This is the name of Fix-It Felix from the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph!
Absolutely rubbish. Probably among worst 10 Names ever. Pure garbage. Unbelievably weird, ugly sounding, harsh in a bothering way, not melodic and cute enough, alien-like and pretentious and sounds like a name that wanna make others think the bearer is better than other people and says "look at me human beings. Beware I'm also included as well".
Can't deny it has a real good meaning period.
Makes a stupid decision to choose this ridiculous name for your poor baby.
Really handsome and timeless. It works well for a cat too thanks to the character "Felix the Cat".
Lee Felix is a member of the kpop group Stray Kids.
So unique and cute, love it! Great name.
That's Pewdiepie's first name.
I'm attracted to the spelling, but Felix sounds okay I guess.
It's an alright name, but honestly, I'm not a big fan of names with prescriptive definitions such as lucky, happy etc. Because the person could end up being the exact opposite. I myself am not a very lucky or happy person, and a name such as this one would probably make me more depressed due to the pressure of living up to the name's meaning.
So handsome!
Ugh so nerdy. (No offense nerds.) Don't care for it at all.
I don’t really like it, but it’s not ugly.
I love this name! I will probably name my son this if I ever have one.
Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (3 February 1809 – 4 November 1847), more widely known as Felix Mendelssohn, was a German composer, pianist, organist and conductor.
It’s okay, but when I was at school there was a girl called Felix and she was rude and annoying.
By the way this is definitely a boy's name.
Makes me think of the wonderful character Felix on “The Road To Avonlea” television film series (Anne of Green Gables spin off). LOVE it!
Also Finnish name. Finnish name day September 6.
Felix is so cool and cute. I LOVE it. It is a name that is kind of funny and it makes me feel happy. It has a friendly/playful vibe but is also strong and classic. I think it fits right in with the popular names of today. Lots of personality!
I really love the meaning, but I really hate this name.
Also Estonian:
Felix is one of my favorite names, I’d consider it for a future child.
Famous Swedish YouTuber Pewdipie's first name is Felix Kjellerg.
Felix is a nice name.
I would name my kid Felix, but the name ends in "lix."

Take that as you will.
Very cool name in my book.
I'm a few months away from naming my son Felix. I don't think any of his school mates will know who Felix the cat was and YouTube fame is fleeting. But does anyone who has the name Felix get picked on in school? Examples: Fe licks balls, or Fe licks the ground, Fe licks you could really insert anything mean young children could think of. I really love the name, not over used here in the states. It's a very sweet boy name.
I think Felix is a cool name.
Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a famous Swedish youtuber.
Fairly attractive and youthful... I like it.
Lee Felix from Kpop group Stray Kids, he's wrecking for my ultimate bias currently.
This is a nice name, but it's so overused here in Germany! I know about 20 Felix's here.
I think I am lucky to be called Felix.. it's really a nice name and it sounds sweet.
Felix Shellburg is epic and it is sad that PewDiePie lost against T-series.

R.I.P T-series.
Felix is my name and I love it, I am just short of words to describe how good the name is, because many have written down all that I wanted to pour out. Even though am not yet successful as the name implies, I am confidently sure that I will.
I am Felix from Africa. The name Felix is a good name that means lucky, success, happy, excellent and fortunate. The name is a good name and the name has been working good for me.
Felix is a lovely name, energetic and upbeat, and it has a nice meaning.
Felix can be used for girls, but personally I like Felix more for a boy because it’s traditionally masculine without sounding too feminine past early childhood like actual unisex names such as Madison or Lindsey. For a girl, I prefer Felicia or the ACTUAL feminine form Felixa as a standard girl's name.
I like that name. It is Puerto Rican. My friend has this name.
I think this name sounds good, and comes across as cool. Unfortunately, it has been ruined by a stupid cat, and an even worse Youtuber. That's really too bad because the name Felix deserved better than that.
Felix Lee Yongbok is an Australian/Korean rapper, dancer, and singer from the K-pop group Stray Kids. He has a voice lower than is legal for an 18 year old man and is super talented.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Felix who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 896th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Wow.. I'm baffled at all these negative comments. It's a lovely name and has been used much more than just Pewdiepie's name and Felix the Cat! I can bring in an example myself although it may or may not be liked, it depends on the person.
From the anime/manga/light novel Re:Zero, there is a character named Felix Argyle (Aka Ferris).
I picture a gray cat with this name.
