised in such great bodies of work.

There are some great Eunices that have gone before me. Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of former President John F. Kennedy and the founder of the Special Olympics. Did you know Nina Simone’s real name is Eunice as well?

However, these two amazing women may not be as familiar to a newborn baby. The lack of popularity or buzz surrounding the name Eunice means that your child will be the one and only Eunice that most people encounter in their lives.

Sure, a lot of my friends tell me of other Eunice’s that they have crossed paths with, but personally, I have never met a Eunice... ever.
Isn’t it great that when someone hears your name they only see one face? It’s not like an Amy where you picture three different Amy’s within your life. Yes, I never found my name on a light up key chain, but I honestly would not have it any other way.

I swear to you that after a while the name just rolls off your tongue, the hardness of the consonants and the strange “you” at the beginning is honestly just part of its charm.

Personal perks of the name Eunice from my experience:
- if you’re lucky and well liked you may hear that your name was “made for you” as Eunice could well become “You nice”. And it’s always pleasant to hear others think you’re nice.
- FUNNY NICKNAMES (if you have a dark humour): I have heard it all from Euthanasia, Eustress to Eunuch. It’s so great because your nickname isn’t just as simple as shortening your name so it’s fun to watch your friends get creative.
- Aesthetically, the name is even just pretty to write out. It begins AND ends with an E. Also, it’s a nice length too, six letters so it becomes somewhat symmetrical.

Sorry, I am clearly very passionate for the push to get Eunice some more recognition. If a name has a fan club I would love to declare myself its president (and probably its only member!) I just love my name and hate reading all the slander it gets :((
I think it's ugly and somewhat comedic.
Association is the worst enemy of any name. Especially if it's old fashioned. And I only hear "ewwww" in this name.
My name is Eunice and I love my name but it gets frustrating when people forget the "E" in my name.
In 2018, 83 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Eunice who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 940th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I am Eunice but my friends call me Unyce, and I love my name because it is classic.
I like Eunice for a middle name with Gail which is now my fave, Eunice is old fashioned but sounds unique not sure for a first name but I like it enough for a middle. You can't shorten it and it is classy, an interesting name is more important than an overly appealing name I think. I like Gemma, Olive and Lana also. I think Eunice is a girls name only.
Eunice Cho is a Korean-American actress. Her best-known role was Robin in the Cartoon Network live action/animated TV movie, Re-Animated. She also voiced Kiku in Little Bill from 2000 to 2002.
An alternative pronunciation is you-NIECE. This is considered the European pronunciation, while YOU-niss is considered more of a Southern pronunciation.
My name is Unice, pronounced "U-neese" not "E yoo nis", Eunice is beautiful, but thankfully, it's Unice, HOWEVER! THEY STILL CALL ME E YOO NIS! Hate it!
The name Eunice was given to 145 girls born in the US in 2015.
Eunice is Lovey Howell's real name on Gilligan's Island.
Eunice (Yoo-nee-see) Girls is both a primary school and high school in Bloemfontein, South Africa.
Pronounced ev-NEE-kee or ev-NYEE-kee in Modern Greek.
Pronounced Ev-NEE-kay in Koine greek.
When I hear this name, I picture an ugly nerd sitting in the corner without friends. Sorry, I'm just being honest.
The name Eunice was given to 135 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Weeeeeell... I am actually sort-of embarrassed to say that I like this name...
Dirty passion of mine. Like some people like Nevaeh, I like Aurelia and Eunice.
I've never heard this name pronounced YOO-nees, only YOO-nis. [noted -ed]
Not terrible, but very very old fashioned.
I always hear this name on a nerd. :/
Eunice Kennedy Shriver is a founder of the Special Olympics. She is a sister of the late John F. Kennedy and the mother-in-law of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
This name is okay, however I think that in this day and age it shouldn't be used as a first name because of it's associations with the word eunuch. Not the best connotation for a girl's name, at all.
Haha, this is my grandfather's middle name? Always thought it was a male name because of that.
I think this name is really unique, so classic. It goes better with Michelle. I can say because this is my name. ^_^ By the way, another thing that made 'Eunice' special is its spelling. Not everyone can spell it correctly. Some may write it as 'Unise/Unice/Youniece or what so ever'. You can also alter the pronunciation. It's also nice to have a name with a meaning of victory. It is also the name of a Nereid which means good victory. It's all about victory. But still, nobody can please anybody. It's only my point of view. I only think that my name, Eunice, is unique and I'm pretty sure it pleases me. A lot. That's all!

P.S. Don't you think 'Ms. Universe' be spelled "Ms. EUNICEverse?"
Cool huh? ^_^
I hate this name, it cries out "ugly".
Umm, I don't like this name at all. It's so outdated that it's nearly the equivalent of Abner. No offense or anything.
I never did like this name. It's so old-fashioned, it's not a pretty name at all, and I dislike most names that end in the 's' sound.
It's my mum's middle name. Sorry but it's terrible. It's too hard and sounds "ugly".
Pronounced uh-nees in French.
Eunice Gayson (real surname Sargaison) played the character Sylvia Trench in two James Bond films - 'Dr. No' (1962) and 'From Russia With Love' (1963).
Sorry, but I don't really like this name and I cannot see it coming back anytime soon. It's not quite as bad as, say, Ethel or Gladys, but it is usually meant for old ladies nowadays.

It is also the name of one-time Bond girl Eunice Gayson (b. 1931), when back in the 1960s Sean Connery played 007.
It would be nice to know someone named Eunice. It is such a pretty name!
This name is nice whether yoo-NEE-see (yes I see my knee) or yoo-NEH-seh or just plain ol' yoo-Nis or maybe even eunika (yoo-nee-kah). It's quite nifty and sounds nice in its own way (bad pun intended there). But doesn't it kinda sound it'd be related to eunuch? Gone at that one, this name still has a hit.
This is my name and I've always rocked it pretty well, thank you very much, despite the fact that 1) almost nobody can spell it and 2) the only cool person to have borne it was Nina Simone. But it's nice to be the only bearer of your name in any given zip code! ;)

From traveling, I've discovered the following pronunciations: "ou-NEECE" in French, "ef-nee-KEE" in modern Greek (this was a guess hazarded to me; the transliteration was difficult to figure out), "eh-ooh-NEE-see" in Brazilian Portuguese, and "eh-ooh-NEE-seh" in Spanish.

The '-nike'/'-nice' particle of the name refers to Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, which is what the Nike sportswear brand is named after. How's that for a namesake? :)
It is also the name of a naiad.
I have a friend named Eunice but goes by Nikki. She pronounces it YOO-NEECE but I've always heard it YOO-NIS.
Sounds very pretty but fragile. Nice meaning though.
Eunice was a character in the film and novel: Quo Vadis.
Nina Simone's birth name was Eunice Kathleen Waymon.
Where I'm from, it's pronounced YOO-nis.
In ancient Greek mythology, Eunice was a Naiad.
An older pronunciation is "yoo-NIE-see."

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