Beautiful name.
Well, I prefer Evangelina, but I like Evangeline as well. I can't decide whether I prefer Evangeline or Angelina. So Evangelina is perfect cause I can get both names out of it. Both names give me an imagery of dandelions. Probably because of the -Line ending? IDK. But I like Evangeline as a middle name for Emma.
Eve-Angel-Lion 3 keys to the kingdom it sounds like it! With a name like that it's liable to wake up the King of the jungle... or it could just be the most beautiful name in the universe either way works for me.
The English pronunciation i-VAN-jə-lien needs to be added by the Webmaster ASAP.
My birth name was Evangeline. I personally don't mind it, I think it's a lovely and classical name that can never be "dated". I stopped using it for personal reasons, but as far as nicknames go, most people in my childhood just called me Viva. Wonderful choice for any expecting mothers out there, fits all ages without coming off as showy and over the top, while not being too simple like "Kate" or "Emma". A perfect balance.
Evangeline is such a beautiful, glorious name, and I love the meaning. I probably wouldn’t use it myself but I am glad to see it’s becoming more popular. I also love Evelina :)
On our list as I like nickname Eva or Evie, but this would be so hard to spell for a child.
I never liked this name until recently because I’ve always heard it pronounced “evange-leen” which seems to be the most popular pronunciation. I recently heard it pronounced “Evange-line” (like a straight line) and kinda fell in love with it. I guess I like it both ways, I just prefer the “evange-line” slightly better.
This is so pretty. Evangelina also hits the crux. :)
This is my all time favorite name and has remained so for nearly a decade and a half presently. I will for sure use for a daughter someday if I am able to have one. The only thing that would sway me at this point is if her dad completely hated it but even then I'd try to compromise as a middle name or similar. I want this because Evangeline means "good news" and to have the gift of a child would be the best news I ever receive, and what a lovely naming story I could provide them. "Eva" is my favorite nickname for it because it feels so happy and personable, and to mean alive and well. There is no better name for parents who want a name for their daughter who was so very longed and hoped for in my opinion. To me it is a name nothing short of angelic and no matter how many people name their daughter this as it makes its climb in the charts I am still happy by others' appreciation of its beauty... my only hope is that by the time I get around to having one there will not be so many as to be one in a sea of them in her school haha!
I'm all for long names! Evangeline fits the bill. Evangeline has a wonderful meaning, very elegant, straight-to-the-point and classy. Definitely a favorite!
I prefer Eva.
Evangeline Clara Rosenfeld is one of the main characters in the Escapism series.
Evangeline Rosenfeld is one of the main characters in the Escapism series.
Isn't the meaning wonderful?
This name is so cute! I love all the nicknames and how it has Angel in it so you could call her your little Angel. I would use the combo Evangeline Amelia.
I think this name has beauty, it feels also unusual and strong, but I'm afraid that it can get too common or even overused, so basically becoming from quality, unusual name to another trendy, boring name that is getting used like some toilet paper. Evangeline is good!
Very beautiful name, but it may be a little hard to pronounce for a little kid. You could use Eva as a nickname.
I associate the name primarily with the song "Évangéline," rather than the Longfellow poem it was based on. It's a pretty popular song composed in 1971 by Michel Conte that's been covered by many Acadian and other French Canadian artists.
More broadly, Évangéline and Gabriel are important figures in Acadian culture and history, and there have been numerous musicals, operas, and songs inspired by the poem. It's interesting, because Longfellow was not Acadian, not Catholic, and not francophone, so one might expect it to be seen as a foreigner romanticizing the deportation. However, French Canadians are familiar with it through Pamphile Le May's adaptation/translation, which added a lot of local details and obscured some of Longfellow's anti-Catholic sentiments.
Beautiful name. :)
Beautiful, but I prefer Evangelina.
It’s pretty. And I like the meaning.
I like the meaning, but it sounds a bit pretentious as a first name and it reminds me of the word "evangelical". I also hate the nickname Vangie. It sounds better as a middle name.
My impression is that it's too long and frilly. It's become very popular in the polls, but I don't care for it.
Lol, why does every comment stating their honest opinion have ONLY down votes? My god y'all are so sensitive, lolloll.