I don't love it, but it's an okay name.
I love the name, and I know that some people are like, "It's just a cat and PewDiePie" but I mean seriously, don't let that ruin the name for you! Also, I was writing a story and Felix gets to marry the princess in the story. I think that "lucky" is a perfect meaning because the Felix in the story is definitely lucky!
Felix Dawkins is a main character on the show, “Orphan Black.”.
Lee Felix is the prince of Australia, an amazing dancer rapper singer lyricist AND has the personality of an angel.
Felix Kerrison-Adams is a talented child actor.
Felix Lobrecht is a German stand-up comedian known for his noticeable Berlin accent.
Despite all of the negative comments regarding the name, I still think that this is a great name. I like names that contain an “x”, and this name makes me think of a young, energetic, and sports-loving teenager, plus, it means "happy". When I chose my English name, Felix was one of the candidates, but chose Frederic instead. It was also the name of a category 5 hurricane that devastated Central America in 2007.
Felix Cane is an Australian professional dancer and world champion pole dancer. Felix Cane won her first title, Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006 after only eight months of pole dancing. The rules of Miss Pole Dance Australia stipulate a winner cannot enter the year after and Felix was a judge instead for 2007.
Prince Felix of Denmark, Count of Monpezat, is the younger son of Prince Joachim and his former wife, Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg. As of April 2017, Felix is eighth in the line of succession to the Danish throne.
My name is Felix and I love it cause it's so unique. I bet no other person in my city has this name except me. And I do get teased for the "Felix the cat" reference but it's okay, at least my name is represented in something famous and popular, so I don't mind. The most subscribed person on YouTube is PewDiePie a.k.a Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg.
Felix Halfon is an Israeli footballer. In August 2003 Halfon was caught smuggling cocaine in the Ben Gurion International Airport. In 2004 Felix was sentenced for 4.5 years in prison but was released in June 2006 after 2.5 years for good behavior.
Happy to have my name as Felix. It's a name of a great king, a TV show and it means happy. So I love to have this name.
Felix King is a character in The Road to Avonlea & Anne of Green Gables: The animated series.
I am a female to male transgender individual and even before my transition I'd loved the names Leo and Felix my whole life. When I asked several close friends which name suited me most, all of them said Felix was perfect. I couldn't agree more and I get countless compliments for my name, Felix Emil H. Luckily my generation isn't familiar with Felix the Cat, and those who are only bring it up lightheartedly.
Felix is just an all-around great, masculine, classy, unique, pleasant-sounding name. I have nothing but positive associations (Unger, the Cat, Fix-It, Felix felicis...), yet have never met or heard of a real person with the name.
Added information on PewDiePie: his full name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg.
Ignorance at it's most finest. Felix is a bad name to start with, but it is not unisex. You just gave your daughter a male name!
How do you think names become unisex? There's nothing ignorant about choosing to give your child a name traditionally meant for the opposite gender; it's a choice. Saying "most finest" and "it's" instead of "its" on the other hand...
I really don't like this name. And I must address a comment that really bothers me.
Anonymous user on 6/13/2015: I take it that you've never heard of a typo or of autocorrect. I also take it that the reasons for your upvotes was due to other people agreeing that they also like the name and anyone saying otherwise, automatically gets voted down because I guess this name is so cherished. That is something I'll never understand. Also, giving a daughter a name that is clearly a boy's name is very ignorant. It's an ignorant, brainless and obnoxious trend in my country. Clearly that is the U.S. Yes it's a choice, but that choice is an ignorant one.
Felix is best on a boy but no matter the gender, Felix, in my opinion is a bad name. I'm just thankful that this name is exceedingly rare where I'm from and the only Felix you're bound to meet are cats (:
I named my daughter Felix June-Olivea. I get complements on how cute her name is everyday. Modern yet old fashioned. It fits her so well. We call her Fí for short. I love her name, best choice I made. My mom hated it, but now she loves telling everyone her granddaughter's name means happy beautiful beginning.
I think this name is great for humans, but it seems to be used primarily for pets, particularly cats. (My grandma had a cat named Felix and my daddy called him "Flea-lix.")
I think this is a great name, but it was nearly ruined for me by Pewdiepie, who is an annoying, untalented, painfully unfunny youtube channel.
Fix-It Felix, Jr. Is a character in the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph.
Wow- this name sounds... so cool! Haha, I love it. =D.
