My name is Ezekiel, I’ve met a grocery store cashier with the name Ezekiel, and I’ve met someone with the name Ezekiel at a Yiddish Book Center... I tend to think of my name as being pretty uncommon, yet it somehow ranks within the top 100.
Ezekiel F.  5/30/2021
Unique and cute name.
― Anonymous User  3/12/2021
Well, this is my name so I am rather fond of it. Being called Zeke is much easier for anyone looking to find a nickname for their Ezekiel.
Ezekiel Boldman  2/1/2021
I used to think it was hideous but it's strangely grown on me.
― Anonymous User  12/31/2020
I don't like this at all. It's a good book in the Bible, however I don't like this name at all.
― Anonymous User  5/7/2020
I'm afraid it sounds rather ugly.
― Anonymous User  4/13/2020
Strange. But beauteous in its own way.
nylonpanda  10/5/2019
Ezekiel is a very beautiful name, strong yet pure meaning, and epic or badass. The pronunciation of this name I really love it, it sounds badass. Despite being uncommon or rare, Ezekiel is really safe for naming a boy, because of this, Ezekiel is one of the "gold names" for me.
Hiero1725  6/1/2019
I became a father on February 23rd and was searching for a good biblical name. I was reading the Holy Bible and Ezekiel 36:26 got me intrigued. Naming my boy Ezekiel...
HemanGaikwad  4/4/2019
A classic guy's name. And it's a safe choice, too. I just hope it doesn't become too common. (I myself have never met an Ezekiel.)
MarioDM02  2/8/2019
This used to be my favorite boys' name ever! I still believe Ezekiel to be a great name and Zeke is a cute nick name. If you are religious this a great biblical name to use because it's not as popular as Noah but still has the element of religion involved!
jazzycritique  1/29/2019
Ezekiel is a character on Total Drama Island and Total Drama World Tour. His label is the “home schooled guy”. He is naive and has poor social skills.
Claystarfire  1/4/2019
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ezekiel who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 453rd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/16/2018
I like the way Ezekiel sounds, and I love the way it looks in print. I understand why some people associate it with religious people; I think if you live in a more rural area or away from the coasts, it probably is used by more devout folks. I know the Anabaptist sects use it often. But I associate it with creative, secular people, because I'm from an east coast U.S. urban area, and the kids named Ezekiel I've met have parents who are artists, writers, musicians, etc.
― Anonymous User  9/20/2018
My husband's name and I absolutely LOVE it!
Prime Meridian  4/19/2018
The character "King Ezekiel" from the Walking Dead T.V. show and comics bears this name.
― Anonymous User  10/11/2017
Ezekiel Elliott is a running back for the Dallas Cowboys.
CiaraFinley  11/24/2016
I was given the name Jacob when I was born. I know the meaning of the name. My parents told me they strongly considered naming me Ezekiel. I feel more like an Ezekiel than a Jacob. Personally, I have hated the name Jacob since preschool (cause that's when I learned my name). I think the name Ezekiel sounds proud and enduring which is the kind of guy I feel I am... I want people to call me Ezekiel but... you know... how... what will my parents think? I'm 22 and I still don't like the name they gave me.
Thisguy  3/16/2016
In my opinion, Ezekiel is a beautiful name. I don't care for the nickname Zeke, though.
hkols  11/5/2014
I think of this as an eccentric sort of name picked by strongly religious people. The line in Weird Al's "Amish Paradise" that goes "Even Ezekiel thinks that my mind is gone" probably has something to do with why.
― Anonymous User  8/31/2014
The root word that is usually translated as "strength" can, more specifically, be translated as "tenacity."
Sabertooth  8/16/2014
Response to Sabertooth:

Ezekiel is not related to Hezekiah. Hezekiah is related to Ezekiel. See my submitted comment under Hezekiah for details.
LMS  10/11/2014
Related name: Hezekiah.
Sabertooth  8/15/2014
Ezekiel "Zeke" Crosse is one of the main characters in the Blood of Eden series written by Julie Kagawa.
― Anonymous User  4/20/2014
My favorite bibical name and I'm going to use it.
jazzycritique  5/18/2013
This name is growing on me. I really really like it.
Chrila96  10/1/2010
When I first heard this name, I hated it. Now I think it's great. :) It's such a cool name.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2009
Perhaps it is just that after you name your child you are then much more atuned and hear the name more often. Since naming my son Ezekiel three years ago I hear the name a surprisingly decent amount. (Usually it is in talking with someone that they know someone named it.) My one concern with naming him Ezekiel was how uncommon it is, but I have had no regrets at all. We do call him Zeke most of the time.
mom2zeke  11/15/2008
Favorite boys name, by far. Zeke is such a cute little nickname, too.
Delicious_Panda  1/30/2008
When I think of Ezekiel, not only do I think of Zeke as a nickname but Izzy. I don't know why.
― Anonymous User  1/3/2008
This is the name we gave our son. Most of the time he goes by Zeke. I've found other kids find it easier to pick up on Zeke than to say Ezekiel. I have been surprised by how many other Ezekiels and/or Zekes we've run into. It seems to be definitely growing in popularity, though I don't think it will ever run the risk of being overused. I think it's a captivating name both as Ezekiel and shortened to Zeke.
goreab  6/26/2007
I love this name! It is a name a lot of my friends like, as I go to a Christian school and it has a religious meaning. Aside from that, it sounds cool and has an awesome shortform, Zeke. I'm pretty sure this name is going to have a comeback.
maggie_angel  5/13/2007
I love this name. One of my 4 year old brothers is named this. He likes to be called Zeke, but unfortunately my uncle Zeke has come to stay with us, so he goes by Ezekiel again.
Celticdemon  2/3/2007
I love Biblical names. Ezekiel is very nice.
Sarah Elizabeth  12/31/2006
I love the name Ezekiel for a boy. Zeke for a nickname is great.
― Anonymous User  12/27/2006
The name itself is very unusual, and the nickname Zeke is so adorable. Definitely growing on me.
wefrox  8/8/2006
I have heard Sigi used as a pet name for Ezekiel many times.
LimeGreen  6/16/2006
I love biblical names! This one is my very favorite. Joseph is probably second. I don't like the nickname Zeke that much though. It's not bad but I just don't like it as much as Ezekiel.
ellen day  6/6/2006
I love this name.

When I was 3 my mom used to tell me stories about an eagle, named Ezekiel. We would have adventures together, now since I'm 11, I make her put Harry Potter in too, it's funny.
Emma Hia  5/5/2006
This name has started to grow on me. I just love the meaning of this name.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2006
I LOVE this name! It is unusual, has a lovely meaning (God strengthens) and has the awesome nickname of Zeke! If I have a son this is definitely a name I would consider.
poetic_freedom  2/3/2006

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