I really love this name. It has a beautiful aspect and you can generate quite a couple nicknames. I’m considering to use this name.
Our 5yo is Evangeline and we also call her Evie. She is incredible, smart and so kind. (We have 4 kids and she is the sweetest).
The only person I ever knew with the name Evangeline was a girl in my class in kindergarten who went by Eva for the most part. I really don’t understand why so many people love this name. In my opinion, it’s just too long and could probably get mispronounced or mistaken for Angelina or something.
I have to say as an Evangelina I totally hated it growing up, no one could pronounce it, other kids made fun of it. Now as an adult I ABSOLUTELY adore it! I don't even like being referred to as "Eva" anymore.
Not a good name for anyone under the age of 90. It's not really ugly, but just way too old-timey sounding for use in the 21st century.
Such a beautiful name!
Anyone who has this name is extremely lucky. It's my all-time favorite name! It even has the word 'angel' in it!
Evangeline Demuro, Youtube make-up artist and girlfriend to Frank Gioia, also a YouTuber.
My name is Evangeline and I think it is a lovely name for a baby girl! My dad was going to name me Vladamer if I was a boy but they wouldn't know what to call me for a girl. One day they heard a song on the radio and said this is a good name. But my parents told me the meaning of my name is guardian angel, dark angel, and messenger of god.
Because of the ruination right-wing evangelicals continue to wreak on my nation, I prefer Angeline, and definitely with the long-E ending, not the long-I ending. I know a little girl named Evangeline and they call her Eva.
Pronounced: E•vanj•ah•l•eye•n not with "leen" on the end of the name. Not an attractive name, especially with the sound "vanj"... ew. It is criminal to call someone Vangie (pronounced vanjee).
Don't care for it. Don't like the "vanj" sounding part of E•vang•eline. Just like I don't care for Regina (with the long i) because of the "jina"(pronounced j-eye-na) sounding part of Regina. Very sorry.
Ugly and long. How do you even pronounce this? Eh-van-ja-leen? And very made-up.
Evangeline is not a made up name.
Beautiful and rare... only met one and she was not, and went by the horrid nickname of VANGEE... UGH.
This name is so pretty and has so many good things about it! There are so many nicknames that you could pick and choose from. You could start calling her Eve or Evie, or go for something even more uncommon, like Van or Vangie. Another great thing about it is that it is not too overused. Coming from someone named Olivia, it gets a bit annoying having multiple people in one place with the same name. With this name, that will be no problem!
When people hear this name does anyone think of Evangeline Samos, from Red Queen?
One of my cats is called Evangeline, after the evening star in The Princess and the Frog. We struggled to find a name we both liked, then my partner suggested Evangeline. I love the song from the movie too.
There is a character in the First book of a YA series called "Red Queen" named Evangeline. She is a minor antagonist in the story.
Too frilly and soft for my taste. It doesn't seem like it would suit a confident woman in a position of authority.
The character on the ABC TV series Call the Midwife was called Sister Evangelina.
This name also makes me think of Sister Evangeline from Call the Midwife! I am thinking about this name because I definitely want to give my child my grandfather's first name as a middle name, and so if it's a girl I'll want a super feminine name to balance that. And it's just so deliciously Southern and old fashioned :-)
From the moment I heard it I thought it was gorgeous, and that it would sound great on a woman or girl of any age. However, I do find the association with Evangelical Christians to be off putting, and this is due to some bad experiences I've had with them in the past. I'm also a bit disappointed that it's become so popular, because popular names tend to lose their beauty very quickly as one gets more and more used to hearing them. Other than this, it's a great name, with plenty of cute nicknames should the girl find her name to be too much of a mouthful.
Evangeline is the name of my fourth child. She is amazingly beautiful, very clever compared to the others at her age, and is a charmer. When I was pregnant I couldn't shake the feeling the new baby had to be named to do with the sky, the heavens, the ethereal and magical qualities the night full of stars possess. I thought of Astrid and Sky etc. but none fit. Then I watched Disney's The Princess and The Frog. The brightest most beautiful guiding light of them all, the splendid granter of wishes, The Night Star was called Evangeline. I could not go past it. And the song Ma Bell Evangeline, I sing it to her every night. And the middle of Evangeline is Angel. Oh, and it helped that my dad's name is Van, and my mother-in-law is Evelyn. We tend to call her Evie for short, and she refers to herself as Vievy, or Leenie. It's a big word for a 2 year old! Every single time I tell someone her name it's always "That's so beautiful." And I agree.