I love this name. I like how it's old fashioned but still sounds really cool and edgy. I would definitely use this!
Felix Yusupov, the Russian nobleman who assassinated Rasputin, and Felix Dzerzhinsky, a Russian-Polish Communist and the first head of the Soviet secret police.
I recently conducted a tournament of 320 male names on this site and Felix won 2nd place.
My two year old is named Felix :) I have yet to meet anyone else with the name, as it has always been relatively uncommon in the US. Everyone seems to love the name, although I have gotten a few comments from older people about the cat. Nothing bad, just mentioning it. We didn't choose the name to be 'urban hipster', we just liked the name and thought it went well with our other sons' names. Some people like old names, but that doesn mean they're trying to make some big statement when they use them. The name is quirky but can be taken seriously, and would suit a jock as well as a more educationally inclined boy. There is no stereotype for the name. I admit it's not everybody's cup of tea, but if you like it, go for it. If someone doesn't like it, hopefully they have the decency to keep it to themselves.
Felix seems like a cool name. It's not common in my country either.
Ahh I love this name. It's so uncommon, but not unheard of. I think it would suit a person very well, not just a cat. It's a great name for either :) I don't know what it is, but something is just so cool about this name!
Felix Salten (pseudonym of Sigmund Salzman, 1869-1945) was an Austrian author who wrote the novel "Bambi".
Felix is the town saint of Zurich in Switzerland (together with Regula, his sister, and Exuperantius their servant, whose name was added to the two only in the late middle ages). I actually know brother and sister who were baptized Felix and Regula, but that is, I think, a bit too much… Name day is September 11.
Felix is the first name of Youtuber Pewdiepie!
I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet: Felix Leiter is a recurring character in the James Bond books and films. He's a CIA agent and James' friend.
Felix Jones is an American football player.
Felix Becker (8 November 1893 – 29 December 1979) was a highly decorated Oberst in the Wehrmacht during World War II.
A famous bearer of this name is Felix Holt, the central character in George Eliot's 1866 novel, Felix Holt, the Radical.
The Greek for Felix is as follows:
The second son of prince Joachim of Denmark and his first wife Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg is named Felix.
Felix Agnus, A civil war general And publisher of "Baltimore American", also Owner of Infamous Local Legend "Black Aggie".
I think this is a really nice name, but I probably wouldn't use it just because of the cat food affiliation. Good name for a cat, though! :)
I've never heard of Felix the Cat, whatever that is, and I'm 15. Future parents of baby Felix, rest assured, whatever effect that cat had on the world of names is dying out.
I just adore the name Felix. It is top of my list should I have a 3rd boy. I don't think a cartoon character sharing this name, means it is a bad name choice. I just think whoever named the cat had good taste.
Sometimes I like this name, and other times I don't. Felix is a strange name.
There's a kid's book about a rabbit named Felix who travels around the world. Every time I hear Felix, I see that rabbit.
It's one of my new favorite boy names. And for everyone who is picturing a cat, if you actually meet someone named Felix, you won't picture a cat anymore, you'll picture that person. So what's the big deal? It's strong and sexy sounding :)
It's a shame that it has such religious connotations. Otherwise, it's a great sounding name.
Try as I might, I can't warm to it. It will belong forever in the Hipsters' Axis of Trendy with Jasper and Hugo.
Felix is one of the Volturi gaurd in Stephenie Meyers Twilight Series.
LOLZ, that is fitting. No, I can't like this one. It's a lost cause. I don't know why it's suddenly so hip and happening.
Here in Holland, Felix is a brand of catfeed.
People don't just like Felix to be "hip" or "urban" or different. I like Felix and my other half loves it, and we have no desire to 'make a statement'; the other names he likes are more in the Megan and Logan vein! I only hope it *does* get more popular, then it might lose the image it seems to have. I find Felix a likeable name for a friendly, lively, smiley boy. And Brangelina can use it a thousand times over, for all I care. If I use it, it'll be because I love it, not because I want to stay one step ahead of the Hollywood crowd.
I love the names Felix and Félix. And I hope that Brangelina never use this name. (They like names ending in 'x' for their boys.) They already ruined the name Vivienne for me, so I hope they never use Felix. Felix is a cute name, very unique, and also strong.
Horrible. What an awful start in life with this name. In the top 100 New Zealand baby names for 2006. Oh why?
"Licks". Yuck. Just another "urban hipster name". Hip parents won't like how popular this one is getting. I have the same feelings on Theodore and Jasper.