One of the most beautiful names I have ever heard in my life. It's long, but it rolls off my tongue when I say it.
My daughter's name is Evangeline Kay. I made the name up by playing on the word evangelist and changing the ST on the end to an NE, making it more feminine and Southern and I feel evangelists speak the gospel of Jesus Christ and in doing so are soul winners for the Lord.
I wasn't sure if I liked this name at first but it grew on me and I used it for my baby. It has so many cute and sweet nickname options too. I read Uncle Tom's Cabin due to reading comments about the little Evangeline in the book who went by Eva.
Well my name is Evangeline Marie but all my childhood I was known as Vangie. I just felt like I had to mention Vangie because so far not very many people have mentioned it. I love both my names because they are bold, beautiful and unique. I have also given my children names that aren't used very often. Annalicia, Sebastian and Zipporah.
I have been blessed with the name Evangeline, and I love it. I was named after a beloved great-aunt. Unfortunately, the family chose the nickname Van for her and for me. I hated being called Van. How could they have taken such a lovely, lyrical name and shortened it to a man's name? Once I became an adult I introduced myself with a far more feminine nickname, or I used my full name. But I found that it intimidated people because of its length. I knew another Evangeline - actually her name was Evangelina (hispanic), and her nickname was Gelina, which I love. Ev-ahn-geh-leen is my preferred pronunciation - NEVER E-van-gee-line!
I pronounce this name i-vahn-ja-LEEN.
I am pregnant, just in my first two, three months, but I need a unique and special name for my child; so I came across this site. I so much love the name Ebenezer for boys and Evangeline or Evangelina for girls. My husband is Greek, and I don't want to name my child any popular Greek name. So, I was thinking Evangelina will do just fine if my baby is a girl. My name is Angela which can also be called Angelliki in Greek, so I will really love a name close to my name for my baby girl. But if it is a boy, straight to Ebenezer.
Evangelina is one the cutest names to give a baby girl and with its unique meaning and some nice abbreviation, she will be proud of her parents giving her the name later as she grows to understand the meaning of her name.
My aunt's name is Anastasia Evangeline (not a middle name, two first's). I adore the name so much! There are so many nicknames to go by: Angel, Angelina, Lina, Eva, Ellie, even Ana! Almost anything if you really dissect it. I would want to name my child Evangeline :)
My daughter's middle name is Evangeline (pronounced Evange-LEEN) and I love it! People tried to make me change it to her first name but I kept it Freya Evangeline. I love her whole name!
Ewwwwww! You can have Eva and you can have Angeline or Angelina, but Evangeline just doesn't, and will never work! It's like Beatrice, you can have Bea and Trice, but not Beatrice!
I love this name and will be calling my little girl Evangeline Rose. I already have a girl called Sunny Alice. I don't know why people have such an aversion to its connection with the Christian faith. It means something so wonderful... GOOD NEWS (which is what gospel means) or bearer of GOOD NEWS. Not 'beat you round the head with a Bible and condemn you' BAD NEWS lol... JOHN 3:16... look it up! I hope my little girl is a great evangelist spreading God's love, mercy, and grace to all she meets :)
I love this name, but it might be too long and frilly for me to have the guts to use it! I adore the nickname Eva with it though, and who knows, I might just be using it in the future if it suits my little girl...
I really love this name, and I will definitily use it whenever I have children. It's traditional, classic and old fashion, the type of names I'm more fond of rather than these new modern day names.
I love this name. I first came across it in Uncle Tom's Cabin, so I associate it with little Eva. [noted -ed]It's also interesting to note that it is a transliteration of the Greek word for gospel or good news ευαγγελιον.
This is my lovely daughter's name! Once we heard it, there was no other choice. Beautiful, and uncommon, without being strange. Her full name is Evangeline Ilyse. We call her Evie for short. Perfect for her.
In Louisiana, where this name is used as a traditional Cajun name, the name is pronounced with the last syllable rhyming with "bin": eh-VAN-jeh-lin. Louisiana has an Evangeline Parish, pronounced that way, and there are several other Louisiana place-names and landmarks with that pronunciation. I met two women with the name Evangeline while I lived in Louisiana, and both of them pronounced the last syllable as -lin.
I know two very young Evangelines, neither of whom go by conventional or obvious nicknames like Angel or Eva. One goes by GEN (prn. "Jen") and the other by GIGI.
This was my parent's second choice of name for me. Unfortunately I didn't get it. :( Its so beautiful, I don't know how you couldn't chose it. I am jealous of anyone with this lovely name.
This is one of my favorite names. I am a Christian, but even if I wasn't, I would still love this name. I love it paired with Gwendolyn.
Gwendolyn Evangeline.
This is a name that I wouldn't mind having myself. It's stunningly gorgeous and heavenly, and it is so hard to understand why this name is not as popular as it should be. If you think it is too long or that your child would find difficulties in spelling it, remember that they won't stay kindergarteners FOREVER. They'll grow up and learn eventually, even if it takes time and practice, and for all you know your child could grow up to be a spelling prodigy. Or you could simply nickname her Evie for short, or Eva. It is not overused, which is a fantastic contributing factor.
Scottish musician Karen Matheson has made a very beautiful song about a girl called Evangeline. She is described as an "angel of the morning".
"Look how she lights up the sky
Ma belle Evangeline."Evangeline is the name the adorably lovesick firefly Ray gives to his love (a star) in The Princess and the Frog. The song he sings to her is by far one of the best Disney has had in a long time. I never really thought much about this name before the movie came out, but after I took my nieces to see it I couldn't stop humming the song. A beautiful, unusual name. I like the nickname Evie best.
I love this name, though the near inevitable association with the Evangelical church is a good reason for me to never use it. The name is pretty and has a nice meaning, plus a lot of adorable nicknames. However, I see no need to change it to make it "unique"; Evangelina and the other variants are just too much of a mouthful.
I think this is a really wonderfully lovely name, and it should definitely be used more often. Because of the 1847 poem Evangeline, it will always remind me of the Deep South from now on, and its cultural history of faded aristocratic hierarchy, fabulous Baroque fashions and general bourgeois lifestyle that the Cajun/European peoples of the area have historically (perhaps stereotypically) enjoyed. :-)
I pronounce Evangeline as ee-VAN-jah-leen.
It's the most beautiful name there is, if I ever have a daughter her name will be Evangeline, we would probably call her Eva for short.
There is a song by 'Karen Matheson' called Evangeline.
"Evangeline, Evangeline
The angel of the morning is here
And though the summer is over
And we're all a little colder
We'll get by
It was meant to be
The angel of the morning is here".
Used in a poem 'The Night Swans' by Walter de la Mare
"She rides upon her little boat,
Her swans swim through the starry sheen,
Rowing her into Fairyland
The lovely-eyed Evangeline."
My daughter is named Evangeline. We spent months narrowing it down to just one name for a girl. We couldn't name her something ordinary because she has two older sisters a Trinity and a Piper, and we couldn't give her a name like Jane or Emily (both beautiful names, but too common). We named the older two before the names exploded in popularity. So Evangeline it was, never thought of Evangeline Lily or of "Nanny McPhee" Evangeline and she was born before Disney's "Princess and the Frog" came out. We call her Vangie, it's a little rough coming from such a fluid sounding name, but it fits our girl and we felt like using nicknames like Evie, Eva, Eve, Angel, and Angie would be too common place, and if she ever came across another Evangeline then maybe her nickname would be at least different.
Evangeline is a leading character in the recent (and very well written, in my opinion) novel Angelology, by Danielle Trussoni. I won't explain the full plot here as I know I will babble, I would recommend it to anyone looking for an intense and captivating read.I adore this name. It is so elegant and beautiful, and I love its meaning; the promise of the good news. :) Simply lovely.
I really want to love this name. I mean, it has so much in it's favor - It's got beautiful literary references, it's a long name (I prefer long names as a full name) with beautiful nicknames, it has a wonderful meaning, and it's very feminine.The one thing holding me back is its link to Evangelical/Evangelicalism and every other form of the word relating to the religion. Unfortunately, I think that association will forever keep me from wanting to name a daughter this. (Just as Christian does with the name Christian - an early favorite of mine)However, I love seeing this name become used and popular. While it's not for me, there are enough names out there to satisfy me. And I can only hope the same is true for everybody else. :)
In the new Disney movie "The Princess and the Frog", Evangeline is the name of the beautiful evening star that Ray the firefly falls in love with.