Sounds like a name for a cat, and quite old-fashioned. The racist meanie George Felix Allen has utterly ruined this name for me.
This is a perfect name for any boy, although I had a lot of negative comments before I had my son, I still used it. It's not common and hopefully there will not be another one in his class at school.
My 3 year old son is Felix and we get such positive remarks about his name. It's rising in the popularity ranks amongst hip urbanites both here in Sydney and in the UK also I believe. It has risen alongside such names as Hugo and Jasper, so I'd class it in that style of names. We don't mind the cat association as we're mad on cats. It is rarely that someone comments on that aspect. We embrace it, and he has a Felix the Cat plush toy. I like that the cat thing puts some people off using it. Otherwise it'd be in danger of entering the Top 100 I think. A sweet, happy name for my beautiful little boy.
Also Spanish.
My nephew (3 years old) is called Felix Reuben ***** and I think it's lovely.
Nobody I know thinks it's strange. Some people have made references to Felix the Cat but not in a bad way. And I don't think the kids at school are going to tease him about it because they won't know about Felix the Cat. The only downside is not being able to find mugs, key rings, pens etc with this name on them as gifts.
Love, love, love this name! The only drawback is possible teasing about the cat connection. Otherwise it's a handsome name with a cool meaning.
Felix is such a cool name. Sure, my only exposure to the name is through the cat, but that's no more discouraging than Raphael being a cartoon rebel turtle.
This is my favourite male name. I think it is beautiful and strong.
I think this name is cute.
I think this would make a cool girl's name. You know, for a tomboy. But more for a character in a book than an actual person.
The Seattle Mariners have a really good right-handed pitcher named Felix Hernandez.
I love this name like a brother. It is so cool. Good cat name. I just like it. It's my favorite name of all-time.
I personally don't care for this name, however, I think it makes a terrific name for a cat. (I mean no offense to anyone)
I really like this name. It's sweet & has a great meaning. It's a classic that's due for a revival. My husband has a hard time with the Felix the Cat association as well but I think overall this name is very attractive.
I like the name and love the meaning, but am troubled by the cat and odd couple associations.
Felix is normally used as a man's name, but I discovered that my great-grandmother Maria was known as Felix Maria on her marriage certificate in 1880. Very strange!
Listen to the German pronunciation of Felix here:
This name is extremely popular in Germany.
I absolutely love this name. A name from the past and for the future. I understand a few early popes were named this. As far as the old Felix the Cat reference, only baby boomers might have issues with this name. Great name!
To the comment before me, I'm 14 and Felix still conjurns images of a cartoon cat. Maybe my train of thought is more common here in the USA,
Tony Randall portrayed "Felix Unger" in "The Odd Couple", 1970's tv show. Jack Lemmon portrayed him the the 1968 movie of the same name.
The Latin pronunciation is FAY-licks.
Not one of my favorite names, I think of a great cat's name when I hear this name.
Prince Felix of Luxembourg is the second oldest child of Grand Duke Herie and Grande Duchess Marie-Therese.
Felix King is a character in L.M. Montgomery's 'The Story Girl' and its sequel, 'The Golden Road'. These stories were used for the basis of the TV show 'Road to Avonlea', which also included the character.
I like this name as a short/pet form of other names, like Felicity or Felicia. I think it suits girls as well, and I wouldn't call my son Felix.
Felix is the name of the Danish prince, who is son of prince Joakim and princess Alexandra.
Felix is my father's name, and his mother is called Felicia, the feminine form (they are both Italian). Judging by the number of people who say that they would only give this name to a cat, the name is more popular in Italy than it is here in the UK.
Forget the cat; it's Felix from Golden Sun: The Lost Age.
Felix is a better name for a cat than a human.
Felix is the name of a food product company in Sweden. It had never occured to me that this could be a problem, but then I got to know a boy named Felix, and he actually got teased for Felix Ketchup! Children can be so horrible, they will always find a way to tease if they want to. I think it is a lovely name regardless.
Felix means happy, it comes from feliz.
Felix does mean happy (as well as lucky), but it doesn't come from feliz; feliz (Spanish) comes from felix (Latin).
This would be a really cute name for a cat, but I'm not sure I would name a kid this.
The Felix Felicis is name of a luck potion introduced in the sixth Harry Potter book.
Felix is a name of an old cartoon cat: Felix the Cat.

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