A very beautiful and elegant name. Although it is quite a long name, it rolls off your tongue. I can imagine it fitting a blonde, brunette, or red head; a tomboy, a dainty girl, or just an average every day woman. I would definitely name one of my future daughters this. Also I love the nicknames that can contribute to this name: Evie, Evan, Evey, Ev, Eve, Eva, Angel, and Vange. I adore this name and the meaning of it is quite beautiful: messenger of God. A famous bearer of this name is Evangeline Lilly, one of my favorite actresses and I discovered the name after seeing her play on ABC's LOST.
I like the name, but I'm not sure I'm as keen on it now that I know how many other people feel the same. I was thinking of using it for a daugther as a namesake for my late grandmother 'Angeline'. 'Angie' was her pet name and I'd keep that.
I don't get why so many people love this name. I can't stand it. It sounds pretentious and makes me think of evangelical Christians.
I made up the names: Anevangeline (pronounced AHN-ee-van-ja-leen) and Evangelissa or Evangelyssa (pronounced ee-VAN-ja-lissa.
I like this name. It's classic and pretty without being too stuffy. To me, it would be great with the name Scarlett. Evangeline Scarlett or Scarlett Evangeline sounds like a girl who is beautiful yet grounded.
I think it's a very sweet name. Very pretty, quite unique. It does sound like a fruit, but I actually like that about it. Unfortunately, I associate this with evangelical Christians. Now, there's nothing wrong with being Christian, but sadly I've found evangelicals to be the sort who can't live with you if you aren't Christian, and the sort that seem to think that God has sent them push religion on people. Now, I see nothing wrong with conversion of a willing person, but when people hand you pamphlets, try to use guilt to get you to sign up, and are intolerant and ignorant of other views, it makes me sad. The name is lovely, but I think people would think I was obsessed with religion and naming my daughter in my zealousness.
My great great grandmother was named Evangeline. She lived to be 103, and several of her granddaughters, nieces, etc. were named after her and most lived into their nineties, so I consider the name lucky.
I think of a princess when I hear this name. It's beautiful. :)
Cute nicknames for Evangeline:
Eve is my personal favourite.
What kind of nickname is Gelly?
I dislike this name because it makes me think of Evangelical Christians - which is, indeed, a very unpleasant thing.
I heard the name in a novel once. It wasn't any of the above classics, just a romance novel. However, I thought it was an absolutely beautiful name, and it was cute how her husband called her "Evie."
It's a pretty name and the title of a nice Cocteau Twins track, but the etymology and the obvious connection to evangelical Christianity are good reasons, for me anyway, not to use it. I also hate the nickname Angie, and Evan doesn't work for females, sorry.
I love this name! It's so pretty, but it's unique! A good nickname for this is Evie (or Angel, but that's a little overused). Also, it isn't often that you meet somebody with this name, so it makes it easier to like, because you won't have a picture of some other "Evangeline" in your head.
This is my little sister's middle name and I adore it! We use the nickname "Evie" (pronounced Eee-V). It is such a cutesy nickname for an absolutely beautiful name! This is definitely one of my favorite names.
Perfect name! I love it! Pronounced: "E-VAN-JA-LEEN"
I've heard a song sung by The Band and Emmylou Harris which is called "Evangeline".
If you're gonna name your child Evangeline, at least give her a decent nickname. Angie is probably the best.
I may get bashed for saying so, but in my honest opinion, Nevaeh is better than this monstrosity, and that's saying a lot. Angeline in itself is a frilly name, but very sophisticated. Evangeline is too much for one name, and it's sickeningly tacky.
Personally I do not like this name, it sounds like the name of a church or something.
My daughter's name is Evangeline. To me it seems to carry a great amount of grace and poise. I picked the name before it became popular, and it received a great amount of scrutiny, but it seems to have lessened now.
*snooze* Suddenly everyone's obsessed with this name, and it's hideous.
Evangeline, or Evangelina, makes a gorgeous middle name. It's a bit much as a first name, though.
I kind of like this name, but "John the Evangelist" keeps popping into my mind, as does the image of some crazy, bible thumping evangelicals from Louisiana. There's also something a little sickly sweet about the name. The nickname Evie is nice, but heaven forbid she gets called "Vange" or "Vangie" by the kids at school.
I think this name is pretty and the meaning is great. It's sad how underused this name is.
The pronunciation escaped me until I looked it up just now. I was guessing ev-AHN-gehl-een. This is a beautiful name.
I really like this name, I find it beautiful. I use this name in a few of my stories. ^^
I love this name. I hope to one day use it for my girl if I have one. I also think the allusion to Longfellow's poem is a big contributor to my opinion about the name.
The reason people think of the Evangelical church or Evangelicals when they hear this name is because they have the same meaning: "Good news." The Evangelical church is supposed to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the rest of the world. A person who actually does this was called an Evangelical.
Me and my little sister love this name. I find it very pretty.
Evangeline is a beautiful elegant name. Lots of nicknames too, Evie, Eva are good ones.
I do not like the name Evangeline that much, it sounds like the name of a fruit and I've never known anyone with that name.
The French would probably say "ev-ANZH-el-LEEN".This is a lovely name, but it remins me of the Evangelical Church, which I think is terribly misnamed, seeing that "evangelic" means roughly "good messenger"; what that carzy bunch seems to preach is fire and brimstone - "good messenger"? Not a chance. As a gay male, I have little trust and much dislike of these religious psychopaths.
I love this name! I think it's very pretty. I was thinking about naming my first born daughter Evangeline Rose.
One of my most favorite names. It is truly stunning. Sadly, it really clashes with our last name.
I think this is a very beautiful name. But does it make any one else think of Evangelical and Evangelist? Not an association I would want people to always make about my name.
I absolutely love this name. It's my middle name, Audra Evangeline, isn't that pretty!
I absolutely LOVE this name. Good nicknames are Eva, Angel, or Angie.
If you have seen Nanny Mcphee, then you know that the servant is named Evangeline (though it's not quite a famous person).
This is on a lot of favorite lists on this website, which I thought was odd because it's rather uncommon. I've never liked Evangeline; I associate it with evangelists. It's starting to grow in me, though.
Longfellow biographer Charles Calhoun claims that Longfellow invented the name Evangeline for his poem, though others argue it was simply a very uncommon Acadian name. It was certainly not in wide use before "Evangeline"'s publication.
This name is beautiful. Nice meaning, lovely sounding and relatively uncommon. It also offers a lot of nicknames--Eve, Evie, Angie, etc.
Evangeline is also the name of an Acadian poem, about a young Acadian peasent girl who falls in love with a British foreigner called Gabriel, and betroths his child, during the Great Expulsion of the Brittish from Canada. It revolves then around the young woman's quest to seek him out, and when time passes, as she becomes a nurse and tends wounded soldiers in her old age, she meets Gabriel, wounded and he dies in her arms. Written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie is a poem by the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It describes the betrothal of an Acadian peasant girl named Evangeline to her lover, Gabriel, and their separation as the British deport the Acadians from Canada in the Great Expulsion. The poem then follows Evangeline across the landscapes of America as she spends years in a search for him. Finally she settles in Philadelphia and, as an old woman, works as a nurse among the poor. While tending the dying during an epidemic she finds Gabriel among the sick, and he dies in her arms.Despite the fact that Longfellow had no links to the Acadians or Louisiana, the Cajuns have adopted her story into their culture. Though “Evangeline” was not a usual Acadian name before the poem was published, it is today relatively common among the descendants of the Acadians. Evangeline is also the name of a Parish in Louisiana.Later works of fiction expanded upon the material of the poem, claiming the “real names” of the characters had been “Emmeline LaBiche” (in Longfellow her full name is Evangeline Bellefontaine) and “Louis Arceneaux” (in the poem, Gabriel Lajeunesse). Among sites which claim a relation to these pseudohistorical figures are a house north of Lafayette, Louisiana, which supposedly belonged to Gabriel, and the grave of Emmeline in the Perpetual Adoration Garden & Historic Cemetery in St. Martin de Tours Church Square, on Main Street, St. Martinville (the site having been determined for its convenience by local boosters about the turn of the 20th century).As far as I know, there is no such thing as the Evangeline Tree, but it is a tradition in Louisiana that the reason that the Weaping Willow weaps is in sorrow for Evangeline's loss; the moss that grows on said trees is also said to be a physical representation of her spirit as she wanders the bayous looking for her lost lover (the moss is supposed to look like her hair tangled in the trees as she hovers). At least, that's how my grandparents always told me. I have also met an old family in my home parish of Calcasieu that claims to be descended from Evangeline's inspiration.
There's no pseudohistory here. Emily Labiche (Longfellow's Evangeline) and Luis d'Arceneuax were real people. I know, as I grew up hearing the stories. Luis d'Arceneuax (the family eventually dropped the d') was my 5x-great grandfather. And, yes, the lovers were split up as were many families when the Brits drove our people out of Canada long ago. I feel badly for those who link Miss Evangeline's name to any fundamentalist religion, as many names sound like something to which there is no tie. Think about it.
Evangeline de la Mort Saint-Claire is the main character in the novel Packaged Bliss. She's supposed to be the most beautiful and rutheless queen there ever was and is married to a man named Leben Gesegnet Mitt Einiem Gottlichen Sieg Ezekiel Richellieu. Together they are an evil pair and though liked by their subjects are feared by everyone around them. The story is told from the opposite point of view, what I mean is that the main characters who appear to be the heros are actually the villians, it's just told from their perspective.
This is such a beautiful name. Evie is a good nickname, I wouldn't use Evan as a nickname though. I guess with Evangelina you could use the nickname Lina.
Evangeline is a major character in William Stafford's short story "The Osage Orange Tree."
This is the most beautiful name I have ever heard. Its literary allusion is heartbreakingly beautiful as well.
The angelic little girl in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (Little Eva) is named Evangeline St. Clare.
Beautiful name! I will definitely use this as a first or middle name for a daughter when (if) I have one.
Evangeline can be pronounced Evange-LEEN, Evange-LINE, or Evange-LYNN.
I'm lucky enough to have grown up with the name Evangeline, and although some may worry that it is uncommon or strange I have loved it all my life. For me it comes from my Albanian origins.
This name also means like an angel, or of an angel, in Greek only though. It is also the name of the lady who was attatched to death in a short story. I do forget the name though, good story it was despite my temporary idiocy.
One of the main characters on the TV series The House of Eliott was called Evangelinge / Evie.
Between its wonderful literary association to the poem and graceful, standout beauty, Evangeline is one of my absolute favorite names.
I think this name is really beautiful. Along with its variant "Evangelina". If I ever have a daughter I probably would call her either one of these two names.
Another spelling is Avangeline.
I think this is a very pretty name. Ken Akamatsu's manga (which was also made into an anime show) called Mahou Sensei Negima (aka: Negima! Magister Negi Magi) has a female character in it named Evangeline A.K. McDowell who was a vampire. It was a very good series.
This name is actually from a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Evangeline is the title character, who falls in love with a boy in her village in Canada and is separated from him. She spends the rest of her life trying to find him, and she eventually does, but he's on his deathbed. It's a beautiful story - certainly worth reading. This is one of my favorite names just because of the poem.
The Evangeline of the poem was a French Canadian that was forced out of Canada when the British took over and settled as Acadians "Cajuns" in Louisiana. There is a tree in Evangeline Parish in south Louisiana where she "supposedly" hung herself.
Famous bearer: actress Evangeline Lilly (Kate on 'Lost').
The beautiful Nicole Evangeline Lilly goes by Evangeline. Though Evangeline is obviously the better of the 2 names, I think Nicole suits her well.
I think there's a book about a girl named Evangeline. She fell in love with a cajun boy who never returned her love and she eventually died a virgin. (I think that's the plot, anyway. Anyone who can say otherwise can feel free to correct me on this one.) This story came from a famous where I forgot was in America called the Evangeline Tree.
The name is ancient Greek, derives from "Evangelos", an epithet of gods Zeus and Hermes.
I think this name is very pretty, but I don't like any of the nicknames that can come from it or the fact that it reminds people of the Evangelical church.

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